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  1. The insulated bag will keep the keg cold for hours especially if you fill the bag with ice or alternatively use our sheets of Cryogelular cold pack gel which is also sold seprately. Marketed to a younger generation i suppose without injuries. You dont need to wear it if you dont want and turn it into a portable cold keg you can drag out at BBQs etc .. or wheel it out.
  2. As one of the younger members of this forum who is currently in the active defence force who was self taught how to do a lot of things from BBQ / Beer /Spirits/ Construction/ ICT etc . I have but this to say. "ok boomers"
  3. Why waste time doing any of this when Kegland have these ? https://www.kegland.com.au/jetkeg-keg-backpack-take-the-party-to-the-people.html
  4. American prices. Was $11 for absolut vodka lol 1litre. Got cigars really cheap also.
  5. They are American prices, I make 5 litres of Kraken at home for $20 so it's kinda meh but to get the real deal cheap is good when you get it. Covid hasn't slowed my traveling at all so I still get international prices.
  6. Yeah got some good deals at this place and it wasn't even duty free just stock standard prices … don't wanna walk into a bottle shop after iv returned to Australia and see the prices. Iv actually got some home made Kraken at home I'm going to do some side by sides with to compare. Got some awesome cigars also really cheap to go with it.
  7. What oak are you using also ? some toasted cherry oak should impart a nice flavour. I have only used it in spirits so far and it isn't too bad. Imagine it would go alright with a stout.
  8. Haven't been able to brew and no signs of a decent beer or anything coopers anywhere .. O well can't complain with the prices
  9. Nice, might have to pop in when I'm back around Christmas. Haven't been Ashmore since I use to work up near Molendinar and go to the "Gashmore" tavern after work as they use to put on some decent after noon entertainment.
  10. Back on these as they have a captive market. Still not a fan of el Dorado hops..
  11. That is the reality lol .. oh and she doesn't drink so I don't have to share
  12. I must be lucky . . .iv gone away for months at a time messaged the wife and asked her to put a brew down for me or the very least rotate my barrel. I messaged her recently and asked her to grab some consumables to fill up 3 FV's so when I'm back home I can run those FV's through. She's also designing labels for my Spirit bottles as these will be given out as gifts this year so all I need to do when I get home is empty a barrel, dilute to 40% and put some lids on some bottles.
  13. Malt Flavoured sanitiser making use of my grains
  14. Yeah I'm in NSW, iv still been travelling state to state and international with minimal restrictions. I filled up a FV with mead and a 10 litre French Oak barrel full of goodness which will dilute down to around 15 litres for when I return around Christmas plus put down 4 FVs worth of stuff which will sit for a few months awaiting my return.
  15. 100% Citra! Good luck with the brew
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