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  1. Tell us more mate. Did u use an oak stave or spiral in the FV? And did you actually rack it onto cherries or are you getting these flavours from the yeast/bac blend? Got a recipe handy? I've been looking at getting a big glass carboy for a long ageing session for this exact beer.
  2. joolbag

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    I've just started using pvpp polyclar Captain. I was amazing how clear my Kölsch poured. No chill haze (and I exclusively cube). Keen to see your photos and taste test using a filter. Will also use polyclar on my czech pils. Haven't decided to use them on my IPA yet. Don't mind them a bit hazy
  3. joolbag

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    Mate I've done Sam Adams Boston Lager twice now. One extract, the other partial mash. Haven't done all grain version yet. I really enjoyed it both times. Yours looks similar to my recipe (but I got the OG right) and it was very tasty. Good work pitching onto a cake. These lagers need A LOT of yeast
  4. joolbag

    What's in your BBQ 2019?

    I did high n fast today. Baby octopus was on spesh at the local fishmonger. Marinated Greek style with lemon, garlic, oregano. Feel wrong to cook over gas hotplate, so did it over gidgee lump charcoal with oak for a bit of smoke
  5. joolbag

    Cream ale

    Good link @Koo wee brew Thanks mate. The more I read about it, the more parallels I draw between a Kölsch and a cream ale. Both are great spring and summer beers, very crowd pleasing, not overly malty, bitter or Hoppy but all must be in balance. Kölsch is on my regular rotation, and the bonus is I like this yeast for my Berliner Weisse sours and have used it in Hoppy blonde ales too. @The Captain!! have you brewed a Kölsch yet? It's wandering dangerously close to Lager territory
  6. joolbag

    What is Your Go-To Beer to Brew

    @Potatoes exact what @Otto Von Blotto said. I suppose I could shorten the boil to 30mins if I needed to, but time is not a huge factor for my brewery, def not 30mins so I stick to my process and volumes.
  7. joolbag

    Coopers new beer

    Actually 5.2% https://coopers.com.au/our-beer/ales-stout/xpa
  8. joolbag

    Coopers new beer

    Coopers have answered all of our questions! Except for ABV
  9. joolbag

    My NEIPA #2

    Looks a lot more like a NEIPA now @Mikes15 You're on your way to a very tasty brew and I am keen to find out how this tastes with this new hop schedule.
  10. joolbag

    Todays tastings

    I was impressed with the pan head ale I tried. Was disappointed to read they are owned by a bigger brewing conglomerate, but they have certainly brewed a decent beer at the right price point to break into and steal marketshare from the independents. Expect to see more of this (and it seems to be happening with a few new releases)
  11. joolbag

    Cream ale

    Cream ale is one beer I've always been fascinated in and is on my to brew list, somewhere down there. I'd be seeking out the cream ale yeast to get it as close as possible to the originals. But it's not the yeast that is versatile enough to be used in several brews/styles so would not get multiple pitches... Unless I really liked cream ale and brewed it regularly!
  12. joolbag

    My NEIPA #2

    NEIPA is a provisional BJCP style: http://dev.bjcp.org/beer-styles/21b-specialty-ipa-new-england-ipa/ I'm going to brew one shortly. MikeS, when I do I will be adding most if not all of my hops late. And in huge amounts, much higher than your recipe. Also will double dry hop. First one 48hrs after pitching yeast and again at the 7 day mark. The dry hops are expected to be big, around 240-300g when adding up both additions. I will also be getting the right yeast: London ale 3 I think or the vermont ipa yeast. My all grain recipe will definitely have oats in it too, but you may not be able to do this if you aren't partial mashing.
  13. joolbag

    What's in your fermenter? 2019

    You Mow your lawn in winter?!?!
  14. joolbag

    Marathon beer?

    KR was thinking about this after work. 42.2 IBU with the malt/hops/yeast you suggested?
  15. joolbag

    Time effective bottle cleaning system

    Great thread and thanks for the contributions guys n gals. I've recently taken to inspecting my bottles (all glass) very carefully. My routine was to triple rinse each bottle in hot water after pouring a beer. Well the hop haze and yeast/protein haze has definitely been an issue for some bottles! Primarily the heaviliy hopped beers, but interestingly both saison yeast (Belle Saison) and a Kolsch yeast (WLP029) seem to really stick on the inside of the bottle. Like Blacksands, I tried the percarbonate soak on the hazy bottles. Sometimes it rinses completely clear, but others require elbow grease and a bottle brush. My new routine is to pour beer, rinse out once to get the majority of the yeast cake from the bottom of the bottle. Then 1/2 tsp of napisan and top up to soak overnight. Next morning, double or triple rinse and inspect. Most of the time the bottles are clean and clear. If not, then a quick brush sorts them out. Bleach is an option for these stubborn bottles. May try this next time. Thanks for all the advice!