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  1. That should turn out nice. I did a quick partial mash using some light crystal and carapils and the Mexican cervesa as a base with late addition and dry hops with only Azacca Cryo hops. Turned out much better than I expected. Great summer beer.
  2. Thanks for that. I brew med today anyway. Just ended up making a 7 ltr batch with half a kg each of LDME and wheat DME with a 5 min and FO galaxy addition. Will dry hop heavily as well.
  3. Switch to glass and get a bench-top bottle capper. You won't have any further carbonation problems.
  4. It's called a roadie on the way home from work. Either way a glass or in the stubby wouldn't have made any difference to the beer at its current age.
  5. This. Quick, simple and works. Can't be arsed doing anything more involved. A lot of my bottles still have the original labels on them, doesn't have to be pretty, as long as the beer is nice that's all that matters.
  6. I tried one last night after work. It's still too young. The first couple of sips were ok and the hops were up front, but as I got further into it, the alcohol taste got more over powering and the beer was not enjoyable. I ended up tipping the rest of the stubby out. I'm hoping it's just a bit green as it's only been in the bottle a week and it'll mellow out and be more tasty over time. I misread the calendar and didn't realise it's only been bottled a week ago.
  7. I know there's several renditions of a S&W Pacific ale clone recipe scattered throughout the forum. However, I've got about 200g of galaxy still in my fridge that's getting on a bit. I want to make something simple, even if it's just a basic extract based boil to make use of the hops. I've got 500g of wheat DME on hand as well. Any suggestions?
  8. Sorry to hear about the fire, that's awful. With bub #2 due in January, I did a bit of a tidy up in the garage. Didn't realise how much space my brew stuff was taking up. Went to Bunnings and snapped up the last of these shelves. Was the display one so got it for a neat $100, saved myself $70. Now it's all stored neat and tidy.
  9. I had a beer that recently got stuck on 1032 for over a week. Tried everything. Last resort, threw in some liquid form enzyme and it finished up at 1002. Haven't tasted it yet, still bottle conditioning.
  10. If I can't bottle a finished beer as soon as I'd like to, for whatever reason, like work, lack of time, etc I'll generally cold crash it if I wasn't going to otherwise. Seems to have done the trick if it's had to sit in the FV for up to an extra week give or take.
  11. This thing has dropped right down to 1003 on the hydro. Tasting much better now. Think I might have a brut IPA of sorts on my hands. Might chuck a heap of dry hops at this and it might turn out alright...
  12. This thing is going ballistic now. The krausen is massive and there's even a krausen formed in the hydrometer. This beer could possible turn out to be a stuff up turned epic? Will wait n see. Glad the enzyme recommendation paid off, thanks guys.
  13. And it's resurrected, alive and kicking!
  14. Chucked some enzyme in tonight. Liquid form, same stuff used for lower carb beers and brut ipas. See what happens...
  15. Boiled yeast has done sweet FA. Off to the LHBS to see if I can salvage this mongrel.
  16. Cheers paddy I'll see how I go. I did what @ChristinaS1 suggested tonight. I'll check it again in 24 hours n see if it's fired up at all.
  17. Yeah gonna give it a crack. I've tasted it several times. It tasted sweet but really green, but had a bit of a weird bitterness as well, hard to describe. Will swing past the lhbs and ask about this enzyme. This beer has been in the FV a week yesterday so after throwing these things at it already hopefully it's not infected.
  18. Haven't added anything else to this POS brew yet. Have bumped temp to 21 degrees and stirred it up again a couple days ago. Hydro still at 1032. Should I expect bottle bombs if I bottled it just to see what happens..?
  19. Do u add any sugar or anything to the boil to act as food for the yeast or anything?
  20. How do we do this? Just boil some water and chuck yeast in whilst it boils, cool, then add the liquid to the wort?
  21. I've got a round 25 ltr water container that is the same material as a cube, same little white tap etc. I use this as a FV. The lid seals up the same as a cube. I've tipped hot wort into this and left it in my fridge overnight, then aerated and pitched yeast the following day, no issues whatsoever. These were anywhere between 11 ltr and 21 ltr batches, so plenty of space between the wort and lid. Not ideal according to some, but it's never caused me any dramas.
  22. I've got a shit gas oven that doesn't hold temps in the right range. I did think of doing that and have seen KR do it on his videos but when I've tried it with just water it always got too hot. Might just have to get a grain father or robo brew or something n just start doing it properly
  23. The grain bill was a total of 3kg: Gladfield American ale - 2.49kg Gladfield Munich - 0.27kg Gladfield Medium Crystal - 0.18kg Weyerman Acid Malt - 0.06kg I heated 15 ltrs strike water to 70 C Mashed in the grains and added another litre odd preboiled water from my kettle to top it up. The temp had dropped a fair bit so I had to lift the bag up and add more heat to bring the temp up. I got the temp back to just under 70 C so put the lid on and wrapped the pot in towels and hot water bottles for 60min mash. However after 60 mins when I checked the temp prior to sparging it bad dropped to somewhere between 55 - 60 degrees. Once my boil and hop additions were done, I whirlpooled, FO hops were added then transferred to the cube. This wort was in the cube for about 4 days when I realised the lid hadn't sealed 100% air tight. So I added to FV and pitched the reharvested US05 yeast. The following day I had no krausen or anything happening so I left it overnight again then added a packet of coopers kit yeast. Still no change in taking a reading at 1032 a few days ago.
  24. Dunno. Hydrometer hasn't moved in 2 days. This brew is 1 of 2 in my fermentation fridge at the moment. The other one is finished and I plan on bottling it tomorrow afternoon. Once the finished brew is out of the fridge I'll raise the temp up to 21 degrees and give this dud one another stir/shake up and see if anything gets going again. It's not looking good though. Bit of a kick in the guts as it's only my 2nd AG attempt and the extra time n effort not paying off just gives ya the shits.
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