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  1. My recipe is something along these lines. I am just doing a 5l batch so if it goes badly I don't have to drink too much of it :) Sarsaparilla 5L recipe 500ml amber malt or brown sugar 125ml molasses 125ml honey 5 tbsp sarsaparilla powder 1 tbsp ginger powder or fresh ginger 1 tbsp licorice powder 1tsp vanilla essence or 1 vanilla pod 3 star anise pods Ale yeast Add water 1L simmer with sarsaparilla powder, ginger powder, licorice powder, vanilla and star anise for 20 mins. Add fermentables and stir in till dissolved heating only if necessary. Add to fermentation vessel. Top up to 5L with water and stir till homogenised. When temperature is in acceptable range add yeast. Ferment until Sg is constant over a couple over 3 days. Add to bottles prime with sucrose and leave for 14 days. Drink. OG Roughly 1.045
  2. Thanks Headmaster, I think you are right. It is a bit too dangerous to attempt to pasteurise my sarsparilla. Sadly force carbonating isn't yet an option for me. I was planning on using honey, sucrose and a little bit of molasses as fermentables which would leave a little residual sweetness from the honey. Lusty's idea sounds good I might drop by the LHBS tomorrow to see what low attenuating yeasts they have. I will also look into adapting the recipe to include amber malt. Cheers for your help guys I will let you know how it goes ????
  3. Hi, I recently made a ginger beer from scratch using just ginger, sucrose, maltodextrin, cream of tartar and yeast. I fermented it out and bottled it with it being about 4.5? ALC/vol. I found it quite nice as it was carbonated perfectly and had quite a fiery bite however it was not at all sweet due to the yeast eating all the sugars. I have some ingredients for a homebrew attempt at making sarsparilla. I would like this one too be slightly sweeter. I am not keen on using artificial sweeteners as I do not totally trust that they are safe. I also can't use lactose as one of my friends is lactose intolerant. From what I have been reading heating the bottles to kill the yeast may be the best option. Has anyone done this before? I am concerned that heating the bottles may lead to them cracking or exploding due to the internal pressure increasing. On the flipside has anyone cooled bottles to kill yeast? Or does anyone have an idea on how to sweeten? Cheers, Robin
  4. Cheers for that beefy that makes sense I hadn't thought of that. Orr Wullie I agree it is not my favorite brew plus they have some pretty terrible presentation with their cans in cheap plastic wrapping. I think they definitely prioritise quantity over quality.
  5. I am curious about this as well. I recently did a tour of tennents brewery in the UK and they said that their beer in glass bottles goes off after 3 months. They kill the yeast by cooling and filter before force carbonating and bottling. I am curious why it would go off so quickly? Could it have something to do with the beer having no active yeast opening it up to infection? Cheers, Robin
  6. What would you guys brew in warm ambient conditions? By warm I mean mid twenties in the daytime and mid-teens overnight. Cheers, Robin
  7. Thanks Christina, sadly I don't have a brew fridge as of yet. I brewed my last lager in my shed which maintained a temperature of about 18C for the daytime and 10C for the night so maybe a bit warm. Summer has just started so I might leave the next lager a few months until the temperatures become more suitable. Maybe an ale would be more suitable for roughly 25c daytime and 15c night time temperatures? Cheers, Robin
  8. Hi, I am new to brewing and am looking to start my second batch of beer. My first batch was the original series lager which didn't taste that great. I typically drink European lagers such as peroni, becks or Heineken and Japanese beers such as kirrin or asahi. I was considering the European lager kit how would you all rate it? Is there any kits which resemble those Japanese beers? Also a bit of a long shot but I was wondering if anyone had an idea on how to adapt a kit to make something similar to Kozel Dark. Cheers in advance, Robim
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