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  1. Ryano2

    Pineapple Pale Ale

    I made this beer a few months ago. It turned out really really bitter and tart. There wasn't much of a pineapple flavour and I thought it was a failure. I left the bottles for a few months and didn't think much of it. Cracked one the other day and it was actually really really good. The age has done really well. Dont make this if you think it will be a sweet pineapple beer.
  2. Ryano2

    What did Santa bring?

    Got a few good gifts this year! Both beer related obviously.
  3. Ryano2

    It's Kegging Time 2019

    Going to kegs was the best thing I did! It's a bit daunting when you start, but after 2 or 3 batches you get the method down it's SO much easier. i keep wanting to put a stout down and age it in the bottle but just thinking about cleaning and sanitizing all those bottles gives me PTSD......
  4. Ryano2

    StellarSan cap

    Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone else gets this. Seems every bottle of starsan/stellarsan I get the caps corrode. I barely get 3 brews out of a large bottle and the cap starts to destroy itself. Does anyone know if this will affect the strength of it ?? I have attached a photo.
  5. Ryano2

    Melba Hops

    Hey guys, I'm wanting to put down a coopers session ale and the recipe calls for Melba Hops. However, every website I go to is sold out. Does anyone know where to get them? seem to be a hot item at the moment.
  6. Ryano2

    Keg King vs Keg Land

    Hey guys, Does anyone know what the connection between these guys is? Keg Land looks to be pretty new and I see one of the guys from the Keg King videos is now in the Keg Land videos. I know Keg King changed domain names, perhaps a mass exodus or something? I also see they are a 5 minute drive from each other.
  7. Ryano2

    Kegerator icing up

    I have been getting this for the last few weeks as well, i just defrosted mine the other day. I had it set to 1 degree and have since moved it up to 4.
  8. Ryano2

    Yeast in the mail

    My last few batches I haven't stored my dry yeast in the fridge. They sat in my garage and got up to about 30 degrees. Worked perfectly. They were US 05 and M44
  9. Ryano2

    Krausen dislodged

    Yeah won't be an issue.
  10. Ryano2

    We’re off and Racing

    It's very soothing..... I'll often watch it for a minute, then walk away only to come back in 20 minutes for another viewing.
  11. I tried the Coopers Pineapple IPA It came out alright, the pineapple flavour didn't really come across after the ferment, Obviously the yeast ate all the sugars so it lost ALOT of it's sweetness. It came out very tart and bitter. It's drinkable and something different but didn't come out as well as I hoped. I was down at my local brewery Hairyman Brewing and he was saying pineapple is very hard to integrate in to a beer due to the complex sugars in it. For that reason he doesn't really bother trying to make pineapple beers. He said your best bet is to use Pineapple but match it with hops to get the sweet fruity flavour.
  12. Ryano2

    Goodbye us05

    Very strange that it's the yeast causing this..... Doesn't really make sense. It could be all in your head! but there are definitely other great yeasts out there that will do the job. I have had a few good batches with Mangrove Jack M44 US West Coast Yeast.
  13. Ryano2

    StellarSan problem - urgent request

    I think the only issue you will face is that the ph level of the solution would be incorrect so it doesn't sanitize as well as it should. I don't think you will have any problems if it was just foam. You just run the risk of having some contamination.
  14. Ryano2

    Big Juicy IPA

    WOW that's alot of hops!! almost $50 of hops alone for a 23L ferment! I'll have to give this a try one day! maybe when my tax return comes in ahah
  15. Ryano2

    Dark Spots in Krausen

    Cheers lads!