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  1. RepSpec

    what is saison?

    great beer to try if you want to try something different. Somewhere between a sour and a wheat beer if that makes sense. The coopers recipe on the recipe page is pretty good. I recently made the same beer but added 1kg of frozen rasberries. I like it, but quite a few people werent fans. They all said there was a flavour they couldnt pick...i put it down to the yeast. Like suggested, try the "bridge road Chevalier Saison"...see if you like it then go from there. Its great for hot days, so heading into winter...might be a wait for summer brew
  2. RepSpec

    Todays tastings

    Went to bridge road brewery today for lunch and beers. Got a few I hadn't tried. Their "Mayday hills table beer" is a cracker sour. Their recent raspberry IPA/sour is also good...IPA at the start, then subtle raspberry finish that's sweet. Tried the magical unicorn beer (ice cream ale/neipa style), bit sweet for me. Also got one of these to try..."Fat man, red suit, big sack"! If you like red ales and IPA's...have a crack at these when Christmas rolls around, or if you can find some. Great red colour (sorry I didn't get it in the pic), good toffee and caramel flavour, then the hops punch through. Not a dense beer, but still heavy. I'd struggle drinking it on a hot Christmas day! Great tour guide as well, very knowledgeable, got lucky it was just me and the missus. Great to see a big micro brewery and how it's still so hands on!
  3. RepSpec

    Head retention

    Hahaha whoops...my bad
  4. RepSpec

    Head retention

    Try a beer using ldm(light dry malt) instead of the dextrose. Most of mine are: 1 X can of goop(Cooper's APA is a great base) 1 or 2 boxes 500g Cooper's LDM (Up to 250g dextrose to add a bit more alcohol if desired, or to "dry/thin out" beer) (Insert hop schedule here) 1 X US-05 yeast... 23ltrs. From my results as a K&K brewer, I get the best head retention using only ldm. I buy the boxes of the Cooper's stuff, but any lhbs will have it. I'm assuming you could use the liquid malt extract to get the same results ***attention brains trust***???
  5. RepSpec

    Finances and homebrew

    I got into Hb from a love of craft and megaswill beers and a mate was Hb at the time. Got a kit for my 30th bday and have put down 17 or so brews in 2 years. I love trying new thing's, a great feeling of accomplishment from creating something almost from scratch. I also (like others) enjoy the cheaper aspect of it. My most expensive brew was my "lotso" brew. That pushed $60-70 based on the hops used. But I got 28 PET longnecks out of it...that's 2 slabs. Saved the same in dollars if I had of purchased a slab of "bridge road pale" or the like. While I'm all for supporting independent brewers, with mortgage and such, it's too much. The best part of Hb was this forum and when I had interest in one of my recipes...then to have Mikes15 (I think) from NZ brew my beer and then give it enormous praise...I was blown away. Couldnt have wiped the smile from my face!
  6. RepSpec

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    forgive my ignorance...whats SFWH
  7. RepSpec

    The homebrew economy

    seen a couple of good responses here, Centeninal got me laughing. I have a few people i will give bottles to, because they are mate who appricate craft beers. Il let people try a swig if im drinking something new and they ask. Other than that, have yet to get a good swap for some beer yet...
  8. RepSpec

    Scum ring?

    Thinking about it now ..the only thing I did differently was that I didn't cold crash the beer. Didn't have time/forgot. Perhaps that's the main reason
  9. RepSpec

    Scum ring?

    Hadn't thought about the foam, but hadn't noticed it either. Yeah I use the bottling wand and bulk prime. The brew had finished, I checked it before I bottled. The bottles are very firm.
  10. RepSpec

    Scum ring?

    Hey guys Putting a PET bottle in the fridge to try one of my latest brews and noticed a scum ring around the top, just below the water line. There is also a fair bit of floating sediment through the bottle. This is the first time I have noticed this. I havent done anything different to how I normally brew/clean etc. Brew days haven't changed since I started brewing. I'm thinking it's just from the secondary fermentation? And the scum seems like it's where the bottle started when I first filled it...I'm out of ideas. The bottles are stored in a room, inside the boxes the bottles come in. Average room temp would be 20-30c on hot days. They are on a concrete floor(no carpet). I used to store the bottles in a garage, but have been storing them inside. Hopefully the photos help... APA can, 500g ldm, 200g dex, and some mosaic and galaxy... Nothing different... I had noticed the same ring on some of my Saison brews but put it down to the berries...now I'm not too sure
  11. RepSpec

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    you guys are a bad influence... Cant afford to keg...and while i do like the idea of cold beer whenever i want it...i dont think the missus would be too keen on it hahaha.
  12. RepSpec

    Coopers Australian Pale Ale improvements

    most of my recipes use this can as a base...however i use LDM rather than the BE2 (due to the maltidextrin as it thins out the beer ive found) A mate brews the APA can and BE2 and ive found his dont head as much as mine and are "thin tasting" beers i brew the can, 500-1kg LDM and some dextrose if im wanting a "lighter, thinner" beer. Having the 1kg of LDM can make the beers heavy tasting and hard to session on ive found. This was the last brew i made 1 x APA can 1 x 500g LDM 1 x 200g Dextrose 20g Citra @20min 20g Citra f/o 20g Galaxy f/o 20min @80c 2 x coopers yeast rehydrated (what i had left over) @20c 1032 OG gonna dry hop but cant decide all galaxy or some citra and some galaxy...have about 40g citra and 60 galaxy any hops with that schedule will give bitterness and good flavour (from past brews i have done)
  13. RepSpec

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    i think i probably will end up doing that. Dont plan on brewing after this one as i will have nearly 90 PET bottles to get through, before i think about brewing again
  14. RepSpec

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Threw together a APA yesterday with citra and galaxy (what i had) 1 x APA can 1 x 500g LDM 1 x 200g Dextrose 20g Citra @20min 20g Citra f/o 20g Galaxy f/o 20min @80c 2 x coopers yeast (what i had left over) @20c 1032 OG gonna dry hop but cant decide all galaxy or some citra and some galaxy...have about 40g citra and 60 galaxy
  15. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    Cheers lusty... Had a few people try it last night...big ticks from people...even non beer drinking people! This ones a winner