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  1. My Missus wants me to do a Ginger Beer for Summer, are there any recommendations for a good recipe?
  2. I'm wanting to get some nice beer glasses and there's talk of people buying from second hand shops which I'm happy to do cause I'm a tight arse but the problem I have with my current glasses is they don't produce any head and if they do it lasts about 30secs. I've tried cleaning with Sodium perc, vinegar, plain boiling water etc but no luck. The beer if poured into a cheap plastic disposable cup gets a head and retains beautifully. Any thoughts? Wade
  3. Just thought about bulk priming, do you get the same reaction? If it is still in the FV it would go crazy?
  4. Hi All, I bottled some beer over the weekend and when I went to bottle I realized that I didn't have enough Carbonation Drops so I used sugar for the first time. I had a little measuring scoop that I had bought previously that has the correct dosage. What I noticed was that when I put the sugar in the bottle if I didn't get the cap on within 5 secs it would expand out and overflow out of the bottle, is that normal? I ended up doing 11 bottles with drops and the rest with sugar so I'm interested to see if there is any difference to the beer. Cheers Croaky
  5. Hi all, I've always brewed in the 750ml PET bottles with 2 carbonation drops but I have acquired some 500ml brown glass bottles from Aldi, they originally had German Oktoberfest beer in them from their recent promotion. How do I calculate how much sugar to put in before capping? Is there a formula to use? Croaky
  6. Tracked 1 down in Belmont at "The Brewers Market".
  7. Thanks guys, I've messaged the guy at Belmont as I'm over that way weekly. Otherwise I'll try some of the other suggestions. Cheers.
  8. Just curious is there anywhere other than the online store to buy this brew can? I've tried a few different Dan Murphys Stores with no luck. I'm trying to avoid the $15 FREIGHT Charge. I'm based in Lake Macquarie.
  9. The seal on my FV tap has been damaged. I've only done 4 brews and it has a small tear in it and is now leaking, I have always lubed it up with a small amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as instructed. Can I buy these seals separately or do I need to buy a whole new tap? Obviously don't want to have to replace every 4 brews so is there something else I could do to prevent it from happening again? Cheers Wade Scrap all that, just seen the old thread discussing, I've bought a new tap with free delivery.
  10. What a difference a few weeks makes. Last night I sampled a few more bottles with some friends and I was given raving reviews. After 6 weeks in the bottle it is very drinkable. I assume it will only get better over the next 6 weeks if it lasts that long before it's gone. Still not sure if the timeframe was worth it though, 4 weeks to brew then at least 6 weeks in the bottle. Maybe I need a couple of brew fridges but I don't think the wife will be overly impressed with the amount space they take up.
  11. Great, thanks for your response. I'll chill a bottle to drink, I'll have it Friday night so that will be basically 3 weeks in the bottle at 19 degrees and see the results. If it has not carbonated properly by then is there anything that can be done?
  12. My beer has been sitting in the fridge at 19 degrees for 2 weeks, I'm not going to try it again for another 2 weeks as the instructions said it could take up to 12 weeks to condition in the bottles (wish I knew that in the beginning), my dilemma is I can't get another brew going while I wait. Do you think that now it has been 2 weeks conditioning I could take the risk on it not be a stable 19 degrees? I was thinking of storing the bottles in my large esky with a hot water bottle to ensure they stayed over 18 degrees. How critical does the temp need to be now? Today I decided to brew the "True Aussie Bitter" and I've got all the ingredients including the extra yeast from "Brewman" but worried about the European Lager being ruined. I've put way too much time and effort into this first Lager to take any chances.
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