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  1. I made a session ale for Xmas last year. Used Citra with galaxy. Was awesome.
  2. I'd have opened my gob and had a sip
  3. I appreciate the uniqueness of the bottles and whilst they'd be great to use, from what you've tried regarding cleaning them for re-use, to me it appears that they may be a bit of a lost cause. If I were you, I'd invest the time in consuming however many delicious Cooper's long necks you could find, and reusing those bottles. Far less effort, and in my opinion a much better return on investment.
  4. I thought it had been discussed elsewhere in another thread that whilst hot splashing wasn't ideal, there was no difinitive evidence of negative effects from it? I'm aware that it's a big no no to splash post fermentation and after cold crashing. I'm just trying to avoid doing the sink chill method as it wastes so much bloody water. The last couple times I've done it it's only dropped it about 20 degrees and I've ended up just dumping it in the fv, throwing ice bricks n cold water in but still having to chill it down to pitching temp in my fridge.over several hours. Was hoping to just no chill overnight and finish off the next day after work, so the Mrs doesn't crack the shits with me taking up the kitchen all day.
  5. I saw one the other day where the bottom valve blew off and beer was getting sprayed all over the bar. The bar maid walked over and tried catching it with a beer jug, stupidly. The pressure sent the jug flying across the room.
  6. I've looked into this recipe again. Have got the following: Dark ale tin 1kg BE3 150g roasted barley 200g choc malt 1200 100g Columbus hops. Want to do a steep/sparge then a decent size boil with the BE3 thrown in. After ideas on a suitable hop schedule with the Columbus. It won't be a dark IPA regarding ABV, bit if I can get a nice balance of the choc and hops similar to a black IPA that'd be great.
  7. Also, with transferring hot wort to a cube, I've got no ball valve. I'd strain and pour into the cube. I just got a large black plastic funnel from Bunnings. Will do a test with boiling water first. But so long as it sanitised and it passed the boil test without melting, will it be right to use for transfer to cube without giving off any bad flavours etc from the type of plastic it is?
  8. I'm looking to start BIAB with the big W 19ltr pot as well. I don't have beersmith. Those volume measurements for each grain in the right column, is that the amount of space that each given portion of grain would take up in the pot/kettle, so you could work out how much water to add for a mash and use the whole volume of the pot?
  9. During winter i put my bottles in 2 cardboard boxes which fit in my fermentation fridge. I tape the probe from my inkbird to one of the bottles under a bit of stubby holder in the box on the bottom shelf and hang my heat belt around the top shelf, so it's in the middle of the fridge effectively. Set the inkbird to 19 degrees leave it for 2 weeks. Beer carbonates up fine and doesn't use much power because the fridge holds temp really well.
  10. I had to use my brew fridge to chill the wort down over a few hours to get it to pitching temp. I also sanitised a couple of plastic containers (IKEA 2lts ones with clip on lids work well) and froze water in them before the brew day and dumped the ice blocks into the pot after whirlpool to help bring temp down. I did this because I always planned to top up to 21 ltrs anyway so the melted ice just made up some of the top up volume. Bit unorthodox, but it works for me. Can't justify the wastage of water and cost of buying an immersion chiller at this stage of my brewing.
  11. All done in the big W pots too
  12. Yeah it takes a while for the stove to get it up to the boil but it's doable. I've played with steeping grains before in a smaller pot, have made a couple of galaxy based extract beers with some oats to make a sort of lower abv NEIPA which I really liked. I'm gonna have a crack at a mini biab once winter is over and I move away from the darker beers I've been making for winter.
  13. I did a quick pale ale recently. Boiled the 1kg of BE2 and 500g DME in 14 ltrs of water. 7g Galaxy at 10 mins 15g Galaxy at 5 mins 25g Galaxy at FO/whirlpool. Chilled down added to FV with tin of APA, topped up to 21 ltrs. Cooper's commercial ale yeast at 18 degrees. Dry hopped with 70g Galaxy. Bloody beautiful beer.
  14. I recall that similar lost about an eBay urn because I was interested in one as well. Im pretty sure whoever posted about it said the urn had trouble keeping a rolling boil and cut out a lot or something.
  15. I harvested some CCA yeast from my latest batch of pale ale. It was left to settle in a large jar. Once it settled I poured off the water and filled 2 X mason jars. The 1st jar filled was pretty clean. I didn't expect to have enough for a second jar but I did, so in it went. The second jar looks to have some trub transferred into it. I put it in the fridge to settle but it looks like the trub is on top of the yeast. Would this second jar be still useable or should I just turf it? This strain of CCA yeast has been used in 2 batches previous to the one I've just done too.
  16. I use the inkbird with the probe taped under a piece of stubby holder, attached to the FV. Heat belt is wrapped around the FV. When bottle conditioning I have all the bottles in 2 boxes, on 2 shelves. The probe is under stubby holder foam and taped to one of the bottles on the bottom shelf. The heat belt is then loosely wrapped around the front of the upper shelf and only turns on every so often to keep the temp at around 19 degrees. Has worked well so far. I keep the bottles in boxes as it's easy to contain them if there's any bombs, which I've never had happen since I began brewing about 2 years ago. Easy to take in n out of the fridge too.
  17. My latest batch has only been in the bottle a week, so had a quick look at the offers on Uncle Dan's and did a cheeky click n collect on the way home from work, enjoying these tonight for hopefully a blues victory in the state of origin. Quite easy drinking, good aroma and citrus notes. Would buy again. $19 a six pack on spesh.
  18. It's a good place to be down here (SA). Will be interesting to see how sparkling is in a can. I still reckon pale ale tastes different in a can and I prefer it in the bottle. However with session ale, I prefer it in the can. Dunno what it is.
  19. Cooper's will release their new XPA in purple cans in August. Best news I heard all day.
  20. You can buy 6 X headmaster schooner glasses off eBay for about $30 (give or take) but the postage is a bit pricey. Cooper's should offer to sell their pint glasses at their ale houses for a few extra bucks and that'd solve everything
  21. Correction. They're actually a pint glass. Win
  22. I just got a couple of schooner glasses from IKEA they were only $2 each so I'll see if they're any good or not...
  23. Yes. But his videos are painful to endure.
  24. Yeah, nah hairy, ya smart arse. I'm not Taswegian bloke...
  25. The general public are too ignorant to try anything different the majority of the time. They're also brainwashed by advertising or just stubborn and set in their ways. I suppose for a few of the older generation it's just become habit because back in the day most pubs only had 3 or 4 beers and they didn't know any different. This would vary from state to state. I recall working in a regional NSW brewery/taproom a few years ago and they made some cracking beers, and also had a side bar which had guest beers from other nearby breweries, which they'd always rotate to keep things interesting. It was awesome. Although the amount of old blokes that would come in and say "give me whatever tastes like Carlton dry" then turn their nose up when you tried to describe the beers available, their style, ingredients etc, used to really piss me off. I'd feel like telling them to bugger off down the road. It was hard work sometimes, try something new FFS. I've managed to convert my old man over the years. He loves going to breweries now. We had locally brewed beers at our wedding awhile ago and the old fella liked them that much he made the special detour home via the brewery just to pick up a carton. The old girl wasn't impressed with the pricetag, but you get what U pay for.
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