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  1. Biab. But only done two brews like that. Any tips? Imperial tho...
  2. If anyone has any idea how to replicate this please do share! I highly recommend trying this if you are into sours
  3. Hello all my brewers Heres one that i can't quite put my finger on. If was to can or bottle a brew and have the nitrogen effect to compliment it, how would I go about it? I am thinking along the lines of using liquid nitrogen, but that raises a few more questions... Can I even buy liquid nitrogen? How much liquid nitrogen do you put in? Wouldn't it freeze said beverage? Hmm any ideas anyone??
  4. Oxygen in the wort from power drill assisted mixing.
  5. Don’t worry about your starting pressures. When I start a brew I’ll blow the oxygen out and then let the yeast build up the pressure to 15-20 psi. I don’t bother with using the collection bottle (because I can’t get it off) or even shutting the valve. Let the beer do it’s thang bleed pressure off and open the lid to dry hop. I blow the oxygen out (might not be necessary) and bung the lid back. 2 hours later it’s back up to pressure then I’ll drop the temp down to cold crash whilst it’s dry hopping. Four to five days max. Closed transfer. Result is flawless beers. I’ve had that drama of the beer line getting clogged up with hops, just blow the line back with co2. But I’ve only just started cold crashing and haven’t had that drama since. Also mid transfer I’ll fill up two stubbies for a cheeky beer. But you’ll be right. Pressure fermenting is easier and less stressful if you are kegging.
  6. Well this has been well worth the wait. Since late last year this brew has been keg conditioning up until yesterday when it was put in the fridge and then today it was put under nitrogen. Tzars tar. Maybe another day on the nitro to get that lasting cascade effect. Wasn’t quick enough with the camera. a delicious beer. Hard to tell it’s 9%...so a bit dangerous. Might just be my winter night cap...
  7. Honestly I’m with you in regards to what I do and the quality of the end product hence why I’ve never been bothered with testing this. Maybe one day but meh.
  8. It’s called krausening. I’ve looked it up before and thought about doing it myself but never could be bothered. Apparently it brings on heaps more flavour and if it’s hopped wort it will bring out heaps of hop flavours. I’ve often thought if I put some of my wort into a sanitised keg and flush out all the oxygen and leave till the brew is ready would the wort still be “fresh” and not infected. Been to scared to try it
  9. Ah I forgot about this. So turns out the cascading and taste of cold brew coffee is way better if you filter it... as for beer gas...I don’t think I’d use it. I’ve got a beer naturally conditioned so it’s already carbed and I’ll just stick to pure nitrogen IMG_3670.MOV
  10. was there a taste difference?
  11. Whats the lowest temp you have brewed with this? Im trying it out at 15c as i am going away for 2 weeks so i don't need to do be done any time soon. But I got a feeling that might be too low...
  12. Things that go under pressure should not be drilled... if you needed to replace the dip tube I personally would of just used a float and some beer line
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