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  1. Brewed the Amber Craft as my first brew, no carbonation also. Subsequent brews have been great.
  2. Hey Tommy, I was in the same position as you, craft kit, then by the sounds of it big kit. I have used the swamp cooler method for my last 3 brews to what I think is ok effect. However this is just a stop gap until I can get my brew fridge wired up. Bought a new household fridge last week so have one there ready to go.
  3. Hi All, Put down PB2s Boerderij recipe with all LDM on Saturday. Tested a hydro sample today and the first thing that came to mind was bubblegum. The only other Saison I have tried was the Bridge Road Chevalier which I loved. Just wondering if the bubblegum flavour is common to the style or have I stuffed up? OG 1045 Pitched rehydrated Belle at 20 degress Boosted o 24 for a ay but then back down to a constant 20 Gravity today was 1005
  4. Craft FV Saison and Chubby Cherub hopefully by the end of the week. Another FS Ale straight in the big fermenter when its done.
  5. Hey PB2, Keen to give that Saison a crack in my craft fermenter before brewing something similar in a full batch. Question- the instruction say ferment between 18 and 22 degrees but I thought Saisons were best fermented over 24 unless I am missing something. Still very new to this.
  6. Redcliffe, QLD Home the Redcliffe Tigers! (Local AFL Team)
  7. Not sure what gear you have, but I got the craft kit first, then once they sorted out my code got the bigger kit and took advantage of the free shipping.
  8. I had the same issue and sent an email off with as much proff of purchase as I could find. I cannot stress how helpful and efficiant the staff were that handled my enquiry. I had a new code that worked in 24 hours, placed my order then received it in three days. The service was excellent.
  9. Sorry to hijak but looking for some input. Put down the Fruit Salad Ale Saturday morning and there seemed to be a fair amount of activity and Krausen Sunday lunchtime. Checked the FV this morning and it looks like the Krausen has gone. There is the scum like substance on the walls of the FV above the level of the wort like my previous other 2 brews, albeit having a greenish tinge I am hoping from the hops. I rehydrated the kit yeast, pitched at 24 degrees. Should I be concerned at all?
  10. Recieved my delivery from the Coopers Store Friday after using the discount code and taking advantage of the free shipping. Got the DIY Brew Kit with the big FV, glad I did this. The support and service from the store was outstanding! received my delivery in 3 days. So I put down my 3rd brew yesterday, Fruit Salad Ale as per the recipe instructions. First time using hop pellets and LDM which was an interesting experience all round and definatley took some learings from it. But I guess that's what I am enjoying about my new favorite hobby. Even had a crack at rehydrating the yeast.
  11. Hey 30 beers, I am in a similar postion to you being gifted the craft FV and being very green. I bottled a Coopers APA on Saturday after 14 days in the fermenter without any other additions. When sampling it I was surprised that it actually tasted pretty good and should improve with conditioning. My plan was to use this as a base for some other brews and experimenting however after reading some of the recipes on the site its become pretty clear that I need to upgrade to the bigger FV.
  12. Hi All, Long time reader first time poster. I too like many others grabbed the Craft Kit after many weeks of browsing the forum. Wanted to get into it to save a bit of cash while still being able to drink something nice/to my tastes so we will see how it goes. I have the Bewitched that came with the kit conditioning at the moment with a week to go, Jumped on the 20% off at Big W a few weeks ago and stocked up so have a Coopers APA in the FV now at 11.5L thanks to one of the members suggestions. I plan to use this as a base to go off then experiment with hop additons etc, 6 days in the FV at at the moment. My biggest concern/roadblock before taking the plunge and not wanting to spend a lot of money was keeping the FV at a temp suitable. After exploring many of the cooler spots around the house with a thermomenter I had a lightbulb and remembered I have a chest freezer (not plugged in) in the shed. The Bewitched was around the 20 degree mark for most of the brew, however with a few hot days coming now in Brisbane I've got a shopping cooler bag over the FV and during the day rest a lunch box ice bricks on top and a few in the freezer. Has kept the temp between 17-19 so far so hopefully thats good news. Anyway, thanks to all the members for sharing thier insights and experiences. It's been a great help so far!
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