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  1. therealthing691


    I know this is a old thread but I found a similar recipe but with fruit raspberry but is allgrain with acidulated malt and salt A raspberry gose I am going to do a 10L batch wish me luck cheers lol
  2. therealthing691

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    Now this was really nice sour raspberry
  3. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    well early pickings on the fruit weizen but is very similar to a Francis Kraner . Except a little citrus from the simcoe and a tiny bit of coconut and pineapple from the additions which I thought would be more .The yeast was danstar munich wheat yeast which throughs banana and can taste that but 3 more weeks I think it will be at its ultimate will wait and see cheers
  4. therealthing691

    What other hobbies do brewers have??

    is cherping get with the program LOL
  5. therealthing691

    What other hobbies do brewers have??

    nar and I am only 1/2 my ideal weight bahahhahahhahha
  6. therealthing691

    Brut IPA

    I had another one of Mr banks second batch of brut and it is really refreshing and little more mellow but damn nice
  7. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    I gave some out to tasters and they said when can I get some hahaha .I myself think it could be a bit more hoppy but I will do another batch as it was only 10L this will be 23L with .2g/L FWH hops more and 4grams/L less Lactose aroma hops same qtys/L and fruit the same. Also grain bill the same cheers
  8. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

  9. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    Still doesn't look like beer LOL but the taste I had today as I was eager to see how it tasted. Being my first of this style of beer. I think the biggest problem with this beer will be is that its easy on the palate .Its only 8 days in the bottle conditioning at 19.5C with the pineapple coconut wheat that is finishing off fermenting.Well I am amazed I thought the hops would have been a little more bitterness but in saying that its well balanced cant wait to taste it after 2 weeks is very fruity but balanced even could do with a little more hops cheers Brian
  10. therealthing691

    thomas coopers wheat can yeast ?????

    Danstar Munich wheat yeast is nice that throws Banana flavour but is tame as well
  11. therealthing691

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    that it is and there bier de garde is nice too this is for saturday night and a new glass for my fruit beers I are waiting on
  12. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    well a taste out of the hydrometer has heaps of coconut and pineapple coconut is a bit dominate but can still taste the pineapple and simcoe also brought this glass to celebrate when there ready cheers also Mr Banks Hazy state is nice as well
  13. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    Oh and yeast was Munich Wheat yeast not Munich classic cheers
  14. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    well just added .5 kg of roasted coconut and 1.6kg pineapple pieces in pear and pineapple juice to a artisan fresh wort which is Bavarian weizen .I don't know anyone that has done this . Hopefully I will have a nice Coconut pineapple wheat beer yeast I used was Danstar Munich. Cheers Brian Also .5kg of golden naked oats and simcoe hops were added to fresh wort
  15. therealthing691

    Fruit Beer

    2kg pale weyerman .3kg munich1 weyerman .2kg bestmalz wheat .2kg Maris Otter .5kg lactose 1.1kg of fresh pureed Mango after primary fermentation 10 grams of simcoe fwh hops 30g mosaic 30g citra cubed at 82c and left over night that is the basic recipe run it through brewers friend to adjust volume it suit your Brew house efficiency for the required abv that was around 10L