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  1. I don't think you'll have any negative impact by straining it into the FV straight away. It was mixed in with cool water to make it up to the correct temp anyway, so there won't be any unwanted extra bitterness extracted from the hops by doing what you did. You may have lost a bit of flavour/aroma by doing so. Generally, when the pot is sat in a sink of ice/water to cool for 15-20 mins, that time will allow for more flavour and aroma to be obtained out of the hops.
  2. Just further to the above points. If you don't boil and starsan your hop sock you'll get off flavours in your beer. I had issues early on in my home brewing career where I forgot to properly clean my hop sock. Consequently, 2 to 3 batches of completely different recipe beers all turned out tasting the same, and they weren't delicious. Through process of elimination, turned out the hop sock as being the culprit. I binned it. I use the chux cloth method for dry hopping now and have had nothing but great results.
  3. I did a half size batch with a real ale can awhile ago, so essentially a toucan when u work out the numbers. Did a hop tea using centennial and Citra and dry hopped with the same. Turned out great and was 6.5% ABV.
  4. No dramas. I tried another one of these XPAs yesterday. Bloody delicious. Looking closer at the recipe, I can't see how only a 10 minute boil of a total of roughly 37g of hops in about 3 litres of water could add anywhere near enough flavour and aroma to a batch size of 24 litres. The efficiency of such a small amount of hops in such a small boil size could not possibly impart the required taste as the real thing, surely. The total dry hop is roughly the same too. Im happy to stand corrected as I'd like to try and replicate this new beer, but I don't think this would come close.
  5. Good to know re colour fastness. Ive started doing partials in a much larger pot on my stove and was thinking of trying to contain hops during the boil so they could be removed at the end to prevent extra bitterness during no chill. Might have to give this a go perhaps.
  6. Cheers Ben. I might do the same. Any idea on where they're based and freight costs etc?
  7. So I've found another online vendor that apparently sells lemon drop hops, amongst other things at fairly good prices. Just wondering if anyone else has heard of it and/or purchased from it before? www.brewman.com.au
  8. When I use chux or other "craft" cleaning cloths to contain my hops, I usually cut a small strip off one end and use that to tie it up nice and tightly before throwing it in my FV (always dip the cloth in sanitiser before adding hops and tieing up). Just another tip.
  9. No dramas. Thanks fellas. I just wanted to make sure that shit on the bottom won't put a bad taste into future brews. If I give it a quick once over before use like I have been (and with my smaller pot) it'll be right.
  10. Interesting. How'd the one with the port turn out? I made a toucan stout in February to have for this winter. I set aside a dozen Long necks and only primed with one carb drop to age for 12 months. The rest I kept for this winter. Just grabbed one to have with lunch on this cold home brew Wednesday. I've only got 5 stubbies and 1 long neck left to last me until the end of this winter. Enjoying it way too much...
  11. Just did a quick stove top boil up of some LDM and a quick hop schedule to add to a kit beer. It's the 19 ltr big W stainless pot and today was only its second time being used. When I finished I rinsed it thoroughly under hot water and used a steel wool scourer thing to clean it. However there's still a noticeable scum ring from where the hot break was bubbling away. I can't seem to get rid of it. What else should I use to clean it with? The bottom is also starting to discolour as well.
  12. As far as I'm aware, all Cooper's range have a "best after" date listed on the bottle/can instead of "use by" or "best before" as they're conditioned naturally in the bottle/can.
  13. Not sure if you other local blokes are aware or not. But there's a home brew expo on today (15/06) at the Burnside community centre between 9am and 4pm. I haven't heard much about it, just stumbled across it on Facebook the other day. Was apparently postponed from March.
  14. About 2cm from the bottom of the jar which is about 500ml I think. Has been reactivated from 6 pale stubbies and used in a dark ale kit n kilo.
  15. I've got a harvested CCA yeast that's been stored in a jar in the fridge. It's been there about a month. Do I need to make a starter for it? I have used one before where I've poured off the excess water and done the swirl to bring it back into suspension then pitched as is with no issues.
  16. Staple. Not stolen. Stupid autocorrect...
  17. Flight got delayed. Just sampled one at the airport. Bloody delicious. Very sessionable but would creep up on you if you just knocked back a few. Haven't had a beer with lemon drop hops before but very tasty. Hopefully it becomes a stolen in cans and stubs too. Still prefer the session ale, but rate this very highly.
  18. I didn't get there in the end. Was a queue of 4 people in front of me at the barber so by the time I actually got the haircut I went home with my tail between my legs so SWMBO didnt ask questions.
  19. I like espresso so I may still include the barley. The other option would be to still use some choc malt and do some late hop additions and kind of make a cascadian dark ale or lower ABV Black IPA. Really love those style of beers too.
  20. Purely experimental. Ive toasted them and I want to see if they'll add any sort of flavour. You've told me previously I need to use oats with a base malt to benefit from using them, even though I've added oats to 2 previous extract based brews and it's added body and cloudiness to get the NEIPA style I was after with those respective brews and they were both delicious. I'm all about trying things just because. What's the worst that could happen?
  21. @Geenz I'd also suggest Cooper's long necks. If you're in SA, u can buy 6 long necks of Cooper's Pale for $25 from certain Sip N Save bottleshops. That's how I built up my stock as the PET arent the best. I've also built up stock of various branded crown seal stubbies and I've never had any bottle bombs using carbonation drops. A lot of my stubbies are originally from local craft breweries like big shed, mismatch, prancing pony etc and they've been reused multiple times. Have also reused James Squire, John Boston, Stone and Wood and a few other random stubbies and no issues. Bench cap all the way.
  22. Like the idea of dark DME. However I took advantage of the uncle Dan's bundle deal that gets u the dark ale and be3 for $17 so figured I'd use that. I know it's not 1kg of only malt and there's a bit of Dex n maltodextrine in there but with the other steeped grains it'd only improve the end result. What would US05 offer instead of the CCA yeast?
  23. I've recently been enjoying a Cooper's Dark ale I made as a basic K&K to 19 ltrs with CCA yeast. For a basic extract beer it's surprisingly good. Although I thought I'd make it again with some extra additions and would like some feedback on the following recipe and what some thoughts would be to improve on the standard extract beer. Was thinking of doing the following: 1 can Cooper's Dark Ale 1kg light DME 200g choc malt 200g roasted barley 150g toasted oats CCA yeast 19 ltrs Would obviously steep the grains/oats for 30mins at about 70 degrees. Would this end up a tasty beer or should I make some adjustments? Basically after something with a nice roasted malt n choc notes to the already delicious dark ale flavour seeing it's winter.
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