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  1. How do i make a NON alcoholic beer. Probably not the best site to ask, but i am asking for medical reasons. My Dr told me stop drinking alcohol for the good of my liver, which he described as being on the fatty side due to too much wine and beer. I am getting on a bit, but i love beer. I have found a number of German beers that fit the mold, but would like any ideas about making it myself. Ok, sacrelage on this site i understand, but im desperate guys, who can give up the taste of beer.
  2. Bad news from the Doctor today. I have to stop drinking alcohol full stop, my liver needs time to get better. Any ideas for making non alcohol beers.
  3. I had a look at brewing a stout, but gave that away as i think its beyond me. I love German beer and was wondering about a Pilsner. I see the kit from Coopers is a little different to the normal kits. I also read that it has to brewed at a low temp. Can somebody please give me some advice on brewing Pilsner.
  4. I did respond to the very helpful people on this site. When you are new at something you dont know really what you are talking about or what various sayings mean. When i said the beer was bad it tasted like corked wine, thats the only way i can describe it. There was no head, the beer was very cloudy with no head and was not right. I hope this has cleared up a few things. Dont get on my back please, im trying to learn.
  5. Is it common to have all the crud in the bottom of my bottles.
  6. Is it common to have all the crud in the bottom of my bottles.
  7. How hard is it to brew this stout.
  8. I usually buy the coopers kits, i dont know any other method yet, so thanks for the advice, but i really dont understand, i thought a wort was something you got on your hands, and i have no idea about a saison, or whatever its called. The yeast i use is what comes with the kit, is there another way of adding the yeast, like bakers yeast or similar.
  9. When i brewed my first batch of original coopers ale, it was winter and i had trouble controlling the temp, but the beer tasted fine. My second attempt was the pale ale and was a complete disaster due to, once again the temp, it was way too hot and the temp was too high. I am going to have to chuck this batch out because its terrible. I have tried bottling it longer but there is no taste and no head and is just like, well urine to taste, i imagine as i have never tasted urine, but i think this is what it must taste like. So now i am going to try a third time before i give up all together. What style of beer do you recommend, i am not a fan of lager type beers, but a fan of dark and stout type beers. What do i need to do to improve on my previous disasters.
  10. Well i opened another bottle after three weeks, disgusting is the only way i can describe it. It has no taste and no head. I will have to throw it out, i dont think it will mature anymore. Perhaps summer is not the time to brew in Canberra, perhaps i need more help.
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