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  1. How long ago was that? I got these about 12 months ago from the online store. I guess 12 months from 1 tap is a good run just seems senseless to throw out a tap that works fine just needs to be cleanable
  2. What I thought... Guess a bleach soak couldn't hurt for a few days then a good wash and rinse followed by a starsan soak. In the meantime I'll just use my spare tap
  3. On the Coopers taps, can the red seal be removed for deep cleaning? Mine seems stuck on, but wanna check that it can't be gently pried off before I simply replace it? My tap has developed a black scunge in the gap between the tap body and the seal so if it can't be removed then it's destined for the bin and a new one will take its place. Cheers
  4. I rinse thoroughly after use and stand upside down on paper towel to dry - could use a bottle tree or something else that suits your needs. Then i cover the bottle with a small amount of cling film or pit the lid on (being a plastic bottle lid is easier) and put away until bottling day. Then I just use a bottle washer with starsan to sanitize before use
  5. Not finished by far but works for now. 20180818_173627.mp4
  6. So my kegs are coke kegs and appear to be rather different than the ones i saw in beerbelly as well as different to the ones my mate has - shorter and wider and posts are in different positions (closer together instead of directly opposite each other) also when we put new o rings on the gas posts they leaked, we put the old ones back on and no issues. Any thoughts on this? Obviously shorter and wider means i cant fit as many in but that can be rectified by buying the more normal kegs which are narrower.
  7. Not as excited as i am. Cant blow a hole in a gas line if I'm drilling through a wooden collar ?
  8. Just bought a 215L Fisher and paykel chest freezer. Time to order a stc-1000 and build a collar
  9. FUNNY STORY... Drilled right through the refrigerant line rendering the fridge dead???? Drilled pilot hole for gas line in no worries drilled big hole for gas line in no worries drill pilot hole for co2 manifold mounting and hiss.... gas everywhere Couldn't believe it. On look out for new fridge now. Open to decent chest freezer as that is long term plan anyway
  10. Fair enough, I'm still learning so just doing my thing and trying to research as i go to improve. I'm obviously jumping to a few conclusions by the looks of it too. Although switching from gas to electric would have its benefits too
  11. I was same boat. Kept putting beer money away each week while brewing so i can upgrade as needed. Had enough bottles to have a steady extract rotation while setting up for biab, then went and got a mill, then bulk grain, now kegs. Next contemplating robobrew or grainfather for the recirc ability to clear wort. Don't want to go 3v or anything for my requirements. Its taken 12 months to get to kegs though
  12. I was too but a few bargains and here i am. $294 for keg set up 172 for 6kg gas bottle and regulator
  13. Picking it up Friday all things going well
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