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  1. You've really tried most of the 'quick fix' methods... I'm surprised you got little increase from doing a dunk sparge. I have only done one, but it increased my OG about 10 points and I had to add several litres of water to the boil to get it back on target. What is your current roller gap set at for crush?
  2. Brew day tomorrow and I'm putting down a Smurto's Landlord, subbing in Carabohemian rather than the normal dark crystal and Maris Otter rather than the updated Golden Promise... (is it still a Landlord??) The grains milled and the timer is set on the urn for 7am! I'm also going to use my new chiller extension which is a 10m hose attached to the sprinkler so I dont have to continually empty buckets. Basically the recipe is: 4.7kg Maris Otter 170g Carabohemian 48g Fuggles @ 60 30g EKG @ 20 30g Styrian Goldings @ 0 Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire Ale yeast Mash @ 66 degrees for 75 mins, 72 degrees for 20 mins. 75 min boil. Water profile: Ca: 82ppm Mg: 10ppm Na: 9ppm SO4: 81ppm Cl: 81ppm HCO3: 29ppm Looking forward to this one on tap since I've currently got an English IPA and an American IPA going... I'm feeling the need for something a little less hoppy.
  3. I usually set mine on 18 degrees with 0.3 degree variation both ways. I've set my compressor delay timing to 5 minutes. The compressor setting was less, but I found 5 mins allowed temp swings from the heat belt to settle a bit better, meaning it wasnt coming on as much.
  4. 60+ schooners over 5 days?! Wow, thats an effort! My trick used to be like Ruddy's, I put 2 long necks in the fridge at a time for the next day. When they were gone, I'd have to stop... Unless I went and got a whisky... Now I keg and the slope is a little more slippery. Christina, thats a deep insight into our friends possible issues... But as a sign on a friends veranda says "Beer is cheaper than therapy" which is find hilarious... but also true. Do I have issues? who knows, I've never been the type to go visit a psych... but lets be honest, I probably do. But if drinking helps, does it really hurt? I run about 55km a week to keep fit and that seems to work for me, also as another release and a way to just focus on myself. But back on topic... yes it's an awesome hobby that has the potential to take up time and money!
  5. Over the past 12 months, I've used the same PET bottles for 22 brews. In that time I changed the caps once only because the sides of a few were bulging out a bit, probably from being tightened too much. But at $2 a pack from Big W, who cares? I've never had a leak from any bottles so far, all Coopers brand with 5 feet. But now I'm kegging!
  6. When I cube hopped, I put the cube in the bath full of cold water. I found it helped a little with retaining some hop flavour. It was some trial and error though with doing nothing at first, just let it sit on the shed floor over night, and also waiting to cube til the temp dropped below 80 degrees. Try different things and see what you prefer. Regarding question 2, I have no experience in storing cubes for long periods, but I have never heard of them increasing in bitterness and it doesnt really make sense since the temps are way below isomerisation temps where bittering occurs.
  7. Yeah i know. This was one of the first chilled brews I did and forgot to change the hop utilisation field. If it was no chilled' date=' it was going to be 31 IBU's. [img']rolleyes[/img] It's still really nice, just a tad sweet.
  8. 20g @ 15mins ~ 14IBU 25g @ 5mins ~ 7 IBU 25g @ Dry hop. It's a 25L batch. I think the 15 and 5 mins should have been upped 5g each to increase the IBU's. Possibly down the dry hop to 20g as it's a bit unbalanced.
  9. Possibly it's the line length. Do you have a font tower? Perhaps the beer is warming up in the line in the tower and releasing the Co2?
  10. I've had a couple of bottles, it's been about 2 to 3 weeks bottled now. The hop aroma and flavour is very strong but good. I still need to find an actual Nail bottle to compare it too. Online says my local Dan's has it but buggered if I can find it. I think I stuffed up a bit too, I forgot to untick the 'Whirlpool hop additions' box in my Beersmith profile so undershot my IBU target by a bit. Still a nice beer though!
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