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  1. The Captain1525230099

    recovery hops....

    Gday Worry Wort, Dry hopping beers can create even more perceived bitterness unfortunately.
  2. The Captain1525230099

    What are you listening to right now????

    One of the reasons I stopped listening to sbs chill. It’s kinda like days of our lives, you don’t have to watch it for ten years but as soon as you watch one episode your all caught up.
  3. The Captain1525230099

    Hopping Hefeweizen

    I’ve never used this hop but everything I’ve read about it seems to point to what lusty has said.
  4. The Captain1525230099


    So a few posts ago on this thread I mentioned that my wife was getting into the latest version of a red rye. I got hone tonight and poored myself a beer........ hmmm that’s not red or even close to it...... doesn’t tastes like Denny’s favourite yeast......think I’ll just check the kegs..... Turns out I never hooked up the red rye, my wife has been getting into the Uber hopped pale/ipa that has been on tap for a while. When I first poured it I was like yeah hun, not sure your going to like this, so yeah she agreed. Thinking the one she poured was a different beer, she poured the Uber hopped pale/ipa and was like, yeah captain, really good beer. seen as I hadent seen the red in the glass I asked her if it was ice and red and dark? Her response was, not sure about red but it’s dark. The picture shows both beers. Clearly a difference? In my wife’s defence, I love my wife and she is an amazing women, beer descriptions aren’t her thing. My best compliment from her is if she’ll go back for a second or not.
  5. The Captain1525230099

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    Sorry, I wrote an essay on my belief of what you were preaching lusty then went to edit and deleted it all. Nevermind. Some of my favourite bittering hops are Pacifica, Warrior, cascade, centennial, and Chinook for the reason of they leave something behind usually some herbal or spicy flavour that I dig. For some punch in your face clean bitterness I find magnum a good choice or Warrior at 60mins instead of a FWA. There still are many I want to experiment with but this is what I like so far.
  6. The Captain1525230099

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

  7. The Captain1525230099

    Saunders Malt Extract English Bitter

    I personally wouldn’t be about to contain my distain for people that abuse, berate, bully others on any forum or level. I would not be involved in a discussion group that was like that.
  8. The Captain1525230099

    150 Lashes clone recipe

    Honestly Worthog, Looks good. Like you’ve already said, maris instead of a lighter pils malt, it might not be the same as 150 but I think yours will be easily better.
  9. The Captain1525230099

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    Yep, completely agree, however for brewing beer you want wort.
  10. The Captain1525230099

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    I have no affiliation to the way anybody makes beer. If that’s the way you want to make it, then sweet. Doesn’t bother me. I commend anyone who makes their beer the way they want to and I’ll always give positive feedback to encourage more development to that brewer. I make my beer the way I want to. My point was that to extract bitterness from hops more effectively you need gravity, volume, heat and time. They all work together in simultaneous unity to extract the wonderful bitterness to our sweet worts. That’s all my point was, I don’t believe one is more important than the other. That’s all. Captain.
  11. The Captain1525230099

    Brewing temp for session ale

    Good stuff Wazz. Looking forward to hearing your results in the RDWHAHB thread.
  12. The Captain1525230099

    Mashes and Steeping

    Jamil Z talks about this side steep or capping as being a waste of grain and a load of Sh!t, his words, not mine. Experimental Homebrew did a live triangle test in Australia and it was pretty much Unaminous that everyone enjoyed the side steeped version more Side note it was no chilled, and that surprised the Americans.
  13. The Captain1525230099


    When we move into our next place @BlackSands we will purchase a couple from your site at some time
  14. The Captain1525230099

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    Like I said lusty, I’m not saying your wrong. I just think your detracting from the blank canvas AG brewers have. Like the question was If we are talking Isomerisation of bittering units, the bigger the volume and gravity (to a point) the better the extraction of bittering units. Beersmith is calculated on a 100% extraction rate due to the “ standard” batch size boiling 30 odd litres. If I had a system of 300l my extraction percentage goes up, let’s say to 150%. Therefore larger volume, better extraction of bitterness. Your point being that smaller volume with a gravity of whatever you choose can extract bitterness, of coarse it can, however I don’t think primarily, I think they work hand in hand.
  15. The Captain1525230099

    Pimping Coopers ROTM

    I see where your going with this Lusty but I think your taking away from all grain being a blank canvas and you can do whatever you want to do with a blank canvas. Yes, you need gravity/volume/time to extract bitterness. Full volume boils has a better extraction of the bittering compounds. Only makes sense if your doing smaller boils then “diluting” in the FV. If that makes sense. I find that for an IPA I get a better bitterness feel from doing a FWA and a 30-20 min addition. The 30-20min Rounds out the bitterness. Rather than being just bitey from the 60min plus boil. Which is obviously what lusty was saying in his previous post. Im not saying Lusty is wrong or anything like that, just think that as an all grain brewer you can manipulate your wort however you like, you just need to know how to.