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  1. Yes but they use two stage of fermentation? You can rack the beer of to a secondary fermenter or not. The choice is yours. Keeping the beer in primary for 2 weeks then cold crashing after you reach final gravity is fine. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm wondering if can I use Northen Brewer recipes with Coopers DIY kit? Does anyone know or tried that before?
  3. very thanks to all replys I used the lager and yeast that came with the kit Q/ If I leave my beer in fermentation vessel for 3 weeks after hydrometer reading was stable. is it good or bad for my beer?
  4. Hello, My first Coopers batch (the lager which comes with the kit) is now in day 7 and the hydrometer reading stable for two days at 1.015 (OG= 1.037). I read in the instructions that It's time to bottling after hydrometer reading stabled for two days but is it better to let the beer more time in the vessel or not ? If yes how long can I keep it before bottling to get better beer.
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