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  1. Hello all, and PB2, Thanks for the tips with the LC Rogers clone, and with my questions, my PB2 Rogers clone is sensational, !! and it has only been conditioning for the past 10 days, I have only opened a couple of small swing tops for tasting, and could hardly stop! cannot wait to taste after 6-8week, if there is any left, Cheers, Gary
  2. Thanks Beerlust, I will give the CC a go I think, what sort of temps do you try to drop down to?? and how long do you hold it at a low temp, before bottling?? Thanks, Gary
  3. Hello all, I have been troller for a while now, and enjoy this forum, I am on to my 4th brew now,so far all have been drinkable, but the nothing outstanding, the 4th is the PB2 Rogers clone, and also a a upgrade with with ferment fridge that has been steady at 18c, I must say I stuck my snout in the FV and it smelt grouse, so Q Now two weeks into fermenting, took a SG toady 1012, will check tomorrow again, tomorrow, if the SG is the same, I could "cold crash" and could somebody explain to me the benefits of a cold crash, or just get it bottled?? cheers and beers Gary.
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