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  1. Hi gang I know there are many topics on the validity of using extract cans past the expiration date as well as the associated yeast with the can. However, I didn't see any discussion about expiration of the other ingredients that Coopers sells. Specifically I am referring to: - Dextrose - BE1 - BE2 - BE3 I have been told by Coopers that the Light Dry Malt doesn't expire, but it might get hard and need extra time to dissolve when used. Does that apply to all of the above as well? They don't have expiration dates on the boxes, so I am hoping that means they last forever. Thanks in advance!
  2. I have an inkbird ITC308 available (the one with the green on the bottom of the front label). It works perfectly and has served me very well in the year and a half that I have owned it. However, I am moving back to the US soon, so this one with the Australian plugs and voltage settings is no longer of any use to me. I am offering it for 25 AUD. Ideally somebody in the Canberra region will want it so that shipping will not be involved. Please email me privately at EWildcat7@aol.com if interested. Thanks!
  3. Hi gang I saw this recipe and was intrigued: https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/lime-milkshake-ipa.html However, I do not really like IPAs. Does anybody have a suggestion for a different type of extract that would work and still keep the lime milkshake flavor? thanks!
  4. It got to 1.5 today, so I will bottle tomorrow or Friday.
  5. Hi gang My beer (K9 Quencher) finished fermenting on Sunday (29 Dec), so I set the inkbird to 1.5 degrees to cold crash. The temperature steadily went down as expected. However, it seems to have stalled at 3.5-4 degrees; it just won't go lower than that. Could this be due to it just being so damn hot outside that even the inside of a fridge can't keep up (my brew fridge is in my garage)? I know this isn't a huge problem as some of you don't cold crash at all and your beers turn out just fine. I was hoping to bottle tomorrow or Thursday... Anybody have any thoughts?
  6. How long was it in the bottles before you tried the first one? The instructions say 2 weeks, but I always add 2 weeks, so I was planning to try my first one at 4 weeks. Of course, this is all in the future because I haven't even started making it yet...
  7. if I thrown them in without the sac, will it all settle to the bottom when I cold crash?
  8. Based on the directions, would you guys follow what it says and put the cascade and mosaic hops in a sac on day 5 before throwing them in the FV? Or just throw them in dry?
  9. Please post when you have tried it. I have the ROTM kit for this one, but heven't gotten to making it yet.
  10. https://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/k9-quencher-session-ale.html Has anybody tried to make it? How did it turn out? Any tips?
  11. I just took the first reading after 7 days for my Czech Pils. I got 1.008, which seemed about right, but I always dunk the hydrometer in again a few more times just to verify. Usually, I don't have an issue. However, this time, the subsequent readings were all different and progressively higher numbers until it got to 1.012. I noticed that each time I took the hydrometer completely out of the sample and put it in, it read 1.008. It was only when I would just push it down or take it out slightly and let it fall back in that the readings changed. Has this happened to anybody else? Can I feel confident that 1.008 is right since that is what I was getting with a fresh insertion of the hydrometer? I also decided to test the hydrometer in tap water. I got 0.997. I know that the reading should be exactly 1.000. However, if I am not concerned about calculating the alcohol content and only use hydrometer readings to know when the beer is done, does this matter that my hydrometer may not be accurate? Is there a way to re-calibrate it?
  12. I dropped it down to 13 - should I go down even more? I am going to take the first gravity reading on Sunday (17 Nov).
  13. Hi gang I just brewed the Czech Pils. I have been brewing a lot of dark beers recently, so I am really looking forward to this one as the weather starts to get warm. I followed the directions, but now that I am thinking about it, I wanted to double check something. It says to "Try to start the fermentation at 24C and allow the brew temperature to drop down to 13C-15C over the period of 12-24 hours." I did exactly that and mine is sitting at 14C right now. Does that seem right? Is that too low for fermentation? thanks!
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