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  1. You can’t remove flavours, so that’s all it is, a distraction. I’m not here to split hairs on what constitutes an IPA, OP is using kits, so my two cents was given with that in mind. Of course it’s all subjective, but I noted that with all my dry hopped brews, focus was definitely shifted from the bitterness, to the aromas of the dry hop. Cheers JP
  2. I think galaxy and cascade are also good for this, not so much a fruity sweetness, but definitely balanced things out. Cheers JP
  3. That’s a good drop, but I can’t go past this thread without recommending that you try Monteiths Black. Magically delicious. Cheers JP
  4. 1.25L sparkling mineral water bottles from Woolworths. 23L fills around 17-18 of them. I’ve used some of them for 3 or 4 batches, never had a problem, but I go through enough of the water that I think I’ll just use them once, then cash them in at the refund depot, saves the hassle of cleaning. I found no discernible difference at all between the plastic and glass in my experience. I’ll be using plastic until I move to kegs, and I’ll only use glass for gifts. Cheers JP
  5. Well, it’s a little late, but merry Christmas and happy new year all. I embarked on a massive bender over the holiday period, mostly home brew of course, then decided to give my liver a little rest from drinking. Thought I might go enjoy an afternoon beer right now, then wondered what I might brew next, realised I haven’t been in the forum for a bit so here I am. I put down a few batches last year that just used dry malt, no tins, did very simple hop schedules and they turned out great. I’m very encouraged by this so I’d like to try something new, which could be anything that isn’t a pale/dark ale or Saison, while there are many different variations I could try on those, and I’m sure I will, I’d like to try something a little different from those styles. So, simple LDM recipes, if you please good people. Cheers JP
  6. I should have plenty to see us through a few days, it’s just nice to have more variety. I’m thinking those pale ales would benefit from another week at least anyway, they may drop a few more points, saisons are done, but they’ve been sitting in the mid 20’s, as opposed to the ales at 18 I’ll be away for the weekend, so I figure it’s better to dry hop when I get back on Sunday, bottle around Wed/Fri Cheers JP
  7. I feel badly for anybody experiencing this, they must really dose the water up good and proper to have this effect? I guess I’m lucky here, my brew water is straight from the tap. Cheers JP
  8. Good morning beautiful people. Christmas is almost here, I have 4 batches going, I just winged it basically, 3 of them are identical as far as fermentables go: 2.5kg LDM 250g wheat malt Topped to 23L I think one of them had slightly less LDM, and I ended up throwing in 250g table sugar. Really should have written down details, but here we are..... I didn’t use extract tins for these, started with LDM and hopped them myself. Danstar Belle Saison pitched into two batches, they are at 1006, and 1008, which is about what I expected. Coopers PA dry yeast packets, 2 each, for each of the remaining 2 batches, rehydrated and pitched. Those batches are at 1016 and 1014, seems high. Primary for 2 weeks now. Will be at least 5 more days for dry hop, so I’m wondering if there’s any way these will be ready by Christmas Day? I know the saisons will be good at least. Cheers JP
  9. Difficult to give advice when we’re using subjective terms, somebody else might think the bottles feel about right. But maybe best to trust your instinct here, definitely safest. I’d recommend putting one in the fridge, when it’s cold pour a glass, your mouth will tell you if it’s overcarbonated. I can’t really anticipate further carbonation at this point, unless there is an infection, or unless it wasn’t finished. Do you mean the reading was 1010? Cheers JP One more thing, go easy opening the lids, you just wasn’t a slight release, you don’t want flat beer.
  10. Funny you say that Ben. I too found it funky, but in a very pleasant way, but the 3-4 other people that tried it, described it as fruity. I guess for me personally, it helped that I was expecting it to actually taste like a horse blanket, you know? Cheers JP
  11. Captain, you’ll see above that out of the strains Ben listed, he believes the Belle to be the funkiest. I wasn’t keen on horse blanket either, but it’s easy to get the wrong impression from taste descriptions like that. I would have no idea how to describe what I brewed, but “barnyard” seems appropriate, and I never thought I’d use a word like that to describe something so tasty. I’ll never forget that first taste, it was like eating a fine cheese for the first time after only ever eating cheese slices. Cheers JP
  12. Danstar Belle Saison Kirk, it’s a dry yeast. I harvested the cake from my first batch, and pitched it into the two I have going currently. Which of those strains did you find the funkiest Ben? Cheers, JP
  13. Anything dry hopped, I’d probably drink within 3 months. I didn’t dry hop this one, so it would have been good to see how it develops after 6 months, oh well, I’ll just have to make more batches.
  14. Hahaha! It never had a chance to age Captain! Was far too tasty. I’ll keep a few bottles aside from the next 3 batches though. I think I left it in primary for just under 3 weeks, bottles were carbonated in less than 24 hours, and they didn’t seem to carbonate beyond that, I’m only guessing, but I think the last bottle would have been around 4-6 weeks old. Was just as tasty as it was at 2 days bottled. Cheers JP
  15. I think this is a great idea, NS seems like a great fit, mind you, I’ve had great ideas before that, well, you know..... Doing this with my next Saison in any case. Last Saison was around 24 for the most part, current two fermented around 28, interested to see how they turn out. Cheers JP
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