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  1. Fair call. Nice safety by the way. It might of worked out but I definitely think you made the right call. Beer is not worth an eye or a finger. Even better that it solves the issue, didn't ferment out all the way, for the cloudiness.
  2. Norris!

    Amatuer brewing advice

    Another trick is to pre chill some water and have some ice blocks on hand for if and when you do boils to help get the temp down quickly. Like others have said one if the best ways to make good beer is to keep the temp of fermentation within the recommendations and sometimes on the low side to keep it cleaner and less estery from the yeast. Don't worry most of our first beer was less than desirable,but generally drinkable...I thought my first one was a gift from God. Welcome to the forum. Norris
  3. Norris!

    Dry hopping

    I felt for a few years now that dry hopping with certain varieties does add bitterness, I could taste it, finally some evidence to back it up, so nice. The hop creep was cool to read about. The additional sugars from the hops was nice to see and to add to my knowledge bank, oh look it is about empty! Hahaha. I often ignore the science bit for ancedotal evidence due to my attention span but this was explained so clearly even I understood it. Very much appreciated Titan for sharing.
  4. Norris!

    Grains in Extract beer

    I agree with Blacksands, the dark ale kit probably has enough crystal in it that the 300g might of made it sweet. Like Otto said after it carbs up it might be better.
  5. Norris!

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I just mixed together a MJ raspberry and lime cider to 22l with just a kg of dextrose, 1/4 packet of sweetener and the M02 MJ Cider yeast. I never made this MJ cider so I kept it as is to try it on it's own merits. I wanted to add some lime zest but as I said wanted to try it as is for next time. I will bottle this so I can share it out, my last cider was on tap for like 4 1/2 months, it was good but I dont drink ciders like I used to. I recently started a new job with a lot of travel and extra hours, it is invigorating but makes me even more time poor, so I have been doing a ton of quick keg fillers for the new year. I had my wife dry hop the all in brewery's mercenary pale ale fwk with 50g of simcoe and Amarillo each, I forgot to tell her to put 50g in 1 chux cloth only, I came home to a sausage roll of hops. I squeezed the hell out of it but could feel whole pellets, ah well my bad for the awful instructions. I had a quick taste after only a day at 40psi, yes way early, but I was going to turn it down to serving pressure and said why not, it was bland compared to the other keg of Stepping to the AM ale with azacca and mosaic hops...I should of pimped the fwk but I wanted to try it on it's own merits. I will see how it tastes on Wednesday or Thursday and then maybe do a small keg hop to liven it up. I hope my next brew will be either a saison or a porter just haven't decided yet. Cheers Norris
  6. Norris!

    Brew at right temp but no action .

    I hope to see activity within 24 hours, if not then I raise the temp a degree or 2, so if I am fermenting at 18c then bring it up to 20c. If after 36 hours no activity I usually stir the mix some. If after 48 hours I then add another yeast packet, rehydrated. I have never had it go past the 48 hour mark. I never have seen airlock activity after 4 hours, give it some time, not that the airlock is the measure, checking the gravity will tell you if it is working. Cheers Norris
  7. Norris!

    Bewitched Amber Ale

    I thought this post was about an old sitcom, oh well my bad.
  8. Norris!

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    Coopers has answered your prayers! This recipe looks ok, a little bitter for me, but still nicehttps://www.diybeer.com/au/recipe/anarchy-ipa.html
  9. Norris!

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    What about using some munich malt? That would definitely pimp the beer. If you dont like carapils then sub in another spec grain that would compliment the brew, or do a partial mash to replace some of the extract, that would freshen up the beer and provide some experience working with grains. That is the best part about homebrewing, we can pick and choose what we do in our brewery. Possibilities are endless! 🤯 Cheers Norris
  10. Norris!

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    I find carapils brings freshness to an extract brew, like any grain addition would, but I cannot say for sure whether or not the carapils is the main reason for, what I feel is, good head retention and body due to the 250g of wheat dry malt or more I usually add to these brews. The wheat is known to help with head and body. I think the carapil additions could be skipped but if your a new brewer and want to expand your repertoire, the addition is simple and can be subbed for any spec grain like caramalt and will lead to experience with partial mashes and then all grain by understanding temp for mashes and such. Why not try some wheat malt extract with the brew? Depending on your bitterness preference, you could start a boil from 15min down or all flameout and do a nice keg hop/dry hop. I think all of those hops would work great together. My personal preference would be to go heavy on the Centennial and Citra like 2:2:1 ratio with galaxy being the 1. Maybe this: 20g centennial and citra at flameout with another 10g of galaxy? I like hops so I would double those additions or do 35g of each and 15g of galaxy. But that is my preference, you might like galaxy and hate centennial so switch them. Or this; 15g centennial 15 min boil 25g citra and centennial at flameout with 15g of galaxy. 40g dry hop of citra and centennial and 20g of galaxy. Honestly any brew you make with these hops will be good . Cheers Norris
  11. Norris!

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    I did 2 or 3 brews of the cerveza with galaxy and citra and they were great beers. I would take 5l of water and 450g of dry malt and boil and after 15 minutes turn the heat off and add 25g of each, this is a flameout addition. Let sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then cool in a bath of ice water or add ice to the wort. I would then dry hop with a nice amount of between 25g to 50g each for 4 days. It makes a great beer with nice aroma and flavour.
  12. Norris!

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Why not toss in the whole 100g of both?
  13. Norris!

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    I used to always do just a flameout with the cerveza kit, usually with a combo of up to 50g and it made a really good beer. I find that a little hops goes a long way in improving a kit, like Yeasty said. I would also do a big dry hop and these beers were excellent. I stopped using BE1 and BE2 and will only use BE3 out of the brew enhancers, but I prefer a mix of 750g light dry malt extract, 250g wheat dry malt extract, 250g dextrose and 250g carapils or caramalt the lightest kind. This mix gives me a nice flavour and makes a good base for tropical ales pacific ales or whatever you call them, for my tastes and the beers I generally brew. You could then add or sub in oats, crushed grains as a sub for the malt extract or wheat and so on depending on time and equipment. But if simple works I do it. I do extract because I am time poor but adding in partial mashes helps grow your knowledge...but eats into time, but so beneficial. Cheers Norris
  14. Norris!

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    Cheers Kirk. Sam with the aussie pale ale kit you have some crystal malts so depending on what your after, is there a specific beer, you could keep the crystal out or add 250g of caramalt, which will give it some body, freshness, color and help with head retention a little. The BE2 has maltodextrin in it so the head should be ok, but 250g of carapils always helps bring some freshness to the kits and helps with head retention also. I pretty much add carapils to all my kits. With the BE2 I would do a 5l boil with 450g to 500g of the BE2 and then depending on how bitter you want it, I think this kit is right next the Mexican cerveza in bitterness so around 20 to 25 but dont quote me, but if you wanted something around tasty I would do this: flameout 15g simcoe, 15g centennial, 25g riwaka and let steep for 10 minutes and then place in a sink of ice water to cool off. If you like bitter beers then I would increase the steep to 15 to 20 minutes. You could then either do another flameout addition OR save the hops for a nice big dry hop of maybe the same ratio. I find simcoe to be a little dank but brings great aroma also so If you like dank the up the simcoe. But maybe try to offset the hops to try to highlight a specific aroma/taste you want with a 1:1:2 ratio with riwaka being heavy in the dry hop and flameout. If you dont mind a little bitterness the even push the boil up and start at 15 min and down with 10g of simcoe at 15min. 25g of riwaka at 5 minutes and 15g of centennial at 5min. Then do the same ratio at flameout. Then same ratio for dry hop up to 100g. I find 100g gives great aroma that lasts. Let me know if you have anymore questions or I am sure someone else could definitely help out. These suggestions only call for the addition of carapils or caramalt and maybe some more hops but I tried to keep it with what you had. Cheers Norris
  15. Norris!

    Single Fin Extract Clone

    Nice work Christina, even though you never had the beer you are about spot on what I would of suggested. Sorry about my early comment, it wasnt very clear. Use Christina's recipe as a base but I would adjust the flameout to do 2 additions, 1 for bitterness and 1 for flavour. So do a small boil with 5l water and 450g of dme to get to 1.040 pre boil gravity, for better hop ultilization. once that has boiled for 15 minutes you turn off the heat and add about 5g or whatever it takes to get to an extra 5 to 10 ibus of bitterness on top of the kits bitterness, but try to use each hop equally. Then after 15 minutes of steeping place the pot in an ice bath to cool the wort, then add 25g of each hop and let sit for another 15 to 20 minutes. this extracts flavor and aroma. I would do at least 25g of each if not more, I do 100g dry hops for big aroma and flavour that last for a while, or keg hop it with 25g of each. It should be a nice tasty beer. Rehydrate the yeast also.