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  1. Hygiene is paramount in the home brewery
  2. Coopers & Ford, 2 of the very best!!!
  3. True Scottie. Ive had a brew on the go now since Monday. Unfortunatley its still in my kitchen pantry in the can:/
  4. I agree with Otto, its finished. You may get another point or 2 out of it the next few days. I did the exact same recipe albeit slightly more concentrated @16L. Brewed on Tuesday, bottled the following Tuesday and drinking well almost straight away, zero yeast funk. Its curently 12 days bottled, its best not to pass judgment too early as things will change and not always for the better. The reason I bottled it at 7 days (besides it being finished) is because I had a Draught to bottle at the same time which had been fermenting for 14 days, it was in the style of an American Pale Ale, with an APA yeast, so i wanted to give myself the best chance of a clean product. All Im saying is its horses for courses. Stick to what works for your particular brew at that time.
  5. Cheers John. It is a speigelau mate. I do suspect it is the concentration that is making the difference. I have a Cerveza in atm @10L. But really I need to pull my finger out and start brewing with specialty grains
  6. This is a OS Lager that I wanted to try using the BE1 (dextrose/maltodextrin) made to 16L. Really is quiet a drinkable beer, ticks all the boxes & cannot complain about this beer at all. Kit yeast did the trick and feremented clean. I added 30g of Cascade steeped in 'just off the boil' water for 1 hour which i cant detect, I guess that it only added bitterness. Its been in the bottle for 10 days so ill reserve judgement but so far so good. In contrast I added 30g of Cascade steeped @75C to the draught can @23L and I get plenty of Cascade influence in that brew. (brewed with US05. Maltodextrin gets a bad wrap. I understand it to be unfermntable sugars derived usually from corn or wheat but can be produced from any starch. Unfermentable sugars are also ceated during the mashing process, and coopers uses wheat in their Ales anyway so i really dont see the negative in using natural adjunct in creating a better beer. If someone has a different opinion im all ears. Cheers n avagoodweekend
  7. I get no off flavors with this cascadian draught using US05. Really long lag time though, I actually ended up raising the temp & rousing the yeast. It produced a great thick meringue-like krausen that hung forever.
  8. jeremy otto, koowee 2 thumbs up! very nice dudes. [/img] Otto i think i could bathe in that Galena, noice.
  9. Bottled the Lager, taste test is showing promise cheers
  10. Phenols Phenols and yeast Esters and yeast
  11. Rob44


    Gday Morrie. Ive never used Carapils but ive done a bit of research. (i did pick up some pre-packaged carapils but they were out of date by a long shot. Not sure if you brew AG or extract, but i put down an extract beer yesterday 'Cascade Draught' This is the beer that i wanted to use carapils in as i thought the last draught i brewed was pretty watery. Alas as i was putting the brew on i realised i didnt have the carapils, but something that Lusty has mentioned around the forum came to mind which was brew the beer without adding to many things so the differences can be discerned more easily. So this one has a the whack of Cascade so ill see how she turns out. The other thing i was thinking is (the more i think about it the more silly i feel)- does the Draught can already have some carapils in the bill and would brewing it with 18 or 19L improve the body. Anyways back OT, sorry mate. From what ive read use carapils at no more than 5% and pretty much what Lusty has mentioned already, its used to improve body and head on light beers without affecting the color. And adding only a point or 2 to the gravity. Sorry about the life story, Cheers.
  12. Gday all. I picked up a pack of US05 today from LHBS. Its a pretty busy shop with a fair amount of turnover. Anyhow the date on the pack states 06 2017. Does that mean manufacture was 06 2015? I was told they sell a box per week and have fresh boxes of US05 stored in the bottom of the fridge. I queried the expiry so the assistant pulled a packet out of one of the stored boxes to show they are all same stock/same expiry. Seems the shop is getting year old yeast. Another thing- I was told Brew Cellar/Morgans are one and the same, brew cellar is no more and will continue as morgans. As i understood it the American Ale Yeast sold is US05 repackaged. LHBS told me they are similar yeasts but not the same?! Also Morgans do not put a date on the yeast pack! I dunno, any ways rant over, cheers yall.
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