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  1. Hi all, I only got myself started recently with a DIY starter kit. Decided it was time to order a second FV with some other items, but when trying to apply the registration code at checkout that comes with the DIY starter kit (the one for entering the current competition that's also supposed to give 20% off in the store), it gives a 'code invalid' message. Is this common or is my code a dud? It had no problem registering for the travel competition.
  2. An update on my woes. After bottling my first brew and cleaning the fv, I was indeed able to get the tap apart. Took some effort, but it must have been stuck the first time due the horrendous humidity causing the plastic to expand.
  3. Brew day! Today for my second batch I put down a Sparkling Ale, straight as per the coopers recipe page. Adelaide Tap Water 1.7kg Thomas Coopers Innkeepers Daughter Sparkling Ale Can 1.5kg Light Dry Malt 300g Dextrose Yeast: Danstar 'BRY97' West Coast Ale (no starter, just on top in the FV in a whirlpool) Pitching temp was 26 degrees or just under. By the next brew I'm hoping to be pitching at 21 degrees. This was supposed to be my FIRST brew, until 4 days into the brew I looked in the pantry and realized I'd brewed this recipe (using kit yeast however) with the TC Brew A IPA can instead. Waiting to see how that one turns out. Especially as it was brewed during the 40 degree days and couldn't get pitching temps lower than 30 degrees and average brew temp was about 28 degrees. Fingers crossed it's drinkable!
  4. Hi all, just a query. Upon prepping for my first brew this week I went about sanitizing everything with starsan and when I went to twist and pull open my tap (the flip top style) I was unable to do so. It's a brand new one so I tried soaking it a bit first and double checked the youtube videos, but he's stuck tight! Is there a chance the plastic has just expanded in the ruthless Adelaide heat & humidity at the moment? Or is there a chance it's a dud?
  5. Howdy everyone! Just a brief intro from a newly ushered in brewer (Adelaide-based). I started reading up on home brewing only about a month ago, ordered my gear from the store & bought extras from BeerBelly. Finally received all my gear yesterday and got my 1st brew on today! (the Coopers Sparkling Ale from the recipe page). I'm a passionate beer drinker and lover of intense hoppy, complex-flavored brews. IPA's and strong English & American ales make me smile. Outside of brewing I work as a 3D artist at an animation joint. Brewing to me among my other hobbies is feeling like it'll be something I can come home to and get creative with away from technology while I make something I can indulge in! I've already spent a good time lurking here on the forums over the last few weeks and look forward to getting in on the conversation.
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