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  1. That is a good point, if it is a stout or something you will let condition for a while, several months, then 1 drop would do the job, but if you are drinking them in a normal timeframe then it would be fine. I prefer my beers highly carbonated but I also drink a lot of ales that are basically just hop juice.
  2. Yes. It will be carbed a little higher than normal but not excessive at all.
  3. Still sipping on the leftover IPA, it is nice.
  4. I prefer to overpitch most of my ales because I want a crisp beer helped through the mash temp and the yeast but kind of guessed it was around the beer style.
  5. Hahaha, I just saw a video where they noted that and had to use a dedicated fermenter for it. I never thought about that but something to keep on mind. That link Greeny provided would be nice and maybe grabbing some yeast from there or maybe try just dipping a string of bones or whatever in to a batch, at high krausen, and then fermenting with that, I am sure some wild yeast would attach itself and you could experiment...but that could lead to a ton of off batches as you dial in the yeast and stuff...I don't know really I am just talking out my cazoo here
  6. Can I ask why pitch less yeast? Is it to get the esters to shine more? I am not familiar with English Bitters, so excuse my ignorance.
  7. You could always ask to borrow this log.
  8. Brewed the House XPA v1.3. All went well. Looking forward to trying this one.
  9. Trophic Cascade Pale Ale made with Voss Kveik yeast, cascade at flameout and Ella hops in the cube. Mostly pilsner malt with some wheat and some caramunich. The cascade were flowers I picked at my buddy's house and they are coming in strong. Distinctive aromas and flavours of Sierra Nevada with the Ella providing a tropical lift but the esters from the yeast are helping the beer along also. It is weird, clean but not? It is definitely the yeast contributing a fair bit to the overall beer flavour and aroma. It is hard to explain, but it is a slightly tart thing going on, in the flavour and aroma. Nice beer. I didn't fine it because I wanted to ensure I didn't mute any of the flavours from the flowers or the yeast and I didn't think it would clear anyways due to the ingredients and large flameout additions. I give this a 3/5 because I am not a huge fan of yeast derived flavours, but this is fairly crisp and very drinkable with nice aroma and flavour. I cannot wait to see what it is like in 3 weeks, for better or worse. Day 10 of self isolation, Norris
  10. He just bought some grains, he ain't going no where.
  11. All good advice. I was even going to suggest a 15 min boil to simply steriliser the wort. Either way, nice work journeyman. When I do partials with a kit and a kilo of extract the grain is just for freshness and complexity.
  12. I think the hop combo is great but the malt bill is just as nice. Some good ale malt with some Munich and crystal, that will have some good body while showcasing those hops. Really nice recipe, Mate.
  13. And another great looking brew! Nice work Paddy. You are making some great brews it sounds like. Not that you share any with me . Don't worry I don't share a lot either! I have the intention of sharing but come kegging time I just let the wort flow into the empty keg while pouring out a drink for my homies who ain't getting none.
  14. That looks nice (Nice glass too). Looks like a great recipe. Good onya, Norris
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