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  1. Fast carb at 30psi shake it for 10 minutes then burp it and wait 10 minutes to check it. It’s a trial and error thing for me. I only do 5 litre kegs of spirits/soda water. I’ve never had any dramas with just foam. But I have found if you over carb anything put a spunding valve set at serving pressures for a couple of hours.
  2. Sunkissed wiesse has actually been the best brew I’ve made to date. I added the skin of two oranges with 10 minutes left in the boil. I’d probably double that next time but it is a cracker of a beer that’s fairly easy to make.
  3. I also put 250g of dry wheat malt...I think. I also did 30g of centennial and 15g each of the infusion. But not even kidding, I did a blind taste with help from the missus. I could not pick it at all! Visually tho the home brew one is darker
  4. Balter XPA is my favourite. But at nearly $25 for a four pack!? Yes a four pack. Lucky my LHBS has a clone recipe and it was on the money!
  5. I found that since I’ve been kegging this has stopped for me. I use to drink a heap of homebrew from bottles and my god my flatulence could of put a horse down. Even trying to keep the sediment in the bottle I’d still know the next day I was drinking homebrew. Can’t comment on the AG scenario but that’s my experience.
  6. I do the battery drill thing and it is wicked! Almost a deadly weapon. The amount of torque this thing puts out nearly rips the paddle in half! But as you can it airates the wort to the point where I have to stop or risk it making a mess! Get a nice whirlpool going one way than reverse the drill. Do that twice and the results speak for themselves.
  7. over carbed beer more like it! Im assuming you’re kegging this otherwise there’s no point in pressure fermenting. So assuming that I’d assume you have co2 and appropriate fittings. Shut your valve for the collection bottle, pump in 30 psi or whatever into your fermenter then open your valve. Might help. Also your valve could be blocked. Happened heaps for mine. I’ve since upgraded to the newer model which has a way larger valve. I never really worried about collecting yeast or whatever. Didn’t even bother dry hopping that way.
  8. Does this have any effect on the overall beer? I work away 2 weeks at a time and I’ll throw down a brew to ferment away. But obviously this means I can’t dry hop until I get home! I’ll still dry hop for the recommended time justified by the recipe. Just wondering am I wasting valuable hops?
  9. My sun kissed wiesse. Wow. What a great beer. I’d go out on a limb saying it’s my best brew to date.
  10. I’m trying really hard to like this beer. The red rattler. I don’t know if I did something wrong or what but it is just awful. A bit of apple comes through which is really disappointing and ruins it. I’ve left it in the keg for 3 months. I’m just gonna tip it. I need the keg any way.
  11. Can highly recommend the citra XPA, American pale ale, and the red IPA. Stay away from the Aussie pale ale...
  12. Bulk priming is something I want to explore. Well more or less natural condition a keg. I had thought of maybe keeping some unfermented wort to use as priming sugar. Anyone done anything like this?
  13. This looks good. What would I use if I wanted an extract version? Two cans of light liquid malt? Did you end up using 40 bags?
  14. How do you all sanitise your equipment? I’ve been brewing a while and what I’ve been doing is filling my fermenter and keg with water and the appropriate amount of sanitiser and leaving it for 15 minutes and then tipping it out. My question here is can you say just use a litre of diluted sanitiser and swell it around in the keg or fermenter for a couple of minutes? Can you re use sanitiser? I find I am going through the stuff...
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