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  1. Ok. You should never boil the kit as it will change bittetness and aroma. Treat your hop additions seperate. Make hop tea based on your timings.
  2. Not a stickin the wort, but temperature control is a hot topic on this forum. Info ready available
  3. Ok, wow, nothing on temperature control. Hey guys new topic!!! Lets give our best answers. Again
  4. Please search the forum before posting questions on topics already well covered.
  5. Coopers can we have a sticky on temperature control? We have done this 100 times
  6. I wish i could brew now but working in Sydney limits what i can do. Plan is however next time home 15th November is thrash out an English bitter. 29th remotely crash to 2 deg. December 12 keg. Should be ready for birthday on 23.
  7. I would say no. Many of these clone apps will claim they are ms office compatable. Problem is when you import them, the calculation functions do not work because the formula is not there. Its like copy and paste in excel from one sheet to another. Formula gets copied as a value rather than the formula itself.
  8. Not sure i understand. Did you just boil everything? Or just the hops.
  9. Hey karlos if its at 1.032 then it will taste sweet, have you tasted it?
  10. This the one I raved about in the goto bear thread.
  11. Posting it now on your English Bitter Thread.
  12. Dead space is the measure from the bottom of the vessel to a point on the wart outlet. Some interpret this differently. I use a measure to the middle of the outlet. So when im transfering my wart and my pump starts to suck air, by the time i react and shut it off it will be around the middle of the outlet. I just figure that my pump is designed to pump liquid and not air.
  13. I used to do the same as you and top up post boil with a couple of litres. Then i had a look at mash thickness. I think GF calc uses a standard value of 2.7 ltrs per kilo when its more like 3.4. The extra 2 or 3 litres at sparge will also extract more of your sugars.
  14. Shamus, to hit your target your total water volume should be 29l. 16l mash and 13l sparg. What are you using to heat your sparge water? I have a seperate urn that sits above my GF making my sparge process easier.
  15. I just want the time to brew a beer, any beer!!!
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