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  1. No mate, had that a couple years. You missed the one on the right a new snub nosed saurus lol.
  2. I brewed it twice and such a solid brew. Then i went and tweeked a little with some smoked malt and eventually to baltic porters, but i should get this one down again.
  3. Im thinking that wont work because where does he put the container. Also the temperature change in the container will be a lot faster then the fv's. Dilemma
  4. Nothing. But its here and its shiny. Will give it a wet run over the weekend before Monday brewday.
  5. Not sure how your measuring line length but this looks a lot more than 2.5 to 3m.
  6. The new ROTM will get you near XPA territory. As for yeast pitch get it down to the top end of recommended temperature while its dropping and you should be fine.
  7. Im thinking how to do this as AG.
  8. Titan


    In actual fact you can buy a device that measure power consumption. But in all honesty that it will consume more energy than the inkbird.
  9. Not seen it yet, comes with the order.
  10. 3 days at 22 its more than likely done. Just give it a couple days to clean up.
  11. Check your hydrometer in water at 20c just to make sure it is reading correctly.
  12. Yes because the resistance is causing the beer to foam in the line every pour.
  13. I dont see it this way. The flow control is giving resistance and so is the length of line so the beer in the line is foaming. Then the foam in the line recedes leaving the beer at the low points in the line.
  14. If your using a flow control diconnect then the beer line needs to be a lot shorter than a standard disconnect i think this is your issue. Replace the flow control disconnect with a standard one and see how it goes.
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