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  1. I'm from SA and always shop at beer belly but I'm temporarily residing in Central Qld for the next month or 2. I did an order from Hoppy Days after they were recommended to me on another forum. I even rang them up to enquire about freight and they were awesome to deal with. Paid and extra $3 for express post and got my order from Brisbane to Rocky in 2 days, so for you guys up in FNQ I'd recommend them. You can buy those dry ice packs to keep your hops cold, they're 60c each, worth doing.
  2. I've already been here 6 weeks mate. Had just bought my grain to make a choc coffee stout to be ready for winter but then I had to down tools and head north unfortunately. No winter stout for me this year. At the rate of cartons I'm consuming whilst here, i figured it couldn't hurt giving the kveik a go to try and make something drinkable. Not working whilst here is not doing the hip pocket any favours.
  3. So went into town where I'm currently staying and checked out the Lhbs. Not impressed. Basically just an extract shop. Staff there had never heard of Kviek yeast. "What's that?" Didn't have a clue. Tried selling me their "craft speciality yeast" which was just mangrove jacks and recommended using those packets of Morgan's finishing hops hanging on the shelf. See ya later. Can anyone suggest a decent online merchant for yeast and fresh hops in Qld or am I kidding myself
  4. Thanks mate. I haven't been to the lhbs nearby so I'm not sure. As t the very least I can get the Cooper's extract from the local Dan's or big W. If I can't get yeast or hops in town ill look at getting them posted
  5. Is a German witbier or similar style possible in an extract form?
  6. Hey guys. So for the next few weeks at least I've had to move north to central Qld (compassionate grounds). Staying with the brother in law, we're obviously chewing through cartons of beer like they're going out of fashion. Hence my post. He's got a FV and some pet bottles in his shed which he's used once on a failed ginger beer experiment. I figured whilst I'm here, I might as well give his equipment a good clean and have a crack at a basic K & K brew and use some Kviek yeast, as there's no temp control available and I'll be fermenting at ambient, which around here at this time of year is around 30 odd degrees. I've never used Kviek yeast before. I'm after some recipe suggestions. I haven't got a lot of equipment at.my disposal, but could possibly do a small steep and a late addition of something. The brother in law likes lagers but isn't fazed my a slightly hopped pale ale. Given this, what would be a simple kit n kilo with a dry hop (maybe even a short steep, boil and FO addition) that would make something not too Hoppy and come out delicious using kviek at ambient. Any suggestions would be great. Cheers.
  7. I've done a couple of pale ales in this pot and from memory I reckon the total grain bill was somewhere between 3 to 3.5kg. I mashed in about 16ltrs I think. With a sparge and 60min boil I got about 11.5 ltrs into the FV last time. I'm open to ideas. Could do a porter. The Mrs just loves a nice thick stout so if I could get somewhere close to the mark it'd be good.
  8. I need to make a stout for winter. I made the Cooper's toucan last year with some added choc malt, and I've only got a couple long necks left so need to make something. I'd like to try a biab version in my 20 ltr pot. I've got a couple bags of rolled oats lying about and want to make use of these. Swmbo also has a packet of pure cacao powder in the pantry and I'd like to use some of this. Is it still doable given it's already ground up? Or is it better to just use whole nibs in a mash or boil situation? Any advice on a suitable grain bill would be awesome.
  9. Will be keen to hear how this one turns out. With that grain bill of only 3.2 kg, what volume was your mash, sparge (if applicable) and boil volume? Also how much wort did you end up with and splitting?
  10. That looks and sounds awesome. Is this the beer you brewed in your post about the FG being too high? Just curious as to more details on your recipe and methods used etc. I need to make a good choc stout again for winter. J
  11. Thanks for that info, it might actually shed some light on this. Only pitched 1 X pack of the wlp810. The specs listed on the pack stated that this batch was within the numbers for just a single pack. Regarding the hydrometer, you might be onto something. I just use the basic one that came with my Cooper's DIY kit, so the one with the red base. I've noticed the tube has a bit of a chalky residue build up on the inside. I haven't cleaned it as thoroughly as what you described above. I usually just rinse it with hot water after a brew and let it dry on the dish drainer. I might give that a go and clean it up a bit and take another sample. The sample in the hydrometer has been in there for 3 days and was taken prior to raising the temperature on my fermenting fridge. For info, I'm using the Cooper's FV (no Krausen collar) for this brew. I don't have the luxury of pressure FV. I might actually invest in a new, decent hydrometer as this one I've got is a bit long in the tooth and knocked around.
  12. So this beer has been in the FV just over a week. As I said above the OG was only 1039 (unknown why) and for the last couple days the SG has stayed at 1013. I fermented at 18 degrees bit turned the temp up to 21 about 3 days ago to finish it off, however it hasn't really dropped any further. I would have expected it to finish a bit lower. Would it be worth giving the FV a shake or using a sanitised spoon to stir up the yeast back into suspension, or is it likely to cause oxidising and wreck the beer? Tastes of the samples are still quite sweet, almost like there's a hint of honey. I know it's green but it doesn't taste like it's finished fermentating to me. The packet of the wlp810 yeast suggests 18 degrees is fine so I'm not concerned about the temp.
  13. Yep, definitely have temp controlled fridge. The brews been fermenting away at 18 degrees as suggested on the recipe. I was going to try 16 degrees but figured the beer requires the esters from the slightly higher temp. Just sampled some from the hydrometer and its tasting rather nice, hard to describe. But i may even forgo the dry hop (not that it's required by the recipe but just usually habit)
  14. i've noticed those sort of errors/typos before, they're actually quite common so it's best to use a bit of initiative. I used WLP810 as it actually does suggest it as a good option at the start of the recipe when they talk it up.
  15. I did this brew a couple days ago. Cold Steeped overnight and sparged the grains into my pot and filled to 10 ltrs with 1kg LDME. 25g of northern brewer at 10 mins and at FO. Whirlpool and sat for 20mins in ice bath. Made up to 21 ltrs. Dunno what happened but OG was only 1039. Expected it to be about 1044 or so. Not sure how it'll turn out. Didn't realise the hops were 2018 stock. We'll see. We'll yeast is bubbling away nicely though
  16. Hey guys. Heading to Melbourne for a boys weekend in a couple of months. Never really been out and about there. I'll be staying in the CBD and was just wondering if anyone could suggest some good pubs that have some quality (non megaswill) taps, or if there's any breweries etc in the city that are worth a look. Cheers.
  17. I get my brewing water from the red tin fountain. So if I go to the airport or to Costco for fuel, I generally make a bit of a detour and fill up my 2 x 25 lite cubes of water to just keep on hand for whenever I decide to brew. If I can't be arsed driving to the brewery just to get water, I've filled these cubes with my trusty charcoal filter jug on some occasions, albeit painfully. (1 ltr at a time) If I'm going to brew a K&K or partial mash, I usually sanitise 2 or 3 recycled 2 ltr plastic juice bottles and fill with water and put them in the fridge the night before. These come in handy to get the temp down to pitching temp once you dump the boiled wort into the FV and start topping it up. I have also made some frozen ice blocks in sanitized plastic tubs before like @King Ruddager has done in his freezer full of goodies. Other than that, I have sat the cubes full of water in my FV fridge set to 18 degrees the night before as well in summer time so they're not far off when using to fill the FV. Can;t really prepare much more than that, besides making sure SWMBO is out of the house for a couple hours. Not absolutely necessary, but just more cruisy
  18. make it 10 litre boil. Should get decent utilization with that sort of volume and 1kg of malt. (so says ianH)
  19. Thinking I might boil 6 ltrs with the whole kg of LDME and do a 25g addition at 10 mins, another 25g at FO then dry hop with another 25g. Might just make it up to 21 ltrs and see how it goes. I don't want 23 ltrs of weak flavoured beer as it'll never get drank..
  20. The last couple of brews I have done, I've punched the numbers into ianh spreadsheet and also used the online recipe calculator on brewers friend website and neither of them give the same figures using the same ingredients. I don't know which to rely on. That being said I put this recipe into the spreadsheet and the numbers are different to what's listed on the diy website. Im in 2 frames of mind about this. I kind of want to give the recipe the benefit of the doubt and just see if it turns out alright. But I don't usually brew 23 ltrs as I think it's too watered down. On the other hand, my gut is telling me to up the boil volume, up the hop additions and make it to 21 ltrs. But that will likely make the beer something completely different, or it could be a cracking drop. Decisions....
  21. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this as well. To just use the suggested amounts in the recipes does sweet FA. I did the session ale ages ago but threw more than double the suggested hops at it and it was good. I don't want to make 23 ltrs of underwhelming and un-tasty beer
  22. I've had a can of Real Ale lying around for ages that I want to use up. Using the Coopers recipe spreadsheet I ended up picking the Steam Beer: https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/steam-beer.html I've got all listed ingredients and opted for the White Labs WLP810 liquid yeast. I searched first but couldn't really find the answer to the following question(s). A 2 litre boil with only 250g LDME and a 10 min hop addition of only 25g does not sound like enough to make a noticeable taste/aroma difference when added to a 23 litre batch. Would this recipe benefit of a sparge of the steeped grains and to make the boil volume up to something larger with more LDME, to make better utilisation of the hop addition? Also, there's no dry hop. Would a dry hop also be beneficial? If PB2 would like to chime in with any suggestions that would be great. Or if any of you guys have followed this recipe, any feedback on how it turned out, or if you would make any changes to improve it, if you were to brew it again. Cheers.
  23. I see that during the cleaning and sanitizing process you've described, that you rinse with water after sanitising. That may be causing issues, unless the particular type of sanitiser requires rinsing? I use starsan. There's a reason so many others do. It works. No rinse. Easy as.
  24. Both. Just a quick n easy small batch on the stove using DME and some steeped crystal. Just a short 10 min boil and FO addition of say 10g each and the rest for a dry hop to get rid of it. (8 odd ltrs into FV). I've done a few small batches like this to use up bits n pieces leftover from bigger batches and they've all been pretty nice given the lack of effort that goes into them.
  25. I bought a 500g of Galaxy Hops last year some time (2018 harvest). I've got about 80 g left. They still smell ok and have always been stored in the fridge in their original bag with a food saver clip, then inside a ziplock bag rolled up to get the air out, with a couple elastic bands around it. Will these still be alright to use? Would rather not waste them.
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