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  1. I would have half the dry malt be wheat malt extract if you can get it to go with the carapils and that will increase the head retention
  2. You need the remote from the movie "Click" with Adam Sandler
  3. Haha, I wasn't very clear, he had 12 kegs and was time poor. I just have 4 now and 2 taps.
  4. I snagged a $20 keg today. Dude is time short but keg heavy with 12 of them, yeah buddy! Now to get 2 more taps...maybe just 1 more. I am cash short and just heavy.
  5. You could dry hop in the keg, I would use half the intended amount first go, so 40g, as it can be intense and a little goes a long way in the keg. You could also wait until it is done to dry hop or dry hop right at the beginning of fermentation, I have thought about it with this yeast but didn't want to lose the aroma. I settled on dropping it in on day 2 when I check the gravity. It usually has a point or two to go and it makes me feel better than fermentation is still going to help stop hop creep. So with that said try the keg hop as the risk seems lower and the extra hops you will have left over.
  6. Cheers Mate. It was very murky the first 2 days and I was worried that the munich I tossed in might make it a dark soupy beer but yeah it came right. It is about 6% and I can feel that glass . I need water and a snack. But I wasn't picking up any alcohol notes, but it isn't a huge brew for some, but for me, it isn't a session ale.
  7. Berserker Juice. It is like drinking pineapple juice. Good beer. I mashed a little high at 67 for more body, which it has. Very silky feel from the oats and wheat. Good retention and lacing. The flavour follows the nose with just enough bitterness to know it is a beer. The better half was very impressed and so I am. 4/5 as I would maybe mash lower, 65c, to make it crisper for my tastes. Good brewing and happy Friday.
  8. @Beerlust Nice work. You are making me think about chilling.
  9. House Pale ale with Vienna malt subbed in for the munich, lemondrop hops hotside and falconers flight cold side. Really nice and balanced beer. I prefer it with Munich though.
  10. I am drinking a hazy pale I made that is pretty much a NEIPA but I didn't double dry hop it due to using Kveik yeast, called Berserker Juice, it is really juicy and surprisingly clean after only 8 days grain to glass. It isnt astringent, certainly not over bittered (all flameout and cubed hopped with a transfer at 82c), pretty murky but the aroma is jumping out the glass and the flavour is just tropical pineapple juiciness. Slight alcohol aroma at the end of the beer but not hot on the tastes buds at 6%, you have to be searching for it to pick it up. I will post a picture of it when I have another glass but at this point, green as it is so take it with a grain of salt, this is a nice juicy beer. It would be hard to tell the difference between this and a glass of fresh juice with the silky fullness of the body coming in. For my tastes, at this point, I would either add a 60 min addition to firm up the bitterness backbone or transfer at 90c or higher...probably easier just to drop in a few grams as a FWH to 10IBUs or so. It is a really good beer. 3.5/5 for my tastes and green as it is, might adjust in a week or so.
  11. I don't fit that description but might try it anyways, well the 2020 version or whatever. Burp!
  12. Great combo and feedback. No sight of galaxy, citra or mosaic, or the other usual suspects either, really, azacca is the bomb but a little underated. Not to be a purist or anything it was just refreshing to see a combo that came out punchy without those hops used.
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