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  1. Have a look at their web site. It will tell you about the hops and grain
  2. It is (to me) a superb drop and now that I am brewing with grain something to target. In fact their whole range (most of which is not on the website) is excellent. It is a good thing I only get to Kal every couple of weeks. Alex
  3. Sitting back to a Beaten Track Proper Gander (absolutely awesome beer) having just pitched my yeast into my first all grain brew, an oatmeal stout. Flat smells great, barbie is on, the world is a good place. Alex
  4. Some good info there thankyou
  5. Wet cardboard - yes that could be it. Thankyou. Thanks also for the link
  6. Two of my recent brews have some taste issues that I would like some guidance on. I think I know what is causing it but as there are many people on here who actually know what they are talking about I thought I would put it out there. A southern brown ale extract recipe from the Greg Hughes book (DLME, dark crystal, chocolate malt, black malt. Hopped with Fuggle and Willamette). This is a really good brew, or at least the bottles that are not affected by taste issues are. Some bottles have a kind of powdery after taste with a reduced or more subdued flavour than the unaffected bottles. I have noticed that these are bottles that have a very low tide (lack of attention at bottling time). I am thinking it might be oxidation from too much head space in the bottle, does that sound right? The taste is not particularly unpleasant but it does spoil an otherwise good brew. PB2 Amber ale (but hopped up with Willamette - really like this one and it is now a firm favourite) has an unfamiliar bitter after taste that I have not had from it before. Normally I use bought water because my local water is heavily chlorinated/chloriminated, but this time I used the tap water (with no treatment). Would this taste be the effect of chlorine/chloramine? Alex
  7. Have had a pale ale hopped with Idaho 7 sitting in the back of the cupboard for a couple of weeks and cracked the first one today. Quite unusual but I like it a lot. I can taste the black tea that is often mentioned and what I taste as nectarine (but I think is described by those who know as apricot) and some citrus. Next batch I might split it and keep one as the single hop. The other one I am thinking I might to put some Nelson Sauvin with it, perhaps as a tea. Also cracked a southern brown ale (fuggle and willamette). Very nice indeed. Alex
  8. I too have used the laundry tub (well a crate) with ice etc. It works but is not brilliant. I now have a cool brew bag and that is brilliant. Where I am it is pretty much a continuous heat wave but with the bag I have no problem keeping the fermenting brew cool. I have not tried a lager in it yet but I have no doubt it would work out fine. Alex
  9. I recently brewed the Coopers DIY Saison that uses the Coopers Pale Ale. Excellent brew that I look forward to doing again (was going to be this weekend but that idea has gone with the wind). Alex
  10. After my panic about infections I am now drinking a very nice saison. I admit I had my doubts when I tasted some a week or so ago – it was ok, quite funky. But now that it is 3 + weeks in the bottle I have to say WOW. Will definitely be happy to brew this again. This weekend perhaps Alex
  11. The brooklyn hops were sitting in the freezer so that is what was used. Happily use them again but next time I will look for something to layer over the top of it Alex
  12. Opened a bottle of brew comprised of OS lager, DME and brooklyn hops a short while ago. It is actually quite drinkable - despite being only 2 weeks old Alex
  13. Looking at it a bit closer this evening it seems as tho I was just in a panic still smells great/interesting Alex **admin assist**
  14. THanks Lusty, will get a close up after work tonght Alex
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