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  1. Titan

    Fast fermentation??

    Yep, stay away from turbo, does not get good reviews on the distilling forums. I tried it in a spirit wash years ago. Bad flavour even after the distillation run.
  2. Titan

    Fruit Beer

    Anyone used pomegranate? I have a crop that will be ready real soon. Issue i see is the seeds.
  3. Titan

    Anyone Else Growing Hops This Year?

    Just thinking about this. If i get any crop from mine which i doubt this year. Could i dry the flowers in one of those food drier thingys?
  4. First crack, Brown IPA, only 6 days in the bottle. Loving this one.
  5. Titan

    Plaato v Tilt

    Lusty, totally agree. This is over the top brewing for a home brewer and also for most, out of their price range. Dont get me wrong this is not about what you can afford but a genuine comparison of 2 mass market products and a review of how they compare. The outlay i have on these is huge, money could have been better spent. This topic is to help peeps who are concidering buying one of these. Hopefully at the end when i give my verdict on both. I will have saved that brewer $200 on buying the wrong product. I personally find the science fascinating.
  6. Titan

    Plaato v Tilt

    Small update, dont expect things to move swiftly form here on in. Brew is almost done but i will wait a few more days. Plaato at 1015, Tilt bobbing 1013 - 1014. Only 34bpm from plaato now. Didnt help when adding dry hops as co2 blanket lost when open the lid. Plaato as i speak has gone offline.
  7. Well well, back to the Northern brewers pilsner. I commented at the time that hate mail might need to be sent. Its been sitting untapped in the kegerator for a while now, maybe 2 months or so. What a difference!! The hops have mellowed and the steam beer characteristic has gone away. Im glad i added saaz for dry hops as they are beginning to shine.
  8. Titan

    Stuck ferment......what they look like?

    +1 to both above. Rock the fv a little as this can be enough to: a, break the surface tension and b, rouse the yeast a little.
  9. Titan

    Beersmith 3

    Didn't go basic, think platinum as i want on a lot if devices.
  10. Titan

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    You must be drawing air in through the recirculating line, you might need to nip up the connections.
  11. Titan

    Plaato v Tilt

    Yes mate i did it using beersmith couple months back and every brew since has been spot on. Old habits never die though and i will eventually take a hydro reading.
  12. Titan

    Plaato v Tilt

    Ok another update with a sample. Plaato said 1.024, tilt said 1.021, actual reading with refracto 1.022. So these 2 units are neck and neck with this brew. Put the plaato into learning mode and adjusted to 1.022. Now we get to the pointy end will see what happens as i am going to toss some dry hops.
  13. Titan

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I havd a GF so interested to hear what the issues are.
  14. Titan

    Barrel aging homebrew

    My club is doing exactly the same brew. Merri Mashers here in Melbourne.