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  1. Ryano2


    That's a great side by side! Going to have to give it a go. Otto, what do you use now?
  2. Hey guys. So I have been reading up on gelatin and am interested in giving it a go to clear my beer. Can I just use any gelatin from say Coles or woollies? Anyone use it?
  3. Yeah there's one on keg king for $13.
  4. Thanks mate, I might do that. There's one on kegland for $13 would that be it?
  5. So a new reg has fixed the issue! Cheers for the help guys
  6. hi Guys, I'm putting together one of these boards (see attached) so I can have a few different pressures. I notice here how they have a gas post set up on the board. I'd love to have one that is set to 30psi for force carbing. Being able to connect a line would be super helpful. Does anyone know how you could mount a post to a board like this,.
  7. Check out gash sluggs hoppy pale ale. This is my goto easy pale ale (well was, before I went all grain). https://youtu.be/s7iqgerF748
  8. The regulator is probably 3 years old. I'm due an upgrade to a dual one, so I'm going to see if that fixes it.
  9. Yeah I'm going to have to try his reg. Very very strange.
  10. I've just changed to a brand new ball lock! Connected direct from regulator to keg. Exact same issue... I tried on my mates brand new keg too. Same. Thing.
  11. Yeah I've checked for leaks. The thing that I don't get is when it's not connected to a keg. The pressure goes up as far as I want it. As SOON as it goes in a keg. It goes down. Then probably takes 20 minutes to climb, if at all. I've bypassed the manifold and am going straight from the regulator to a new ball lock to the keg. Same issue.
  12. The left gauge is just above red.
  13. I've just connected directly to the regulator and I'm getting the same issue.... Could it be empty tank? The pressure isn't at empty though and it's getting to 50psi when nothing is connected. I'm so confused... As soon as it's connected to a keg it just goes back down to 10psi and can't climb.
  14. Yeah I have put the gas on the dip tube, same issue. Even if there was a blockage it should still build pressure right? I might change out my gas ball locks and keg posts. Seems to only be an issue when they are connected to the kegs.
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