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  1. Its a fireplace/firepit. Im undecided if it will stay or go. Yeah the missus has a plan for a cubby somewhere, but im not too keen on that idea. I like the cricket pitch idea myself
  2. Would love to, but after 6 years of trying, we finally have a baby on the way! So now its save, save, save.
  3. Backyard. Mainly Kikuyu. Needs a thatch and a level, but it comes up pretty well when I cut it. Got plans for the yard, but that may change...
  4. i can also vouch for Mrs Parmas (top of little bourke). They dont (well didnt a couple of years ago) serve any Megaswill brands, in order to support local stuff. You can sit at the bar, or sit at a table, but it can get busy around main eating times as there is a Theater right near there and people often go there first!
  5. Question about thatching... My backyard is mainly Kik and it is very thick in some places. Looking closer at it, is very thatchy and needs to be dethatched. Whats the best way to do this, i have been looking at hiring a thatcher, mainly because of the size of my lawn. But could get away with a hand rake style. Also, whats the best order to do this. Cut then thatch and pick up or Thatch, pick up and then mow? Also, is it worth rolling the lawn to try flatten it out to minimize the thatching in the future? Im not going full reno, but would like to get rid of the tatch and level out places.
  6. Went to Bad Shepherd brewing yesterday with a mate. Tries their Unicorn Brut IPA... Interesting...but I can see why this fad beer didn't really take off. Weird flavour (I'm assuming from the yeast). I've tried numerous brands and none really wanted me to keep trying more.
  7. Playground insults from Mr Banks Super juicy and true to their dank style.
  8. My front lawn after a cut yesterday...and a bucket load of rain (se Melbourne) It's a mix of Kik and Santa Anna. I seeded (half assed) the santa Anna a few years ago and it's finally looking good. Problem is only a single lane driveway, so I try not to park on it. I would like to put in another driveway, but is not on the top of fund spends at the moment
  9. i might share some pics of my lawn when i get my new phone going. I have a lawn thats part Kikuyu and part Santa Anna (i seeded the whole lawn in santa, but the Kik is coming through) I like to keep the lawns short and tidy (even if its not the best quality lawn in the street). It certainly helps having a tidy lawn, makes the rest of the street keep theirs tidy! Last week after a mow, i pulled in the driveway and nearly took out my brick letter box as i was staring at my lawn!
  10. does starsan have a useby date? I have a 1ltr bottle (havent brewed for nearly 6 months due to lack of motivation/less drinking/presents as beer over christmas) I also have a spray bottle mixed up with some (that im happy to ditch)
  11. RepSpec


    im on your side Muzzy, but more with my grass than garden. I will sit there with a beer after having just mowed. Often for more than 1 beer, while i contemplate the lawn even further. Nothing better than sitting back watching the grass, enjoying a beer or 2.
  12. Dry pitch yeast or re-activate it? And how many packets...reading the notes on the yeast, it suggest 1 pack for 10-15ltrs? Im assuming 1 would be sufficent? I always re-activate us05 when i do my ales. How long did u leave it before trying it?
  13. so...this was just 1.8kg LDM .6kg white sugar POR 30g @ 60mins (how much LDM was in your boil? S23 yeast. Question for the largering process... Can you give a run down of how you actually fermented it and temps etc. Also Re lagering... I use PET bottles...do they have to stay at cold temps while secondary fermintation is happening and in storage? Because i dont have the room for that, and kegs arent an option. Most of my ales sit in boxes out of the sun, but not at cold temps. I would like to try this, however if i need to store it cold, i cant and dont want to "ruin" the beers (further )
  14. i actually ran into this issue a few years ago at a local Micro brewery that was 6 months into their life (still going now) Had one of their pales and thought it was more of a IPA...tried their IPA and it was way more of a pale. I even went and asked if they had their taps around the wrong way (admittedly i was fair pissed at this stage) but they just gave me a weird look
  15. Check out this link a recipe i have made a few times. Went down nice and easy. To make it higher abv, boost the LDM to 1-1.5kg and up the dextrose. To get decent flavour out of your hops, you need to do a boil.
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