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  1. Adding on from Titans advice I find another brewers friend tool awesome especially when you are taking readings at the start of your fermenting and can not be overly bothered to get the tester temp 100% correct with 20 degrees. https://www.brewersfriend.com/hydrometer-temp/
  2. Wanting to switch things up in my brewery I stumbled across this basic as anything Hard Seltzer recipe. Since iv been making mostly sugar based washes of late with the odd AG beer here and there I thought I might try making this next brew day. Will tweak the recipe up a bit but looks like it can be a winner for the missus who isn't a fan of a occasional frothy. Full process here - https://byo.com/article/hard-seltzer-made-easy/ Hard seltzer 5.25 gallons/20 L OG = ~1.031 FG = ~1.000 ABV = ~ 5% Neutral Base Ingredients 21 L reverse osmosis (RO) or distilled water 4.5 g gypsum (adjusts calcium concentration to 50 ppm) 1.65 kg cane sugar 11.5 g packet SafAle US-05 or other neutral yeast strain 2.5 g Yeastex 82 yeast nutrient added with yeast pitch 2.5 g diammonium phosphate (DAP) added with yeast pitch 2.5 g Yeastex 82 yeast nutrient added 36–48 hours after yeast pitch 2.5 g diammonium phosphate (DAP) added 36–48 hours after yeast pitch Flavorings 2.8 mL lime extract added after CO2 bubbling (if used) and carbonation 2.8 mL lemon extract after CO2 bubbling (if used) and carbonation 420 mL pulp-free orange juice (single-strength, not from concentrate) after CO2 bubbling (if used) and carbonation 14 g citric acid powder after CO2 bubbling (if used) and carbonation
  3. Short: No you don't need the collar. Long (well .. short also): The kollar just makes it easier to clean the krausen off of. I have 5 FV's none have the collar. If you are worried about there not being enough head space in the smaller FV don't fill it to high and top it up after any foaming resides but iv never had a foaming issue using the mr beer kits or making a 10L toucan in the smally. Hope this helps.
  4. Yep which is a point iv made on here multiple times I think my first BIAB set up cost $19 for the pot from Big W and $6 for the bags and I did partials and Maxi BIAB on a stove top. I upgraded to the Robobrew because they are more versatile and can be used for more then just making beer which is a heluva lot easier lol.
  5. No issue at all I don't carbonate a lot of my ciders I make as I prefer them that way. I also find with mine ageing doesn't improve them at all so if you don't mind them uncarbonated the turn around from FV to your stubby is really quick.
  6. Or something like a Robobrew / Guten or Grainfather ? AG brew days don't take that much effort at all especially when all you need to do is mash a few buttons set some temps on the equipment. Even progress into making your own hand sanitizer from home
  7. Hey @Goldcoast Crow the PET actually do a pretty good job and don't turn into grenades if you over prime. Take it since your brewing the Bewitched Ale you are using the 10L craft kit ? not a bad little FV lets you experiment a bit as you progress with this hobby. What part of the GC are you from ? ex Palm Beach Currumbin area local.
  8. Yeah i grow these, scorpions, brain killers and 3 types of ghost Peppers. This beer is purely as a dare beer between mates pretty much lol. I'm also doing reaper jerky and making hot sauces with it.
  9. I totally put this on the back burner ... well forgot about it all together to be honest. Starting to get some nice reapers come through so I guess this can be put back on the to do list again.
  10. It's a 3 can stout with dextrose on the Cooper's site. Really simple strong brew, I modified mine a bit and it ended up +12%
  11. I use 3 of the Bunnings containers for FVs and they work great. Did you buy the $2 tap they usually have sitting next to it which you throw on where the bung is ?
  12. Could just make it alcoholic as well and give your scotch that bit of a extra kick. Was thinking of doing that with some red rum to replicate something similar to those Bundaberg RTD's you see in bottle shops. Also interested in hearing how the hops went in this. Hopefully taste good.
  13. Agree 100%. I stopped making the recipes verbatim and used them more as a guide when I used kits.
  14. Try making one using the Cerveza, lighter colour and more room for your hop additions. Alot of people's go to can for pales and experimental brews etc.
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