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  1. Worthog

    No chill

    I put my cube into the Laundry trough and change the cold water a couple of times. I leave it a few hours and when I remove it it is always under 40c. Then o/night it ambiently. Seems to work ok for me hop-wise. Cheers
  2. Worthog

    StellarSan cap

  3. Worthog

    Has anyone bought from cheapyeast.com.au?

    Looks good, but. I really need to utilize my LHBS in my country town. Use it or loose it kind of thing. I get yeast cheap by harvesting and and using 3 or 4 generations anyway, usually US-05. Although, I would like to commando my Dry Hops more for that extra flavour/aroma, and I won't harvest after commando. Thanks for the source. I'll definitely be thinking about it. Cheers.
  4. Worthog

    Larger then normal trub

    Hey Kelsey, I wouldn't mind a picture of your elbow setup when you're done. I hope to have an Urn in the next couple of months. Cheers.
  5. Worthog

    Larger then normal trub

    I had lots of trub in my early BIAB AG batches because I was chilling (bath) then tipping, sieving/chuxing all of my boil by pouring it in and trying to leave the last little bit of hot break, etc, behind. I purchased a simple plastic syphon, added some plastic tube, and began syphoning into the no-chill cube after whirlpool. No sieve, no chux. My 16L of wort after boil resulted in 14L in the cube leaving 2L of rubbish behind. Next day I sieve the cube into the FV, through the tap, leaving approx 1L of break and rubbish in the bottom of the cube legs. This has resulted in minimal trub in the bottom of the FV. well below the FV tap in the standard 30L plastic carboy. When I get a Crown Urn I will have 23L to drop into no-chill cubes. I am hoping the tap is high enough to result in similar result into the cube/s. Otherwise I will still syphon. Cheers,
  6. Worthog

    Soft Floaty Things In Bottom Of Bottles

    Just and update to this. I have chilled some of these bottles for several days. What I have now is the hard cake on the bottom of the bottle, but when a bottle is lifted a swirl of fine dark sediment matter rises up into the beer. It seems almost like hop dust. In any event the second glass from the bottle is cloudier than the first even when trying to leave the sediment in the bottle. I need to waste the last 1cm of beer in the bottle. Taste is ok. (I was not able to get a photo of this sediment through the otherwise somewhat chill-hazy beer.) This has been an interesting batch. Not happened before or after. I'm going to assume the sediment came out of the pre-used hop socks during boil and did not flocculate with the whirlfloc or settle to the bottom of the whirl-pooled wort, and then traveled into my no-chill cube and remained somewhat suspended to go through my sieve and into the FV the next day. No more hop socks in the boil, for me. The rest of my process is always the same and repeatable and I can't think of any other possible reason. Cheers
  7. Worthog

    Bottle wash question

    I wash and sanitise the day prior. Upside down they dry well, I dont believe they would pick up any free yeast in that time, or bacteria with the sanitiser residue. Never had a problem in 1800 bottles. Cheers
  8. Worthog

    Soft Floaty Things In Bottom Of Bottles

    I use 2 carb drops. The only changes in process from other batches are; Using a hop socks for FWH and the later boil addition. Maybe the pre-used socks had something residual. I clean with liquid concentrate, rinse thoughoughly and air-dry. Amarillo DH for the first time. I usually get 5-10mm of 'cotton wool' as per what the Captain said. I will chill for a day or so and get a picture of the snot; I'm thinking like Kelsey said, I might chill for several days to see if it settles out and hardens. Cheers and thanks.
  9. Worthog

    Soft Floaty Things In Bottom Of Bottles

    This bottle has not been chilled. The 50mm of 'cotton-wool' in the bottom, when chilled for a day or two, flocculates into whispy pieces, some small and more solid and some like wispy 'snot'. The 'wispy snot' tends to dissolve when poured to create haze.
  10. Following batches of similar recipes, this one has soft wispy floaty things above trub in bottom of bottles. The batch is a typical 4kg AG, Pale, Maris, 200g of Carapils, 90m@62c, FWH 20g Simcoe, 15g Simcoe + 20g Amarillo at 2m, 300ml US05 slurry yeast (3rd gen), 20g Amarillo DH 5 days in, in chux. (I should say here that the boil hop additions were all socked in 2 hop bags - a difference in my usual process) The 16L left of boil, whirlpooled and syphoned into cube leaving hot break in 2L of bottom rubbish. No-chill cube of 14L, with top 13L going into FV next day, topped to 22L with filtered rain/tank water, as normal process. This has been my normal process. No change to my bottle preparations. Bottle age 4 weeks. The beer taste is one of my best but there are a lot of these bottom whispy floaty things some of which actually melt away in the poured glass. No finings other than a quarter tablet of whilfloc @10m where used. Any ideas? I have never had this before. Cheers
  11. Worthog

    Flat Beer

    So the list for flat beer is; Priming material and measure Potential bottle leaks Bottle conditioning time and temperature consistency over 18c Bottle preparation Storage environment Cheers
  12. Worthog

    Flat Beer

    So, potential environment or bottle prep fu, because the yeast has already primary fermented?
  13. Worthog

    Flat Beer

    BlackSands, if you are comfortable with your priming rate and no leaks, then it can only be bottle conditioning "time and temperature"? What else could we be missing? Cheers
  14. Worthog

    Dry hopping

    I can see 50-80g of Amarillo dry hop coming on.
  15. Worthog

    Forgot to buy/add Whirlfloc

    To me if just helps to flocculate the hot break in the kettle so you can then whirlpool and keep most of it out of your cube. Cheers