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  1. ESB I did on brewday thread couple weeks back. Yeast was London ESB which tore through 40 points in 3 days 1.050 to 1.010. For the style its a keeper of a recipe. Only complaint it needs to be served slightly warmer than my kegerator is set.
  2. When i did a 3l starter with voss i collected 3 x 500ml and few of these. This one, about 4 months in the fridge. Will pitch this to a new 1l starter and away I go.
  3. Or someone labelled the bag of mosaic incorrectly.
  4. Simply no, i would stick with a Nottingham at 25c rather than a saison. Saison will give funk thats imho you either love or hate. Notty will give a beer more to the style.
  5. First off, i would check my hydrometer in water at 20c. It should read approximately 1.000. What was the expected OG and FG. maltodextrin in the quantity you used would only add about 1 point to both OG and FG.
  6. Although both American IPA's was different hops so side by side doesn't really stand up. Both great beers though.
  7. 2nd batch of my American Pale. Last one was Verdant yeast, this one Kveik.
  8. https://www.whitehousenursery.com.au/hops/display/749-victoria-hops
  9. Check out this article, it may help identify your issue. https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/how-to-brew/beer-haze-cloudy-homebrew/
  10. Hmm, go back to your notes on brewday, check recipes, mash temperature, mash out if you do. Do you crush your own grains or does the lhbs do it? If you lhbs crushes have you change shops or have they changed mill setting. A myriad of things can contribute to this haze, even the yeast used. Anyway to be honest your last brew looks great and if it tastes great your wining. I used to be hung up on beer clarity. Not anymore, certainly a lager should be clear but a pale dont need to be.
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