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  1. Titan

    What is Your Go-To Beer to Brew

    Looking now for this will post when I find it. Note this is a AG recipe so can't convert to anything else.
  2. Titan

    On going brewing problems

    Thinking about this. Are we just experiencing the homebrew twang you get from a k&k brew?
  3. Titan

    The old way.

    Try this https://www.britishpathe.com/video/home-brewing-on-the-house
  4. Titan

    The old way.

    Really, maybe because you not a member of the fb user group it came from. Was just about the only pub in england brewing its own beer. Will see if i can find another link.
  5. Titan

    The old way.

    Flat as my first English bitter in Adlershot 50 years later haha.
  6. Titan

    The old way.

    Found this interesting on FB.
  7. Titan

    Help with carbonation drops

    2 are usually used in 750ml bottles so 1 per 375ml. Also depends on the style of beer. 750ml for a porter or stout imo only requires 1.5 carb drops. Yes you can cut them.
  8. Titan

    Warm climate beer

    Looking at the manufacturers recommended temperature range should give you an idea of your temperature limit. For example US05 states ideal as being in the range of 18 to 28. These are tried and tested by the manufacturer. So what happens if you go over or under that recommended range? Lets start with higher temperatures. Fermentis have obviously reasearched that higher than 28 the yeast will produce unacceptable off flavours. Under 18 the yeast will not produce or impart its character to the beer. You need to strike a fine balance, temperature control is the obvious way to go, but if this is not possible try to hit the middle of the road and keep it constant.
  9. Rolled oats is what i use. Aldi organic rolled oats. This has definitely improved my beers retention and mouthfeel. Add them to the mash as last ingredient as the rest of grains act as a filter.
  10. Titan

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Just got back from brew club meeting that had a structured tasting of 3 brewers quick sour beers. This was why i brewed this one. Feedback i got was tremendous. Nothing negative. Just glad i tried something a little different and well outside my comfort zone.
  11. Titan

    What is Your Go-To Beer to Brew

    I grew up in Scotland, my choice of beer was limited to Tennants Lager or McEwens export with the odd bottle of Newcastle brown or a Carlsberg Special brew. When i was 16 i joined the army and sampled my first english bitter in Aldershot. It was flat and tasted like $hit. When i was a little older i moved to England, Lincolnshire in fact and my local had the standard John Smiths varieties of bitters plus a guest beer every week. These bitters were vastly different from my first bitter taste and i fell in love with the style. The best beer i ever had was a tetleys bitter when i went to watch a rugby world cup game. I had tetleys before but never was it this good. Since i have been brewing i have strived to perfect the English bitter style of beer. I have come close on a few occasions but the last one i did was spot on. It will become my go to beer.
  12. English bitter i brewed 2 weeks back. 4 days in the keg. Best English bitter i have made and i reckon how a glass should look when its done.
  13. Raspberry Sour. Clarity is tremendous. Head retention not so good. Having not brewed a sour before not sure how much of the fruit flavour should come through. But its big raspberry flavour. Would i brew again? No, sours are not my thing.
  14. Titan


    No dry hops involved here. Leaning to Kelsey and not cold enough. If was bottle infection only a few would have been affected. Anyhow all have been drunk and im still around.
  15. Titan


    This is the latest and the worst. But only been in fridge for an hour. Seems colder they are the more stable. 20190414_213030.mp4