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  1. I should of mentioned dry hop g/l. I think you nailed the colour.
  2. Yeah! Man, that it is not cool. How can you plan for anything? Totally a good move.
  3. Sipping on the Munich MAC in Amarillo. Still nice, it has cleared up nicely with a nice fluffy head.
  4. It could be prairie gold on second thought. Dude, that sounds pretty awesome. I would be blown away by that and keep coming back for more. Wheat you talking bout, unmalted wheat? Hahha, what that translates to is "hmmm, interesting. I have read of this unmalted wheat but never used it. You must like the qualities it brings, as you brew with it. Have you had any stuck mashes using it?" What was your g/l? 4.5g/l is about my minimum for most ales but I have been looking at the economics of it for awhile and I can see that huge brews, 8g/l or more, I should try to use cheaper hops and leverage off of a highlight hop or two. Like Centennial and Citra or Centennial, Vic secret and Riwaka or something like that. But at the end of the day sometimes you just want to go big! Anyways, good look with the journey.
  5. I like your thought process and approach! When I brew, yes it is for my tastes but several batches are to see if I can make something better for the masses. I have toyed with the idea of making a Carlton draught clone for a buddy to show him how cheap and easy it is...but as I tend to enjoy hoppier pales I make those and I am usually just trying to fill my kegs. My friends seem to like them and compare them to the commercial brews often. So far the best comments has been "this smells and tastes like one of yours" and "I could swear this was your beer." It was a Balter XPA and the other time a Kaiju Krush. I take those as compliments. What color are you going for, I like the golden straw look you currently have. It tells me it has some body but shouldn't be overpowering. I expect it to be crisp. With that said I think if the Sierra Nevada and how it had great body and complexity while still being crisp and clean, for my tastes, so I could see some caramel helping it. This is based on sight. Interested in hearing your thoughts.
  6. I do 3-4 day cold crash. Depending on the beer I am not always going for clarity but for some conditioning. When I want clarity, I drop it down to 1.5c and about a day later maybe 18 hours, I prepare the gelatin and add it. At that point I let it sit for the remaining 3 days to clear up and hopefully keep the yeast and all compacted. I like the 3 to 4 day schedule as it times up well for a 2 week cycle and weekend brewing with a 10 day ferment, which is usually enough time.
  7. Thanks Lusty. It went fairly smooth, I made a few mistakes like turning the unit off instead of the pump, my sparge amount was too little so I came up with 16l and I didn't clean while boiling. The end boil difference is due to me using 10l to sparge instead of 15l, the extra 5l would of put me at 21l just under 23l I dialed in. I should of ran a test run and measured the boil off for a 23l batch, but all in all a good first run. Oh, I also forgot to test the gravity after mashing or pre-boil and after boil, I am waiting for the wort to chill to get that reading and work backwards...So besides those mistakes it went well, I have beer that I hope tastes all right. I also think I should of went with a higher bittered recipe but until I taste the sample who knows? Hahaha, when I look at the post exercise assessment it seems I missed a lot of things that came normally in my previous process...I kind of dropped the ball but honestly I feel it was a success and it was fun working in the yard while brewing and making a sand pit with my father in law for my son. I like the chimes and how it won't go to the next step until I tell it to...push a button. Yeah it was cool and really too easy, just have to remember to get my samples and get the boil off right. I am also guessing I could of boiled with 2000kw instead of 2400kw but yeah. Cheers Norris
  8. Continued from the previous post...Should I increase the time on the additions for the no chill? The flameout is at flameout and will be a 20 min addition,I just want to get the IBUs right.
  9. So I am doing the first brew, so far so good. While waiting to mash in I cut half the yard, mashed in, weed whacked and now I am just waiting to sparge and boil. I have a cube ready and a towel and gloves, so we will see how that goes. I don't have a cool name, but it will be a American wheat...Pacific ale type thing. The 25g steep addition will go in the cube. Should I increase the time on that addition and the flameout?
  10. It is doing the job, because the sg is dropping, let it ride and take a gravity sample before bottling to make sure it is right and tastes fine. Good luck Norris
  11. It will make it nice, clean and crisp. At 7g a packet it isn't really a massive overpitch. Are you near a homebrew shop, because I am sure you can get fermenters cheaper than $50. The experiment sounds nice, I would like to see how it comes out to your tastes and preferences. Cheers Norris
  12. Thanks guys. I actually was planning on Barret Burston's pale ale malt but couldn't find it in beersmith, probably user error hahah. But cheers on the advice, I will remember that about maris otter.
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