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  1. So use about a pound of DME in my next lager batch and should up the ABV to 4-5%?
  2. i just buy the cans of the liquid HME and trying to think of how to make it stronger cause i mad a lager with Brew Enahancer 1 and it turned out to be 3.2 and i was wondering how to make it at least 4 or 5%?
  3. if i do not wanna carbonate my beer can i drink it and it still has the alcohol levels?
  4. yes i do not have any brewing sanitize and wondering what i can use to sanitize my bottles with so i can bottle my beer?
  5. yes i have some left over full packs of no rinse clenser from my mrbeer stuff and was wondering if i can use that on my diy equipment?
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