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  1. joolbag

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    @porschemad911 @Ben 10 I am reporting in on my saison that is in my brewfridge but not being temperature controlled for this experiment. I reported (I think) that krausen dropped after approx two and a bit days. Gravity was 1.006 but I expect it to go lower with OG of 1.045. Given bulk of fermentation is over I expected to see a drop in temp in the brew. We are in the midst of a heatwave, but still, night time lows have been about 20-22C. Well the fermenter is hovering around 29.5C, even overnight it doesn't drop below 29C. It appears this yeast is a hot one and keeps going and going and going. The sample I tried on day 3 wasn't superb. I hope and suspect that Belle will clean up after itself, so will leave this a few days after it reaches FG.
  2. joolbag

    Take THAT, BJCP style guidelines

    Great post headmaster and I just read that whole article. I'm hooked on brewing sours and I haven't even fermented and tasted my first batch! Already planning the second. Will be something like this
  3. joolbag

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    @porschemad911 what temp r u going to be fermenting this saison? I'm midway thru an experiment of letting Belle do its thing. Pitched at ambient cube temp 26.3C and it steadily rose to 32C and I didn't let it get any higher. Fermentation was quick (tho still going) at these Temps. The funk will be interesting. For my next experiment I will save the slurry and pitch a lot lower, say 18-20 and let it rise to 22C. I'll hold it there then ramp it up to 28-30C after 4 days. I hear slot about 3726 so may seek that out if these saisons turn out to be a hit
  4. joolbag


    Teaspoon of napisan in each bottle and soak overnight. Drain, bottle brush and really get right on there on all surfaces. Should come up sparkling, if not repeat and second time lucky.
  5. joolbag

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Greeny in your experience how will pitch high and let it rise fare? Pitched at 26.3 and within 30hrs it got to 31.7C! At any time I could have put the temp controller on as it is in my brewfridge, but in the interests of this experiment fermenting at ambient, I have let it freeball Just one packet of Belle Saison, rehydrated. If it's too funky I have friends who love the funk and will happily take a whole batch
  6. joolbag

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    Ben 10 you just need a bigger smoker clearly!
  7. joolbag

    Cube Sour™

    I didn’t realise that the calibration solutions could be kept in a glass jar and re-used over time. So they buffer and resist any changes in pH despite being exposed to the atmosphere? Thanks for the tips on fruit. Looking forward to fermenting and trying this beer and tweaking. Can’t wait to do my next cube sour! So many options at the moment with fruit being in season and cheap. Have seen nectarines and peaches at a good price recently, and mangoes too. I will be at that Feb meeting so look forward to trying that strawberry and the nectarine sour. I’ll bring my XPA and my Rye IPA. My Citra saison might be ready, but a little green. I have a gose from last year too that I have put aside and trying not to drink so I can share it around.
  8. joolbag

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I brewed up my Citra Saison on Friday and pitched it at ambient temps Sunday around midday. Pitch temp 26.3C. Rehydrated 11g of Belle Saison. First time in long time that I haven't built up a starter for a brew, but I read that Belle can handle it, esp since the OG is somewhere around 1.045. Was interesting watching the temp rise. Fermentation started almost immediately and ticked up to 26.4C within a few hours. 27.7C by the time I went to bed (10pm). 29.3C this morning, and our overnight temps were quite mild so it is the fermentation that is keeping it hot. So it's rocking along. All sorts of fruity aromas coming out of the airlock. I've never fermented this high before. The only other saison I did I fermented with MJ's M29 French Saison yeast and I started that at 18C and held it there for 2 days, then bumped it up 2C every 12 hours until I got to 32C and held it there until it got down to 1.002.
  9. joolbag

    Cube Sour™

    Wow that’s a lot of fruit!!! How much did the passionfruit cost per kg? I may have to get there one morning. It's not that far from me. Yes have been using distilled water when making up my buffer solutions. Just bought another 20 x 4.01pH and 6.86pH from eBay so I won't be caught short. My pH meter is interesting in that it doesn't say to store it in buffer solution. Rather, just rinse in distilled water, blot electrode dry and then put the cap back on. If the electrode dries out they say to soak it in distilled water for a few hours. The smell I got during the boil was reminiscent of Chinese hot and sour soup that my grandma and mum used to cook when I was growing up. Post boil I only got an SG of 1.026, so this will be a very session able Berliner Weisse. I really enjoyed the process and keen to keep trying kettle sours. Something different and challenging to brew (like the rice lager with cereal mash. Challenging my processes). The Brew Shop at Peakhurst has cubes in all shapes and sizes, so I'll find a 25L one, perhaps even bigger and that way I can do a sparge and then transfer the entire kettle to a cube for lacto. I have 25 capsules of IBS left so that's 5 more kettle sours. Mash Friday and boil Sunday seems to work well. Oh, one thing about the boil. It takes AGES to get to a boil since the wort goes into kettle at 32C. It took over an hour to start boiling, and I use LPG gas. Was blowing hard from the South today, which didn't help (until I moved the set up into the shed). Planning to ferment this brew after my Citra Saison is done. Ferment for a week, then onto 1.5kg frozen raspberries for another week. Do you rack into secondary or just throw the fruit in?
  10. joolbag

    Cube Sour™

    After 36hrs I measured the pH of my cube and it is sitting at 3.41. Aroma is strange, bit like whey, and raw grain, but no off flavours or aroma that I can pick up. Boil time! I usually start with 30L at the start of boil and boil off about 5L in an hour. If I top up my kettle with 7L of Sydney tap water, isn't this going to change the pH of my wort, i.e. raise it? I can't find a calculator to work out how much it will raise the pH of my wort. Sure some of the water that I add will boil off, increasing the concentration of H+ ions, but not everything that I add will be boiled off. I'll just proceed as planned and adjust for future sours. Perhaps need a larger cube, like 25L just for souring, then boil and cube into my smaller 20L cubes.
  11. I did the exact same thing Kelsey and have moved to the 100mL lab measuring cylinders too. In hindsight it's so obvious what 78C wort would do to regular PET plastic!
  12. joolbag

    Cube Sour™

    Hey headmaster. Finally the house is quiet everyone is asleep so it is "Coopers Forum" time. Yes, Inner Health Plus IBS Support is pure Lactobacilus plantarum. I believe I first read about them being used for kettle souring on the Inner Sydney Brewers FB page so made a mental note. The bottle says 20 billion live bacteria per capsule. So cube souring is hopefully souring. I didn't do an esky/tub cool of the Berliner Weisse cube today as I have been a bit busy brewing the Citra Saison with rain on the forecast. I let my cube cool in the brewfridge to 32C and pitched 5 x capsules (no casings, but I heard they just dissolve quickly). It took most of the day to cool and I only got around to pitching my lactose at 8.45pm. Will test pH at 24hrs, but I won't be boiling until Sunday anyway. On the note of pH, I mixed up my calibration solution with distilled water, got my meter ready then only then found out that it didn't come with batteries! So had to quickly duck out to Woolies to get 2 x LR44 button batteries. I am not sure if I can trust a $12 FleaBay pH meter, but it calibrated at 6.86 then 4.01. I then tested my wort and it was 4.30 (13mL 88% lactic acid like you used). It's a smaller cube so perhaps I should've used less. I think 4.30 is fine tho for my L. plantarum and they are hopefully chewing away and souring my wort. Thanks for you tips on pH meters and calibration. I toyed with the idea of saving that 7L of additional wort as I have a HPDE container that could fit it, but with double brewery (well 1.5) I didn't have time to faff around so just tipped it into the garden. Won't be making that mistake next time. I did manage to get my Citra Saison fully brewed, boiled and into a cube and hit my volumes, OG (well +.01) and efficiency is +2% of my recipe so I am happy. The sour will be fermented with my Kolsch yeast that I have harvested from starter. This will be the 3rd generation, and it is WLP029. I heard this German Ale/Kolsch yeast is a good one for Berliner Weisse, and I have it on hand so will be using it. I used it in an XPA recently (not through choice, but necessity as it was getting 4 months old and needed a refresh). It is quality yeast and has a distinct flavour that is OK in an XPA, but complicates what is a very simple malt and hop bill. Drowns out the single hop which is Riwaka. I'll bring some to the next meeting for you to taste. @Ben 10 I chose not to bring mine to boil because I was constrained by time with two brews on the same day and my daughter's swimming lesson at 10am. I had the wort in the cube at 9.49am and somehow got her changed and to the pool in time! I would have liked to boil it for 5-10min "just in case" but transferring at 78C should be OK. We will see/taste!
  13. Early one for me in 2019! First brew and it was a cube sour and I sparge and topped kettle up to 30L... Then transferred 22.5L to a cube! Will be a bit weaker than I expected but still within style for a Berliner Weiss. Full thread here:
  14. joolbag

    Cube Sour™

    Alright update. Put the water on earlier this morning, milled my grains and was mashing around 8am. Mash went to plan, I followed my usual process, bag out to mash out,heated sparge water in an urn and sparge the grains. Topped up to 30L like I usually do pre-boil. BUT I'M NOT BOILING! Stupid me, just was running on autopilot. Transferred the wort to 20L cube (holds 22.5L hot) with lactic acid to bring down the pH and it is cooling now. By the time I get back from the shops with the IBS tablets, it might be down to mid 30s so I can pitch 5 capsules of lactobacillus plantarum. I'll test pH as well. The gravity pre-souring was 1.030. A tad lower because I diluted and wasted so much wort, but it is still within style for a Berliner and should end up with an OG of around the same into the fermenter. Should get about 3.4% ABV after bottle carbonation. Lesson for next time and the new players!
  15. joolbag

    Cube Sour™

    Looks like tomorrow is cube sour time! I'm home with the kids, no preschool, no commitments so I want to put a berliner down, transfer to cube and let it cool. Straight after I want to start the mash on another brew, a Citra saison. First double AG brew day for me and means I can keep the cube at approx 32C for the lacto plantarum for a couple of days, boil on Sunday and that will free up my fridge to pitch the Citra saison. Very excited!!!