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  1. Thanks Oppo I spotted that but I think I will go for Lallemand - Koln, yeast instead of US-05
  2. Hello everyone, I want to brew up a Kolsch when it gets warmer. Can I have some suggestions as to what beer extract kit to use as a starting point. Thanks for your time
  3. Hi everyone I love Beechworth Bridge Street Pale Ale and I would love to make a close clone to it BUT I cant place the hop types they use in it. Could I get some ideas on what Hops they have used please. At $90 a case it is on the steep side to buy.' Cheers
  4. Hello Again Folks I have one more question for you. I would like to make a Amber Ale Brew and I would like to use the Thomas Coopers Family Secret Amber Ale as a base. I love brews with a good malt taste and with a strong hop taste. So two questions are would the addition of Thomas Coopers Amber Malt Extract be ok and what type of hops to use. I have 50gms of Amarillo Hop Pellets and Cascade Hop Pellets on hand in the fridge at the moment. Any ideas on this recipe would be terriffic and also any tweeks you would think might help. Cheers Steve
  5. Hello again folks I was looking at the Darth Wiezer recipe for a dark ale to try but I am a bit confused, where does the dark color colour come from if it is a wheat beer. Sorry if this is a bit obvious to the old hands here but all the ingredients seem to lend to a lighter style of beer. 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Preacher's Hefe Wheat 1.5kg Thomas Coopers Wheat Malt Extract 300g Crystal Wheat grain 200g Midnight Wheat grain 250g Coopers Carbonation Drops 11g dry Munich Wheat yeast (or wheat yeast of your choice Cheers Steve
  6. Thanks happy chappies I did not realise the yeast packets were so close in weight. I'll go with your advice. Thanks again
  7. Hi everyone I brew with two craft FV and my question is what effects would be if I added a whole packet of yeast from a brew can instead of weighing out half for each FV. Sorry if it's a dumb question for you guys but I am a rank novice at the moment.
  8. Thanks for all the advice guys. I came across an other craft brew container second hand on facebook and bought it so I am putting down APA with the tin split across the two brew containers. I added coopers light dry malt and some hops as well. Wish me luck.
  9. Hi This is my first time at brewing. I bought a Coopers Craft brew kit from Aldi and put my first brew down this morning. I have now noticed that the Craft Ale Range cans are 1.3Klg and only make 8.5 Lts of beer. Where the regular cans are 1.7 klg and make up to 20+ Lts of beer. My question for all the old experienced brewers is if I would like to try the other beers out there not in the Craft beer range how much percentage wise of a regular coopers beers can would I use. Cheers every one
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