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  1. I just took the first reading after 7 days for my Czech Pils. I got 1.008, which seemed about right, but I always dunk the hydrometer in again a few more times just to verify. Usually, I don't have an issue. However, this time, the subsequent readings were all different and progressively higher numbers until it got to 1.012. I noticed that each time I took the hydrometer completely out of the sample and put it in, it read 1.008. It was only when I would just push it down or take it out slightly and let it fall back in that the readings changed. Has this happened to anybody else? Can I feel confident that 1.008 is right since that is what I was getting with a fresh insertion of the hydrometer? I also decided to test the hydrometer in tap water. I got 0.997. I know that the reading should be exactly 1.000. However, if I am not concerned about calculating the alcohol content and only use hydrometer readings to know when the beer is done, does this matter that my hydrometer may not be accurate? Is there a way to re-calibrate it?
  2. I dropped it down to 13 - should I go down even more? I am going to take the first gravity reading on Sunday (17 Nov).
  3. Hi gang I just brewed the Czech Pils. I have been brewing a lot of dark beers recently, so I am really looking forward to this one as the weather starts to get warm. I followed the directions, but now that I am thinking about it, I wanted to double check something. It says to "Try to start the fermentation at 24C and allow the brew temperature to drop down to 13C-15C over the period of 12-24 hours." I did exactly that and mine is sitting at 14C right now. Does that seem right? Is that too low for fermentation? thanks!
  4. I suppose it is possible that I only put in 1 carb drop... When the beer is ready to drink, I will try this one first and mark the bottle and cap so that I can see if it happens again with another batch.
  5. I tighten them just in case the gas produced from the carbonation loosens them,. I know the chances of that happening are slim, but figure it certainly can't hurt to tighten the caps.
  6. reviving this thread due to an odd issue... I brewed a Mr. Beer batch of Easy Peesy Blu Wheat and bottled it on 15 October, producing 11 bottles. 10 of the bottles are rock hard, but 1 is not so much. It is somewhat carbonated because it is not as soft as when I filled the bottles, but it is just not like the others. All of the bottles are being stored in the same place. Is it possible that there wasn't enough yeast in this particular bottle? Could the bottle or cap be leaking? I have tightened the cap and gently shaken the bottle several times over the past few weeks and it is not helping.
  7. thanks folks after reading your replies, I am just going to wait until Saturday to bottle the beer - that will be a week of cold crashing
  8. I started a cold crash on my beer on Saturday afternoon. I am not going to be able to bottle until Wednesday. I know that it is supposed to be 3 days, so is that too long?
  9. if I make a small batch of stellarsan (or starsan), how long does it last sitting in a spray bottle?
  10. Hi gang I made a recipe that calls for the addition of 2 tbsp of vanilla after fermenting for 7 days. Can I boil the tablespoon to sterilize it? Or do I have to mix up an extremely small batch of stellarsan? Is there another method for sterilizing a single utensil?
  11. I am using the Mr. Beer American Porter HME and the yeast that comes with that can. I am making the Nilla Porter recipe, so it will have brown sugar and vanilla extract as well
  12. If I am doubling a recipe, do I double ALL of the ingredients, including using 2 yeast packets? I am assuming so, but wanted to double check.
  13. I have hard that there can be issues (I don't know what kind of issues) if there is too much head space in the fermenter.
  14. so, if the problem is that my beer is too cold once I put it in the bottles, is that fixable? The coconut porter (which used nottingham yeast) was bottled in March. I had one of the bottles a few days ago and it was still flat. Now that the weather is getting warmer, will they get better? As for the Coopers kit yeasts, if that is the problem, would that be solved by using another kind of yeast?
  15. nope - just a regular recipe. Due to shipping mistake, I ended up with double the ingredients
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