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  1. Honestly I’m with you in regards to what I do and the quality of the end product hence why I’ve never been bothered with testing this. Maybe one day but meh.
  2. It’s called krausening. I’ve looked it up before and thought about doing it myself but never could be bothered. Apparently it brings on heaps more flavour and if it’s hopped wort it will bring out heaps of hop flavours. I’ve often thought if I put some of my wort into a sanitised keg and flush out all the oxygen and leave till the brew is ready would the wort still be “fresh” and not infected. Been to scared to try it
  3. Ah I forgot about this. So turns out the cascading and taste of cold brew coffee is way better if you filter it... as for beer gas...I don’t think I’d use it. I’ve got a beer naturally conditioned so it’s already carbed and I’ll just stick to pure nitrogen IMG_3670.MOV
  4. was there a taste difference?
  5. Whats the lowest temp you have brewed with this? Im trying it out at 15c as i am going away for 2 weeks so i don't need to do be done any time soon. But I got a feeling that might be too low...
  6. Things that go under pressure should not be drilled... if you needed to replace the dip tube I personally would of just used a float and some beer line
  7. I’m on the north coast of NSW where a cold winters day is 21 degrees and a warm summers day is 38. I’ve brewed say 75% of my brews under pressure and now 100% of my future brews. I don’t know if my knowledge in homebrewing improved at the time I started or if it really is the brewing under pressure thing, but I really can’t fault my beers. I only starting brewing with a brew fridge because one basically fell on my lap I wasn’t going out of my way to buy one when to be honest I felt I didn’t need one. Dry hopping without oxygen requires you to turn the butterfly valve off , take off the collection bottle, do what you do with trub (I just tip it down the sink) clean and sanitise than add the dry hops and screw back onto the fermenter, but before you open the valve, I have those PET bottle caps with the ball lock attachment thingys, I purge three times then I’ll open up the butterfly valve The ease of transferring carbonated beer to a keg with 0 oxygen is a huge plus. Saves a bit on co2. Also watching it ferment is very hypnotic Now there is one thing I don’t like about it and that is cleaning it. But who likes cleaning stuff!?
  8. My fermzilla fits in my fridge. And the claim of fame is that you don’t need temp control with it for some reason. Personal preference but I love it. The beers are great, tasting samples already carbed up, dry hopping with no oxygen added. I’ve only brewed one batch with temp control and it won’t be touched for 6 months. But it’s brew day today and it’s a recipe I’ve done before with no temp control and it was spot on.
  9. Well here we are folks. I kegged this yesterday and I tasted a sample and OMG. I had to sneak a PET bottle and nitro it up. I will admit, I didn’t cold crash but it was fermented at control temp, at 15psi and it was in the fermenter for 3 weeks. It is being conditioned in the keg and won’t be touched until late May/June. So with all that in mind what I had sampled tonight OBVIOUSLY wasn’t perfect. But my word it has potential. It was chocolate on the nose, full creamy in the mouth and slightly fruity for my liking but not undrinkable. There was NO alcohol feeling or taste. Now my improvised pouring device proved challenging with 35psi of nitro but I managed. I can’t wait for it to be the colder months.
  10. He just wants me to squirt the hose
  11. Here I am cleaning my fermenter taking it apart and I notice something odd. Upon closer inspection...it appears perhaps maybe some yeast has gotten on the other side of those plastic seals you find on soft drink bottles (the fermzilla has these)
  12. Guilty of tipping it down the sink. But I’ll often rob some of the mix for a large spray bottle. Curious about this tho
  13. I just use pure nitrogen. CO2 adds off flavours to coffee
  14. Everything the same except the tap and pressure which I have it set for 35psi. The tap I have is fairly shitty tho. I’d recommend a decent tap. And cause nitrogen doesn’t dissolve in liquid easily I’ll give the keg a good shake before serving. https://ikegger.com/products/the-nitro-stout-coffee-carbonation-kit
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