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  1. majority of my brews are made using the APA can, a short boil with ldm and hops, then a dry hop. I also use LDM rather than the BE2/3 mix. They all turn out pretty good to me. Havent used any of the other items you mentioned however.
  2. I dont use BE2 but use LDM and Dextrose. I got similar readings. I thought (like you) mine was finished after day 6, but checked my other readings and they were out. So i left it (again, like you) for a couple of days and it was where it should be. This was using US05 though.
  3. i had one of those brew Mitch...i called it Murphys pale ale... everytime i went to do something with the brew i messed up. Turned out to be a ripper brew that i just bottled up my 2nd batch of it! Fingers crossed for you!
  4. Next... Hazy Bling from Bridge road... Dank, hop heavy, dense beer If your a fan of dank...try it. You won't be disappointed
  5. Today's sample from bridge road... Single hop IPA Ella variety. Seems this is the hop I was chasing that they seem to use in lots of their beers. Great beer, super clean and a great hop flavour!
  6. Posse pack turned up the other day... This is a cracker of a beer. Perfect for summer days I'd imagine. Very similar to their "mayday hills table sour" Great hit of fruit salad and sourness to suit the style. Very drinkable
  7. So had a first crack at "Sgt Sundaze" tonight. Well balanced, almost sweet malty front, slightly fruity, then finishes bitter on the end. Both me and the mate who did the poster were very happy. Be interested to see how it changes after more than 2 weeks in the bottle.
  8. i found the same thing with Sodium percabonate...was amazed at how well it cleaned off scum build up. Had to leave it soak a bit longer, but wow, what a difference
  9. cheers guys Like DetroitD its un-nerving seeing "staining" on the inside of the bottles. Il know for the next bottle day on sunday!
  10. Hey guys So after reading on here, decided to change up my way of cleaning and sanitising. I now use sodium percarbonate to clean everything (FV, equipment and bottles), then give everything a spray with Starsan before use (FV, equipment) I carried it out fine, but when i went to do the bottles (PET) i sprayed a small amount inside them, put the lids on, gave a shake so the bottle was covered inside, then let sit until i had done the 30 i needed. I then uncapped and let drain on a bottling tree (coopers one) However, when i shook the bottles, they foamed up quite a lot and resulted in a residue left inside the bottles. It was only in the bottles that really bubbled/foamed up when shaken. I left it for a couple of hours, but it didnt go away, so i then rinsed the bottles in warm water and let dry before bottling. Is this common? Is it something to worry about? Am i just mixing too much so it foams? Do i need to sanitise them at all?
  11. yeah im still blown away by it guys! Everytime i look at it...its amazing. ps... suns not shining out its bum...been a "carebear" its from the sun on its chest ...either way...its still awesome
  12. So brewed a beer with a mate of mine 2 weeks ago who loves his IPA and craft beers like I do. He is also an artist who works in marketing/advertising. Over the brewing of the beer, we came up with an idea for a name of the beer. Few beers in and a story came from the name. Then his imagination got going and he turned up today to bottle with the following. Totally blown away!
  13. Got my Tower 10ipa (style) in the FV at the moment...just about to cold crash...drop the temp down on the inkbird to 4c and closed the fridge. Took 2 steps away from the fridge back into the cold Melbourne air...and thought why not be a good boy and save some money and just leave it in the cold air. Should be good in a few minutes hahahaha
  14. i often wonder this... Il support local stuff, if i see something i want to try/buy. Went to Mr banks (seaford vic) the other day to grab some of their new beers. A sour and a Hazy IPA... $51 for 8 beers. 2 x 4 packs. Granted 1 of the 4 packs were 500ml cans at 6.4% But when buying like that...i wonder why i keep doing it
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