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  1. You can buy a snub nose fermetasaurus for that price and it comes with the floating dip tube.
  2. My 2 cents on this. As the secondary ferment happens the whole bottle expands including the threads at the cap. When you throw one in the fridge co2 goes into solution and the bottle will contract somewhat. The harder plastic of the cap takes more time to reset to its original shape therefore leaving a path for the co2 to escape. Just a theory though.
  3. Rye of the tiger. So after over a week in the keg the yeast and hop debris has cleared nicely. Taste is great and the spicey notes have subsided. Its still spicey but more refined. Colour is fantastic. Most definitely a toucan i would do again.
  4. Dry hopped. 25g galaxy 20g Ekuanot 40g simcoe Yes i think the rye did add some spicy notes but the Ekuanot probably contributed also.
  5. All good plans can have issues. Transfer failed as some sort of blockage in the beer out of the saurus. Fixed now but very frustrating on transfer day. Ended up syphoning the beer out of the fv to an open keg picking up a lot of yeast in the process. No issues with foaming during the transfer. All the dry hop charge i did is very prominent. Trying to work out where the spicy notes in the beer are coming from.
  6. Rye of the Tiger, black IPA. Its actually darker than the photo shows. Lots if spicy flavour that im not sure where it comes from. Need to check my notes to find if this is hop or rye driven.
  7. I would say it depends on the beer. Dark ales, stouts and porters i would stir it back in. I have never skimmed on any of my brews however.
  8. anyone else having issues with this site? When i press next unread i get an error message. Very frustrating.
  9. US-05 is renowned for a stubborn Kraussen. Its usually held up there with nothing more than surface tension. Gently rock your fv to break that tension and the Kraussen will start to drop.
  10. Im just about to transfer my Black Rye IPA to a serving keg. This is a pressure ferment in the snub nose saurus, no spunding valve used.
  11. Really the first time measuring mash ph. Without any additions measured value was 5.33. Beverage doctor ph meter calibrated in known solution, Melbourne water and recipe on Brew day thread. Is this likely?
  12. Anglo American IPA. Currently half way through the mash.
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