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  1. smart man I have 3 so that isn't a problem yep I think your right Shamus I will do that . Maybe both are good cheers
  2. Tossing up whether to add the tea bags now smells bloody nice as it is will see on about day 7 to bag or not too bag LOL
  3. putting it in the fermenting smells quite hoppy BHE 65 -70% OG 1059 22L in the fermenter
  4. 3Kg American ale malt 2Kg ale malt NZ 1Kg wheat malt .5Kg Quick oats .4Kg Lactose 20g FWH Columbus 100g El dorado in the cube at approx. 92c 23L after fermentation and before bottling there will be a addition to the fermenter of cold fusion tea which contains pineapple peach , rosehip ,hibiscus liquorice root , citric acid, orange peel quantity of them I am unsure maybe 40 or more bags will have to do some test . Brew is done will see brew house when its cooled and in the fermenter
  5. I love vintage ale bitter and tasty
  6. I hope so I am always trying to get a different taste to main stream I will post the recipe tomorrow I am brewing it a RDO brew
  7. hahahahah is there second release of it is a bit more sour I think but is nice as that inspired me to do my raspberry milkshake and raspberry tart one .The Jaffa is nice and would be real nice after a desert
  8. My neipa and 2 of my fav brewery's beers both damn nice if you like left of field yummo I reckon
  9. I am using it with tea bags hops@ cubing and teabags which are hibiscus pineapple and pear for24+hrs before bottling cheers
  10. thanks guys we will see if I like it in a months time lol cheers thanks
  11. I am using El Dorado at 90 c the question is would it be ok to use as FWH as well.I haven't used it before so was wondering if it gives off any off flavours in long boils cheers Brian .If so I have chinook, centennial ,columbus I could use for FWH
  12. It might be for me as I like fruit and a tart taste but not too sour LOL
  13. As long as it is bitter/sour sweet I would give it a go
  14. Just having one of my Orange wheat beers still a bit green but is bitter with citrus orange after taste needs to mellow a bit but not half bad
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