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  1. Just got home after 5 weeks away. The blue keg had 3 schooners left in it, which still tasted great when I returned. The red keg was untapped but gassed when I left. I simply shut the gas off below the regulator tap. Got home turned the tap on and a few hours later, great beer. Tapped the red keg; great as well, although the hop aroma had reduced in each. I also had a batch in cold crash for 5 weeks to replace the almost empty blue keg. That beer was in good condition also, probably with diminished hop aroma also. So all in all the fridges and kegs kept all the beer good over 5 weeks. A nice drop to come home to. Cheers Great clarity too.
  2. I've read about @Scottie 's perfect clone elsewhere here, but the late hops definitely are not only Mosaic and Cascade. So what is that earthy/spicey(?) flavour/aroma? Cheers
  3. Try "Clariferm", from White Labs, in a batch. It is meant to clarify the beer and to allow celiacs to drink beer safely. My view though, is that the more crap you drop out of your beer by cold crash, clarifyers etc, the less you fart and the less your stomach etc is upset. Cheers
  4. I would like to think so..... I hope that is an unloaded observation, Skipper. Cheers
  5. To win a footy tipping comp means you know nothing about footy. You should pick the CO2 as a winner, but if you plan on running more than one keg in your fridge I would probably go bigger on the bottle to save trips and changeovers. If you get a kegerater, space is an issue. If you have your old huge Kelvinator fridge........Woooohoo. Cheers
  6. I don't aerate! Well, other than dropping my wort into the FV through a seive. Only had one stall in 100 batches which proved to be an UNstall because I used S04 yeast and it chomped to 1.013; which I learned later is all it does. Aerate....shmaerate... Cheers
  7. You'll feel much younger when you buy that 3V and go AG, Lusty, my boy! Cheers
  8. It's not the bubbling that counts. That can be due to ambient temperature increase; you won't hear the "suckback" during cooler o/night periods if it is "all done". I don't even use an airlock, for 100 batches because it doesn't do anything. You can see fermentation through a Coopers FV and see condensation. FG is the test. If it remains the same over a 3 day period, then bottle, or better, cold crash to drop the rubbish. Cheers
  9. Welcome back to brewing @Loch Brewer. I think you need to go through the processes that the "loud minority" on this wonderful Coopers forum have done. After doing your Coopers plus partial grain mashes, stove top, with your select hops etc, you will get a feeling that you can build a beer you like, but not yet, until you make some "step" process and equipment changes. Not Expensive! Read about BIAB. Look at a 40L mash/brew pot. Now you are beginning to control your brewing destiny. Cheers
  10. Interesting brew BS. My main interest, though, is Nottingham at 12-14c. If it works please post. Cheers
  11. Although I mostly use it for winter bottle carbonation because it works as low 15c in my experience. Otherwise for summer and generally I love US-05. Now I'm mostly kegging so will be closely monitoring my kegs for taste of each. Cheers
  12. With a 15L cube you can do either of the following; Siphon your boil into it and drop it into your laundry trough of cold water. This will take some time. Better, you join the No-chill "Militia", put your 10L into the cube without aerating it, and leave it until tomorrow when it is 18c. Don't worry about the free-space on top, it will be ok. Cheers
  13. Hey BlackSands, if you're half as good at brewing as you are at photography, I want some. Seriously great pics you take!
  14. Well Lusty, nice little fairytale; I'll read it to the kids. But... I won't be buggerising around with ice and setting up a recirculation process which I don't have equipment for, nor a plan to engineer it. My clean up is a mash/boil pot which I clean in 5m at my water tank tap. The 20L cube is simply filled by siphon and placed aside in the shed. The mash process is mainly not manned, and I complete the newspaper puzzles during boil, with a couple of hop additions, during. I can't wait to get up on "Fermentation Day", as the quiet light permeates the prior starlight. and finalise my product. Sweet time on my own, to also walk the dog before breakfast with the missus. While you are chasing Mr Whippy, my grandkids have been taught to enjoy their carrot and celery sticks while I teach them about the amazing work done by those pieces of live dust we call yeast. It amazes them that they can cause water and barley to become the beer their Grandaddy makes. It keeps them off the game boy until skateboard time. Yep, sweet life, nice hobby, stress free. Love my brewing process and the tasty Pales we make. No BS. Cheers
  15. I do that but put bag over another pot, but no squeeze as I believe it introduces minor tannic taste. I do sparge 3L because I cannot mash a 23L FV yield with my 31L starting water which rises to 36L mark with 5kg of BIABed grain. If I had the ability, a-la-Crown Urn 40L, I would not sparge, and simply add a grain weight to get my desired OG. But now that I'm kegging 18L plus a couple bottles from each batch, I could reduce or eliminate the sparge. Cheers
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