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  1. Was that a very light raspberry color, with 100% Red X?. I was after a deeper, almost crimson color like Kelsey gets... Cheers
  2. I just bottled this and it appears dark and not with any of the red hues I was after. I think the dark crystal, suggested by my LHBS guy, was the killer. I will post a pic, if worthwhile, in 2-3 weeks time. Cheers
  3. Don't try to use as a fridge though, at say 4c. It will drop below 0c and when it rises drops lots of water. Great fermenter vehicle though for your Ales and Lagers. Cheerzz
  4. Better insulation saves a lot of energy as well.
  5. I've got verticle freezer (kelvinator) but the problem is the freeze bars go through 3 of the horizontal racks, so cannot be removed to fit in a 30L Carboy. Maybe a different brand might work. Otherwise a verticle would work as well for fermenting as my back-breaker chest freezer where 20kg of FV needs to be lifted out. Cheers
  6. Typical article with no scientific references and names. I can equally state with no reference that more grain was produced around the world in 2018 than any proceeding year. Whether the grain grown in future will be barley, which affects brewing pricing, will be the result of supply/demand, because that is what drives crop farming. I suggest climate change does not need to be argued on this brewing forum. Most of us are in the here-and-now as far as brewing goes. On the home front, it is probably not a decades long venture, anyway. Cheers
  7. Went for a break with my missus. Adjusted my cold crash fridge from 300klms away after looking at the trend chart. Fridge at home in shed clicked immediately. Handy bit of kit. Cheers
  8. I just swirl up the trub with 5mm of beer over the top and pour it through the FV tap into a sanitised PET bottle. Cap it and place in fridge. It settles down to around half clear liquid on top and half trub with about a third of the trub lighter yeast material. Cheers
  9. Never Your FV needs to operate over a small range, your Inkbird running off the probe taped to your FV under some insulation. Use the heat belt correctly per my previous post. A heat belt is not meant to be "dangled". They get too hot when they are not utilising the wort temperature sink, which keeps them cool. Cheers
  10. Definitely a heat belt on each FV. Use a double adaptor on your Inkbird if necessary. Don't frig around with other technical rubbish. The 25W heat belt, wrapped around the lower section of your FV, is the best and easiest heat source for your wort - in your fridge! They work beautifully with a +/-0.3c band, in your fridge, on the Inkbird! I've been doing it for 80 odd batches with great results. When your fermentation is complete and you go to cold crash, just remove the belts from your fridge. Cheers
  11. Grape growing has gone stupid in NE Victoria too. Only because of the volume exported these days, particularly to the growing China market. Obviously the biggest increases will be in the cooler and hilly/mountainous climes. Climate change has been a fact for milleniums and won't be the reason for price increases. As always supply/demand and government revenue requirements will be the driver of increased prices. Cheers
  12. I doubt the flu bug would get into his bottled beer while bottling. If it did the alcohol and co2 would kill it before he later poured a beer for his mates. I think @Jumping jack flashshould go ahead with the experiment and let us know the results. Cheers
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