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  1. Yes' date=' it would be a terrible beer If you are ruling out reasonable alcohol level beers based on malt, then no, you don't want a semi-respectable beer. I say this with all the sincerity and authority that I can muster over the internet: You're in the wrong forum. I think you need help. Please seek help.
  2. White deposits from Oxyclean/Napisan are probably calcium and magnesium precipitates. A quick wash in vinegar should clear that up.
  3. The Grainfather cleaner says it is is sodium sulfate, sodium phosphate and metasilicate. Not really any direct substitute. Not quite Oxyclean, not quite sugar soap, certainly not just citric acid. PBW is probably pretty close, with carbonate instead of phosphate. [EDIT] Found some references that PBW is recommend if you can't get the HPC. Acid cleaners are not recommend. https://muut.com/i/grainfathernz/news:cleaning-the-grainfather
  4. Perhaps Styrian Goldings? They are actually a derivative of Fuggles rather than Goldings, but a bit less earthy.
  5. Dry hopping the Coopers APA with Citra works very well. I did an ounce in my first brew coming back into the hobby; would probably do up to twice that next time. Also, I'm not an IPA guy...... but just about every one of the IPAs I do like is dry hopped with Citra. Similarly, I've once had an IPA I don't normally like as a cask special at a pub; it was the same beer, except dry hopped with Citra in the cask, and was so delicious that I had a second.
  6. Planned for tonight: an experiment in AU and NZ hops that I can get locally, in a partial boil (10L) extract brew: 7.1lb (3.2kg) light liquid malt 1.0lb (450g) Munich liquid malt 0.75lb (340g) crystal 40°L 0.25oz (7g) Magnum @ 60min 0.4oz (11g) each Galaxy, Nelson, Motueka @ 20min 0.4oz (11g) each Galaxy, Nelson, Motueka @ 5min 0.4oz (11g) each Galaxy, Nelson, Motueka @ flameout, steep 15 min 21L US-05 0.8oz (23g) each Galaxy, Nelson, Motueka dry Beersmith predicts: OG 1.053 IBU (Rager) 58.6 SRM 10.6 FG 1.012 ABV 5.3% before carbonation
  7. The 'right' way and the way that works are sometimes the same, and sometimes different. Aim for the right way but don't stress too much, because end results matter more than methods.
  8. The problem is that in hard water, the carbonate and metasilicate will precipitate out with calcium and magnesium to form an insoluble salt. The solution is a quick acid rinse, or add a chelator like EDTA to your percarbonate-based cleaner. Commercial cleaners like PBW already contain a chelator, which is why they don't tend to leave residue. In any case, I can assure you that a chemical clean is far more effective than just rinsing with water, which does not remove oils or polysaccharides.
  9. Not quite a 6-pack session, just a sampling of 3 American-produced IPA's I could get locally. Lagunitas IPA - didn't like this at all. Had a really strong burnt honey smell, and the hop profile didn't do it for me. Kona Castaway IPA - really great fruity hop profile of Galaxy, Simcoe and Citra. Not all that well balanced against a very light/thin malt profile. Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA - beautiful dark/rich maltiness, really well balanced against strong late/dry Citra and Mosaic hops. Easily the best of the three, but I think I missed the in-your-face passionfruit of the Galaxy. I think I might plan a brew using malt from a Deschutes clone recipe, but with the hops of the Kona.......
  10. A good recipe is a good recipe. A bad recipe is a bad recipe. Arbitrarily saying "xxx amount of crystal is too much!" is bad form. I was made aware of this recipe recently: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=194085 . A pound of light crystal, over a kilo of total light grains. By all accounts, it's quite delicious.
  11. Awesome. I have something very similar planned, except probably a smidge more crystal and roasted barley....... but with a huge hit of American citrusy hops rather than English hops. Really keen to know how your version turns out!
  12. Summary: Coopers Australia Pale Ale All malt Little bit of crystal Little bit of boiled hops Little bit of dry hops Winner. If people can't see the value in such an awesome cost/effort/benefit ratio of a recipe like this, its time to pack it in.
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