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  1. gytski

    New Bottle cleaning

    Sorry, should have said what I'm using. I've got a tub of Wilko steriliser/cleaner but I can get something else instead, I was going to use this for cleaning the FV out afterwards but been told its ok for doing the bottles with as long as its well rinsed.
  2. gytski

    New Bottle cleaning

    Hey Up, I'm new to the home brewing and after doing a American IPA in a keg which turned out nice I am now doing a lager which I am wanting to bottle. I have brand new pet coopers bottles and was wondering the best way to clean them before use. I was considering placing them into a big bowl with cleaner/sanitizer and leaving for a short while before giving a good rinse with cold water then rinse again with warm water. Also I was going to do the same with the caps. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.