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  1. Had a mate over to show him what homebrewing was all about. Had to have a few beers as well. This is our stash for the session... Coopers sparkling Mr banks mango sour Mr banks kviek IPA Rye IPA Sassy IPA Bridge road dark harvest Bridge road posse brown ale Choc mint milkshake IPA Few stand out were the Mr banks kviek IPA...nice drop, well balanced... and the choc mint milkshake .. different, good finisher beer. Not something I'd ever have tried, but would again! Super weird, but well done!
  2. Gonna be my first brew day since Feb on sunday. Gonna be showing a mate how to brew. Not too sure what its going to be, but i think it will be similar to my Tower 10 clone. APA can and Cascade, Chinook and Centennial hops. Looking forward to brewing again. Heading to "Grain and grape" Tomorrow morning..."Local" HBS doesn't have what i want, so drive over the Westgate for me. Thats what happens when you leave it too late to buy online because you cant decide what to brew
  3. Thought I'd give something different a crack... Never had one...don't mind it! Seems to me not as "heavy" as the pale. Got a bit of a kick to it I think. Not too bad!
  4. Strolling though Dans the other night to kill a bit of time and noticed that there was a dominance of Lagers in the "mainstream" section. VB, Great Northern, Carlton Dry, Iron Jack, and the others (XXXX, Melbourne bitter etc) dominate the landscape of beers in Australia. Is there a reason for this style dominating, or is it simply: Hot weather, easy to drink beer Surely it cant be eaiser to make and keep fresh, im assuming thats why so many preservatives. If its been covered before, apologies...
  5. tap contracts...end thread. Have to remember that when it comes to "real beer" (and im talking craft here which i believe stouts and porters will fall into), many people just dont want to try something like that, its too weird. "Give me a pot/schooner/pint of *insert megaswill brand here* thanks mate, Anything else isnt worth drinking". So therefore it doesnt make money, and only takes up valuable room where a VB, Draught or the like can be sold and actually make money. The other thing to consider is that Lagers and Pales are "lighter" styles and easier to market/sell to people who have never ventured into the world of craft beers. Go to any Micro-brewrey and watch people who only drink Megaswill, they will only drink something like that. Then places that only sell their beer, will mainly sell those styles. Case in point Mornington Peninsula Brewery...their core range is: Lager, Pale, Brown and IPA (only recently in cans). They tend not to release anything else in big runs, because it doesnt sell as easily...
  6. Kr did a video of this using a real basic kit set up...mentioned it was fairly average
  7. Had this last night while out for dinner at "Vue de monde" for my wife's 30th... Great Saison, true to the style that I have had...however at their prices...$18ea I kept it at 1 Any phone nerds out there, this was taken with a Google pixel 3xl using night sight. Night photo, no flash!
  8. Got a gift of 2 of these from a mates old man who loves beer as much as I do. I give him some of my Hb often. Really great beer from a small brewery outside Glenrowan in Vic. Super easy to drink! Slight hoppyness to it. Great clarity to it!
  9. or you could use 1kg of frozen rasberries and "dry hop" with them. Did that with my Raspberry Saison and they added colour and flavour. Although less colour and maybe flavour than i was hoping for. But that had Saison yeast and the APA can colour to contend with. Happy how it turned out though
  10. could it be "old or stale" hops? The 2 brews of mine that had issues, both had galaxy in them. The frustrating part, is it was only a few bottles...not the whole batch
  11. could it possibly be cross contamination from another brew, from uncleaned bottles, or tainted bottles?
  12. i think what you are describing is what i have had with a few of my brews, but with 1 or 2 bottles out of a 23ltr batch. They just didnt taste right, but it was a similar "aniseed type" flavour. 1 was a Mosaic and galaxy pale (apa can and 500g ldm, US05) the other was a citra and galaxy apa (same ldm and yeast) who knows...
  13. not a brew fail but beer related... Was pouring out a "Bridge road Nitro larger" for a fancy photo for here as it cascades similar to guiness... Poured it out and went to sit the can on the top of my glass like it was still pouring..... It fell and in the process of it falling i tried to grab it, then knocked over the glass i was pouring into. Ended up with maybe 1/4 of a can in the glass... Wife thought it was funny...even helped clean up with me hahaha Sadly...no photo
  14. done Feb fast and i did a "2 beer july" as it was a great mates 50th so had to have a couple of beers with him. Both times ive lost 2-5kgs (i am 32, 75ishkg and 175cm) so not big by any means. If you want to try drop a couple of kgs give it a crack. Winter is probably the best time for beer drinkers, been cold its not as tempting to grab a beer to refresh with hahaha
  15. Another of my posse beers... Harvest hop IPA from bridge road... Slight toffee/malty very floral...would have loved to try it 2 months ago when it was made... We were at the brewery when it was fermenting...a week early to see it brewed and a week late to try it fresh
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