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  1. I had a Jaggery amber ale called Amberosa which was a lovely Smokey amber ale from Biersal .This was nice as well from Bojak
  2. What i just built in Lockdown in melbourne should scare the local birds
  3. i think in future i will go back to Us-05 after doing 2 with KVIEK VOSS i kind off like the sharpness/tartness of the passion fruit or raspberry with the 05
  4. Have you done one yet Norris i am doing a Passionfruit as we speak with Us-05
  5. i do all grain but use light lager and some wheat
  6. i make raspberry and passionfruit beers with real fruit lager is a good base
  7. i think if you want to be 100% sure it would be a good idea but never had any problems . I will read the pack they come in next time maybe there pasteurised already mmmm
  8. passion fruit or raspberry both or great i get a lot asking if i could spare sum lol both i just get from woolies they have never gave infection to the wort 80 to 100g / L works for me and a split batch is the way to go best of both worlds cheers
  9. shelf life the longest it stays in the fridge here is or has is a month or 2 maybe 10weeks tops as i love it and so do others cheers if you are doing extract i reckon lager base would work best or maybe wheat a personal choice i suppose cheers
  10. i have done this about 15 or more times with passion fruit and raspberry which i have brought from the frozen section woolies/ coles which i have never had a problem with infection. I add with sanitised Maslin cloth weighted so it is submerged especially when i use kviek voss at high temps. Every thing that is used to pulp the raspberrys is sanitised .If i use passionfruit that is already pulped. Also i add it when 80 to 90% of the fermenting is done and most of my fruit beer is 6 % to just Under 7% . The last couple i have done with voss but the usual yeast i have used in the past is us-05 also i only leave in there 3days max with the US-05 and with voss 2days so the fermentings done then cold crash the fruit usually adds a couple of points cheers
  11. I conditioned at 36c 3 days and its carbed .I will leave 1 maybe 2 more just to make sure they all are and then in the beer fridge at 6c . A bottled brew drinkable after 10 days from mashing in and tastes bloody great who would of thought it possible
  12. i have done this many times Norris and i love it the pear takes away the raspberry a bit so if was was you just do raspberry 2kg per 20 to 20+ litre brew and you will will be tasting the raspberry It is very tart and lighty sour without the pear i really love it it would be my most brewed beer .The pear tends to round it of more and i put double the pear this time hen i did last just to see the difference. My 3 main beers are raspberry , Passionfruit and Apa's/Ipa's/Neipa's and the occaisional Wheat with corriander and orange cheers
  13. i let it sit 2 weeks last time it did not much at ambient temps well 22c as ambient is too cold in victoria at the moment then i boosted it to 38c 3days and it was carbed so thats what i am doing this time. It is a lazy yeast at lower temps so i think it makes sense to condition at higher temps if you can just my opinion unless you want to wait a long time . Is up to mid 30's at the moment and will let it sit there 72hrs and give it a try
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