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  1. Sheesh! Making me a bit worried. I have some kombucha bottles in grolsch 450mL bottles in back of pantry. They are still unopened because they aren’t beer. What’s your process @elLachlano?
  2. joolbag

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    Karlos I’ve done this when I had a “cube crisis”. Filled one up with my Gose and that cube had a pin hole in it. I panicked. my other cube was full of Rye IPA. I ended up dumping the wort from cube into sanitised FV. It was still pretty hot and I sloshed it around to try and hit all surfaces with hot wort. it took over 24hrs to get to pitch temp and then I pitched in us-05. I might have posted this in the fail thread. beer turned out fine! I do prefer using my kolsch yeast WLP029 for this style and for my Berliner Weisse, but us-05 did just fine
  3. joolbag

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    I’ve totally messed up the numbers for my brew and only had 19L wort in a 25L cube. To be safe, I squeezed all of the air out. It’s possible, but not easy! Cube ends up looking a little squashed, and it’s not ideal, but I think better than leaving headspace of air. i now use 20L cubes which fit in 22.4-22.5L of wort in them. That’s my batch size for my equipment (my pot is only 33L)
  4. joolbag

    Dry Hopping At Different Temperatures

    I tie a length of fishing line (monofilament) to me hop socks so I literally “fish” them out before CC
  5. joolbag

    BIAB Equip for newbee

    Or you may find yourself in my situation: as above, bought a large pot (second hand), already had the gas burner so the other investment was a BIAB bag and silicone siphon. I was saving for a Grainfather. When the time came, I didn’t feel that a $1350 investment would reap significant returns. The pot, burner and bag set up was (and still is) making great beer! So I put the money towards a bike instead! the only upgrade I’ve done is drilling a hole and adding a ball valve. Still going strong agree with Worthog about improving the process, but my equipment has been mostly static since that first AG in Nov 2016
  6. joolbag

    Finances and homebrew

    I was more focused on the “I” than the “P”. I think the hop schedule and amount for this recipe puts it in the IPA territory, but the OG of 1.054 is more in the APA region. Whatever it is classified as, I just want it to be delicious! Nice to brew something hoppy after two sours and two Samson’s. Gotta use them up!
  7. joolbag

    What is an XPA??

    And that’s how I prefer it those days too. I’ve gone off crystal malts for my pale ales and IPAs
  8. joolbag

    Finances and homebrew

    ... but mine is an IPA not a pale ale! On this one I’ve gone for a more modern malt bill. Just base malt (coopers ale malt in this instance) and Gladfield’s equivalent to Carapils. Came out very light in colour and I followed my mates water additions. Hoping to get that hop forward punch that my IPAs to date have been missing
  9. joolbag

    The Friday Night 6 Pack Session

    From what I recall, the tawny frogmouth isn’t an owl at all?!?
  10. joolbag

    Finances and homebrew

    Well good to hear someone has really.pushed the boundaries! So with these 600g hop bombs Mark, are these NEIPA? I have an excess of 2017 USA hop harvest that I want to use up so I can get some fresh 2018 harvest. How.did these 600g hopped beers turn out? I brewed today, an IPA recipe from a friend. centennial FWH to 26 IBU, then 100 g cube hop (mix of simcoe, mosaic, centennial, cites). 160g dry hop of same combo planned. 286g hops and I think this will turn out to be a solid, hop-forward IPA
  11. joolbag


    Thanks for keeping us posted on this beer. Did u add 1.5kg raspberry purée as plannned? Was it just frozen raspberries thawed and then blitzed with a stick mixer? i did 1kg frozen raspberries straight out of the packet into the fermenter. Next time I will up it to 1.5kg and thaw then blitz them. Just want a tad more raspberry to perfect my recipe
  12. joolbag

    Todays tastings

    Ah OK. Yes I baulk at $90 a carton too! I don;t mind paying $5-6 a can, esp if I get a 10-15% discount for buying six at a time. At least that way I am selecting singles and get to try 6 new beers for sub $30. Last case I bought was 24x Coopers Pale tinnies for $50. Right price, good beer and I was on holidays. I did bring up a broccoli box full of homebrew, but it wasn't enough once my guests arrived!
  13. joolbag

    Todays tastings

    I am a real fan of Black Hops beers. Were they much more expensive than the other craft beers @Otto Von Blotto? When i bought them they were about the standard price for craft singles
  14. joolbag

    YEAST Questions 2019

    Keep us posted! I'm going to plan a future brew with this yeast. Apparently Hop & Grain have one version in stock and it is my LHBS. Probably do a pale ale or an IPA with this yeast to see what it brings to the table. Fascinating yeast. I've had one commercial example, Waywards Kveik to Market and i think it was a little too quick as it was hazy as hell, green in the glass. I really want to try one that shows the strong flocculation and those lovely orange esters. I might be able to get some slurry or dried flakes from someone in my homebrew club too
  15. joolbag

    To do ...

    John, sounds like your one is going to turn out great with a ferment temp of 21C and WLP029. Those esters should complement the malt and in particular the smoked malt very nicely. Mash temp is a tad higher than mine, so should finish a bit higher too, esp if the yeast attenuates closer to 70%. That's what this forum is all about - sharing knowledge, tweaking recipes and posting the results.