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  1. alexhenderson

    Old PETs. End of life, or temporary blip?

    I have been filling some PET bottles today, three leaked as I was filling them, I think they are at the end of their life, two were of the same type, I am gradually changing over to water bottles but I have over three hundred of these pesky PETs.
  2. alexhenderson

    Head retention

    Additional photos
  3. alexhenderson

    Head retention

    The head retention of my beers is great, no special tricks just good glasses and standard Coopers beer packs with the recommended Enhanser, latest Coopers Stout, Irish Stout and Coopers PA
  4. alexhenderson

    Old PETs. End of life, or temporary blip?

    Bottled a brew of Stout this morning, I was fortunate that I decided to take them from the carton and put them in a cupboard as one of them had stared to leak through the bottom, this is the first leak I have had for about three years, before I ditched the bottle I filled it with with water to see where it was leaking from, it appears to be from one of the lobes on the bottom not the centre. I think I will ditch the lot and stay with the water bottles.
  5. alexhenderson

    Old PETs. End of life, or temporary blip?

    Sorry to hear I am not the only one having lost faith in PET's, on my most recent post I expressed my dismay at finding my stout that I bottled in may last year was flat, the bottles were all new as were the caps, there was a problem with these bottles a couple of years back with a batch leaking through holes in the bottom, I have a few cartons with stains to remind me! My change to sparkling water bottles continues to be a success, important that the original caps are reused as PET caps do not seem to seal as well.
  6. alexhenderson

    Finances and homebrew

    I have just discovered an ALDI 500ml bottle of sparkling water, twelve for six dollars, the bottle is a much simpler design than the Coles so I bought dozen and will be giving them a try, I have never been into putting my beer into kegs, and like you I keep all my many bottles in the garage where it does get hot in summer, as I write I am enjoying a six month old Coopers Stout which is excellent, 500ml bottle of course!
  7. alexhenderson

    Fail Thread (Mistakes You've Made) 2019

    I am about to dump all my PET bottles, I opened three this week and they were all flat as a biscuit, I was so looking forward to the contents, stout made in May last year, the bottles and caps were all new, I don't suppose I am the only one having this problem, none of my 500ml water bottles have ever failed.
  8. alexhenderson

    Finances and homebrew

    Checked out the still water bottles, no good paper thin compared to the Sparkling water
  9. alexhenderson

    Finances and homebrew

    I will be shopping today and will buy some of the still water and give them a try, I cannot see why they would be any different.
  10. alexhenderson

    Finances and homebrew

    The problem with glass bottles is us, we are not perfect and mistakes can be made, I have had bottles explode myself due to perhaps bottling too soon or adding too much sugar, this did happen to my friend several years ago, he is coping well with his one eye, as you get older you are more prone to these type of happenings.
  11. alexhenderson

    Finances and homebrew

    I have been buying the Sparkling water for some years and throwing the bottles away, after a spate of non sealed or leaking Pet bottles I decided to try one of the water bottles and I now have many dozens filled with my various brews, and I have never had one not seal correctly, the Irish Stout I have down now will go straight into these bottles.
  12. alexhenderson

    Finances and homebrew

    I started brewing in the 60's, in those days we sourced our malt from the Chemist, had to be careful not to get the one with cod liver oil in it, yeast was bakers and the final product was very ordinary. Coopers came to the rescue in the 70's with the cardboard packs to which you just added the yeast, proper brewing yeast by now and fermented in the cardboard box, big improvement. Today we are spoiled and have a wonderful choice of product and a supplier who takes an interest in us. I threw out all my glass bottles when a friend lost an eye due to an exploding bottle, I have had a lot of problems with the Pet bottles leaking and not sealing, of late I am using 500ml water bottles from Coles and they are proving to be a great success, seal well and are perfect for the 600ml pint glass.
  13. alexhenderson

    Irish Stout

    I have just bought my first can of Irish Stout, any advice on whether to make 18 or 23 litres, I always make 18 litres of Coopers Stout which is excellent.
  14. alexhenderson

    Coopers Club - A change is brewing...

    I have just brewed the best Pale Ale ever in nearly fifty years of brewing, yeast from six pack of Cooper Mild, what I need to tell you is the pint mug in the photo was purchased from a pub in the UK called the Garnon Bushes, that pub is in a Village called Coopersale, near Epping Essex it cost me 2 shillings and 3 pence, I bought 6 but have given five away to friends.