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  1. I mentioned earlier in this thread that my LHBS had a clone recipe for PL IPA using extract. I found the print off of the recipe the staff member gave me. Now I think about it, I recall something being said about using this as a guide for hop schedule but they did have a method for substituting in extract, as this print out appears to be more of a AG recipe. Just posting for you guys in case someone finds it useful. PL IPA recipe.pdf
  2. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. I'm a massive pirate life fan and would love to emulate their IPA. My LHBS has an extract clone recipe kit they sell but it's still almost the same as a carton ($90) so I'm keen to see how you get on with this experiment. Keep us posted...
  3. Thanks for that. I've got some leftover centennial in the freezer as well. Might do 40g Mosaic and 40g Centennial dry hop n see what happens. I suppose I could go commando and cold crash now I'm using a fridge. I usually use a hop bag.
  4. So I've brewed up the TC bootmaker pale ale a couple days ago, as per recipe to 20 ltrs, just using 1kg of LDM. OG of 1045. Rehydrated 1 pack of US-05 in 120ml of previously boiled water @ 30 degrees, pitched at 18 degrees. Really taking it back to basics. Fermentation is underway. the beer was mixed up in the Cooper's FV then transferred to a new and sanitised 25 ltr water drum to fit in my Waeco travel fridge. (I've posted about this on the forum also). My fridge has its own temp controller which is set at 19 degrees. I've been watching the fridge's temp and it's been between 18 - 20 degrees. I've been checking the surface temp of the side of the FV/drum with my infrared thermometer, is sitting on 18 degrees. This FV/drum takes up the entire fridge space so I suspect the surface area and volume of the beer is helping keep the ambient fridge temp consistent. However if I set the fridge to any lower than 19 degrees, it has kicked into gear and got down to as cold as 16 degrees on the display so I've found setting it to 19 has kept it where it should be. Hopefully this will help me get a better result this time. Given my previous failings using a fairly decent size dry hop, what amount of dry hops should adequately flavour this beer? I don't want to waste more hops and not get any flavour like previously. I've got 40g of Mosaic hops left over in my freezer. If this temp control and correct pitching fixes my past issues, would 40g be enough dry hopping to 20 ltrs be noticeable? Cheers
  5. I love it. I give it a good nudge down here in Adelaide when it hit taps over summer and around fringe festival. Was stoked when they released it in stubs n tins. On my 3rd carton in a row, went for the tins this time and they're just as good as the stubs. I love all Cooper's range but this one leaves u feeling less bloated than if u got on the pales or sparklings. I enjoy the fruit and hop taste/aroma to it but it's still got that unmistakeable Cooper's taste to it, which is a good thing. Glad they've entered this corner of the market. Just waiting for the price to drop after the new beer wow factor wears off. At around $52 a carton it's a bit steep given that u can get a box of pales (which has higher grog content) for anywhere from $45 down here. Once I can get my hands on some Melba hops I'll be making the clone recipe.
  6. Our place is the same that it could have had a few things changed to make it 10 times better. Anyhow, I figured id use my knock off nappy San stuff to clean the cube, same as my bottles. Figured I'd soak it upside down if need be. It's in the fridge as we speak. Put a brew down this morning. Didn't realise how well insulated the fridge is, it's never been off. I've set it to 17 degrees but it's still sitting at about 12. Had it off sitting out in the sun for a bit to get the temp up, but the bastard holds the cold well. I've pitched the yeast at 18 and just left the fridge off with the lid up. Cube is in, once the yeast gets cracking it'll warm up n I'll flick it on then, she'll be right.
  7. Kelsey, sorry to say but your setup does sound like a PITA, props to you for making it work but also letting your Mrs allow it haha. I'm guessing you're in a Qld style home? I'm just in a townhouse, 2 story. The space under the stairs isn't enclosed so visitors see all our crap stashed under there, but it's where the Waeco lives so I'm not really losing out in this situation, just making better use of what I've already got. I'll keep an eye on the brew a few days in and raise the temp as need be. I did think about getting the second fridge and putting it upstairs in the spare room/office but I know SWMBO would go mental and tbh I really CBF carrying a full fv up the stairs and back down come bottling day. This will do for now.
  8. Hey guys, just an idea i came up with and wondering what you all think. I've recently been on the hunt for a fermentation bar size fridge (without a freezer to fit the Coopers FV), due to lack of space at my place, but can't seem to find any. I've got a 60 ltr Waeco fridge which I use as my beer fridge all the time, its always plugged into mains power, unless I take it camping (which isn't that often these days). I had the idea of using a 25 ltr water container with the tap/bung, as an alternative FV, as I reckon it'll fit nicely in the Waeco (if empty). It can have the temperature set anywhere from -20 to 20 degrees. I figured I could still mix up my wort in the Cooper's FV then just transfer it to the water drum and placing it into the Waeco. I've been reading a few old posts from people using these drums with glad wrap over the lid hole. Is this still a safe option? After getting some ordinary results in the last couple of batches due to lack of temp control and under pitching, I just want to go back to basics making a 20 ltr brew and try to get the temp right, to see if this improves things. I figure using the 25 ltr drum should allow enough room for any Krausen and I reckon if I set the Waeco to about 18 degrees, it should keep the mixture fairly close to that, as the drum will pretty much take up the whole space inside the fridge. This would just allow me to use existing equipment I've got rather thank waiting to find another fridge and buying a temp controller. The only other negative I can think of will be convincing SWMBO to let me store a few beers in the kitchen fridge when a batch is being fermented in the Waeco. Does anyone see any potential dramas in giving this method a go? Any advice on using the water drums would be great. Cheers.
  9. Wow... I get that you might be frustrated that no one has replied to your question, comment, (or whatever it may have been intended as) at a moments notice. However, since when does spitting the dummy ever get you anywhere, be it in an online forum or in everyday life? Did you consider that given the timing of your original post was on a Sunday evening after 9pm, that PB might have been busy, with family etc? It is highly likely that over the next 24 hours, he (like the majority of us) would have been at his place of employment, preventing him from responding during that time. Sadly, it appears that the element of sarcasm and/or humour from the other members has been lost on you in this text based forum. This forum is a wealth of knowledge for a great hobby/passion that a lot of us really enjoy learning and sharing experiences from. We are lucky that some of its members have been brewing and experimenting for quite some time, and that they're willing to share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of us. Making large numbers of posts/comments does not make anybody "elite"or part of any "inner circle", rather then just more experienced on the given topic. I'm no expert, however the advice provided on here has only benefited me, even though it's not always at the drop of a hat. The logging in issue you experienced is nothing new. Blurred actually clarified how to get around it for you. In future, I suggest using the search function at the top of the page. You would have found a thread on this issue from only a few months back, which included a workaround that allows you to log in again. There is another well known social media platform in which spiteful, negative and confrontational commenting is frequently used by thousands of self proclaimed brain surgeons, lurking among the rest of us. I encourage you to continue using this forum for what it's intended for, in a more appropriate fashion. If that's too difficult, maybe you should make your future enquiries elsewhere...
  10. I missed out on getting a Westinghouse WRM1300WC off gumtree recently. I keep finding heaps of upright Freezers of similar size that I rkn the Cooper's FV would fit into once shelves are removed. Is it still feasibe to use a freezer with an inkbird controller for fermentation? My concern is that the freezers comressor may be a bit different and/or heavy duty compared to a fridge and the temp controller might cause dramas with it cutting in and out a the time? Has anyone used a freezer instead of a fridge and had any problems? If they will do the job without being overkill then I might use one of them instead as there's plenty more around at the moment.
  11. So, beer has been in the bottle for 2 weeks. I chilled one stubby for 2 days and tried it last night. Wow. The chocate is nice and rich and the slight hint of vanilla just balances it out nicely. It's very smooth.and the Mrs loved it. Will be amazing in another few weeks time. The carbonation was low but that's fine for a stout. If I had any complaints, it'd only be that it is a little thin in regards to the mouthfeel, and it's a bit young but I think it will benefit with age. Probably my most satisfying brew to date. Give this recipe a crack.
  12. Not sure how scotch would go. I used vodka as it acts like a sanitiser for the vanilla pods. Still don't know how it's turned out because it's not been in the bottle 2 weeks yet. I could taste a slight hint of vanilla when tasting the sample done at bottling time. More rich chocolate flavours though. I think it will be a cracker stout. I'll prob wait until.next week and taste a stubby to see how it turned out, even though it's quite young.
  13. Not sure yet mate. It's only been in the bottle for just over a week. The sample in the hydrometer at bottling time was bloody nice. Rich chocolate flavour with a hint of vanilla as I added 2 spilt vanilla pods (that had been soaking in vodka) after FG had been reached. I reckon the fermentation got stuck at one point and I have it a good shake and saw a bit more bubbling away afterwards, and the SG reading dropped a few days later. I think it was in the FV for about 3 weeks, plus a few extra days with the vanilla pods. I'll let you know how it turns out when I try one in a couple weeks. BTW Christina, yeah I took OG after adding the cocoa powder. My hydrometer is shit anyway, has always been out by 5 points and now it always tilts to the side of the tube so I'll be replacing it before my next brew.
  14. I'm going to just brew a bootmakers as per recipe with 1kg LDM to 20 ltrs with rehydrated US-05 yeast. I've got 75g of centennial hops and about 40g of mosaic left over from my last beer. If I dry hopped it with the lot how would it turn out? Or should I scale it back a bit. Open to ideas...
  15. What do u recommend as a good alternative to US-05 Christina?
  16. A Rehydrating does not prevent under-pitching; it just helps more cells make it through the hydration process. You still have to use an adequate number of grams. Cheers, Christina. I've picked up a TC Bookmakers pale on special. If I follow the recipe with 1kg of ldme up to 20 litres, is the 7g of kit yeast going to cut it, or should I throw in a pack of US-05 as well, given my bad run lately? Was going to keep this recipe simple, no boil or steeped grains this time. Maybe just a dry hop, to see if I can actually taste something different to the last 3 brews.
  17. Could always use the plastic Xmas tree without the branches for 11 months of the year...
  18. I'd at least rehydrate the kit yeast with that much LDM to make sure it all ferments out properly without stressing the yeast. Or add a second pack of kit yeast or US-05. I brewed this kit with 1.5kg of LDM using just the 7g kit yeast at 23ltrs and a dry hop of 60g galaxy hops. Didn't turn out very good.because I've since learned the yeast was under pitched and my temp control was not the best.
  19. I use my dishwasher rack. I just empty it, give it a quick wipe down if there's anything in there, then just douse it with starsan in a pump spray bottle. I give it a really good spray. Then I just re-rinse my precleaned bottles again with some water, shake some starsan thru them then rest them upside down in the dishwasher rack (dishwasher stays open). I don't worry about them drying before bottling because it's a no rinse sanitiser. Works well because I sit the FV on the kitchen bench and sit on a milk crate to bottle and the dish rack is at the right height to grab each bottle and stick under the FV tap and bottling wand. Simples.
  20. I've had a stuck fermentation before. It was going well for a couple days, then just stopped dead. A bit different to your situation. But I read on here that giving the FV a bit of a shake n swirl can kick the yeast back into gear. I tried this and it worked for me. Can't hurt giving that a crack mate, before you decide to tip it out. See what happens...
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