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  1. Mariah Carey - Daydream .....go ahead, judge me all you want. We all know she is a goddess!
  2. Cheers mate, Finally got the assessor out and an estimate of repairs hitting 65K+ which was a hell of a lot more than I expected. Turns out the whole roof needs to come off, all the guttering. Fun times ahead. I'm glad its just cosmetic and not structural damage. I dont think they'll be starting anything until after Christmas now. Might get the scaffolding up but that will probably be it. People have it a lot worse in life so although its an inconvenience I don't want, it's just a matter of waiting it out until its sorted now. Plus I can still brew and smash down some home brew during summer so all is right in the world.
  3. Why not go even crazier and try hop bursting and rip the bittering addition out completely.
  4. I wouldnt necessarily call them good value. Can definitely get ingredients cheaper, but its a good way to not have to worry about creating a recipe and potentially give something you wouldnt usually brew a crack.
  5. Thanks for the advice mate - Unfortunately 2 weeks in and nothing has happened. Granted a lot of people in the area had their roof cave in, so I'm more than happy for their repairs to be done first. I finally have an assessor coming out on Wednesday so that should hopefully get the wheels in motion.
  6. Definitely is one of the downfalls of brewing for weak people like me I twinged a nerve in my shoulder/neck trying to lift a cube to pour in on the weekend. I also have a tendency to faint when I do that because my blood pressure drops from the pain. So when it happens I basically have to lie on the floor until it passes like a giant weirdo. Definitely helps to have two people in the house to lift the fermenter into the fridge which is up high so I can bottle from it. I have no idea what I would do if I was alone though.
  7. Maybe something like this? https://brewdogrecipes.com/recipes/dead-pony-club
  8. Uhhh this isn't the start of pellicle is it? Only just put the yeast in last night so activity hasn't started yet.
  9. Nah I've been boiling at 1800w I wonder if I should up that a bit. The element does seem to flick on and off throughout the boil. I think I had 4.24 per kilo in my mash so yeah maybe I need to look at that I mean at the end of the day my gob can't tell the difference between a 5% beer and a 4% beer so as long as it tastes good I'm not too bothered. Just want to get a standard process sorted for consistency
  10. Just put down my Dr Smurto Golden Ale, a long brew day of 5.5 hours. Not sure why it took so long. Cant seem to hit a decent efficiency which is a bit disheartening. Brewfather predicted a preboil of 1.045 and I had 1.042 - Predicted a post boil of 1.051 but I only had 1.045 or 1.046 - just doesnt seem like enough of a change. Just not sure why I'm not even coming close to 70% with my Guten. This is something like 61% or something. Will have to start looking at some factors as to why this is the case. Basically have come up with the following a) LHBS is not grinding fine enough, or too fine? no idea b) My lack of water chemistry c) Volumes may be off potentially, Maybe I should sparge with less or less mash water. The journey continues and it will hopefully still make a decent beer so *shrugs* not too phased....even though I am
  11. Not much as it's just bittering. I think the suggestion to keep the Magnum is purely because it's a neutral bothering hop and cheaper and people don't want to waste delicious Citra for bittering when it can be used later for flavour/aroma
  12. Hey mate just curious as to what size/model that fridge is? I've been looking for an all fridge second hand and only really tracking down fridge freezers or those all fridge units that are really narrow and wont fit a fermenter.
  13. I sometimes wish breweries wouldn't hide what's in their beers to make it all a guessing game. Some just list the hops on the websites which at least gives you something to work with..........and then on the opposite end Brewdog just gives you every recipe lol
  14. My only improvisation tip is to cut off the end of your bottling wand put that in the tap, and attach some hose to it. Then chuck bottling wand in the other end and you have a super awesome long wand you can swing around as you bottle on the floor, down the hallway, in the backyard, the next suburb....depends on the length of hose I guess
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