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  1. It shouldn't be too difficult to write a spreadsheet to work out costs per litre. For kits and extract it is simply ingredients and depreciate the life of an FV. For AG you have to factor in capital cost and depreciation of all the equipment for brewing and yeast cultivation etc. There would also be additional energy costs for the large and long boil volumes. I wouldn't factor in time if it is seen as fun. Technically you should factor in loss of income if you had used the money spent on equipment and put it into investments or your bond to reduce interest payments. You would also need to factor in brews per year as it affects depreciation costs to get what in engineering is called a URV, Unit Reference Value, used in comparing costs of different design options. I did that exercise for bikes once vs my 4x4, including tyres, kit, insurance, depreciation etc. They ended up costing about the same. The reason being the higher insurance expensive and frequent tyres and constant replacing kit. So when people say you save so much on bikes I can just laugh. Obviously if I rode cheap small bikes it would be less, but then compare them with a compact cage, not a 4x4. My guess is that AG would not be cheaper with all the hidden costs included, but just like with bikes, if a man really enjoys it then cost is not the final decision. If it was only cost I would ride a chinese bike and AG brewers would take an old food drum and use some malt and table sugar and have cheap beer. One really cannot negate the extra cost for the pleasures in life.
  2. Ja. But i found the solution to that. Divorce the cause of the majority of the bills. Shortly after the initial knock, my mortgage was paid off quick, and all the remaining bills were easily paid, and there was plenty of money for beer and bikes and the pleasures in life
  3. 130 x 750 ml bottles? Too bad you don't live nearby. I know whose garage to break in to when I need more bottles. Not being in africa you won't have stuff like beams connected to armed response protecting your stash. You are a plum ripe for the picking. If you leave keys in the ignition I even have transport to cart away the bottles.
  4. The Cooper TC kit tins here now cost R340 or more, which is nearly 25 US dollars. crazy price. they were R240-R260 less than a year ago. That is 33 aussie dollars. the orginal and IS series are still 260. The import duties are a bugger as the government cant squeeze any more money to meet their pilfering requirements out of the local economy. The tins of LME are not much less for 1.5 Kg so it is cheaper to buy kit than LME and the hops at over R50. As a result I tend to use the kit tins and just some additonal hop with DME (cheap) and grains. I only use LME and high AA hops when i can't get a kit base that i want. The Muntons kit tins used to be more expensive, but now are on par with Coopers for a larger tin. The brew shop also says the supplier (coopers) is unreliable. That could rather be the agents on international orders from Oz, while imports from the UK are easier. Most of the grain is imported since SAB tends to buy up all the local supply of grain and hops to prevent competition. That makes the grain relatively pricey as well. Barley is R35-R60 per kg. And 100g of hops from R75-R130. Nothing is cheap. Nearly 5 kg of grain for a batch and you getting nearly to the price of a kit and you still need all the hops. And no, I am not moving to australia!! It will cost me a fortune in speed fines and I will lose my licence in a week. The speed cops and cameras are more plentiful than the kangaroos.
  5. There are a few options: 1) more bottles, the most sustainable option. At least 60 l of capacity so one batch is ageing in the bottle, one is drinkable, and the other is ready to bottle, so you can ferment continuously. 2) drink faster. 22 litres shouldn't be more than 2 weeks supply , at least not for an aussie. 3) invite friends over who don't drink like teetotal old ladies. Then you can bottle tomorrow
  6. Ja, the Proteas played far better than the Springboks against the adhoc Barbarians this weekend. They were lucky to draw. That is one thing about the Poms, they are becoming like the French; hardly one of their players. The Barbarians fielded a rugby side with not one british player, and not even one from the northern hemisphere. Just south africans, aussies, maoris and kiwis. The boks can't even beat a mercenary side. It will be the disaster against england if they don't sort out all the politics in player and coach selection, although it is a bit late now. It just destroys team spirit. One the plus side, the Irish took apart the All Blacks. Great match except for all the stoppages for TMO! I was cheering for the irish of course! I will turn against hemisphere loyalty when it is the All Blacks. Well maybe not against england, then I will cheer NZ . I can't believe rugby filled a 100 000+ stadium in the USA.
  7. Does this mean only with the purchase of the whole kit, FV, bottles alles? Not just a kit tin? Too bad. I would run down to the brew shop and by a few tins. I would rather win a trip to australia though.
  8. I hate to admit it, but I also have a tin of cervesa sitting in the cupboard. I guess I must make it soon. I was thinking 25 g of mittelfruh or Saaz, which i already have, for a 20 min boil. But first I have a weiss to make and whichever hops are left over I will use in the cervesa. Or maybe a citra if I still have some, which is probably a better bet. I would hold back on the piss. The colouring and taste are already there
  9. It looks like the aussie batting just collapsed like the head on a mexican cervesa. Aussie wickets were falling like pommies coming out of the pub after last call. I'm suprised they didn't shake up the players for the 2nd innings. Hey, maybe the Guptas bought the australian team; they have captured about everything else here so they have a few billion to spend on the aussie team . After the first SA innings it looked like match over. Maybe their eyes will be open for the next test.
  10. Ja, south african sport is collapsing faster than Zuma is collapsing the economy. Besides the political interference in player selection, there is just no patriotism anymore. No one feels anything for the country anymore. It is just a job until they get one that pays in euros, pounds, or USD. I usually never do lagers in summer, but now with a brew fridge I can. The only problem is the minimum 3 weeks. In that time I will make a huge dent in the beer reserve that i can never recover in the summer as beer gets drunk as fast as it is produced. The one option is to brew a lager when I am away on a 7-10 day bike trip, either just after brewing it and come back and bump it up, or bump it up, go away, and come home and cold crash. The other alternative is a second FV and second brew fridge....
  11. Rain water is generally slightly acidic and has alkalinity and some sodium and chloride depending on distance from the coast. from the 2 mg/l of chloride I would say you are close to the coast but your house not within a few km of the sea? within 50 km? As uou get inland Cl in rainwater drops to 1 or less. Otto, that is why your water is relatively hard; it comes from limestone. It is harder than you expect from most reservoirs.
  12. Scrolling to the bottom of the page shouldn't be an issue for aussies. You just need to go 'down under'
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