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  1. The pump inlet does get filled with crap but I put my mouth over the pump arm hole before attaching whirlpool arm and blow to clear , start pump then all good. Run whirlpool whilst chilling then remove chiller and continue whirlpool for a few minutes.
  2. I use a whirlpool arm for my Guten when using the chiller and it cuts down chilling time considerably. Remove chiller then whirlpool.
  3. I remember camping at Cactus for a month in the early 70s and had awesome waves nearly every day. Was down there again just before the borders were closed. Might head up to Corner Country (Tibooburra, Sturt National park) area until interstate travel is happening again.
  4. Though hot water is not recommended for PET bottles.
  5. Welcome the forum, I use Brewtracker for recording basic info and find it pretty good.
  6. I have a similar set up but drilled multiple 25mm holes through the plywood to help air circulation.
  7. Blast under the hot water tap for about 30 seconds, drain, then into the fridge. Works for me.
  8. Hi Matt The " Midnight Mosaic Amber Ale " from the Coopers recipe section uses the lager can as a base. Have brewed a few times and is a very tasty drop.
  9. As long as they are not following me Muzzy its ok.
  10. Have surfed all my life ( 64 yrs old ) but must admit that its a lot harder these days and less frequent . Other than that I follow NRL (Sharks) and enjoy watching test cricket.
  11. Short answer, yes. There must be some point when they wear out but some of mine are well over 2 year old and had 30-40 brews through them and are fine.
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