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  1. Ahh ok lol take a few months off and everything changes haha
  2. Glad you asked @Graubart thought I was tripping seeing all these today's tastings. I was away for awhile is that you Captain with a name change ?
  3. Yeah if it was me and I had a pellicle form on the top I wouldn't try get it to sink. You did the right thing thou smelt good / looked good ? Sent it leaving the film on top. Just make sure you give everything down to the tap threads a good clean and dont harvest that yeast to re use if you do that it will contaminant the next brew.
  4. Why worry ? Coopers ain't .. they literally have this in there FAQ because it gets asked so often. Never needed to boil the half myself, again comes down to your practices and making sure everything's clean.
  5. Yep I agree .. especially with a stout or something along those lines .. literally the can and the yeast and bam! Done... No need to try over think it.
  6. Disagree sorry, you can easily eyeball it or can guarantee 99% of us have scales and if your worried can weigh it or just use your hydro and one of the countless calculators and apps. Unrelated to this post but it seems alot of people who have the smaller FVs struggle to have confidence in simply splitting a batch. I enjoy the Mr.Beer kits btw, but still can't understand why people make this practice so hard... Could be a idea for your spreadsheet btw how to halve a 1.7kg to fit the craft FV for dummies type of thing
  7. Dry hop when you get back, my work has me away for months at a time. One of my batches was from 20/04/20 and I got back in December and ran it with zero issues or off flavours. Nothings going to get in if you practiced good procedures and cleanliness when you put it down. Good luck.
  8. @Shamus O'Sean yeah it just wasn't for me. With that type of wait and strength I would rather a mead over a RIS. Again personal preference but myself have made one RIS to 5 meads with one on now at around 4 months old. Looking forward to trying it when I leave this hell hole we call Victoria in a few months time... And just for fun I might buy a decent mead horn for the occasion.
  9. He's using a completely different Mr.Beer bit of kit. He said he has the 2 Gal keg version seen below.
  10. Unfortunately it sounds like you turned a tin that's meant to make 23 litres of beer into 7.5 litres. As for saving it ? Probably not. Guess it pays to read the instructions on the cans I guess. You pretty much made a 3 can real ale. Drink on or tip and try again with a Mr.Beer product or just under half a 1.7kg tin I guess.
  11. Yeah I agree it was a beer I made once and never will make again in hindsight it wasn't really that great. Just wanted to tick a RIS off the list.
  12. Cute box probaly felt better satisfaction slipping a greenback into a rippers pocket then coopers.... But eh!
  13. You got lucky with your RIS not going beserk, I remember leaving over 10L of headroom in mine and coming home to a mess on the floor. Suppose thats what this home brewing games about! Agree 100% the collar isn't needed for a standard stout or TBH 99% of brews..
  14. I use the RoboBrew Gen 3 with the Alcoengine pot still attachment and its simple as placing the pot still with the lid on top of the boiler and adding your cold water in and out. Depends what you really want to do with it, you can turn your Alcoengine bundle into a BIAB but again depending if you want to spend a little bit more to get a bit better bit of kit they both are good bundles. You will need to purchase the still lid and still obviously if you go the BrewZilla and the only twist and turn you need to do is attach the lid. Also a good little purchase on it if you want to barrel age some of you spirits in the 10L French Oak barrel on the KegLand site but you also get awesome results from staves and chips. Can also turn your foreshots and heads into a cheap hand sanitizer in a pinch haha, iv made one before using fresh Aloe, essential oil/s and spirit... smells a lot better then half the ones the shops have as you come in.
  15. Done heaps of small batches in the smaller craft FV and it is as simple as halfing the can and ingredients from a 23 litre batch. Not to sure on freezing the other half of the can though, I usually would just put some cling wrap on it and throw it in the fridge until needed. Could always make a Toucan out of the one can for the 23L batch if you can't be bothered to split and store.
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