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  1. Jumped on the 76ers bandwagon once Simmons was selected, so follow them when I get a chance to stream a game. Am just interested to see if a team that intentionally tanked year after year can actually use that strategy and win the championship. Follow the F1 - but with the ridiculous television rights in Australia where we can only watch 1 race a year without paying for KAYO or Foxtel or whatever it is, my interest has gone away a little bit. Seems to be happening with a lot of sports these days which is disappointing. Couldn't even watch the ODI Cricket games on free to air which is an outrage Love my Cycling and follow any road races that are televised but mainly for the Tour de France. I usually love following that because after watching it, it gives me the urge to get out there on my bike until I realise I am not a pro and the idea of me riding up a freaking cliff face is ridiculous haha. Used to be heavily into the Premier League as a Liverpool supporter Cant stand the AFL or the NRL - just the off field nonsense drives me insane so I ditched that years ago. Used to just watch the State of Origin as a one off, but now cant even be bothered with that.
  2. Holy crap - this is going to open a massive can of worms I think...........But also, I'm with you - It goes in the cupboard and anyone who says otherwise is wrong. Why would I want cold tomato sauce on my hot bacon and egg sanger?
  3. I thought the fermenter was usually free shipping at full price? ....maybe I have that wrong.
  4. For a first brew I wouldn't go using things like SafLager - just use the kit yeast. First brew never turns out amazing. Use it more as a test run to get your cleaning and sanitising processes down before you start using expensive yeasts and hops etc.
  5. No "Two Birds" brewing this year.....outrageous!!!
  6. Drinking my RoboChoc. Put in an extra 100g black patent which has made it nice and roasty. Going to age these until winter months.
  7. Time for a temperature controlled shed me thinks! Can you hook an inkbird up to it null
  8. Yeah the first brew is never great - Not until you get your process down etc. I'm about 8 brews in and the improvement in just that time is outrageous. Ive since got a fermentation fridge and got more confident in dry hopping and grain steeping that my beers now have gone from terrible to quite drinkable. Not as good as what some of the others here are producing, but I've not had to tip any just yet!
  9. I may have to buy the already dead kind haha
  10. I think I'm going to have to look at investing in a Smoker this year. I've tried to do ribs low n slow in the Weber Q but just ended up with dry ribs because I couldn't regulate the heat and get it low enough. So ribs are back in the oven. I'd love to do my own bacon. Cant think of anything better than cutting off a slab of bacon and cooking that up on a weekend.
  11. I had some nottingham from a previous brew so just threw that in
  12. Just put down my rip off of OVB's Red Ale with a Kit. 1.7kg Pale Ale Kit 1.0kg Light Dry Malt 300g CaraAroma 200g CaraPils (No black patent unfortunately) 15g Cascade @20mins 20g Cascade @0mins 20g Centennial @0mins Will dry hop with 25g Cascade and 25g Centennial Brew day went a bit rubbish, forgot to chill some water last night so pitching temp was a bit too high at around 25 degrees, but got it straight in the fridge so hopefully cools down fast. First time using re-used slurry so hopefully all goes well! Was aiming for 1.047 and got 1.042 so bit off, although i did spill a fat chunk of grain pouring it into the bag, maybes thats my 5 points lol Now I just have to start drinking what I have in stock because I do not have enough bottles to bottle this haha
  13. This was my pale ale kit with 200g of Carared and a bit of pale crystal......yep got a bit sweet so balance hops accordingly
  14. Damn I've never had a krausen like that....the highest mine have been is like an inch!
  15. So I'm thinking of going all grain but before I go all in, what am I actually looking forward to? I always read about freshness etc but am I really going to be knocking up beers that are like what a commercial brewery produces. Is there that much of a difference in flavour? Or it just gives you more options and control in what you brew?
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