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  1. I did my first biab earlier this week and I sat the bag in a strainer over the pot, then put the straiber/bag over a large bowl to sparge. I squeezed a few times and the extra wort Brought the preboil volume up to my target level. Will see how it turns out.
  2. Try it in water first. Taste the water, then drop your chiller in for a few days then have another taste. That should give u an indication without having to waste any beer. If the water taste is affected you could probably run it thru one of those filter jug things and fix it up.
  3. Last time I didn't do the ice bath for the sake of a FO/whirlpool hop addition and it took a lot longer to cool. Probably could have just tipped straight into the FV and left it in the fridge for those few hours. I've done that before overnight and had no dramas.
  4. I actually did this yesterday as well. I've got a 15 ltr cube and after the boil I had 13.5 ltrs. I did a quick ice bath in the sink to drop it to 80 degrees for the FO/whirlpool hop addition, then transferred to the cube after 15 mins. Put in the fermenting fridge and it was down to pitching temp about 5 hours later. Transferred to FV, aerated and pitched yeast. Simples .
  5. I didn't use any whirfloc or otherwise. Might have to cold crash this one.
  6. did me first biab on the stove yesterday. Ended up doing a 90min mash, then drained and sparged back up to 15 ltrs. I got a good rolling boil without the lid on as I think some of the hot break helped with having less surface area exposed. My boil off rate of 3 ltrs per hour as tested with just water the other day was higher than what eventuated this time. I boiled the wort uncovered and at the end of an hour had 13.5 ltrs remaining, so half of the rate I tested the other day. No chilled overnight and transferred to FV today, with 11.5 ltrs (loss from hops, break, trub). Preboil gravity was 1041 (15 ltrs), post boil gravity was 1052 (11.5 ltrs). Im guessing these are decent figures but not entirely sure. Should get me a 5%ish beer. Hopefully it turns out well.
  7. I just measured my big W "19 ltr" pot. It actually only holds 18 ltrs. It won't quite fit 19 ltrs. Will make future recipe calculations a bit easier to work out though I suppose.
  8. Ah yeah, awesome. That was my plan this morning. Great minds think alike
  9. I don't suppose there's any issues with using a stainless steel ruler as a dipstick to measure the volumes of the pot so long as it's sanitised? By big W pot obviously doesn't have markings up the side
  10. I've transferred hot wort into my FV before and left it overnight in my fermentation fridge with the inkbird set to pitching temp to cool it down. Pitched yeast the following day. I had no problems and the beer turned out great.
  11. I recently tried a can of a single hop series IPA by shapeshifter brewing, was the Eldorado. Wasn't impressed at all. Won't buy again and I doubt I'll use it in my beers either.
  12. Shamus how do u go splitting the can in half equally? Do u just tip out about roughly half and have a guess? I thought about using a real ale can as a base in 2 half size batches and try using different steeping grains in each. I figured it tip the whole can into 6 litres of water and mix it up completely, then divide that liquid into 2 fermenters and add the other ingredients to each, then it'd be a true half n half.
  13. I bet the element is a pita to clean? Do u use the element on its own or in conjunction with the stove as well?
  14. I guess my main concern is that when I did a test boil with just water, without the lid on it just sort of bubbled away, but with the lid partly covering the top with evaporate getting out through 2 gaps, I got a good rolling boil. I guess I'll just give it a crack. What's the worst that can happen? Given it'll probably only end up around 10-11 ltrs to be bottled and only a couple kilos of grain it shouldn't be an expensive experiment. Could turn out good as well, see how it goes. If it's no good at least it's not too much to get through. Haven't tipped any of my batches yet.
  15. Well the 15ltrs of water I test boiled the other day took about 35 mins to reach a boil. It was hot tap water put into the the pot in 3 ltr increments. (Using a measuring jug). My thought process was to bring water up to strike temp, stir grains into the bag and then mash in the oven, sparge with similar temp water from another pot, then boil on the stove. I wonder if I sat the pot off centre over the large centre element and also over one of the smaller ones, whether this would work and get more heat under it to make it boil more vigorously. I suppose if U blokes have similar boil off rates there'd be no harm in doing a 90 min boil.
  16. Thanks for posting those podcasts, interesting listen. After hearing the info about the importance of a rigorous boil, I'm having second thoughts about having a crack at a stovetop biab. With it uncovered I do get a boil but it's pretty weak to say the least. The test I did with water only the other day gave me a boil off rate of 3 ltrs per hour.
  17. I'm just boiling up 15 ltrs of water on the stove as we speak. To get a decent rolling boil, I've had to place the lid on at a slight angle to keep the heat in. There's a gap either side obviously to let the evaporate out. I thought I read somewhere that this wasn't good practice when boiling wort as it has an adverse effect on the final taste of the beer. Is this right? As long as the evaporate is getting out then surely it can't hurt anything?
  18. I've got some time today and as it's raining so I figured I'd do a boil up of just water in my 19ltr pot to try and work out my boil off rate. I'll save the water in a cube and use it for a future batch. Is there a formula or something that can calculate how much volume a certain amount of milled grain would take up for a biab situation? Eg: if it's a 19 ltr pot, and Im looking to mash say 3.5kg of grain total, can I calculate how much space it takes up, so I can work out the correct amount of strike water to add into the pot, so I can stir the grain in and make use of the full volume to mash with?
  19. Yeah I agree. I think from memory that most recipes have been an APA and real ale toucan until last year when they changed to one of the TC cans. Be interesting to see what the final recipe will be. I haven't made an ESVA yet. But I rkn my favourite one to date was either the 2016 or 2017 vintage.
  20. Fair play lusty. Shamus I did adjust it to 21 ltrs also. To expect nearly 30 IBU from such a small FO hop is ambition though.
  21. I tried the 2019 ESVA the other night and I really enjoyed it. I've just reviewed the recipe after changing the link for the 2018 ROTM version, seems pretty simple, however there's an issue. I plugged the ingredients into ianh spreadsheet and although it's ABV is bang on at 7.5% (in the bottle), it's saying the IBU is only 35.1, yet the recipe states it is an IBU of 60. Given the recipe only includes a FO and 30 min steep of cascade and mosaic, there's no IBUs added when factoring that into the spreadsheet. Am I missing something?
  22. I tried this tonight, very nice. I naturally then searched for the ROTM version and saw the previous posts on changing the link from the 2018 version. I've just reviewed the recipe, seems pretty simple, however there's an issue. I plugged the ingredients into ianh spreadsheet and although it's ABV is bang on at 7.5% (in the bottle), it's saying the IBU is only 35.1, yet the recipe states it is an IBU of 60. Given the recipe only includes a FO and 30 min steep of cascade and mosaic, there's no IBUs added when factoring that into the spreadsheet. Am I missing something?
  23. I ended up doing my boil and using a strainer and funnel to transfer to cube. No chilled overnight and transferred to FV the following evening. Checked for tonight and fermentation is up n running and smelling great. See how it turns out.
  24. Was just reading this and thinking "why the bloody hell has Kelsey switched back to extract" then realised the date. Makes sense. Must have been good though
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