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  1. Nice one Mitchell. I like what a good hopstand/steep can bring to a brew. Good recipe construction helps as the brew ages. The picture looks good. Cheers Norris
  2. I have heard good things about it from a brewer but that is the exact reason I never was game enough to use it. The name sounds like a disease. I admit that I was fooled by marketing on this hop, probably fooled on a fool other things also. Coke zero, Mick Malthouse, Nebraska Cornhuskers just to name a few.
  3. The hazy pale ale has been carbonating since Friday afternoon and it is pretty good. Let the wife try some and she said it was juicy and wondered what juice I used in it, all hops baby. I thought it might be too bitter from the fermenter samples but it is about right for my tastes, could even handle a little more. Very juicy, from the oats, and quite the fruit basket in terms of aroma and flavour. Now to let the bottles ferment out and I will send those off. 4kg 2 row pale ale malt 800g flaked oats 800g malted wheat 10g Columbus fwh 60 min 15g galaxy, mosaic and amarillo whirlpool for 20 min 15g of each cube hopped at 78c 150g dry hop with 50g of each And the NE yeast from lallemand. I will give my suggestions for improvementss after week 3 once everything has melded together but pretty happy with this. The head disappears pretty fast but has good lacing. Cheers Norris
  4. I think it is personal preference. I do not prefer 2 cans of lme in my brews. For my tastes it made it chewy while I prefer the lighter quaffers. For head retention I resorted to carapils and wheat dry malt and then eventually just a can of goo and the rest in grains which then left no issues with the head and body. I figured if I was steeping grains, carapils, I might as well mash grains for an hour. But it is about personal preference. It should be right either way.
  5. I have never looked into that, what would it entail? Sounds pretty cool.
  6. Put down a quick extract brew to fill some kegs and send out. I might do a double dry hop or keep it like it is. If I do double dry hop, it will be with another 65g of mosaic, still weighing that option up. Having a taste of the hazy pale ale while I brew, that I kegged and bottled yesterday, will post pictures later, it looks good and tastes nice. The bitterness let's you know it isn't juice but the aroma makes you think it is.
  7. I just used it in a hazy pale ale, not quite a NEIPA because I didn't do the double dry hop. My batch took a while to really kick off but once it did, it seemed to chew through it fairly well. Just bottled and kegged some so haven't tasted it. I almost tossed in some more yeast at the next day before work, so about 15 hours post pitch, but it was churning away when I got home. Smelled good and the beer was pretty hazy.
  8. Nice looking recipe. I like the boil additions. I might try that my next pale/NEIPA if I ever do one again.
  9. I am sipping on this American wheat beer that has really cleared up in the keg. I went really light on the hops and only kegged hopped with 25g of centennial...for the first 3 weeks or so it was just a beer, little flavour and aroma. But by week 4 or maybe even 6 or 7 it has hit its stride, I am picking up some floral aroma, that is about it, but it is a nice drink on a hot day. Very refreshing and easy drinker this one. It was clean and crisp previously, but over time I would say it has improved from bland to something that is enjoyable on a lawnmower brew type of level. I guess the body has improved. My Carlton Draught drinking friend, was getting into after work. He liked the approachability of it (wanker). Just kidding. He said the floral hops were strong but I could hardly pick them up... Pretty happy with it as it is my 1st AG brew I made. There isn't anything to hide behind in this one. If I brewed the base recipe again, I would increase the hops to make it something like a Pacific ale, low bitterness high aroma and more flavour. Basically just dry hop the bejeezus out of it, kind of, probably about 5g/l next time. Norris
  10. I will dry hop the pale ale I have brewing tonight after the grain bag finishes in the sodium perc. 50g of galaxy, mosaic, and amarillo in: 4kg of BB pale ale malt .8kg BB wheat malt .8kg of flaked oats At 21l 1.049ish OG. FG is 1.010. New England yeast from lallemand, or whatever their name is. The sample tastes nice and smells pretty good, fingers crossed. I am super paranoid about my beers after my last batch tasted off. I need to try one from the keg and bottle again to see if it has changed, but I am not holding my breath on that batch. It has totally messed up my pipeline. 2 kegs are almost empty, really light, and the third has the off batch in it, so I have some brewing in front of me....not that I mind to much.
  11. Ah, you mean in the kettle.
  12. So are you saying to only brew the Flanders in that fermenter and nothing else?
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