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  1. Well 48hrs or so Krausen is hitting the lid of the fermenter Og has already dropped 40point was just curious so I took a reading .Will check again day seven
  2. 1081 OG and would say it should end around 1015 BHE was 65%+ so around 8.5 to 9% when bottled
  3. I have done Belgian yeasts before and have had a better result with S-04 just my taste cheers and thanks Ben
  4. I have done a little research on the additions in this recipe but time will tell it goes like this 5kg weyerman premium pilsner .1kg caraaroma .3kg simpsons dark crystal .1kg simpsons black malt 1kg voyager winter wheat .2kg schenkstroop .4kg prune syrup .3kg dark brown sugar Hops 55g ekg , 15gTettnang both @ 20mins =24 ibu's fermented with S-04 @17c Mash was done @ 63 for 30mins ',1hr 69 c , 15mins 78c mashout hot cubed
  5. bottled it today this was out of the bottling bucket loving the colour. The taste with the pear is wicked I hope it doesn't change much conditioning cheers
  6. is coldcrashing going to 48 ish hours at 0 c then bottle it got down to 1006 fg very low only thought it would get to 1010 ish
  7. Loving the taste of the addition of pears balances the additional IBU's and dry hopping . Loving the colour/ haze as well with the addition of oated malt
  8. Decided as well as the raspberry's I am going to add .8kg of puree pears don't know anyone that has tried pears but have had a beer a while back that had pear and raspberry was nice so wish me luck lol cheers
  9. early days I cracked a stubby and damn tastes pretty good a tad sour , a little hoppy, could be a little more carbed but all in all not 1/2 bad
  10. well done and cubed will test BHE tomorrow enigma nice smell .I have never used it before but think it will be well paired with raspberry as a hoppy fruit ale/Ipa should be just over 30ibu's did 17G of hops
  11. I only did the fruit and dry hops 3days not 5 as it tasted and smelt great and then cold crashed removing fruit and hops
  12. As I love fruit beer especially raspberry here is another variation no acidulated malt and different grain bill plus more hops 25L Fermentis SafAle US-05 Yeast Oat Malt - Gladfield (NZ) KG 0.60 Wheat Malt - Weyermann KG 1.5 Lager Light Malt - Gladfield KG 4.5 15g fwh of enigma @ 29 ibu's after primary fermentation 1.5kg of raspberry's for 3days with 85g of enigma dryhop should taste good I think we will see cheers
  13. satisfied with colour and haze at bottling this is out of the bucket lol . Also I added a little vanilla extract at bottling was Cc ed for 2 1/2 days at 0'c
  14. its hooppy not bitter but still has 5 days or so before CC so we will see in a couple of weeks some music to go
  15. well this is the colour after adding the fruit at gravity test living the dream. PMSL But doesn't taste 1/2 bad cheers
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