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  1. Pearler mate. Thanks. I'll only be getting a few handfuls this year if I'm lucky, I'm still chasing more rhizomes. I've got a dehydrator, but I'm contemplating a bigger unit to put in my shed. Thanks again
  2. How do people use hops from the vine/bine.?just curious as to the processing of the plant for use in brews. Thanks
  3. Just wondering if anybody has some rhizomes for sale this year. I'm in NSW. Chasing a few different varieties. Keen for just about any variety. Thanks
  4. Gday, I've only just got on here and while looking around I've noticed there is an app for Apple products but not Android. I don't suppose anybody can shed any light? Or point me to an app that can offer any fine tuning or maybe new recipes? Cheers in advance
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