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  1. Yeah I'll have a play around with it and see where it takes me. I like the idea of no chill and the fact it means I can transfer to fv and ferment at a later date. Cheers.
  2. Thanks Kelsey I'll have a look at doing something like you suggest with the hop additions geared for no chill. If it means a fewer stage operation ie. no mini boil...I'm keen! Cheers.
  3. Evening all I just did my first all grain brew last week. I built the 3v system and chiller myself and Im really happy that I pulled it off. It's a huge learning curve and I'm sure I'll be able to streamline the process. But it's just too time consuming for me. I have a young family, work and study. It isn't feasible for me to have a full brew day on a regular basis. So, I'm wondering, rather than going back to extract. Especially as I've got a fair bit of grain. Can I spilt the process over a couple days with no real detriment to quality? I want to produce hop forward APA and IPA's which I understand aren't really suited to no chill. What I'm thinking is if I can get all the grain cracked and everything in place so I can just come home from work and fire up the burner. If I do the mash and boil the 60 min addition then cube and no chill. Then when I can get back to it I could pour say 5 litres of the cubed wort back into the kettle and do a 15 -20 min boil with whatever hop schedule I would have done if I was doing it all in one hit. Then add this to the cubed wort in the fv and ferment as usual. Has anyone done or do this kind of arrangement? Or what do you think could be any potential down falls of doing it this way? Cheers everyone.
  4. Thanks guys, I will go ahead as panned. I was actually thinking to do a diacetyl rest when I get back but I will now check for any flavours first. I have been lucky and scored some kegs and made a keezer so I think ill keg it then let it lager for at least a couple of weeks...if I can resist temptation, then carb it up. I'll be sure to follow up on this and let you know how it turns out. Thanks again.
  5. Evening guys, I am planning to put a brew down and be unable to get back to it for 4 weeks. I've got the Morgan's Saaz pilsner kit which I want to use up. I'm going to do a partial mash with pilsner grain and maybe some carspils and boil up with some Saaz additions. I'll cool the wort and pitch 2 x saflager s23 dried yeast rehydrated at maybe 12deg C and the drop to 10'C for the month I'm away. Anyone done a similar ferment time and temp? Is this gonna be okay? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Christina I'll look in to the calculators. And thanks for your thoughts on the hop addition timings. Very interesting how timing can change everything, I love how much scope there is to home brew.
  7. Evening brewers, I'm gonna put down a pale ale tomorrow. I plan to use the Coopers Pale Ale can with a 1.7kg can extra light LME. I'm thinking to steep 250grams each Crystal malt and Carapils. Then boil wort for 30 mins with hop additions: 30 mins 10g Amarillo, 10g Galaxy. 15 mins 10g Amarillo, 15g Galaxy. 8 mins 15g Amarillo, 10g Galaxy. 0mins 10g Amarillo, 10g Galaxy. I'll then cool and Pitch Coopers Commercial yeast which I've reactivated then dry hop at around 5 days with 10g of each. I'd really appreciate any feedback from you guys, this is my 4th brew and I'm always looking to improve. Also can someone recommend a calculator for what my expected OG and SG will be for this recipe? I'm struggling all I can find is calculators for all grain. Cheers!
  8. Ok Thanks guys I'd rather use the Coopers fv as it's clear and will allow me to monitor the brew and clarity a lot better. As it's my first lager brew I'm keen to monitor the process! Really appreciate the comments, as I'm pretty new to home brew Cheers!
  9. G'day all Has anyone used the new style coopers fv for brewing a true lager in a controlled fridge? I'm planning on doing a lager and with the extended fermentation times and will be cold crashing the brew etc I have concerns about the batch getting infected due to not being sealed. Anyone have experience or evidence that it's ok to use this style fv? I'm thinking of playing it safe and using an airtight fv. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the replies guys. Yes Ben I've just set up the spare fridge with a thermostatic relay.
  11. G'Day all I'm about to brew my first lager in the morning. I'm going for a pilsner and have bought a packet of Saflager S-23 for it to replace the kit yeast. When I read the packet it recommends using two packs of yeast for a 23litre brew. While I was in the lhbs I also bought a pack of the W34/70 strain thinking I'd try that in another brew down the track. I'm wondering if it would be viable to combine the two packets/strains in the one mix and what kind of results I might expect?!? I've fonud this forum a great source of information, now I'm hooked on home brewing and really would value any feedback you guys could throw at this. Cheers!
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