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  1. Same for the Artic breed but lazy as ahahhahahahahahahhah
  2. I can see where you are coming from coriander yes in a wheat beer and dont think it would add to this fruit beerThis isn t a wheat beer has none in it at all .Pepper is a yes going to use 3grams as I only want it as a tiny after taste spicy with the fruit as with the amount of fruit It will be very fruity . The reason for calling it a Belgian is the invert / candy sugar cheers
  3. also i am thinking of adding peppercorns to the boil for spice but unsure will do some more research
  4. The way i am going to prepare the fruit this time is blitzed / pureed as normal but 2litres or less of water so wort size will be less so the total will be 25L . I will be heating fruit to 78c and then filtering out the solids >I usually just puree then put in commando. Should be a clearish purple color at the end .At least thats what i am hoping for cheers PS : Invert sugar will be self-made by table sugar and citric acid it works well have done a few times also fruit will be added at about 24-30hrs as i am using kveik voss at 35-40c
  5. going to do another fruit beer a bit different way to i normally do it will be blackberry and pear with some crystal and pale malt and Calypso hops @ about 18 IBU'S but are going to do the fruit different and use kviek voss .Will post a new thread when i do cheers'
  6. i think V2 could be the go to hazy this summer
  7. hahahahah grains as the top but less Crystral no Vienna the rest the same
  8. just adjusted the grains for a tad lighter ', just kegged it today and will leave it for at least 7days hopefully 14 LOL. The hazy part is easy even after 5weeks in a keg that is down pat. Just looking for more juicer as this one is. I reckon its all about not quanity of hops but getting a fermenting plan as to when they are introduced for bio transformation and dry hopping as well. All makes a big difference een just a few points on the hydrometer
  9. V2 simcoe vic secret galaxy azacca idaho 7 cascade cyro calypso
  10. Version 2 with a few little tweeks for lighter colour and few more different hops 125 at flame out and 150 D/H
  11. Agreed here is the product six days cold conditioning damn balanced and tasty but 14 days seems to be more consistent for the keg taste anyhow cheers and have a great weekend PS: i think its a little dark so will adjust the colour next time but are loving the hop combo is a winner i think
  12. Kegging only started kegging this year should have done it years ago lol
  13. Time for a taste this week end will be a bit green still only conditioning for 5 days but we will see lol
  14. Posted October 9 my grain bill is Vienna 1.25kg malted oats .85kg rolled oats 1kg pilsner 4kg light crystal barret burston . 4kg .3kg corn sugar .25 lactose Verdant yeast hops where galaxy 25g azzacca25g citra 25g amirralio 25g simcoe 25g in the cube for 20mins cooling towards 80c then in a bath of cold water cooling to50c then over night to 21c then fermenting as there is so much hop matter in there i think there should be aenough for biotransformation ...... so will only dry hop at day 3 or 4 150 to 200 g of what mmm amarillo and galaxy and cascade cyro i think but lets see here is a picture 36hours in oopppps sorry about the last picture but i get board
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