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  1. I put aside a few bottles of a porter that i brewed in May 2018. I did enter this beer into the NSW State Homebrew comp and it scored a solid 76 out of 100 and I thought it was pretty good after 3 months in the bottle. Fast forward to 12 months in the bottle and the beer is even better! I had heard how dark beers improve over time, but this is so much richer and the different malt flavours have blended almost perfectly. I really need to work on the schedule that the fellow brewers on here have: brew dark beers in summer to drink in winter. Brew saisons and lagers in winter to quench the thirst in the heat of summer. And hoppy pales/IPAs in between to drink fresh.
  2. Perfect colour. I have a few to many hops in the freezer so am planning a NEIPA soon too. I hope mine looks like that
  3. wow Hairy. you do like a challenge! let us know how you go and how many times you have to step it up
  4. They are around 3 x the price of dry yeast here too. Depends on the supplier and the LHBS though, but usually over 2x the price and up to 4x the price esp if buying 200bn cell pitch packets. Were you not able to purchase/get for free some of these expired WLP packets? I believe that they are recoverable if you build a starter - possibly stepped starters if they are well and truly out of date. I know one LHBS sells them at a heavy discount once they are getting old and I was told they will be fine if you build up the cell counts.
  5. Have you used the proper Kolsch yeast strains Blacksands? WLP029 and WY2565 (from memory). I'm on Gen 4 for my WLP029 and I highly recommend this strain for a very clean tasting ale beer that really tastes like a hybrid between lager and ale. I ferment at 16C. @The Captain!! you also need to brew yourself a classic Kolschbier with only a bittering charge of hops, no flavour and aroma hops and a very plain malt grist. Let that yeast shine and I think you will like the result!
  6. Love this calculator. I use it often when I overshoot my OG if efficiency is a tad higher than expected. the bonus is extra beer at the end!
  7. I've toyed with the idea of one. Toys are fun! From what I have read, it is particularly useful for those with 3V systems that do a sparge and may want to sparge until their runnings hit a specific gravity. Instant read out from a refractometer. Like Kelsey, I take two samples atm. One as I bring it to boil for a mash efficiency reading. And one before I transfer to the cube for the brewhouse efficiency and OG reading. It takes barely any time to cool the sample in the fridge/freezer/sat in a bowl of water
  8. Thanks for the link Lusty! A couple within a short bike ride of my house. Didn't get to try it at GABS. Tried stuff i would never see again knowing that the larger release of XPA was imminent
  9. I didnt get around to trying it because soon enough it will be in bars and bottles hops. I went for stuff I can't access locally or will never be released outside of GABS. 33 beers I've never had before. Some experimental, some terrible, some amazing and unique. I'll def be going in future years because nowhere else do you get so many different beers under the one roof. All of the samples I had were 85mL so I didn't end up sloshed and can remember every beer. Thoroughly recommend!
  10. @Hilltop hops I brewed my most expensive brew yet today. Pilsner malt, touch of munich, crystal, rye and oats. It's a session NEIPA. 11g Warrior at FWH. 26g Cascade 10min, 22g Amarillo 5min. A whopping 292g of aroma hops, I added these as cube hops and submerged the cube immediately to bring down the temp. 112g Mosaic for dry hop. 420g in total, this one cost a bit! Be interesting to see if there are diminishing returns for using this level of hops in a beer. It is a NEIPA though
  11. MAte that Salumi looks phenomenal! I haven't yet tried curing anything with pink salt #2. But i Have the Charcuterie book on your recommendation and am getting keener by the day
  12. From what I heard, it's the barrels themselves that allow oxygen in. So the purging will do somewhat intially, but nothing for the long term
  13. Looks good mate. I just scoured the GABS app and found at least a couple of Flanders Sour Ales on exhibit! Not the festival beers, but at the brewerry stands.. Looking forward to it and better get to bed! Jools
  14. Been out cycling mate> Sorry to hear it got you that bad. Good decision not to run
  15. I did some reading on this the day after I tried the Rodenback Grand Cru. This article from BYO was particularly useful: https://byo.com/article/flanders-red-ale/ My plan is to get a 23L glass demijohn because I read the plastic FVs will let in too much oxygen for a ferment that will last 12+ months. IT's about $59 from one of my local brew shops in Sydney. Will use the Wyeast Roeslare blend. I'll have to research when I will add an oak spiral as I want to try adding oak to this beer since I can't age it in an oak barrel. I also read that an oak barrel will let in just the right amount of oxygen and this can be replicated with an wooden bung that is porous and will let in the smallest amount of O2. @Ben 10 I read a lot about the mastery of blending Flanders Red Ales. New beer + old beer in different ratios to get that perfect flavour and that is an art in itself. Are you planning to blend at some stage or is a single brew and ferment complex enough for you?
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