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  1. hey mate, the 35l brewzilla is the same as the robobrew 3.1 they just did a renaming.
  2. make 8 L frozen water ahead of time. could use empty icecream containers etc.. do your mash in your 19lt pot brim full, dunk sparge your bag in a bucket of say 4-5lt of water, boil your brew, you end up with something like 14-15lt in the pot after boil. whirlpool for about 10 mins or so. add this straight to your fermenter with your 8lt of ice in it. = approx 22-23lt of wort at about 20 deg C. Thats how I started into Allgrain.
  3. They were just pushing for higher OG's
  4. don't worry too much mate, forget about the airlock bubbling, the slightest leak and the air will escape another way. Focus your energy more on hydrometer readings if you want to see how fermentation is going. You will have beer either way. My standard practice is to make the brew and then leave it for about 2 weeks and then take a final gravity reading and bottle it. Happy brewing.
  5. hello fellow keggers, I did a boo boo, left a keg hooked up while i was away for 2 weeks and now my co2 tank is empty and also the keg is completely flat. I can only assume that the leak is somewhere between my manifold and the keg, or even the keg itself. if it was a leak before my manifold, then i would expect only the tank to be empty, and not the keg as well. But the real question is, is it worth hooking up the keg to co2 all over again once finding the source of the leak of course, and gassing it back up, or have i lost it ? Will the beer be ok? I'm guessing its done for and expecting to tip it. Cheers.
  6. hey mate, yeah i just make sure they are cleaned out after use, no need to boil pre grains or anything because you're right. the wort is going to be boiled anyway, so alls good in the hood.
  7. plus one more here, onto my second small batch brew in a standard fermenter, no issues here. Cheers.
  8. I give it a bit of a tilt every now and then to feel it. If it tilts off Center really easily then it’s gonna go soon!! And every beer I think could be the last. After a few kegs you get to know how it feels when it’s low (I don’t tilt them every pour but maybe once a week I see it’s levels Get ready for that keg to blow!!
  9. Pirate life IPA cans come in at $94 for a carton of 24 x 355ml cans according to dan murphies https://www.danmurphys.com.au/product/DM_555390/pirate-life-brewing-ipa-cans-355ml so thats $94 for 8.5 liters how many liters is your batch? 22 once bottled. half price?? I hope you feel better now ?
  10. I’d be wrapping those bottles in some towels. And putting them in a bucket with a lid to catch anything if they explode.
  11. Yeah mate. That’s what I try and do with most of my bottles. Tuck them in and around the fermenter that’s in the fermenter chamber/fridge. So that they are at prime temp for bottle conditioning. And thus the cycle of beer life continues. As the next batch is in the fermenter for 2 weeks. The bottles in there are also carbing up nicely. And it also works well because if you cold crash in your ferment fridge then you have cold carbed beers to drink while bottling your current brew ? mom a lucky man and I can fit a keg and fermenter in my ferment fridge at the same time so naturally carb my kegs and tuck my extra few bottles in and around there too ?
  12. +1 I also just dump my 80g of table sugar in, but have been thinking its a bit low for me, will be doing 100g for my next few kegs and will see how they go.
  13. I’m a chef. And have just taken in a role as a fill in fifo chef. So 2 weeks on here and there. And maybe temp work In The middle. Depending on the frequency of flights. But looks like I’ll be 2 weeks on 1 week off. But it how does this affect my brewing? Well I’m actually half way trough my 2 weeks on at the moment. The day before I left I put down a pale ale that’s chugging away in the fermentation fridge. Along with a naturally carbonating keg of amber ale. 2 days before I come back SWMBO is going to unplug the temp controller and plug the fridge in for me. Beer should be good to go ?
  14. this is what i do if saving the yeast cake. 1. bottle beer 2. swirl up yeast cake 3. remove bottling wand from tap 4. bottle 2 stubbies of the slurry through the tap 5. cap and keep in the fridge using the yeast from my 2 x 330ml stubbies (or 1 x 750 PET): 1. remove from fridge and allow to get to room temp on brew day 2. pour off excess beer from above your tightly compacted yeast. 3. fill some of the bottle back up with your brew from the fermenter tap. 4 give it a little swirl and pitch. I had to use the tap about 2 or 3 times as mine was pretty thick. You already have bottles, perfect container for beer and yeast, no need to flaf about getting new stuff to store slurrys in.
  15. Hey mate. Welcome. I’m also ex service navy cheffo Im in Woodcroft so up the hill for me. Probably start it off with the basic coopers draught kit. Comes it alright for a first timer I think. Use the recommended be2 I think from memory. It should say in the side of the can. The range of brew enhancers (BE) 2,3 and malt etc. is easily available from big w where you are getting your cans from I’m assuming. Happy brewing.
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