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  1. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    ive tried a banana beer a long time ago...tasted like brown off bananas... better minds here would be able to answer that mate
  2. best advice came from someone already...If you are planing to stick with this brewing...by a fridge and a temp controller. You will run the risk of worse beer if you dont manage the temps better (especially in Darwin) Also...like everyone has said...the first brew is always stressful and can not turn out great...it will be drinkable...but just beer...nothing fancy. Wait until you start adding hops etc...then it gets super rewarding and fun!
  3. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    so i was a bit pushy on this one...tested today (1 week) and its around 1008. Next is to add the berries..ive got 2 hop sacks, so going to seperate them into the both bags and put them in... Now put them in frozen, or thawed out a bit. Then leave them in for a few days...then CC for the rest of the week and bottle on the weekend (as its seems really cloudy and gunky compared to other brews) Should i leave the berries in while CC or take them out?
  4. RepSpec

    cold crash

    1 thing I forgot when cold crashing...make sure the fridge is on its coldest setting...otherwise it may not get cold enough
  5. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    Sitting at temp controlled 21c Ben... I've never used this yeast before (mainly use us05) so probably just a bit toey with this brew
  6. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    So just did a quick check of the gravity...and it's around 1020... Should it have done more by now or am I expecting too much of the yeast? Smells like a Saison...I think I'm just getting impatient with it lol
  7. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    So put this down yesterday minus the saaz...didn't want anything conflicting with the raspberries. Had a look this morning...would have loved to seen the activity over night...it's already foamed up...doesn't seem to be rolling anymore...could it already be done? Not gonna test it just yet lol
  8. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    So gonna be brewing this soon...given the talk of the yeast...should it still need to be rehydrated? Or throw it in dry? Also brewing temps? I don't want crazy funk, so I'm assuming around 20-21c?
  9. RepSpec

    Yeast (in packet) lifespan

    thanks guys... i did a bit of googling and found on fermintis site, to check the best before. If its within that, it should be ok. As long as its not too hot to cold etc
  10. Hey guys I found some yeast at home (us-05) that i had bought this year at some stage and hadnt used it. Its just been sitting in its packet on a shelf...normal house hold conditions. What is its lifespan, should it be stored somewhere better, or has this one past its life?
  11. RepSpec

    Making my Pale Ale recipe more Sessionable

    Check out the recipe i use. in a 23ltr brew it works out around 3.5% and very sessionable. I have also used this with with APA can instead of the Mexican one. Used the mexican one for this recipe as its a bit "lighter" in colour and flavour to the APA can
  12. RepSpec

    Coopers Mexican Cerveza

    Cracked one of my Tex Mex brews last night after 2 weeks in the bottle. Quite happy with the result. Nice and light, crisp(ish) finish and a nice hop hit, but not too over powering or heavy. Finished 1 bottle (500ml pet) and was annoyed i didnt put a 2nd in the fridge hahaha
  13. RepSpec

    Melba Hops

    whoops...wrong word...fruity/passionfruity was the term...floral wasnt. my bad
  14. RepSpec

    Melba Hops

    See this thread. Melba is nothing like Galaxy...(well in my use of it) I found it gave of a spicy note to it that was quite enjoyable. Galaxy is more floral. Shame its not available at the moment
  15. RepSpec

    Kit Saison (with fruit)

    I had thought that too ben... different folks...