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  1. Hey mate. Welcome. You can't measure the ABV unless you took a gravity reading before fermentation started. Dry hopping wouldn't have any affect on the gravity of a beer. What probably happened is you threw the dry hop in and the yeast had not finished fermenting. 1.005 is a great gravity for homebrew. I struggle to get below 15 on alot of my brews. There isn't a perfect final gravity. It will depend on what your starting gravity. Or OG (original gravity is). A usual pale ale for me will be about 1.048 OG and finish at about 1.018.
  2. Yeah they know people will buy it that's the problem. We piss and moan when the excise goes up. But guess what, we keep buying it.
  3. It's cracking right next to where the clamp is tightened. It seems to be when it's moved, it obviously bends a bit and breaks. I think it's 8mm outer diameter and 4mm inner diameter. the usual size.
  4. Hey guys. I have been finding my gas line is cracking a bit from the barbed connection. I've had a few empty bottles in the morning. Are there any other connections that can go on a barbed post? I have seen duotight, but I'm wondering what the alternatives are?
  5. Nice cheers guys. Would I carbonate the same? I do the 3 minute shake at 30 psi and get great results.
  6. Hey guys. I'm looking at making some small batches of beer and kegging them. I have a few 19L corny kegs but I'm wondering if it's worth getting a 9.5L corny. Does it use heaps more gas only half filling a 19L keg? What are the benefits of using a mini keg over just half filling the 19L. Cheers!
  7. Nice one. Cheers boys. I'll see how I go.
  8. I'm just looking at some beersmith recipes. These look EXPENSIVE. So many different ingredients.... Anyone have any easy BIAB recipes?
  9. Ahh that makes sense. I will need to check out BeerSmith, seems to be all the rage. Do you guys worry about water PH and all that stuff? I'm worried I won't be able to make decent beer with BIAB
  10. Hey guys. I'm looking to have a go at brew in a bag and I'm just wondering where to sauce recipes. It's easy to find kit recipes but I can't seem to find any biab. Are the recipes the same as all grain? Seems daunting.....
  11. Best to age at room temperature. So a dark cupboard would work well.
  12. It depends how far you want to travel. Young Henry's is probably 1 minute walk from the Enmore theatre. Batch and Sauce brewing are in Marrickville which is about a 20 minute walk from Enmore. I have been to wild flower and it's definitely not my scene. All the beers are aged in wine barrels and it just isn't my thing.
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