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  1. Fergy1987

    Reusing yeast - the starter method

    If its one of those Glasstop stove tops yeah I think that's what they do where they go on and off once the heat is up. You will definitely miss cooking with gas!
  2. Fergy1987

    Can the seal on Coopers taps be removed

    You can buy the new o rings separately I wonder if you rip off the red seal will the new o rings go straight over where it was.
  3. Fergy1987

    Cerveza Toucan questions

    This is genius! - Where do these bottles come from. Do you work in a lab?
  4. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    Yeah I pretty much stole your recipe - I've basically been winging it lately and just throwing in whatever, but thought I should start paying more attention to the numbers and your red ale is the holy grail around here. Please dont sue for copyright infringement haha
  5. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    I've got a stout kit and a real ale kit in the cupboard and once they are done I think im going to treat myself to a Guten and get into it. I've never tried an all grain beer (well not home brew) so I'm expecting big things in terms of freshness etc!
  6. Fergy1987

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking in 2018?

    Just cracked open a Lightning Strike Summer Ale. Not a bad little beer for these hot arvos. Sure beats any of those other Summer Beers out there.....Or a Canadian Dry Thought it would be a lighter colour though.
  7. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    Although looking at my recipe again, I probably don't even need the 1.5kg of Malt. 1kg still gives me 5.0% in the bottle and an OG of 1.047 for 21Litres. Might be the better option.
  8. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    Aww don't tell me that haha - I've just harvested Nottingham from my last brew to use in it - But will definitely keep this in mind for the future. Thanks Lusty!
  9. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    More towards say an American Red Ale, I did one recently but used Carared and Crystal instead of the Caraaroma and that was the one that was pretty malty with not much hop aroma or flavour. Still tastes nice, I just want to up the hoppyness of it. Not sure if this one is really going to be "to style", but I just find Red beers get a bit more reaction when you pour it for people haha
  10. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    Ok so I've got the following recipe 1 x 1.7kg Aus Pale Ale Kit 1 x 1.5kg Light Dry Malt 300g Caraaroma (steeped) 200g CaraPils (steeped) 15g Cascade @ 20min 20g Cascade @ 0min 20g Centennial @0min 25g Cascade - Dry Hop 25g Centennial - Dry Hop According to IanH spreadsheet: brewed at 21 Litres OG of 1.056 and FG 1.014 IBU of 36 and EBC of 29.9 ABV of 5.9% - but I always seem to be a bit below the OG - so I assume this will probably be more like 5.5% or something. Looking alright? Since I am not doing a full 1 hour boil or anything, I was going to get say 3L of water at like 67 degrees, steep the grain in it for around 20-25 mins - Bring to the boil, throw the first Cascade in as soon as it hits the boil and boil it all for 20mins. Turn off the heat and throw in the 0min hops in - Would that be an alright process? Should I add say 500g of DME to the steeped grain before the boil? or just put the whole 1.5kg in the fermenter? Thanks again everyone for your advice! null
  11. Fergy1987

    Kit n Kilo - when to use 1.5kg of malt

    Yeah this might be my issue, not adding that extra hops in the boil. I think I want that big hop aroma and flavour but I'm a tightass so never use a sh1tload of hops lol. So my next brew with the APA kit I'm chucking in some centennial and cascade. Maybe like 25g at flameout and 30 in a dry hop. I've got those two hops, northern brewer and EKG on hand, should I just use either the cascade or centennial as the bittering hop? The cascade is like 7% I think so might go well. I just need to ditch these kits and go all grain lol.
  12. Fergy1987

    Moving day

    Look forward to seeing the no restrictions brewery setup!
  13. So I've started using 1.5kg of DME malt in my brews and I'm not sure if its making my beers too malt driven or if I'm not using enough hops. If I brew a Pale Ale kit with some speciality malts like Crystal or Caraaroma and 1.5kg of DME Ive been chucking in like 20g of hops and then maybe another 20 dry hop. The beer has a big malty head and the hops seem to get lost. Does anyone here always use only 1.5kg or 1kg of DME or do you have a rule where you change quantity depending on styles.
  14. Fergy1987

    This getting out of control!!!!

    Happy to take some off your hands Captain I've been allocated a small container in the freezer that I have to jam my hops in. It only takes like 3 100g bags haha.......I might have to start hiding them in empty packets of frozen food.
  15. Fergy1987

    Unknown foam?

    Haha shows what I know...I was sitting here going "Damn thats pellicle!!"