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  1. So my young bloke loves when I have a beer. Was been a bit dramatic when I wouldn't give him my empty glass one So what to do... #dadlyf
  2. Il throw in the joke... Been to Phillip Island a few times (its ok im a dad, im allowed to make dad jokes ) Went to Bali on our honeymoon....Never again. We stayed in Noosa Dua (5 star Bali, Gated community, big resorts etc). Paid aussie prices for everything (not a huge deal) But it just wasnt a nice place for me. Always felt dirty, the gray drabness and poverty. The Zoo up in the hills was so sad. It made me appriciate Australia so much. Want to do the USA (want to spend months there) and Japan. But would like to spend more time around Aus
  3. Holy hell my rocket has taken off . All but 1 of my radishes are out of the ground already...they have been pickled. Was lucky enough to get given some Swordfish by a customer (I'm an outboard mechanic) who caught one on the weekend. So that's a rocket, pear and Parmesan salad. How good is home grown stuff!
  4. S/E melbourne suburbs mate. Yeah ive wanted to go to the high country hop thing, but work gets in the way that time of year.
  5. Couldn't get a booking. It's bonkers here in Victoria. Seems when we went into lockdown, everyone decided they would get away, any chance they got. We actually went to Bright today and it was insane. Like school holidays. Everywhere was booked for lunch etc. I was a bit annoyed, but have had some of their beers before. I just wanted to try the bridge road ones I did. The Saison was very similar to the one I made a few years ago! Mine had less raspberry, but was still good
  6. Cheers @CLASSIC Been 2 years since I was clean shaven. Gets a tidy up every few months to keep the missus somewhat happy. Haven't decided how long it will be around for
  7. Visited bridge road in Beechworth tonight. Raspberry Saison Passionfruit and guava sour Fresh harvest IPA Hoppy sour (dark plum) And needed a beanie, because it's arctic here at the moment! (And yes, I do look like a garden gnome, as my mates pointed out!) Great place to visit, super helpful and friendly!
  8. Thanks mate, yeah they could be 1 sleeper taller, but that's a lot more in $$$. I'm happy how it's all going. Just deciding what to do with the rest of the yard...but I think the wife has plans for a cubby house for our young bloke. So bye bye more grass...
  9. Everything has picked up! A few weeks in the ground and the garden is going well. Lettuces and leafy stuff are going well. Herbs are a bit slow, but to be expected. Onions and such going well too. Herbs in first, lettuces and such in 2nd, bulb veggies in rear one. Tiny weeds are my enemy at the moment. Need to mulch a bit thicker @MUZZY, your stuff looks amazing!
  10. Boatrocker La Fleur. Picked this up after a few beers at Bogurks in Aspendale. It was on a whim and I'm glad I did. $23 or so for the bottle...worth every cent. Sour, tart, great floral aroma from it and then the "Saison" funk. Not over powering, but you know it's there...what a great beer!
  11. Well finally got around to filling and planting in my garden boxes. Turned out great...just to play the waiting game. An assortment of winter vegetables (customer works for a nursery that supplies Bunnings and such, got them cheap). I over ordered and ended up with way to many , but the in-laws took the rest! Fee lettuce, few types of onion, herbs in the front garden bed closest to the fire. Was going to put garlic in, but I might wait until next year. @MUZZY I haven't been following the thread, but yours looks great! Hopefully I get a good harvest out of mine. Also have a new driveway coming next week, so had to relocate the shed! Easy as...I'd anyone has to move one, put a strap under each corner and lift like that. Took 4 guys 2 mins to move!
  12. https://www.beercartel.com.au/hope-sunny-boy-2-0-pine-lime-super-sour/ Had 2 of these off tap yesterday at "Bogurks" in Edithvale (vic). New bar selling only Craft stuff, takeways and will be doing pizzas soon. Great place, great blokes to chat to. Back to the beer... Holy Sheet! What a beer. (didnt get any photos) But super sour, tart, and wouldnt even know it was 9%. Perfect beer for the sour lovers!
  13. Just be mindfull to not over carb the bottles. Saisons tend to pour a large head anyway. I made the coopers recipe and added 1kg of frozen raspberries. Was a tasty drop, but loved to pour a big head. I had bulk primed (cant remember the amount). Must brew that again...
  14. The barber i go to offers a beer if you are waiting. Ive got a childs bladder and it normally takes 30-45 minutes for a haircut and beard trim, so i pass. I do like the offer of it though.
  15. Mr Banks "triple deke" triple fruited gose. Holy shit this was good. Pours like juice, mango is prominent, then the sour... They just don't do big IPA's Shame they are quite expensive. A 4 pack of this and a can of their new DDH DIPA "running the night" .....$48 I mean they are 500ml cans, and I don't do it often...unless they bring back their raspberry gose. Wait why am I justifying myself to you guys
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