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  1. Fergy1987

    sanitizing solution

    Get yourself some of this and you are sorted https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/STAR-SAN-236ml-8oz-Genuine-Sanitizer-for-Surface-Sanitation-Starsan-Home-Brew/292190700992?hash=item4407ec45c0:g:B7UAAOSwf05bA0qP
  2. Fergy1987

    Grain Storage

    Hate to rehash an old topic, but didn't want to start a whole new thread. Been looking at the leap to all grain and buying my grain in 25kg sacks and probably storing in Bunnings maxipail buckets.. But all I have read about it is "Mice and Rats are going to get into that sh1t whether you store it in a plastic drum or a freaking steel safe" - so that is freaking me out lol - I was going to just store the grain in the buckets in a spare room closet. We had an issue with rats in our roof not long ago, no idea how they got in there, so now I don't really know if I want to have a bunch of sources to attract more rats. We back onto a forest as well so I assume they are out there...lurking around, waiting for my grain purchase to feast on the tasty goodness. When stored inside the house is it really that much of a chance of these bastards getting in and eating through buckets etc.....or am I just paranoid lol
  3. Fergy1987

    Dogs ...

    lol she needs some sunnies mate!
  4. Fergy1987

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    I wish I could get even that level of interest haha. I think I must make the most underwhelming beers because the feedback I get from my missus when I make her try them is always "....Tastes like beer"........which I mean, I guess I can take the positive out of it that it doesn't taste like something else lol.
  5. Fergy1987

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    This sounds promising! I have a few cans of Black Hops in the fridge at the moment and the Eggnog Stout is one of them. So far I have only had the black NEIPA and it was delicious!!
  6. Fergy1987

    Anyone buy a Guten?

    lol they are the exact ones I am using, on a desktop PC - tried in Chrome, IE - oh well its a smiley face, cant be wasting time on that.... We have beer to brew!
  7. Fergy1987

    Anyone buy a Guten?

    lol I do exactly that - nothing....big fat load of NULL or whatever the hell I get lol nullnull I give up! - No one shall ever see my emotion through the form of tiny faces ever again......a dark day
  8. Fergy1987

    Anyone buy a Guten?

    It was $380 this morning null - Introductory price must be over now null EDIT: Also if someone can tell me how to make emoticons work that would be GREAT! null
  9. Fergy1987

    Anyone buy a Guten?

    Just wondering if anyone here picked up the Guten microbrewery from KegKing while its on sale? Was following a thread on AHB about it and.......well yeah that just blew up into some ridiculous thing...so thought I'd see if anyone here picked one up and has put down a brew? The more I read about the Robobrew and its issues the more this Guten is looking more attractive, but yeah not sure if that is just because its new and no one has really had the experience with it yet.
  10. Yeah I want to get an induction cooker but pretty sure its not going to work with my Target and BigW pots lol
  11. Fergy1987

    Flat beer

    Not enough sugar for the yeast to consume if bottling Not enough CO2 if kegging Temperature too cold to carbonate (under around 18c) Beer hasn't been in the bottles long enough Yep many reasons, but if you give a better understanding of timeframes and what your process has been we should be able to narrow it down.
  12. Fergy1987

    Shiny, we like shiny.

    Jeez that 40L Guten for $380 is somewhat tempting........would be disappointing for the price to go up to something ridiculous
  13. Fergy1987

    Coopers Bootmaker Pale Ale

    Well I have busted one open and damn....its come out quite amazing for 3 weeks bottled....i was worried about carbonation but look at that head lol.....its malty and then the hops come through with that tropical flavour followed by a lingering bitterness at the end....not as red as i was hoping and sunlight might show it more, but still a winner! Maybe a bigger dry hop next time like you did. Cheers for the recipe mate!
  14. Fergy1987

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2018

    Nothing at the moment - Just bottled my Lightning Strike Summer Ale. First time bottling straight from the fermentation fridge with a length of hose. to extend the wand. What a sh1tshow lol - I wasnt organised and didnt have much time so the faster I tried to bottle the worse things got. Cut my hand trying to get the bottling wand into the tap, spilt beer into my sanitiser, beer all over the floor, a bunch of air bubbles went into the bottles when the beer was was below the tap line.....It was a 6 hand job lol..........kegging is coming ever closer lol.
  15. Fergy1987

    Coopers real ale

    Should be fine. You shouldn't need to put the contents of the tin into the pan though. I just throw the fermentables in the fermenter, throw in some warm/hot water and dissolve it, pour the can straight into the fermenter.....stir it heaps, top up with water and stir some more. Add yeast and wait. Also take your OG before you pitch the yeast............When doing your OG sample take some out of the tap first....and throw that away....then take another sample and test that.