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  1. Smashed Crabs

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Just bottled 54 litres and man do I miss kegs. Glad to be having a break from brewing and bottling but recon I will re invest in a system when I get back!
  2. Smashed Crabs

    Saunders Malt Extract English Bitter

    Soooooo is this Saunders stuff any good ? 🤣
  3. Smashed Crabs

    Coopers Commercial Yeast

    Curious thou .. has anyone re activated /harvested and dried this yeast for EASIER use in the future ? Yes it's a good yeast but ffs it's a pain in the ass
  4. Smashed Crabs

    Coopers Community Oracle? Otto Von Blotto

    Dunno how this site does it .. it's the only site that doesn't goet blocked by the alcohol filter on the work computers. And can agree otto has taken the time to answer my stoopid questions both public and private. I'm from the Gold Coast and will be in Bris-Vegas this year again gotta try catch the right bus and talk shop. 🤙
  5. Smashed Crabs

    Home brew (1978)

    Very interesting recipe, what hops are you planning on using for this ? Hard to imagine that this beer would of fully fermented out back in the day and hit that ABV . Definatly agree in doing a small batch for this reminiscent style brew and suggest doing a couple primed to taste the difference as iv missed a couple during bottling before and when you pour and attempt to consume them the difference in taste and feel is massive.
  6. Smashed Crabs

    I walked into a bottleshop...

    Went into Dans yesterday after grabbing a few roses for the missus thought Id treat myself to a couple. Seen some one sticking some stickers on some iron jack and thought I'd have a look then noticed they where dropped to $16 for a 30 pack. Not a fan of it but for that price I thought I'd grab a case. Helped soften the blow to the wallet of a dozen roses and chocolates.
  7. Smashed Crabs


    Sorry to hear, I guess we all have had different experiences regarding sharks. For me people scare me more then sharks as we are far more dangerous to us and them then they us.
  8. Smashed Crabs


    Grew up on the gold coast doing surf life saving from 5 yrs old. Your more likely to die from a cow attack then a shark but Hollywood doesn't make those films so that irrational fear is imprinted in us about the sea. My livelyhood is the sea and I have no issue about jumping in the middle of the ocean for a swim when I can (yes we have gunners closed up lol but again iv never heard of a time we used them).
  9. Smashed Crabs


    Curious about the hype of kombucha. Yeah its tea and it's health benefits are debatable especially for the cost of the commercial stuff. It reminds me of those inner health plus adds as it similarly does the same to your gut health. Which ive never met a doctor recommend even after doing a course of anti biotics. Guess it uses those hype words that gets the anti vaxers and vegans all sweaty.
  10. Smashed Crabs


    Follow league /union and basketball mostly. Had the privilege of playing France in soccer and touch in Darwin. Won the fleet afl comp last year and came 3rd in the basketball comp. Pretty much throw my hands up for any sporting event work offers. Going to try gee up some cricket games Vs some cricket mad country's later this year also.
  11. Smashed Crabs

    How long does hop flavor / aroma last?

    These 3 lots are in standard FVs which I'm going to bottle on Thursday. Iv added flavor additions to the English ale and ESVA with the 10L cerveza was going to have the mango added yesterday with the dry hop additions meant to go in also. I'm not to worried with these as they are just kits and kilos and should still be a ok drop as they will have a fair bit of time to mature especially the ESVA. I'm doing my best to polish off my current beers which are hop heavy ... well going to use this excuse with the missus.
  12. Smashed Crabs

    Breakfast IPA - Masing Cereal Error

    If you have a look on facebook on the robobrew users group its posted there. I don't have a copy on me at the moment.
  13. Smashed Crabs

    How long does hop flavor / aroma last?

    Yeah just as I thought. Seems I shall come back to a stockpile of bland beer. But at least I saved timed n money today with a simple question. Cheers fellas.
  14. Silly question as I feel i should know it off the top of my head .. but I got 50+ L of beer need to deal with that I won't touch til July. Is it worth dry hoping? Adding Mango to the process if it's not going to be there at all in the future?
  15. Smashed Crabs

    Breakfast IPA - Masing Cereal Error

    Saw this recipe on the robobrew fb. Was keen to give it try. Interested to see how this turns out even with the error. I'm going to have a back log of brews haha