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  1. Does anyone on here use Stellasan or Starsan (phosphoric acid), and leave the diluted solution in their cube or FV for a week or so, rather than empty the vessel and let dry? I always do, and have never had an infection, but I wonder if that process might leave the plastic affecting wort taste, like leave an acidic taste? Cheers
  2. As per the general rule to have 1-2psi at the pluto tip, my keg is near even height with the pour, so I have 4 feet of line and pouring pressure of 14psi. Loss of 3psi per foot means 2psi at pluto tip. Pours great at 4c from the fridge. Cheers
  3. This is worth reading @MitchBastard, not too lengthy and good info, especially regarding line length. Cheer https://www.baderbrewing.com/articles/corny-keg-carbonating-instructions
  4. Auto spell correction..... "Iterations" was the word.
  5. This is why it is best to drill the inlet then use standard corny posts and dip tube. If you are careful, using sharp drill bits on slow speed, the job is easy. Don't go too hard and overheat the inlet post. Cheers
  6. Firestone kegs are the same as Cornelious kegs but have slightly different post parts. Cheers
  7. You can get new posts and dip tubes from ebay, TrippleJBrewing, etc. Search ebay using "corny keg post" or "corny keg dip tube" Below is a pic of the thinner plastic Firestone gas dip tube and the metal replacement dip tube which requires drilling out the gas post, as I have successfully done as described above. Cheers
  8. Many of us are using these. Big problem is the different posts. We replace the o rings, but how many of our kegs have the plastic input dip tube? Not to worry: replacement tubes can be purchased anywhere, but not the plastic one. Just a thicker metal tube. Replacement; simply drill out the post and put in a Corny keg dip tube. Drill it slowly and in interactions, like I just successfully did. Cheers
  9. The unit has some nice features, and it's difficult to buy even a 40 odd litre boil pot for the price. I brew to fill an 18L keg plus 3 bottles, plus yeast harvest. Bottling 3 bottles is no hard work issue and they build up for travelling and other emergency drinking episodes/requirements, like when your son is broke. Anyway, my 40L stamped (38L to brim) boiler does my 23L only 2 ways; sparge a few litres at mash out, or mash a couple hundred extra grams of grain and add a few litres of water into fermementer. The toys and tricks on the 35L Digiboil are not enough to sway me from my gas boiler, and maybe ultimately a Crown Urn, if Santa is listening. Cheers
  10. @Otto Von Blotto, That's it, I'm coming to your house for xmas! . Now, would you be kind enough to tell me what the 20m mash lift to 72c does? Cheers
  11. Yeah, given my yeast preferences, I have spent the last 18 months brewing AG pales, american pales and aussie sparkling ale styles. I aim for 4.9% in winter with subdued hop, to 3.8% in summer with lots of hop flavour. I continue to mix and match hops to find my "brewing nirvana" for each season. I got only a "good" in the local competition where I submitted an AmPale style (fermented with Nott due to winter), but it was a learning experience. All that said, I might follow @Ben 10 and retry an M42 to see what happens. Cheers
  12. I totally agree @Norris!. I loved that combo, used them reharvested for a long time. I was very disappointed when I ran out of the Coopers ale/lager yeast to mix with US05. The high attenuation and good floculation were evident, taste was crisp and neutral, and I could carbonate my bottles in winter (without going to Nottingham) Cheers
  13. Yeah, I've never used M42, but my only ever failure in 105 batches was M44 so I have never used MJ since. I use Nott in the winter and US05 for rest of year. My only reason for Nott in winter was I was having trouble with bottle carbonation in lower temps with US05. I keg now so use US05 always unless I want a different taste. I use US05 for 3 generations harvested. Never had phenolics or other issues while I ensure no chloramines get into the process, and I ferment at 18c, always. Cheers
  14. I'd like to hear more about that later if you get time. Cheers
  15. One Whirfloc in, say a 25L boil is too much. OVB recently told me 1/2 a tab for that amount. Too much and you get "fluffiness", or as I would describe, big "platelets" suspended in your wort. Cheers
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