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  1. Cheers il give the calculator a look, the only reason it will be sitting so long in the FV is because I wont be home for the next few months to check on it. Will leave the misso in charge of it. Had a look at it this morning and it literally blew the lid off the coopers craft FV, not much of it outside the FV luckily but a solid start to its ferment. I got around a kg of bread yeast here so i will also use that, in the past iv just used sultanas as a slow release nutrient but will skip them this time.
  2. Already done those was more looking to condense the scovilles down to make something 3 mil + like you get in devils spit and alike. They make some nice oils thou and been smashing out the jerky like no tomorrow lately so will be using some in that. Cheers for the suggestion.
  3. Noice harvest, got some major action on all my chillies bushes. I think last year I got 50 - 400 chillies a bush, these things have nearly doubled in size. Expecting some good chillies this year again but struggled to give away Carolina reapers and ghost peppers last year but got a new bunch of people to inflict them on . New project is to learn how to extract the capiscan extract to learn how to make it hotter still. These sprays that are 10x hotter then the actual chilly are insane!! Hopefully I can get close.
  4. Ended up getting ahold of cheap strawberries aswell to add to this so ended up being 2 kg raspberries and 1 kg strawberries so it wasn't really feasible the dump 3kg of berries into a 10L ferment so I went down the juice path. Brought them to the boil in a large pot with equal parts water then ran a potato masher over them for a few minutes to get all the goodness out. Once done overlapped some large fine meshed strainers and a chux in each then poured the liquid through, slow process getting all the juice through but I guess I have eliminated the majority of the seeds. Extreme deep red nearly fresh blood colour and awesome aroma. OG was 1.120 so this will ll be some decent melomel and I'm hoping the colour stays as deep red as it is. Pitched the yeast and had a foamy krausen within 20 minutes. This is brew that's going to sit in place for 3-6 months depending on the global situation so hopefully the yeast doesn't stall but suppose the missus can be trained to fix it if required. Ordering some mead horns soon so hopefully this is the batch that breaks in the horns. Random observation though, had a taste of the rice malt and damn that is actually some nice tasting cheaper per a kg honey alternative! And it's meant to be a neutral flavour so hopefully let's the berries shine. Now the waiting game.
  5. Thanks for the update, are you going to create a new sticky post or update the current one from PB2 ? As you now have conflicting information in your FAQ and post.
  6. The small tins can be a pain to source as a lot of LHBS don't seem to stock them ( depending on your location ) I have no issue in Sydney but a lot of people do in other parts of Aus. For the cost of the collar and postage you can pick up a 25 / 30L FV from Bunnings and smash out some larger brews and keep the smaller craft one for experimental brews or for when your track down some of the Mr.Beer range.
  7. Have a search on the forum, a lot of people have done it with good results. You will be essentially making a toucan. As for the very bitter and alcoholic that all depends on what tin you use and if you add any extra fermentables. If you use a Mexican Cerveza can made up to 10 L in your craft FV it should give you around 5% ish with a lowish IBU. But yeah get yourself a bigger FV haha.
  8. Hard to say, quick search shows the 2007 version for $300 on ebay and the 1999 version $1100 - $2000. Is the one in the photo the one your asking about ? as that's a batch 2 - 1999 bottle.
  9. Cheers but I was going to use Polycar at the end of the process to help remove the excess tannins. So I will be keeping them whole for this process. Also tempted to try potassium sorbate then back sweeten to made a semi sweet mead. Anyone used this before ?
  10. Last minute change to the plan with this, found I had 2 kg of raspberries at home so guess I will swap out the cherries with them and the grape juice with apple pear and raspberry juice. Still sounds delicious.
  11. Much better colour from that chocolate malt, a little of that goes a long way
  12. Meant with the chux, you don't want to pulverize it into a paste just crack them so you can extract the goodness within
  13. Might be worth double wrapping her, should be right
  14. Just had a look through a few of the recipes on there site and noticed the one your making is probably the only one where they leave the zip lock method out. Sparkling Tonic ROTM. The Day Before: Line a pot (at least 4 litres) with a mesh cleaning cloth (pulled straight from the pack). Place the grain in a plastic zip-lock sandwich bag and crack them using a rolling pin. Add the cracked grain and 3 litres of cold water, fit the lid and sit in the fridge overnight But yeah that's the method you don't own a mill for the small amounts of grain used in these ROTM.
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