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  1. Can anyone please tell me the makeup of the #25 stout Booster mix you can buy Thanks Chris
  2. Hi Ctaylor, firstly my apologies for the delay in responding. The OG of my brew was 1.038 before I added yeast. I brewed this to 23 litres. I am unsure of the FG but I guess it should be around the 1.012 mark which by my calculations (OG - FG / 7.46) would work out around 3.5%, then add another 0.3 - 0.5 for carbonation which would equal approximately 3.8 % Otto is one of many forum members that provides valuable help to people, especially newbies, and is well respected. Take his advice (and most of the others here) and things should go good for your brew. Good luck mate. Hi there thanks for your reply I do listen to everyone especially those with me experience than me, and take it all on board, never disrespect to anyone. might just have to give that one ago if you were to replace the liquid malt with dry what would you think then just add my chocolate and milk to that mmmm think I better get going now where do I get this yeast Danstar Nottingham yeast, whitch one for stout
  3. any thoughts going to try a 23L Batch Coopers Stout can 200g lactose steep 50g roasted barley 30ml liqourice exctract
  4. Never had this problem, I just keep my bottles clean from the time I empty them
  5. yep sorry coopers stout mix and brewcraft Milky Stout Mix #30 Ok I must be dumb but I could not find what was in the milky stout mix I know there is lactose, how mush? I think there is dark malt and maltodextrin? what is a hydrometer also what is this about got to so much effort to clean bottles, I've read in other messages
  6. Hi I wish to cut down the alcohol in my stout at the moment I use a 60l fermenter 3 X coopers stout mix 3 X brewcraft milky stout booster mix No30 60ml liqouris extract 100g rosted barly I wish to keep the lactose at the same amount cutting the rest down would this work and can anyone tell me the other quanties in the mix Thanks Chris
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