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  1. Just got this bad boy in the post! So long kits and bits, hello all grain! Can't wait!!
  2. No Vic Secret available unfortunately. Had a read up on it, sounded delicious!
  3. How much raspberry comes through? Could throw frozen raspberries straight in next time for a real kick
  4. Want to buy some bulk hops from brewman so I have some on hand as I am running low Looking at 4 of the 225g packs. What would you suggest would be a good mix to have? I'm thinking Citra, Simcoe, Centennial and maybe Cascade or Amarillo (not sure which yet) Based on what they have available, what would you grab? Not sure if the above are all just a bit too similar.
  5. Id love to go down the bulk grain path, but I'm too worried about attracting rats, and getting weavels and that kind of garbage So I think I'll just rip myself off each batch and buy the ingredients every brew
  6. So I've adjusted to the below now for a 21L batch 4.5kg Maris Otter 95% 235g Pale Crystal 5% Hops 22g Citra @ 60 20g Citra @ 10 28g Citra - cube 20g Citra - dry hop IBU of 37 ABV 5.6% EBC 13.4 OG 1.053 and FG of 1.010 Is the cube hop going to add more IBU? I couldnt really work out in Brewfather how to enter it, so I just entered it as a 0 minute flameout which didnt add any IBU I'd add more of a dry hop but for a first time brew I dont want to go buying a bunch just to blow it if i stuff up haha - so thats 90g total which is a whole packet at the LHBS Hopefully thats a bit better and gets a bit more hop flavour and aroma out
  7. I thought the same when doing it. Its only a 20L batch. Well 20L in the fermenter that is. I wonder if I should drop the Pale malt a bit and bring it down to something like 5.2 ABV I mean this is also on the basis that I'll get some awesome efficiency which i highly doubt will happen So with the 30g in the cube that you suggested do you mean you throw it directly in the cube in a sock and empty the wort on top and its good to sit in there for a day or so until putting it in the fermenter?
  8. Hey everyone, I've come up with the below recipe for my first venture into All Grain. Just going to do a simple SMaSH (with a sneaky bit of crystal too) and just want to know if I am on the right track. I'll be no chilling so not sure if I need to adjust the hops. I basically just winged the hop timings using "Brewfather" until it matched the style of an American Pale Ale. Be critical - I need all the help I can get Basically just want to know if my hop additions are going to produce something good, or if I need to change the timings and if Quantity is ok. Also I wanted to throw some in at flameout, so if I am no chilling, do I throw them in at 0 and let them steep for 10-20mins or anything before putting it in the cube? Or do I add them to the cube directly? Or just turn off the boil, throw them in and cube away like a madman! Recipe: 4.6kg Maris Otter 200g Light Crystal Malt 60 min Mash at 67degrees 20g Citra @ 60mins 10g Citra @ 20mins 10g Citra @ 10mins 10g Citra @ 0mins 20g Citra - Dry hop at day 7 IBU - 38 ABV - 6.0% EBC - 13.8 The Mash water is listed as the below - But not sure if I have set up my equipment profile properly in brewfather, just tried to copy others with a Guten with a few tweaks 20.9 Mash water 12.95 Sparge Water One other thing for any Guten/Robobrew owners, do you set the mash temp higher to compensate the grain? or does it just hit mash temp, you add the grain and it comes back up to that temp once mixed? Hopefully I wont bombard everyone with questions too much as I start this All Grain "Journey". But everyone has differing opinions and it makes your head explode reading everything on the internet
  9. Update to this yesterday...........Just bought a Guten And now we play the waiting game!
  10. Guten and Guten related accessories. Gotta take the leap and get away from kits. My tightness and fear of the unknown keeps stopping me from clicking buy on the cart.
  11. What ever happened to the LG Beer machine thing.....did that fall into a hole and die?
  12. Well I know where I'll be going when there is a hop shortage
  13. Yeah you are probably right in less is more. I'm going to go 20g EKG at flameout Then I'll dry hop with the Centennial. Been too long since I brewed. Off my game lol
  14. Thanks for all the replies So I'm thinking of maybe doing the below 15g of Northern Brewer, 15g EKG at flameout Then doing a dry hop of 20g EKG and Centennial Thoughts? Too many hop combos?
  15. Hey everyone, So I am back after a bit of a break from brewing and have a few kits in the cupboard i want to use up before I switch to All Grain. I am looking to brew a Real Ale kit and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on recipe ideas based on the ingredients I have on hand. Not really sure on the style of a Real Ale but I guess I would want to make maybe a Golden Ale. Just something with a bit of fruitiness and good aroma On hand I have the following 1kg LDM Amarillo - Prob only 20g if I'm lucky Cascade - Maybe 30g Northern Brewer - Around 30-40g Centennial - Around 30g EK Goldings - Around 50g Aurora? - Full 90g I dont really want to go buying any grain etc so any ideas are greatly appreciated! I was basically thinking of bringing 500g of LDM to the boil, and do a flameout of hops. Or should I just do a hop tea and add the 1kg LDM to the fermenter. I also have a yeast slurry of Nottingham in the fridge under some beer from my last brew that is probably a year old. Should I even think of using this? Or just throw it out and use some dry yeast. If i was going to use the slurry how would I go about making a starter so this actually ferments properly. Its probably only maybe 100ml of slurry. Thanks everyone!
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