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  1. There would have to be glitter in it
  2. @ChristinaS1 It was a while ago that I came across the article and it wasn't overly detailed. Didn't give the process of drying or what ever they did other than saying something to the effect of they collect the dry hops and process it to not store it wet. This was the excess that wasn't going to be used immediately. I don't even recall where I saw the article, it most likely was a feed on my phone on things some of the commercial brewers were doing. It was only a benefit to those using a lot of hops in their beers. Not something of any use for the home brewer as the quantities we use to give the bitterness charge is not worth the effort if we aren't doing a brew as we pull the dry hops out of the fermenter.
  3. I thought there were some breweries in the US already doing this. With the amount of dry hops that was going into these IPAs and the likes they would take them out of the bags or what ever they used to contain them while dry hopping, then dry them and bang them in the next brew for the bittering run. It was looking to be quite a savings for them even when involving the process of having to re-dry and store accordingly. And the best part was there was no negative effect on the quality of the beer.
  4. Thanks everyone for the feedback. No I haven't made up my mind, been a bit caught up with work. I'm having a bit more of a look around the house for where I can put it, which will mostly influence the size and style. I might just have to relocate the ferment fridge somewhere else and put the beer fridge in its place. I've certainly been looking at costs for building one, and there are some good prices on the stuff needed and as mentioned by other gumtree has plenty of fridges/freezers, thats where i got my ferment fridge from for stuff all and am very happy with it.
  5. It will be indoors. I'm the only beer drinker in the house and most of the time I do the visiting of family / friends so thats one reason to still bottle but also why I don't need a 10 keg keezer.
  6. Currently i'm bottling and for some brews i will still do so but looking at moving to kegging for a few reasons and fairly obvious the ease of getting beer from fermenter to glass is main but also to get the best from hoppy ales and avoid oxidization. Now the question I have is, what is the better way to go in terms of a kegerator, should i just get one like what kegland sell or should i go down the path of building one from a chest freezer? I'm wanting to keep the size smallish as I have limited room and really only plan to have 3 drinks available at once with 1 tap most likely to be say soda water or something like that for the Mrs.
  7. How much polyclar do you usually add to a 23l batch
  8. The real cheap prices from Woolies right now are an anomaly as they are destocking massively. I've never bought at my local ones before as they weren't cheaper but at times I have from big w or dans when they are having 20% specials but normal prices then the club price in the online store has been slightly cheaper from my experience. Now the question about it should be cheaper from the online store than others....coopers sell to stockists and would sell more that way than if they were selling cheaper from their online store, it appears they have business ethics and aren't trying to cut the throats of their retailers that support them.. which can't be said for a quite a few other distributors of goods in Australia they want two chops at the cherry and then wonder why retailers aren't interested in selling their product, why would you.
  9. OG was only 1.019. You won't get a high ABV from the kit as it is simply flavour extract.
  10. Literally just finished mixing up a batch of this. I went with dextrose instead of the caster sugar just because I had it and wanted to avoid any potential for the green apple taste sugar can throw. I have also got a can of the lemonade which I'll put down later in the week most likely.
  11. I actually bought a 6 pack of stubbies on Thursday. Date on the bottles was end of Feb. I didn't get any hop aroma from 5 of the 6 bottles with 1 having slight amount of something there. No huge hop taste either, I was a bit underwhelmed by it to be honest but in saying that I didn't hate it, still better than the xxxx gold now ?. I poured 2 into a glass to get a look at the colour and was surprised as it was a darker golden colour than i was expecting. I think an AG version and drinking it fresh would be quite good for just a simple easy drinking beer so keen to see how this turns out.
  12. I know a brewer who throws a block of cadbury chocolate or the lindt chilli choc in his coopers stout/dark ale and says it gives that nice bit of sweetness and chocolate flavour and smoothness. I'm going to try it seems quite simple and well he hasn't had any problems doing it.
  13. I bottle in 500ml bottles and use 1 drop for the Stouts and it was spot on. As for the aging part I agree with the higher ABV ones to go longer like 3-4 months minimum. I've also done just the OS stout and from about 4 weeks on didn't really notice any difference in taste, but at about the 4 week mark i was getting a very nice creamy head, that has very small bubbles, similar to a commercial stout.
  14. Um no it wasn't lol. And he definitely didn't have anything in his vid like kicking an old cube into the backyard ?
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