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  1. Ahhh... OK. Nope it's a full 23 litre batch. 36 IBU. It was supposed to be a 5.5%- 6% beer based on recent mash efficiencies (over 80%) but on this occasion it was ridiculously low 50% efficiency... no idea why? MY LHBS actually lost my order in the pre-lockdown rush so I ended up using Weyermann Pale malt instead of the usual Gladfield which they'd run out of. Shouldn't have made any real difference though. Anyway I've ended up with a 4.5% brew which is still within spec.
  2. Is what a half batch? Are you referring to my "Lockdown PA" maybe?
  3. Ahh.... yeah, Motueka and Taiheke... forgot about that combo. Brewed a PA with that combo last year, well... I think it was last year...? Anyway, I recall liking it... which is why my 'Lockdown PA', which I just bottled today actually, was supposed to be that exact combo. I placed an order a couple of days before our NZ lockdown but the LHBS in the mad last-minute rush lost my order! By the time we'd sorted things out they'd already sold the last of their Motueka. So... ended up with Southern Cross and Taiheke instead. Sample tasted nice enough so I'm not too bothered.
  4. Here's some more very recent info on this topic: http://brulosophy.com/2020/04/06/impact-higher-dosage-rates-of-sodium-metabisulfite-smb-have-on-beer-character-exbeeriment-results/?
  5. Yikes...doesn't sound like the Riwaka I know. I'm drinking a single-hop Riwaka golden ale at the moment where I used 100g total - 50g being dry hop. The beer was beautifully aromatic when it was still young, though I can't actually comment on the lilac thing because I'm not sure what lilac actually smells like! Describing aroma as "turpentine" is more suggestive of at a solventy off-flavour? Well, of course it comes down to personal taste and preference and I can only really mention the combos that I've tried and liked. One that comes to mind, and a combo I've used several times now is Kohatu and Pacifica. Both these hops are very mellow though so I did find to really get a good sense of what they were all about I had to up the dosage from what I might otherwise use when using more potent hops. A few months back I tried out some 'legacy' hops Dr Rudi, Sticklebract and Green Bullet. Very affordable here and the blend was actually very nice I thought. Not sure why they lost popularity to be honest. I've just today bottled a PA using Southern Cross and Taiheke. Bottle time sample tasted promising. Motueka is another favourite which I've paired up with a variety of others. And of course Nelson... that one I'm actually undecided about. It's very potent on it's own and the vinous quality I found a bit much in lighter beers like the golden ales I often brew. I did however once pair it up with the very mellow Kohatu mentioned above in a 1:2 ratio which seemed to work better for my tastes. Another nice one I've used a lot is Wakatu - a descendent of Hallertau. Oh, and I brewed a terrific PA earlier this year using Wai-iti and HORT4337. Maybe hard to get but they both have 'peach' in their descriptors and so that was what I went for - "Peaches PA" I called it. Riwaka, as mentioned above I've only ever experienced as a single hop.
  6. I'm also wonder if this could be used to monitor a mash? I'd be interested in that...
  7. I don't think so. You did say bleach smells like ammonia. Perhaps I should have asked: if bleach does indeed smell like ammonia, why do you think that is given that we both agree that it doesn't actually contain ammonia?
  8. Well, saying it smells like ammonia tends to suggest it contains ammonia...otherwise how else could it smell like ammonia? To me, that's exactly what it smells like... just a lot stronger.
  9. There's no ammonia in bleach? Certainly not the stuff I buy which contains sodium hyporchlorite - and it most definitely smells of chlorine. In fact I'm pretty sure mixing bleach and ammonia produces toxic fumes.
  10. I've been trialing these new 1 Litre PETs with my Riwaka Gold. Seem to do the job though one didn't seal properly until I removed the tamper ring.
  11. I'm not putting 3kg through one of those!
  12. Well, it could still be crush related... but it would be both suppliers that are offering variable crushes. If Gladfield changed something in their malting there would be an industry-wide outcry if they did that! It's perhaps a strong argument in favour of owning my own mill, at least that's one further variable I would then have control over.
  13. I use two suppliers but the variation seems to be independent of the supplier. I've had low and high efficiencies from both suppliers who supply and mill my grains. At this stage I have absolutely no idea why the numbers are up and down so much from one brew to the next. This is a new problem which only started this year and yet my process has remained largely unchanged for a few years now. Weird. and very frustrating! The only positive is that regardless of efficiency I still end up with good beer!
  14. I don't 'normally' do 1kg so it's hard for me to say... Depends on the mash temp and grain temp etc. I'd just aim a few degrees above your desired mash temp and tweak from there with hot or cold water as required. The Coopers Lager is the one I most often use... it's the cheapest neutral base available here. I can do stove top AG if I drop my batch size down to 18-20 litres, but I have a 20 litre pot but I find there's enough recipe latitude in partials, as long as you're happy accept that a portion of your base is extract from pale ale malt and whatever main bittering hop is used in the paricular can you use. If you do want a bit more control with your hops then you can of course use unhopped extract and do your own bittering additions.
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