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  1. Iv made a very similar beer using up the kits I had lying around. It was a real strong beer but geez did it taste horrible. But if your aim is to have a couple to get the job done and you don't mind the taste this will certainly do that.
  2. Are you bottling or kegging ? are you taking hydro readings ? are you adding enough yeast ? if bottling are you adding the extra .3 - .5% ABV to the total of your brews if not is this putting it closer to your target ?
  3. Actually looks like a decent recipe, wasn't expecting to see 900g of Lactose in the 20Litre brew. Iv only used 500g max in most my brews that I have used it in but agree 1032 seems a tad to high and concur with idea of leaving it a few extra days.
  4. I don't mind that ol stein glasses, iv collected a few from my adventures around Australia and abroad. Luckily I am able to safely stow these so they don't break on my returns. They are a bit of a novelty but iv never had my beer go warm due to them being to large .
  5. Haven't posted in a while, kind of took a step back from brewing for a little but just put down a mixed berry mead. Was kind of a mixed bag of ingredients but hoping the 2kg of strawberries, blueberries and blackberries impart a decent flavor. Base is honey but I used a bit of LDM and some Dex I had laying around to give it a bit of a kick. Also made this as a 23L batch so it can be a bit more sessionable.
  6. Can nearly see my work in that photo
  7. Will be in Fiji again soon, great place! didn't mind the Vonu and the sea food there go great together.
  8. Cheers I keep my US-05 etc in the fridge and usually ditch my can yeast or use them immediately in random stuff like meads and ciders.
  9. Still got 8 - 10 coopers tins I paid a few bucks each for that I'm struggling to find the motivation to brew with. Even with this slight price rise its still a lot cheaper per a stubby then the commercial stuff. Really need to do some partials or something with them before I need to throw em out.
  10. Transfered from cube to FV leaving about a litre or so behind in the cube so topped it up to 23L and added the lactose, pretty happy with my numbers for my first all grain in awhile forgot how long it took. Haven't tried making a "milkshake" ale before but looking forward to trying it. Time to free up the over FV and put something else down.
  11. After a busy brew n bbq day relaxing with one my ESVA's that has been in the bottle about 5 months now. Had the privilege of being apart of the decommissioning crew for this old girl and tempted to crack the bottle open. Over the last few months got to sample alot of beers from alot of different countries but can't beat the taste of me own stuff. Glad I let this one age abit as I accidentally used a extra 500g dex in this. Gotta admit was rusty as hell on the robobrew and realised I forgot to put the bottom grate in but luckily lifted it up while the misso slid her in just before the boil .
  12. Bit of a brew n bbq day today haven't got my base malt out but or lactose, will do a Milkshake Pale Ale with magnum Citra mosaic and Ella followed by a small batch tweaked Diablo IPA in the small FV with Vic secret and ella. Going to fire up the smoker and do the ribs multiple ways dry rubbed and glazed etc. First all grain brew day since being home again so thought I better it a gooden. Gotta bottle my alcoholic root beer I made also.. at least I can enjoy some ribs with that tedious process.
  13. Ok kind of a odd one as I'm new to using this style of BBQ / Smoker but I have read you can use it to do wood fire pizzas ? I'm assuming its the same principle burn wood .. get hot add pizza on pizza stone ? Would you just use your stock standard hardwood for this ? Cheers,
  14. Just finished putting together this little bargain I got today at Bunnings, $99 vertical smoker with offset firebox. Making a milkshake IPA tomorrow and will be trying this out with some ribs and a lamb leg.
  15. Cheers mate was yours... Tis a wee heavy thou .. a Stein of the mix makes U feel it.. but I did make my RIS stronger then suggested.
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