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  1. Smashed Crabs

    Time to Start Milling My Own Grain

    I got a basic malt muncher off catch of the day for quite cheap, iv only ran about 30kg of grain through it but so far I have hit my efficiency's and cant fault it. I would recommend going the extra few dollars and getting the 3 roller.
  2. Smashed Crabs


    Recently played soccer in Sri Lanka playing against one of there top 4 teams in a friendly match. Well needless to say non acclimatized players who threw a team together last minute we got our a$$es handed to us. Great people over there enjoyed there hospitality, trying to G up some touch and basketball games next few places.
  3. Smashed Crabs

    Todays tastings

    Was defiantly the better drink of the 4, I don't think they have heard of hops over there. Preferred the local Arrack to the 6 beers they stocked in there wine stores. Looking forward to all the new stuff to try in the next country thou ... they have a emerging craft beer scene.
  4. Smashed Crabs

    Best of the Best

    Must of been bored to dig this old thread out.null
  5. Smashed Crabs

    Todays tastings

    Well they haven't invented craft beer where I am at the moment but picked these up for $2 each. Do enjoy a strong beer but these ... well i can at least say I tried em. Can't wait til I get home to try my own stuff again.
  6. Smashed Crabs

    Toucan Stout

    I made a RIS with 10L + headroom and still had it blow out the top. Some go massive while some don't have much krausen at all. Luck of the draw.
  7. Smashed Crabs

    Blueberry vodka

    Noice, iv just done the lazy have a few shots out the bottle top up with redskins hahaha. Should turn out lovely.
  8. Smashed Crabs

    Colony West Sarsaparilla

    Gday Mick, I found this kit quite good. I went with 2kg of Dextrose which turned out great, I like stronger drops and felt it could of done well even with 3 kgs of Dextrose. Probably the only changes I would experiment with would be swapping the yeast as the kit comes with a champagne yeast and maybe adding a little bit of lactose. I never got around to making the lemonade due to work but I still have plans to do so hopefully in August.
  9. Smashed Crabs

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Just been at the sail n anchor and the ball n chain .. sneaky kebab before heading back opposite Monk haha
  10. Smashed Crabs

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Yeah walked past the monk today was tempted to go in but was just happy to have access to beers again. I wasn't fussy I was drinking everything from fireball shots to mimosas. Happy to have a detox coming up again haha
  11. Smashed Crabs

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Not a sixer but good to sample em all again. Some great flavors some average but worth the $12 for the sampler.
  12. Smashed Crabs


    Tried this Black Ale out of curiosity. Walked into the bottle o here and was blown away by the selection of WA craft beers. Price range from $5 to $40 a beer. Nice beer to have by itself definatly not a session beer as the flavors are quite strong. Nice beer overall.
  13. Smashed Crabs


    3 weeks without a beer and I'm sitting out the front waiting for her to open. 🤣 will be sampling some shortly and will probably only need a couple to get me going.
  14. Smashed Crabs

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Just bottled 54 litres and man do I miss kegs. Glad to be having a break from brewing and bottling but recon I will re invest in a system when I get back!
  15. Smashed Crabs

    Saunders Malt Extract English Bitter

    Soooooo is this Saunders stuff any good ? 🤣