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  1. APA with mosaic, ecplise and centennial. Solid bitterness with great aroma and flavour. This is a really nice beer if I do say so myself, exactly what I expect if I order an APA...but better
  2. Your response is fairly lacking in not only customer service but common sense. You were given suggestions for improvement, based off the countless questions from your poor instructions fielded daily on this forum and you don't address the suggestions you say lighten up. Hey fair enough and noted. Well I already knew what to expect, which is why I initially addressed you all like I did. Norris
  3. Muzzy's proprietary carbonation method looks on point.
  4. Why not just say it was a breach? If that wasn't a breach I don't know what is. He didnt even have a coopers product in the recipe?!?! BREACH! BREACH!!! I Get it, don't say competitors products on the coopers site but here is a little customer feedback, your forum provides more goodwill and eventual product sales even when MANGROVE JACKS is mentioned. Now, how about making that cider kit again or do I need to keep buying and praising MANGROVE JACKS kits? Have a good day and stop putting the lager kit in the beginners box and fix your directions instead of worrying about MANGROVE JACKS being said on "your" forum. Norris
  5. Dang, yeah I never even thought about a double batch and the hops required, you sitting near a kg! So much flavour and aroma!!! Yeah I want to try some of the hop resin and cry hops to reduce the vegetable matter like you but dang, your DIPA must be so awesome. Do you pick up any vegetable flavours, hop bite or anything? I can pick it up slightly in some of my beers and it was a flaw ID by the judges in a NEIPA, so I am trying to address that issue...but I have only gotten to half typing in a searching Google for the ingredients in Australia....I am a slacker.
  6. What is your risk tolerance? Worse Case you lose some bottles from leaks or lack of carbonation and have clean up, best case nothing happens. Your call mate.
  7. The hops will not present the same way, for better or for worse. At high krausen the yeast will change the aromas and flavours. If you like what southern passion brings just drop them in at the end, but at krausen depending on the alpha acids in the hop it will change them to different alpha acids which brings differences not normally found from the hops. (Probably the worst explanation ever, but that is how I understand it). You might have a hop that doesn't give off any citrus but after biotransformation it will, as an example.
  8. I Just asked for a recipe in another thread, disregard, Hahah. Yeah I agree with the addition of wheat dry malt extract but I like to use 150g - 250g of dextrose in kits because I can find them a little sweet and thick but that is a personal taste. Using small amounts of dextrose isn't a concern, stouts, IPAs and other beers that generally have nice head and retention use dextrose in their recipes the main thing is the other ingredients as everything works together not singularly. Your above recipe looks good and will benefit from your yeast choice. When are you going to dry hop? At high krausen, day 3ish to get some biotransformation or when fermentation is done?
  9. Show us a recipe that didn't have enough head and maybe that will also help for next time and recipe construction.
  10. I should add that my inventory got all messed up, user error, and I didn't have the 75g of Centential or eclipse but around 55-65g of each so I just went with 110g of mosaic. So it was about 110g mosaic, 55g eclipse and 65g of centennial for the dry hop, 230g total, so I guess 310g for this batch. It was a tad bit expensive at $41, but that will drop to about $38 when I re-use the yeast.
  11. All up. The cube was 80g but the dry hop was huge, way over my general rule to keep it at or below 8g/L. But I didn't want to keep 10g here and there.
  12. House Pale ale. Dropped the caramunich for amber malt. Tastes pretty much the same (only used 150g) malt wise. Used up the last of the mosaic, centennial and eclipse in this brew, and I can really pick up the mosaic. Dankness for days with a nice burst of a boutique of fruits, hard to pin down right now, 14 days old, but it is nice. Bitterness is a little high but works well in this beer. Crisp but with good body, if that makes sense. I can pick up some floral aroma, guessing from centennial. The usually pungent eclipse is getting overshadowed by the mosaic, I can get some mandarin but I have to really search for it at this stage. Went in the cube clear but 300g of hops later...
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