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  1. I’ve dried hopped during cold crash before with no problems. But I’ve also read dry hopping in the last couple of days of fermentation adds something to the brew. I can’t remember what. But thanks for the suggestions. I’m going to drop the temp today and slow it down.
  2. I’m an honest guy That’s what I was thinking. I could dry hop and cold crash when I get back. I was honestly pushing time with the original time limit to be honest but I reckon it would of been done Being an IPA I think it is. Honestly I’d question myself if I didn’t dry hop
  3. So I put down a beer with the intention of going back to work in just over tens days. I ferment under pressure and I had the temp set at 22 to really push it along and I wasn’t going to cold crash. And I did all this yesterday. Fermentation kicked off within a couple of hours. Cool. HOWEVER i got a phone call this morning saying I have to fly out on Tuesday now... so what are my options? Keep in mind a 3 day dry hop. Should I leave the dry hopping until I get home (9th feb) or...?
  4. Just to clarify, pour the gelatine solution in hot or let it cool down? Like I said before, i do use whirl floc with 15 mins to go in the boil. I suppose to one advantage of quick chill is you can ferment straight away
  5. I cube chill. You reckon quick chilling makes a difference? Tell me more about the gelatine ?
  6. Lhbs does the grains. And to be honest I am lazy with mash temps. I just mash in at 65 for everything. And it’s about 58-60 when the hour is up ( I still hit my OG). beer clarity doesn’t worry me if I’m brewing that style. I am still learning the all grain way, I’m just trying to hone in on the problem here. but it would be nice to have a clearer beer this summer
  7. Yes, even used 1KG of wheat in a previous brew which turned out just fine
  8. But I only did 60g dry hop. And to 20 litres.
  9. I’m trying to avoid the filter, just another thing to clean and risk of infections and blockages but if it comes to it than I will. I just don’t know why my first couple of brews turned out better than this.
  10. I did a quick search on this and couldn't find much out there. But the last three or four beers I've brewed have been really cloudy and not clear at all. Now I'm not talking CRYSTAL CLEAR beers, I'm talking you know, clear like a coopers stubby or can. My brews are...on another level and it is kind of off putting for me. I switched to all grain about 6 brews ago, and the first couple where good, they were actually clear. Nothing has really changed except of course the recipes. The last brew I just kegged was cold crashed for over a week. I usually only cold crash for 3-4 days... my next option is to filter. I use whirl floc at 15mins to go in the boil. Im thinking i can narrow it down to the amount of hops that I dry hop commando style. Its usually no more than 60g, but i could be wrong would value what other people think of this. And I not doing my mash correctly? Do I have to protein rest? How do I do that? The two beers compared here is a coopers XPA poured carefully, and my recently kegged galaxy XPA
  11. Brewed up a ginger beer, as per the recipe thread on this website. I literally poured straight on top of the slurry from my previous ginger beer that I just kegged, and an hour later there is fermentation going on. I can’t believe how easy it was to brew this. I’m only doing 5 litre batches and fermenting in a spare 5 L keg at 20-25psi and ambient temps. SG on first batch was 1070 and finished around .996 in just five days! SG on this batch was a bit lower at 1055. Not sure why
  12. Ah okay. Too risky. Thanks for letting me know
  13. I brewed this to just 5 litres and I used one of my spare 5L kegs as a fermenter and just some ale yeast off a coopers can i had in the fridge. Fermented out pretty quickly, was down to .995 in 5 days, kept the pressure at 20-25psi. Tasted a sample every day it was so delicious. I loaded it up with some home grown chilli. I just transferred it to another keg to chill and serve out of. Brewing up another batch as we speak. Now my question is, if I wanted fermentation to stop, what would be my best way to go about it? I can't really pasteurise a keg. I was thinking of just chilling it, but i am not too sure if that would neutralise the yeast. The ginger beer I brewed taste really good, but it tasted REALLY REALLY good at around 1015. Will be tasting the chilled beer tomorrow. I just can't wait.
  14. I always soak my kegs in sodium perc until ready to be filled, then ill sanitise everything and do a closed transfer. It was very odd, i ended up tipping maybe 2 litres of beer out so no real loss, just seeing if anyone had any idea as to why so i can maybe prevent it next time (if there is a next time)
  15. That burn you get after a shot of spirits. It was quite off putting and like you, I have never experienced it up until now. Keg was maybe 4-5weeks old.
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