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  1. RepSpec

    Coopers new beer

    Has anyone used the lemon drop hops? Never heard of them before? Shame they couldn't use Australian hops...but I understand why
  2. RepSpec

    Coopers new beer

    Just saw on their Instagram...xpa!
  3. Just finishing the last of my Raspberry Saison... I'm torn with this recipe...I liked it a lot, but not sure when I would brew it again...I think a lot has to do with not many people liking it. I'd say 30% of people who tried it liked it, 50% were eh about it and 20% were definitely a no. Where as almost all my other beers, the feedback has been really positive....
  4. RepSpec

    Coopers new beer

    I nearly reported that post lusty! How dare you not tell us how it was!!! We are all your friends...we wont tell anyone!!! Any idea how long it is until full release?
  5. RepSpec

    Beer Subscriptions

    i was given a Posse membership to bridge road for this year... Gold member Its great as they create their own beers for the posse, this pack will have a lot of winter style beers, so be interesting to see if i like them. I wonder whether or not the beer cartel might be "better" as it is not all coming from the 1 brewer. So if you like trying lots of different ones, id imagine the beer cartel might be worth a look at
  6. RepSpec

    Coopers Session

    dont boil the galaxy, it can introduce really strong bitterness/weird flavours i started this thread and posted a recipe that i used and it turned out pretty good. Could possibly do a f/o addition of galaxy, but i reckon the Melba is the standout hop, you may have trouble finding it though.
  7. RepSpec

    Unprecedented hop fade!

    Drink quicker? It was an interesting article Christina put up...not quite sure how to combat it. Could you possibly hop tea it? Rather than boil the late additions
  8. RepSpec

    What is an XPA??

    careful Lusty...you might have coopers MIB after you!
  9. RepSpec

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    Bahahaha Or as my megaswill drinking mates call it... "Real beer"
  10. well just cracked on and for a moment i was worried it was the same... but thankfully this one seems ok. but im wondering if the hop flavours have faded, leaving more of a bitterness to the beer ? its almost like a slight peppery taste (similar to what i got from Melba hops) This used 10g mosaic @ 10mins 20g mosaic and galaxy @ f/o 80c start temp for 20min then dry hop of 20-40g each Still drinkable...have to try the other one soon
  11. yeah the whole shabang... going from my post about brews possibly going off, it seems cleaning and bottle health could be an issue, so yeah.. from go to wo with it would be cool. I loved the video "day in the life of a bottle" too...that was very well done!
  12. appriciate all the knowledge here guys...seems i might need to change my ways. Got 4 more in the fridge to try tonight/over the next couple of days... Fingers crossed
  13. great info there mitch! Perhaps i have been a bit lax in the cleaning of the bottles. I normally smell each bottle before i rinse to see if they have any residue/off smells to them. If they do, i throw them out.
  14. How long to soak for? Could you mix "X" amount in a tub to soak everything ie FV, the bottles/caps and bits and pieces as i would the miltons? Then is it ready to use, or need rinsing? Sorry for the pain questions...like ive said, i have had 1 or 2 bottles out of 500 or so that have been an issue. So to change the cleaning now, i have to re learn.
  15. So how do you use starsan?