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  1. Thanks all for the tips/views everyone.... another dumb question but how to get the temp down to 1c. I thought most fridges didn't go below around 2-3c?
  2. Hi all. I've had a Bootmakers Ale in the FV for around 11 days. Tested it on day 8and 10 and looks like it has stopped at 1010. No hops added so is there a need to cold crash or should I bottle it in the next day or two? It has been temp controlled at around 20-21 degrees since starting, not sure if that has an impact? If cold crashing, how will bottling chilled brew affect the carbonation? I use two carb drops per 740ml PET bottle.
  3. I checked again, sticker temp thing says 18, Inkbird says around 21 now. Kept HD of .5 and changed CD to 1.5. I'll have to live with that and see how it goes...and hope like hell the Inkbird probe is accurate!
  4. I have got a soft polysterne-type pad that is taped to the FV and the probe is securely under that. No, actually I'm in Central Victoria, last night was around 8 degrees (and fridge is in the uninsulated garage), maybe the heat belt is throwing off some ambient heat? Anyway I wouldn't have thought the fridge would kick in often at all. Just wondering if I should just set Inkbird to 22 or 23 and leave the fridge off? Daytime temp for the next 5 days between 21-25, overnights around 4-10 degrees.
  5. Just checked my FV, the stick on strip says 18 degrees, the Inkbird says 22. Which do I take notice of? My fear is the brew is too cold. Last night, with the Inkbird set to 21 with CD & HD both on .5 I could hear the fridge turn on around every 10-15 minutes! The heat belt is about 10 cms below the top of the actual brew (not the actual FV). What do I need to do here? I did set the Inkbird up to 23, assuming the stick on temp gauge (which is all I ever used until now) is the accurate one. Any advice welcome, I want this brew to be spot on ?
  6. Yes, did that... well sort of, it seems I wasn't pressing it for long enough which is odd as I thought I held it as long as I did to get into the settings in the first place! I was going to make up some excuse that the button was playing up but decided to come clean after your post and pressed it down for longer ?. Cheers! OVB, already have the foam taped to the side with the probe under that, works a treat, have done that for the last few brews. Have set the variance to .5 too.
  7. Thanks all. I think this, my second Inkbird has died. No matter what I set it to, it defaults to 22 degrees as set temp, the ambient tempo shows change as the temp drops but can't set actual temperature now at all. I think this is the same crap that happened with my last one that lasted 3 weeks. This lasted 6 months but have not brewed in 5 months grrr,
  8. Hi, dumb question but have not brewed for ages (and was a novice at best back then) and never in cooler weather, so now have a heat belt. I am getting confused re how to set cool *and* heat to work correctly. Brewing a stock kit Bootmakers Pale Ale, was advised to keep to around 21 degrees. So, what I am trying to do is set decent cooling i.e. turns on at 23, off at maybe 22, heatbelt to kick in between 21 and 22. In theory, nights are pretty cool here in Vic right now, so is is better to just let heat belt do it's thing and have no cooling kick in? I'd keep the brew insulated in the fridge but have it turned off? Thoughts? Can someone please post exact steps to achieve this with the Inkbird (ITC 308?). Just stuck the brew in the fridge now so keen for some quick responses. I promise further topics will be less dopey!!
  9. Thanks SoS and Lusty (and thanks for the welcome back ), will head to the brewery (a.k.a. the garage) and do a 20-21 litres.
  10. Hi all, been on a beer brewing sabbatical over winter but about to start again from the basics for a couple of brews then use the Shark Attack ROFM kit I get received in the post. Found a Bootmakers tin that has a use by date of 11/2018. I am planning to start brewing it tonight and wondering if after the ferment etc will it still be out of date in November or will the brew, once fermented, be ok to drink for a few months? Happy to drink it before November if ready ? Also, thought as the yeast that comes with it has had mixed comments about it's slow to ferment nature, would there be any differences between doing 20 litre batch or 23 litre? I was thinking of doing the 20 litre, hoping less to ferment would equal better chance of the yeast doing its job. Also as 20 litre with 1kg LDM, what would that be likely to produce re ABV? What would making it 1.5kg instead do to the end result or should I stick to 1kg for 20 litre batch? Thanks in advance! Waz.
  11. Hi. I tried doing the recent ROTB, Gold Rush Summer Ale on Sunday, following the instructions to the letter. I forgot to check the OG (I know probably no need) until just after I pitched the 2 x yeast packets that came with it. It was 1035 (hyrdometer was .995 so assume OG is actually 1040). To work out the alcoholic content I used Ian's spreadsheet, I couldn't find what drop down box to use for the beer style (ROTM used Canadian Blonde) to get a more precise idea that and OG/FGG. Having chosen Blonde Ale, comes up 4.3%. I know 2 x carb drops add to that figure. Any idea what to use for the drop down box? Also noted the hops included had packed date of 4/2/17, so 12 months old. Is this still acceptable? Cheers.
  12. So what would you brand it as then do you reckon Otta? I did read recently that Draught isn't an actual style but it does (to me) have a certain smell/after taste (draught in general) so don't know what you'll really call it if not Draught. In any event I'll be heading back to Pale Ale next or the ROTM I've got, now that my success rate is up from 33% to 60% now lol (3 ok, 2 dead on arrival). Cheers Lusty, as above, Draught a bit green still but ok. I'm letting it age for another few weeks. Amber Ale has lost a lot of bitterness in the last week si not bad at all now. Yes finally, having some wins. Yep, going to start the ROTM Gold Rush Summer Ale or Pale Ale (& maybe dry hop the latter) on the weekend. By the time it's ready, I should have a few emergency beers still bottles from the Amber and Draught stash :) I'm with you, re having another brew on the go while one is aging. I must be on the right track re cleaning/sanitising etc now, 2 beers in a row have actually worked.
  13. Oops' date=' accidentally sent a report to moderator, unintentional. I was only curious because all the other brews I've done seem to have been with tight bottles within a couple of days. Otherwise I'd not really be bothered to be honest. Warm bottles (around 22 degrees give or take. Probably more like 3cm, only a guestimate. I used the Coopers tube if that's what you mean re wand Christina but I've got to lift it out for the pour to stop...and need to flick the FV tap off manually as the tube leaks badly. Used the stock yeast that came with it. Assuming it's an Ale yeast though? Yes dropped two in every bottle' date=' to ensure I don't forget I always put two in my hand while the bottle is filling up.[img']lol[/img]
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