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  1. Day 2 and a bit of very mild frothing but not much.
  2. Have bottled the last brew in PET. I must say having the FV outside in sub zero Canberra temperatures in the night time for a few days, the bottled beer looks a lot clearer. The bottles are firming up nicely and there seems to be a lot less sediment at the bottom ... but we'll see. Put a new brew down yesterday and it's looking fine. I used a 5g packet of Brigalow ale yeast which should be enough given I"m only brewing 11L. It is currently sitting at about 21C. The yeast packet says that it tolerates temperatures between 16-35 degrees C. Given my last experience where the brew seemed to stall because I let it drop to about 14C (even though this was Coopers yeast supplied with the Lager kit) I'm a bit reluctant to let it fall much lower. I've seem some recommendations here that say that it should be around 16-18C but I'm not sure. Any suggestions?
  3. Having a look at the Morgans Sanitize post may interest some people.
  4. This sounds very much like my ongoing problems. Not too bad beers but often struggling for head retention and carbonation. Very rarely any significant Krausen. Have tried many many things to fix these problems. One common theme; I've always used Morgans Sanitize which had been recommended by my LBS.
  5. Fair enough. I think there could be a problem, particularly with the bottles that have tops WITH seals. And even the ones without seals, perhaps by screwing them on super tight I might be causing a 'print' of the bottle's mouth to be laid down. We'll see anyway.
  6. I've also started to wonder if it is possible to screw the tops on TOO hard. I have started screwing them on really tight using a tea towel so I don't graze my fingers but wondered if this would actually damage the seal. But then how hard is too hard, and how soft is too soft? Yes, I also went to bottles but for my latest brew I wasn't sure it was at FG despite waiting a long time and doing some other stuff. So I"ve bottled in PET to guard against explosions. Better a flat one than some glass in an eye!
  7. Yes well kegs are out of my reach at the moment. Living in a two beddy apartment and brewing in a tiny laundry. I'm quite content but space is an issue. And to be frank, I think kegs would be a danger zone. It's like Dame Edna's view of her 'mother's little helper' the Cardboard Cask .... if you can't see it going down it doesn't count.
  8. Fair enough. Those flat bottles just seem to be a mystery!
  9. I've had the odd failure, but at first I put it down to not screwing the cap on tight enough or missing out on putting the sugar in. So I started being really careful that every bottle got a dose of sugar and using a tea towel to screw them on really tight. .... Still the occasional failure. Then I thought it might be that some tops have a liner in them and other don't. I was thinking that one might be better than the other. But no, there was still the occasional failure independent of whether the top had a lining or not. Then the other day I saw a post that said that after sanitising with a solution such as Starsan , you should rinse your FV/bottles out with clean water. The products I have bought in the past said that they were 'no rinse'. however, I had always thought that if sanitisers were designed to kill bugs, why did they not affect the health of yeast cells? OK so maybe you should let them sit for a fair while so that the droplets dry or run out. But it set me thinking ....
  10. Got it in the cold now. May bottle it somewhere between Saturday and Monday next. Is there anything to add like a dry hopping or something that may add some interest to the brew?
  11. Well I just did another SG and it might have dropped by one point to around 1.016 but that's about it. I reckon I'll do one more tomorrow and then put it in the cold.
  12. Me too. I've reported through the feedback button but haven't heard anything yet. Nice to know. Misery loves company.
  13. Hi Al, I have had the wort at around 22C since I got back home last Friday. As you have advised, I'll leave it for a few more days and then put it outside (see my reply to Christina above). I'll consult my LBS about fining agents, specifically gelatin as you have suggested. I don't normally bother with fining agents. I'm used to drinking these 'crafty' cloudy beers these days but in this case perhaps there would be excess yeast floating around.
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