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  1. In this case your hydrometer is your friend. A small leak in your FV is probably the culprit. As for activity, similar brews with similar yeast can perform differently.
  2. Titan

    Bye all

    I have. I ducked out because i was drinking to much beer. That didnt change, but i was buying it instead. So back on the home brew again. Starting with a black IPA fermenting with Voss so should be in the keg in 5 or 6 days. And thanks for all the kind messages. Love you guys.
  3. Time for me to retire from the home brew game. Not much time left in a week for me to continue. Anyhow all the best for you guys. Hope you reach your vallhalla
  4. You got to be happy with that for your first brew. They will get better as you go on.
  5. First thing I would do is check my temperature. Get some water up to 65c check brewzilla temp against inkbird. Reasoning, if temperature of zilla is reading low, your actual mashout temperature may be high enough to extract unwanted tannins from the grain husks. You also need to check your mash PH and get this under 5.8 as over this it will also contribute to tannin extraction. Where does the 74 min mash come from and that 69c mash temperature? Usual mash time is 60 min and a temp of around 65 would be concidered a sweet spot. Mash can be done between 63 and 70c but mashing at the higher end of this will produce sugars that yeast cant eat. Would be great if you could post your last recipe.
  6. Kegged my session pils at the weekend and got 3 tallies as well. Tasted what was left in the wand at the end. Was not expecting much from this but was surprised its full of flavour rather than watery. Interested to taste again when carbed.
  7. Have a look here for a previous discussion.
  8. I would go with this but also add 300g honey for higher abv and flavour complexity.
  9. The recipe is formulated for a balanced outcome. Adding addition fermentables may upset that balance. And i agree with Captain, koln yeast at its low end will produce a crisp beer.
  10. My wheat beer. Kegged a week ago. Great banana and clove from the munich classic.
  11. If you buy an all grain kit from a home brew store the grain comes pre-crushed and many if not all are not vacuum sealed. Unless they are truning them over really quickly i would suspect some would be 2 or 3 months old. Your method of vac sealing would give at least that 2 or 3 month and still be fresh enough.
  12. Session pilsner. 90% pilsner 3% each carapils, carahell, honey malt. 25g halertau mitt and Saaz at 60mins 20g same at hopstand. 3.5%abv expected.
  13. No difference, just would be a good experiment roasting your own.
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