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  1. Hello I have some crystal malt grains that were cracked about 2 years ago. They have been in an airtight sealed container and in the fridge that whole time. Are they still ok to use? thanks!
  2. it has to be something with this particular beer - on the nights I didn't drink it, I drank different kinds of beers and had no issues
  3. Hi gang I recently made the Pan Handle Caramel Cream Ale. Last week I tried my first bottle. My initial impression was that it was sweet (as many of you have pointed out), but mostly enjoyable and drinkable. I had a few more over the next few days, but then began to notice something that I wasn't sure was related to the beer - my belly was acting up. It took me a few nights to notice that I seemed to have a lot of gas only on the nights that I had one of these beers. This week, I did a little experiment and didn't drink one from Mon-Thu and I did not have gas problems those nights. I drank one last night (Fri) and felt fine, but my wife said I was farting all night while I was asleep. So, I think I now have enough evidence to know what is causing the problem. I have made beer for almost 3 years and this is the first time I have had this issue. The only difference is that this is the first beer that I have made with lactose as an ingredient. Not only that, this one used 900g of lactose! I have never had a lactose tolerance problem before, so I am finding this odd. Has anybody else had this problem? Should I dump out the rest of the bottles? Or just deal with the "extra aroma" from this particular beer? thanks!
  4. I just took another gravity reading and it was 1030. So, if I got 1032 on Monday, 1031 on Wednesday and 1030 on Thursday, can I assume that t is still fermenting and not quite done yet, so I shouldn't cold crash?
  5. I just took another gravity reading and got 1031. I then decided to take a gravity reading with just water and got 996. Assuming that water should be 1000, that would mean that my gravity is actually around 1027, which I think is nice mid-way between the Coopers-suggested reading (1025-1025) and the chart that Shamus provided (1030). Normally I take readings every other day until I get 2 that are the same. But this time, I think I will go again tomorrow - if it is still 1031, I am going to start the cold crash so that I can bottle on Sunday. thoughts?
  6. I had EXACTLY the same result - 1032 on day 8. I am fermenting at 19 C and will check it again tomorrow (day 10).
  7. I just took my first gravity reading. After 8 days of fermenting, it was 1032. Does that seem high? I read that the final gravity for this beer should be between 1020 and 1025, so maybe it is fine and just not done yet. I guess I will get an answer when I take another reading in 2 days.... thoughts?
  8. Thank you for the detailed description. How long did you have it in the bottles before you tried the first one? Did it get any better with more time in the bottles?
  9. I actually just checked it a few minutes ago. The krausen is just about gone and it smells pretty good. It was actually a little hard to see inside because of all of the condensation. But my understanding is that is a good thing. So, all seems to be going well.
  10. that's nothing - the first time I used Stellarsan (same thing as Starsan), I used 15 ml (instead of 1.5 ml) with 1 liter of water! The worst part is that I didn't realize it until long after the beer was made. I called the company to see if I was about to poison myself by drinking that beer (turned out ok).
  11. thanks to all for the comments and encouragement. Here are some photos of what is going on. The first one is from this morning (about 17 hours after pitching yeast) - I was a little concerned about the small amount of white stuff on top of the krausen. The second 2 photos are from this afternoon (about 9 hours later; 26 hours after pitching yeast). Is the white foam something I should be worried about? If it makes any difference, this recipe has 900g of lactose powder in it. This is the first time I have used lactose, so i don't know if it has an effect on the appearance of the krausen. I am fermenting at 19 C.
  12. Hi gang I was making the Pan Handle Caramel Cream Ale today and may have made a big mistake. As I was pouring in the extract can, it slipped out of my hand and fell into the wort. I got it out as quickly as I could, but I am concerned that I ruined my batch because it wasn't sanitary. I had sanitized the lid of the can before I opened it, but I didn't sanitize the whole can. However, it was sitting in hot water before I opened it. After a bunch of cursing and yelling at myself, I finished pouring the cans, added the water and yeast and set it in the fermenting fridge. I know there is no way for anybody on here to know whether or not my beer is ruined at this point, but is there a way that I will know down the road? This is my first time making this particular beer, so I don't know how it is supposed to taste. Is the only way to know if it is infected is if it tastes bad when it is finished? Or is there a way to know during the fermenting process? thanks!
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