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  1. Beerzerker

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2018

    Been a while but I'm back :D Currently brewing an IPA which should be ready in about two weeks, Razorback IPA by Festival.
  2. Beerzerker

    Brew Day!! Watcha' got, eh!? 2017

    Put two brews on to ferment last night. Another batch each of Young's American IPA and Father Hooks Best Bitter (re-named Farter Hooks by mate due to his... erm flatulence issues after drinking it... The Farter will be ready to bottle off first as the IPA takes longer in fermenter. Then I'll be tackling the stout that I've got to try (need to get more brewing sugar to brew it...) So about 10 days til the Farter is ready to bottle and about 15 for the IPA. :D
  3. Beerzerker

    IPA's - Is it just me that doesnt get the hype?

    I do like a good IPA :D Like everyone says, it's all a matter of taste I'm currently making my way through a batch of Young's American IPA which is a lovely brew, nice balance to it at around 6.5% My go to Beer though would be a nice Ale like a HobGoblin. Which is probably why I liked the Festival Ales' Father Hooks Best Bitter so much.
  4. Beerzerker

    Fail Thread (mistakes you've made)

    Just wanted to say that I have solved the problem by chilling the IPA in the fridge... bloody beautiful now :D Will still be really careful when syphoning off the next batch though ;)
  5. Beerzerker

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking 2017 ?

    Thanks Will do that for my next batch Cheers :D
  6. Beerzerker

    RDWHAHB - What Are You Drinking 2017 ?

    I am currently drinking this one... Yeah, I know the label is a bit basic and crap... won't be labelling them again with those labels, as they're a bugger to get back off... Beer is lovely :D
  7. Beerzerker

    Whats going on?

    For some reason I cannot find a way to get into my dashboard to edit my profile??? I can log in to forum but I don't see or can't find a way to get into my profile to edit stuff... anyone any idea what's up here? Or am I just being bloody daft??? Yep, just me being daft... found it Go to Visit Coopers Club and up it comes
  8. Beerzerker

    Fail Thread (mistakes you've made)

    My first boo boo... American IPA when syphoning off to bottle the beer I must have put the tube too far down into the brew and pulled up some sediment... but after conditioning in the bottle for four weeks it looked stunning, lovely clarity to it. I cracked one to have a taster and as the bubbles rose, so too did the settled sediment in the bottom of the bottle... what should have been a good looking and tasting brew was fecked before I even got a taste... it actually tasted ok but was very cloudy instead of the clear golden amber it should have been. When I went and got another kit to brew again and I told em what had happened they recommended conditioning and storing bottles upside-down as that apparently prevents any sediment spoiling the brew when you crack em open...
  9. Beerzerker

    What's in Your Fermenter? 2017

    Well, I syphoned it out into two Coopers FV's and then bottled off from them... find using the Coopers FV's really easy to bottle from. I now have 28 740ml bottles of Father Hooks' Best Bitter conditioning Next up will be a Young's American IPA... 6.5% abv...
  10. Beerzerker

    How long does your beer last

    My first batch of 11 740ml bottles of Bewitched Amber Ale lasted a day after about a months conditioning... Well, there were 3 of us and we'd been to the Rugby... and then a mate went and got some more beers in and then the girls came round... and well, a good day became a great night and erm... yeah, sorry, off at a tangent there. After a month conditioning in the bottles the beer was bloody great
  11. Beerzerker

    Like a wean in a sweetie shop...

    It's called GlenBrew / InnHouse and is on the Dumbarton Road in Glasgow' date=' Scotland... They have a website at www.innhousebrewery.co.uk [/quote'] Aah! Not really local for the Aussies on here but local for most of my relatives. I did wonder why you were asking to be honest... as I realise that most folks on here are Aussies It's a bit weird having conversations with folks who are in tomorrow when you're in today... wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff... There are loads of great ex-pat Scots that made their homes in Australia... The guys in AC/DC are a great example, best Scottish Rock n Roll Band EVER ;D I have relatives who've emigrated all over the place, Canada, Australia and New Zealand... I'm guessing there are a more than a few folks on here that are maybe second or third generation of Scots origin. Slainte Mhath
  12. Beerzerker

    Like a wean in a sweetie shop...

    It's called GlenBrew / InnHouse and is on the Dumbarton Road in Glasgow, Scotland... They have a website at www.innhousebrewery.co.uk
  13. ... I have found a brilliant home brew supplier locally They quite literally have EVERYTHING that you would ever need for brewing. The lovely lady who served me actually saved me money by advising me on what it was that I actually needed rather than what I thought I needed, gave me a few tips and good info/advice on particular brew mixes to try. I believe they stock the full Coopers' range too Will definitely be back again soon... A very happy customer