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  1. I think I'll follow your lead on that in the future Waylon.
  2. Seen others pics about this but a first for me. 3 litre starter of WLP800 and 345gm of DME. https://club.coopers.com.au/static/media/attachments/1504524955_59_63.jpg
  3. I just kegged an ale after a week of cold crashing. I normally aim for 4 to 5 days but life gets in the way of brewing sometimes
  4. Just saw this https://www.cleverbrewing.com.au/kegging/kegging-starter-kit.html Cheers
  5. http://kegking.com.au/keg-couplers-and-keg-disconnects/kegerators.html http://kegking.com.au/co2-cylinders.html https://www.cleverbrewing.com.au/micromatic-regulator.html There's a few for you mate. and should get ya started. I have both the Keg King CO2 regulator and the micromatic. I use them both connected to each other and run 2 kegs off them. I bought a double font kegerator but if you go the kegerator route best get one without the font and source a good quality one. There a plenty of members who have built their own out of fridges and freezers and I reckon you would be able to find a few threads detailing how to. Good luck. Cheers Greg
  6. Hey Hawk, I usually bottle about four 750ml glass longnecks after filling a keg. I've always dropped 2 glucose drops in them and they turn out great. Cheers Greg
  7. Hi Sam, I've been kegging just over 2 years and yeah you got it, you clean the keg then clean the lines. It's a fairly easy process. Once the keg blows I give it a good rinse with warm water and then fill and charge with gas and put it through the line. I then use oxyper and rinse the keg with that and put that through the line. If I don't have a keg ready to go straight on I stop here. If I have another keg ready to go I will put Starsan in the keg and run it through the line and then connect the new brew. About every 3rd brew I break the keg down and clean all the parts individually. Cheers Greg
  8. Wow, that was different I must say. You could really taste the caramel and burnt toffee, no hiding those flavours.
  9. I have one of these http://kegking.com.au/heating-cooling-equipment/mkii-10-30amp-temperature-controller-heat-cool.html and an STC-1000. I bought the keg king one first and have used it over the last 2 years and it works fine. I needed a second one so I went down the STC-1000 route as I like to build and mess around with things. I like the STC-1000 more but thats probably because I wired it and housed it. The Keg king one does have a longer temperature probe lead though which can come in handy when placing the unit on or around your fridge. Cheers Greg
  10. Thanks Ben, I'm just drinking their Aussie Pale Ale as I type and it's very refreshing with just the right bitterness for my liking.
  11. I've just been gifted a six pack from The Shivering Man brewery in Coldstream Victoria and it contains a Porter. I am not familiar with this type of beer and would like to get the best out of my first encounter by drinking it at the right temp. A heads up would be very appreciated. Thanks Greg
  12. I store my bulk grain in 60 litre FV's which a neighbor gave me. They work great as Kelsey mentioned you can fit a whole 25kg sack in nicely. A couple of plastic horse feed scoops do the job of getting the grain out without making a mess. I store smaller amounts in them as well all in separate containers inside one 60 litre FV.
  13. Hey JP I've only dry hopped on 2 occasions so far and went commando both times. The two things I was aware of was the type of hops used to avoid any grassy tones and timing. Like Christina I also used a siphon, I also cold crash. Cheers and good luck Greg
  14. I just chuck mine in the bottom of the fridge too as shown in one of Keg Kings video tutorials. I haven't had any problems yet and hope I don't have any in the future. Do you have a link to a thread or anymore info on this Headmaster. Cheers Greg
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