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  1. this was a small batch - only 10 bottles. so I am going to be conservative and not try until I feel confident
  2. thank you to all for the feedback - relief to know that this is fixable, even if it means I may have to wait a bit longer to try my beer. I think I will keep the heat lamp on only at night to warm up the room
  3. I shouldn't say "lack of carbonation." The bottles are clearly carbonating because there is definite firmness. It just has a tad to be able to be squeezed and is not completely solid. Maybe slow carbonation is more accurate. So, will raising the temperature help? Or has the damage already been done?
  4. I can turn on the heat lamp to warm up the bathroom. If the temperature being too cool is the reason for the lack of carbonation, will raising the temperature correct this?
  5. yes, this batch is my most recent bottling all of my batches are in the same place - the guest bathroom
  6. I brewed the Bilby Chocolate Porter and bottled it in 740 ml PET bottles on 23 June. Today (20 July), I did a squeeze check on the bottles for firmness and, while there is definitely carbonation going on inside because they are firm, the bottles are not rock hard, like some of my others that are carbonating. It has been almost a month, so is carbonation not going the way it should? or is this normal and it just hasn't been enough time? Does the hardness of the bottles not mean anything?
  7. I just finished bottling and ended up with 10 1/2 bottles. I knew after I had filled 10 bottles that I wouldn't have enough to fill an 11th. So, rather than dumping it out, I decided to keep the half bottle and put in 1 carbonation drop. I have no idea how this will end up - I suspect it won't carbonate well because of having too much space. But if it tastes bad and I dump it out, I figure that is no different than if I had dumped it out today. Worth a shot to see what happens.....
  8. After reading these replies (combined with how I was already leaning), I leave this batch in the bottles for 2 months before trying it. waiting sucks.....
  9. I have finished brewing the Bilby Chocolate Porter recipe and will be bottling it tomorrow. When I took my hydrometer readings, I thought it tasted very bitter. Would the flavor benefit from leaving it in the bottles for a few months? Or is this a bitter tasting beer? The recipe says to leave it in the bottles for 2 weeks and then give it a taste, but that doesn't seem long enough. Any thoughts?
  10. are you using mango that you bought frozen in a bag? or fresh mango that you are freezing yourself?
  11. I have not tried that spreadsheet; was it created by NASA - it looks as complicated as your science experiment above I followed the Bilby Chocolate Porter recipe, so the ingredients were: - 1.3 Kg Mr. Beer Winter Dark Ale - Mr. Beer unhopped malt extract - smooth - 100 g midnight wheat grains - 1 tbsp cocoa powder - lallemand nottingham yeast 8.5 liter (although with 4 hydrometer readings, it is slightly less now)
  12. I feel pretty confident in the 1.011. It matches last night, so I am considering this done and will start the cold crash in the morning
  13. Both are plastic and everything was level. I waited for the bubbles to subside before inserting the hydrometer. It seemed like the hydrometer rose over time
  14. I have both fermenters - it allows me to make Coopers recipes and Mr. Beer recipes I got the Coopers kit when it was on sale for Father's Day a few years ago and I got the craft kit for very cheap off of Gumtree. I only wanted the FV and bottles, so it was a good deal.
  15. could the Blushing Blonde recipe work with frozen mango?
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