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  1. therealthing691


    well round 2 was a great success so far no stuck sparge thanks to rice hulls which from now on I will always use. The brew is nearly the same just nearly no oats 75g instead of 500g as I am aiming for a more traditional sour / no milkshake haze . When I say sour its tart nothing like kettle soured . Well at least with mega oats it was very smooth and tart which was what I was aiming for . As for this brew should be a lot sharper I think and is 25L this one so the Abv is lower .I haven't checked efficiency yet is still in the cube cooling will do when I transfer to the fermenter. Here is some photo's it is a lot more red than it looks with the redx addition and a blonde by the same brewery as duvel after it was done
  2. therealthing691


    yes it was 1.5kg blitzed and put in a hop cylinder and what oozed out in to a sterilized bowl was just tipped in was on day 5 cheers . Just ordered grain for the next batch
  3. therealthing691


    Well after 2 or so weeks and a few bottles I love it and are curious to see how it tastes with out the oats .So the same grain bill . Just no oats or torrified wheat and a extra .5kg of best pale wheat Here is what it looked like carbed up . Bring on round 2 and maybe rice hulls this time as I don't wont a stuck sparge this time
  4. therealthing691


    well I had one after 8 day conditioning tastes great but next time would do less oats . Also I got a stuck sparge but all in all is great tastes smooth lightly tart .Here is a picture of what I was aiming for and how it turned out
  5. therealthing691

    What are you listening to right now????

    Lloyd Speigel If I killed you when I met ya ( I would be outta jail by now LOL) So cool go Lloyd and Tim On drums
  6. therealthing691


    I have had a raspberry sour parfait from Mr banks which is what inspired me to try make one as I loved it and it sold out so quick . They also have a pineapple gose which I love .A passion fruit which is nice but I like the other 2 better
  7. therealthing691


    well this is out of the bottling bucket obvious it isn't carbonated but am quite happy with taste colour is tart but not overly sour at all 2 weeks conditioning will give it a go is a bit like a milkshake ipa at the low end of ibu's with a little tartness .It has lots of oats so is quite smooth too cheers see how it tastes in 2weeks
  8. therealthing691

    What makes you try something different?

    Sours are great but each to there own sours, Saisons , Ryes , I love stuff with taste Trappist styles neipa's , west coast ipa,s traditional german styles hoped up a bit love em all. My reason for brewing was going to Europe in 2008 and a couple of times since and trying different beers in Germany and Belgium and loved them and thought well I want to try brewing them rest is history cheers
  9. therealthing691


    Mid week then cold crash time I think this picture was from nearly a week ago
  10. therealthing691

    Amatuer brewing advice

    for the price to set up temp controlled brewing I kicked my self I didn't do it earlier as it is so much better no twang
  11. therealthing691


    the brew is well into fermenting the second week fruit is in. All went well but is always a but hahaha a stuck sprage a bit too much oats with rice hulls I think. Ibu's where around 17. Took a Hydrometer reading a day ago and wet the lips it tastes great but early days yet .I think I will cold crash for a full week this time
  12. therealthing691


    passivating stainless steel is a cleaning process done with acid and H2O Boilermaker by trade we know these things PMSL
  13. therealthing691

    My legacy

    Hey John fight on as you will beat the bastard I agree with the above is just a hard road you can beat cheers and regards Brian
  14. therealthing691


    Thanks once again the tip on the ibu's is great as I was going to go higher but I wont cheeres and thanks a million for the input
  15. therealthing691


    thanks but the grain is already ordered so that is it will see how it goes .the acidulated is coming separate the salt 1g a litre is the go I just put 1g in a litre of water and I see what you mean . Thanks for the input I aren't going to load it with hops was thinking maybe simcoe 10 maybe 15g FWH even 20g any suggestions are great.