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  1. Thanks Beerlust i really appreciate it, i dont have any of those on hand so i may just forego the dry hopping altogether rather than overdo it and regret it later. Cheers
  2. Hey Gang was hoping for some advice. I have a Bootmaker Pale Can in the primary, day 4 i added a 2012 Kangaroo Island Vintage Honey (had a delicious Honey IPA at the KI brewery while over there recently) and was wondering should i dry hop it? I feel like i should not as the purpose of it was to have the honey be star of the beer, yet i wonder could a very small amount of dry hopping compliment the honey, it is a very dank honey, quite rich. I have some Galaxy and Mosaic on hand. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers
  3. Do you lads flip the dry hop bag? squeeze the dry hop bag?
  4. Yes there were yellows and light browns, dry to touch, not like it would shatter but distinctly different than the Galaxy flowers in feel, i havent tasted anything beyond bottling day as of yet, next weekend Brew 1 will be ready to go...
  5. Did another run and similar result, also tried one boiling the hops for bitterness, even with just a 15 minute run it was quite harsh, grassy... perhaps these hops just arent my thing, will dry hop with some i do like to lift it, Cheers Otto
  6. 2 stuffed 10cm hop balls, 1 Hallertau Pacific and 1 Kohatu, i chewed on a flower of each and got not a lot, earthy, almost parched like they were old before being vac sealed
  7. I wouldnt use lime Archie, save that for when drinking, can be a very off putting taste when lime goes wrong
  8. Brew 2 tasted mint at bottling, even if that doesnt improve flavor wise i will be stoked I used the NZ Hops in Brew 3 and they were very underwhelming, not really delivering anything as far as pungence or floral aroma, even the steeped hops offered minimal bitterness and a grassy taste... should i come in on day 4 with a dry hop of other more lively hops?
  9. Excellent! was just wondering what its dissolving point was and if it was pliable enough even in cold
  10. Ahhh rightyo got it cheers Ben10, would the can contents dissolve in cold water?
  11. Id had a couple last night and wrote that wrong, id combined the light dry malt and PA can mix in the boil, hops went in for 15 off the heat and stayed in when i chilled the wort for another 15. The guy i bought the BRY 97 from told me too reactivate it in 37 degree water, it doesnt seem overly "activated" would it be better to just pitch it dry?
  12. About 15 minutes boiling for the Citra and 15 more off the heat while i stirred in the Coopers Light Dry Malt and the TCPA can, I'm not sure if that is the right thing to do, probably another 15 while i chilled to keep overall temp low, i was tasting the bitterness regularly as i went
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