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  1. FWK are great. A batch is about $19-$38 depending on how many hops are added. With that said, it takes 4-5 hours to make a batch of AG, most times, so the cost savings are eaten up by the time to brew it. You also have to factor in the cost to get the AG set up.
  2. No. I thought about it but what I go for is intense aroma and flavour and I like the how dry hopping accentuates that. What about you?
  3. A wee heavy, my 1st thought was a great northern clone?
  4. So many wee jokes go through my head every time I see this comment. So many...
  5. My laugh is my reaction from when I read it, pure happiness! @The Captain!!
  6. Awesome feedback Kirk! I can see why, that brew looks bloody lovely! I am just imaging the aromas and flavours coming through. The double whirlpool, is good stuff, takes some patience but by the feedback it is worth it, you cube hopping that or chilling, guessing cubing from your comments but hey I am like a broken clock only right twice a day, so... I have enough of these hops to brew this and have been tossing up doing the "holy trinity" as James Lao calls it but really want to do a southern tropic, citra and Amarillo next, hmmm, I am going to have a think. When I do heavy flameout and cube additions with a dry hop, I notice that the flavour and aroma really sticks versus a light one and a big dry hop of the same amounts. As the beer ages it just matures into awesomeness and if I keep it for a while becomes a nice balanced beer to the last drop, not that they last to long. What have you noticed around these additions?
  7. Stepping to the AM is going down nice. It has been in the keg about 2 weeks+ and it has hit its stride, it is just straight juice with, wait for it, enough bitterness to know it is a beer. I love it. getting a lot of pineapple, orange, orange pith, and some nice florals coming through. Wife says it is a cracker, so that is high enough praise for this brewer. I am getting set up for an overnight mash and a short brew day tomorrow. Good brewing and happy Friday Norris
  8. I am not but is it open to Victorian brewers?
  9. Check the seals on the bottles you used, you might need to replace the and that could be the issue. Moving them somewhere warmer won't hurt them and you could see and increase in carbonation in just a few days.
  10. Some of the kveik yeasts give off esters at high temps, they work well with NEIPAS and ales that you want some tropical notes too it. Put your fermenter/bucket or whatever container you use in a sink or tub of water and have a shirt over it to keep it cool, you will need a lot of ice, but I would get another fridge and ferment in that, if possible. If not you might have to brew by the season and lay off brewing in the hotter months. Have you looked into making ciders? You just need juice and yeast. They will be dry but you can back sweeten them as the sugar for carbonation. I wouldn't use a glass bottle if you do this because it can explode if you get the calculations wrong. Or just drink it being dry.
  11. No I haven't tried it yet, I am keen but keep putting it off.
  12. Bacteria cannot handle alpha acids, so the more hops and higher IBUs the less likely an infection will occur. Yes, if you drop the hops in a dirty bag or let other foreign substances in then the chance of infection increases, which is where cleanliness and sanitation comes in. https://www.garshol.priv.no/blog/337.html
  13. Just take note of how much sweetener you use and adjust next batch to fit your taste more. I think the whole satchet of sweetener is too much, like rekordlik cider sweet. I don't do anything special with these but I am sure others add to it, I just don't think these kits need much. Great cider every time I have ever used them.
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