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  1. Damn I thought I might have found my magic bullet reason!
  2. So it sounds like adding 400-500g raw sugar to a can and 1kg LDM is a no no.
  3. I think I have checked off all of these. Maybe too much sugar but really I was only using the equivalent of 500g and 400g Carapils with 1kg LDM or is that too much sugar?
  4. On the other hand the instructions I received was to boil the grains for only 10 minutes not 30.
  5. I used various amounts of steeped cracked carapils grain to no avail!
  6. I also have switched to sugar rather than carb drops and my fridge is pretty cold. Still a conundrum!
  7. A lot of my brews were just Light Dry Malt + the kit and some extra hops - is LDM the same as LDME or is that the liquid kind?
  8. Well I was trying to work out the physics without having any expertise in that area! I suppose that so long as there enough of the cap clamping on the bottle the rubbery bit on the underside of the cap which actually seals the bottle could do the trick. Might make a few experiments and see what happens.
  9. I'm exclusively a kit and kilo brewer at this point and could never say that I've had thick creamy heads on my beers like you would from a bottle of Coopers or another 'commercial/craft beer'. All the heads seem to be more like a Coca Cola pour: fizzy for a few seconds then nothing. The beer is still carbonated with bubbles rising from the bottom till the draining of the glass. I have tried all manner of cleaning and rinsing with no detergent, detergent, sodium percarbonate etc. so it is not the glasses. In fact I can pour a commercial beer straight into the glass that just held my home brew and it has a perfect head. I have also tried brewing with an addition of steeped cracked Carapils to no avail. I have been told the an addition of wheat malt might do the trick but have yet to find a reliable cost effective source. The only thing that I can think of is that I have never used the sugars that Coopers have suggested on their tins. I have either used 100% LDM or 80% LDM and 20% raw sugar. Maybe they need to be brewed with the Brew Enhancers recommended?
  10. So do you have to use a special cap if capping twist top bottles? I'm a little concerned that ordinary caps won't seal properly. I have both types of bottles available and over time I could just build up my store of the normal pry off kind.
  11. Yes that is right. I was just wondering how far to bring the mechanism down. It seems that 0.5 to 1cm above the cap could be the right height rather than flush with the cap.
  12. Thanks all good suggestions, particularly the one about the sink!
  13. I thought I'd add to this conversation rather than start a new one. I just picked up a Superautomatica bottle capper on Gumtree. I had arranged to pick it up while the guy was away and left the money under the mat (honesty method). There were not instructions and I was just wondering if there is anything special l should do or not do in order to avoid smashing any bottles. My assumption is that I put the bottle on the base and ratchet the bell down until it is resting on the new cap which is placed on the top of the bottle. Then you pull the handle down until you can feel the top crimp onto the bottle. I was a little worried that if I should have a gap initially it would be too low and I'd run the risk of shattering the bottle as a pulled down on the handle. Any tips would be gratefully accepted. I've decided to do more glass bottles because I'm finding results in the PET bottles a bit too variable for my liking. Plus the aesthetics of the bottles are better when you're sharing/giving them away.
  14. Hi all, I visited Big W and got some stuff but of course some of the things, like light dry malt were out of stock. I went across to Dan Murphy's which of course are owned by the same people and they were prepared to price match on the 15% off prices. This may be an option if you find things are sold out. Dan's price on the LDM was pretty much the same but they took a bit more off so it was $6.50 rather than the normal $6.99 (normall $8 at Big W). The sale runs until 12 May by the way.
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