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  1. Here comes the rain... Once again diving into my current Golden Ale featuring Centennial and Chinook hops:
  2. I did the opposite. Increased fat and protein, cut out the carbs... except for beer carbs!
  3. You sound like just about everyone else on here! I sorted my overweight problem out this year and now know that if I want a beer (350ml) I have to walk 30 minutes to earn it. If I want two, that's one hour of walking. Takes too long though so, I do more running instead! Now I can earn a beer in half the time! Just now I've both walked (70 minutes), and done some running (including HIIT as well) so I reckon that's at least five guilt-free beers earned for tonight.
  4. First dive into this latest Kveik Voss fermented Golden ale. Gladfiled Pilsner malt, some light crystal and a good dose of Simcoe and Centennial. No complaints! AND... I forgot the whilfloc in this one... but seriously, who needs it? Two day CC and gelatine is clearly (pun intended) enough!
  5. Likewise... while I don't do lagers generally I actually did a pseudo-lager with Notty at 13ºC - I reckon I could have gone a bit lower on the temp too. I'm currently drinking a K&K - Coopers Draught can, LME and 50g each of Amarillo and Simcoe hops, fermented with Voss at 35ºC. Simple to brew and very tasty. I've read Voss character doesn't really change much over it's temperature range.
  6. Thanks! I appreciate the encouraging words. So much so that I even had myself a beer!
  7. Actually, while there's now no longer any medical reason for me to continue losing weight (all the vitals in my blood tests are now all normal), but l am technically still overweight (as opposed to obese). I'm just persisting with it 'cos I'm kinda curious now to see whether I can actually get the weight back down to where it was 30 years ago! However 20kg seems to be as much as my body wants to lose at the moment... hasn't budged for a month now despite continued efforts. And there's only so much beer-consumption one is willing to sacrifice!
  8. I've never considered it myself as I don't generally brew lagers but I think the specs for Voss say the lowest temp is 25º (?) so I guess you could try a faux lager ferment at that temperature. I imagine fermentation time will then be closer to that of a normal ale fermentation rather than the long and slow cold ferments associated with traditional lager strains.
  9. So far I've used it for English bitters, golden ales and a couple of pale ales. Mostly AG beers though the latest PA was a K&K. Fermented at 33- 35°C usually achieves FG in less than 2 days with a 1.040 wort. The yeast seems pretty neutral to me so I wouldn't have any issue using it with most ales - except for say Belgians were a particular yeast character is desired.
  10. I'm averaging about one brew / month - 13 brews to be precise, but that actually exceeds current demand. I've taken to making wine (from kits) because, as others have mentioned, the carbs in beer (as well as the alcohol) had contributed to a significant waistline issue! Thankfully, with focusing on brewing lower carb, lower ABV beers, and swapping out the beer consumption for wine more often, AND in combo with a low-carb diet and a shit ton of exercise I'm now 20kg lighter that I was at the start of 2020. (Off the blood pressure meds too!) Of course we're now well into cold beer-swilling season so the pressure is back on!
  11. Difficult one to choose as they were all brilliant beers! Actually that's far from the truth... I had a few duds in 2020, ones that just didn't meet with expectations for on reason or another. But I think the 2020 stand-out for me was probably this one: 2.5kg GF Ale Malt 200g GF Redback Wheat 200g GF Med. Crystal 100g GF Biscuit 50g Carafa II 25g Nelson @35 25g Riwaka @15 25g Riwaka @5 25g Nelson - steep Kveik Voss I rebrewed a slightly modified version later and it was one of the 2020 dud's I mentioned above. I lightened it colour-wise by removing the 50g carafa and as I couldn't get Riwaka I sub'd in Motueka instead. The hop presence ended up being very subdued for some reason and I'm subsequently just not into it knowing how much more enjoyable it's predecessor was. I still have half a batch put aside - may be I'll like a little more in a few months!?? Anyway... this is a pic of the original. It was based on the specs for an English Ordinary bitter, but as you can see it's completely devoid of English ingredients!
  12. I have to agree with others that an FG below 1.010 sounds very unusual - in fact when I brewed Coopers cans plus additional extract they finished more around the 1.012 mark. A more recent example got as low as 1.009 - but that was using a highly attenuating kveik strain. Speaking of which, while I think Nottingham is a great yeast you might also want to consider Kveik Voss. https://cheapyeast.com.au/collections/kveik/products/lallemand-voss-kveik It's super fast, with a very short lag time, loves hot temperatures and really attenuates - you'd be hard pressed to create bottle bombs with Voss, unless you simply over-primed of course.
  13. Good question. I always leave all my hops in after the boil and throughout chilling. If you think about it, those that don't use a hop spider, i.e. add their hops "commando" are essentially doing this anyway. And further to that, with the last few batches I've actually opted to leave the late addition/steep hops in throughout fermentation also. I figured these late and post-boil additions quite possibly have a useful amount of residual goodness to part with. Anecdotally, this seemed to work to very good effect with my last K&K brew, and I've just done the same with todays AG batch.
  14. A simple stove-top AG batch today, a hoppy British Golden Ale, brewed with no British ingredients! Chintennial Gold | OG=1.039 | IBU=28 | ABV(est) 4.5% | EBC=8.3 | 2.8kg GF Pilsner Malt 200g GF Redback Malt 200g GF Sour Grapes 10g Chinook @30mins 20g Centennial @10mins 40g Chinook @5mins 30g Centennial @FO Kveik Voss Surprisingly high OG, suggesting 90% efficiency!? That, combined with voss's high attenuation means I can achieve a 4.5% beer (incl. priming) with only a 3.2kg grain bill. Nice! Oh, and.... I forgot to add both gypsum and whilfloc!
  15. Nearing the end of this batch, a light, Voss fermented beer dosed with Nectaron and Riwaka hops...
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