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  1. Downloaded this and it's great. Makes it really easy to order what you need and a good base for experimenting
  2. Thanks Otto, how long can i leave it in the FV? The recipe i got said to dry hop on day 4 (today and threw them in this morning) but don't want to leave it sitting in the FV if it'll cause issues
  3. Just checked on this tonight and the krausen has already gone. Is that normal for this ale?
  4. I didnt allow to fully dry just left it for a about 10 mins and used the no rinse stuff. If there was chlorine still in there what is likely to be the end result? just so i know what to look for.
  5. When i done my brew on Saturday I had a bit mould on it as it hadn't been used in months, I used a little bleach to get that off and thoroughly rinsed it. Then before brewing i used a no rinse sanitiser. No idea if the bleach will ruin the brew, but certainly hope not.
  6. Thanks. Is beersmith the go to for checking all styles? I had a trial version at my last job but can't remember how thorough it got.
  7. Hi all just getting back in to the swing of brewing and was wondering if anyone has a resource for correct hop pairings for style. I'd like to try a pilsner next but not too sure what hops to use. I downloaded the BJCP guidelines but they don't specifically mention what hops should be used for a particular beer. Thanks
  8. Done my first one since my unsuccessful cider (middle of last year?) on saturday. Got a pre made recipe pack from my LHB store. It's a 150 lashes style/clone recipe. 1 x Coopers Wheat Malt Extract & Morgans Pacific Pale Ale with the coopers kit yeast. 12g cascade steeped for 10 mins 12g galaxy and nelson sauvin dry hopped after 4 days. Fermenting at 18 degrees and had a good amount of activity when i checked on the sunday morning. OG was sitting at about 1.036.
  9. Is 3 degrees the temp you usually lager it at? I'll be due to start that process possibly Sunday. Bottles are basically as firm as they're getting and clearing up well
  10. Maybe not next time, will wait to see how good this one eventually becomes. If it comes good then I probably wouldn't as its drinkable without. If I feel its missing a wee something I'll add some pasturised fruit i think.
  11. So my lager is now carbing up in the bottle but I've noticed what looks like hope matter from my dry hop in the bottle. 2 questions really, is that going to affect my brew? Will it drop out when I do my next lagering stage? It seems surprisingly clear otherwise for being bottled on sunday.
  12. I tried one on Friday night and it's just not right so far, not properly carbonated but i think it's possible that's due to being in the garage and the temp drops quite low in there. I've put it somewhere warmer now and will forget about it til September. Artificial is actually a great word to use about the taste, although it was a lot more drinkable than the first
  13. I Go to Country Brewer here in Brisbane, but what I buy is fairly limited at the moment. They do seem to have decent stock though
  14. I did try one before but was way too early, not fully carbonated and tasted way too sweet. Hope it's settled down now
  15. You've convinced me ? I will get straight on to the wife and get one in the fridge for tonight then.
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