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  1. I have a similar set up but drilled multiple 25mm holes through the plywood to help air circulation.
  2. Blast under the hot water tap for about 30 seconds, drain, then into the fridge. Works for me.
  3. Hi Matt The " Midnight Mosaic Amber Ale " from the Coopers recipe section uses the lager can as a base. Have brewed a few times and is a very tasty drop.
  4. As long as they are not following me Muzzy its ok.
  5. Have surfed all my life ( 64 yrs old ) but must admit that its a lot harder these days and less frequent . Other than that I follow NRL (Sharks) and enjoy watching test cricket.
  6. Short answer, yes. There must be some point when they wear out but some of mine are well over 2 year old and had 30-40 brews through them and are fine.
  7. Old Hippy

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    Best of luck, fight hard.
  8. I have a Mosaic pale ale which is 6 days in the bottle, a Neils centenarillo 5 days in fermenter and a Midnight mosaic amber ale 2hrs in fermenter. And a fermenting fridge which can take 2 Coopers fermenters. Happy days.
  9. Some of my PET bottles and caps must have been used at least 20 times with no issues at all, just rinsed with cold water straight after emptying, drained, sprayed with starsan before next use. Just make sure caps are on tight, and as been suggested, maybe retighten after a day or two.
  10. Don't know if they still sell them but 'Arrowmaster' in Riverwood in Sydney were selling nucleated headmaster schooner glasses for $1 each or $9.99 for a box of 24. This was about 12 months ago. Stuart
  11. A timely post as i'm setting up for BIAB myself. Have bought a 50 L pot, ball valve and thermometer. Now that I go to drill the holes to fix these to the pot, after researching all about drilling stainless i'm buggered if the the drill bit looks like touching it. New drill bit suitable for stainless= check. low speed and high torque=check. lubrication=check. Tried out on an old 11L pot, no problem, drilled it easy. What's going on? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Stuart
  12. Some of mine must have been used at least 20 times with no problems at all.
  13. Yeah, two fermenters and a fridge that will hold them both give you lots of options. Two cheers for Kelsey!
  14. Afternoon All, Have been watching with interest the problems others have had with logging on to this site. My issue is trying to access the Coopers club page . Keeps coming up with " 404 page not found " Logging into forum no problem just the club section. I changed my password but still no joy. Has been this way for a few weeks now. Anyone else suffering this problem. Stuart.
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