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  1. smidsy

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    I have 2 dark monks to brew, so ill finish my current one, and do the next as temp controlled. I assume there is only a way of cooling by plugging the fridge in, heating isnt an option is it ? Although, heating probably isnt needed ?
  2. smidsy

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    Im the same, I think Ill bottle tomorrow. When bottling, do you just bottle to the tap level, and throw the rest out ?
  3. smidsy

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    Thanks guys, I have an old little fridge in the shed, Im guessing it would fit, and a temp controller could work out for the next brew, its 50 bucks though, thats a bit pricy. On the Dark Monk, when I brewed the European lager, I followed instructions and bottled after 7 days or so, then read the forum, where people said wait 3 weeks. It was a heavy beer, and I think waiting for more settlement would have helped. Is it the same on the Dark Monk, its been 14 days now, im in no hurry, should I wait longer ?
  4. smidsy

    2nd Brew - Dark Monk question

    Thanks guys, sounds reassuring, but I have no temperature control, and live in WA. It was at 24C last night at midnight. How important is temperature control, cause being honest, if its important, then there is no point in me trying, cause im relying on ambient.
  5. Hi All, I put my yeast in at 20C instead of the recommended 18C, there was some minimal foaming, and Im just wondering if this is normal. I cant regulate the temperature, and its sitting in my kitchen on top of the fridge, I also put the yeast in at 20C, as I was already at 23 litres, and couldnt add any more cold water, and figured I was a bit stuck, and had to go ahead. Its day 3, koisen collar still on, and foaming only went up an inch or 2, and seems to have settled. I understand on a 6.5% brew it should be a good bit higher ? I messed up the first brew, the european lager, as I didnt let it settle for long enough(followed instructions of 7 days brewing, but tilted the vessel to get the beer into the bottle quicker[doh!]), so it was very heavy or rich. Tasted better after I abandoned the bottles and returned to them after 6 months. Anyway, Is my dark monk ok ?