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  1. BlackSands

    Unprecedented hop fade!

    That's one of my LHBS... AND the store I actully managed for a year... up until mid January this year! And, those were a new product I added to the inventory not long before I left. They're pre-hopped brew enhancers - a combo of malt, malto-dextrine and dextrose. Never actually tried them though...
  2. BlackSands


    Cheers! Just working my way through the last of these English Bitters. For some reason the biscuit malt I used is quite prominent in this one, took me a while to adjust to be honest. I used 200g which I've done before but never noticed it being so forward as this in past bitters. Anyway... she's a good drink regardless. Happy Easter! 🤩
  3. BlackSands

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    Yup... sampled that one too. A too found it somewhat unremarkable.
  4. BlackSands

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    Those are proper temperatures most fit for human habitation!
  5. BlackSands

    Unprecedented hop fade!

    I only base my beers on these cans because of the cost - 1.7kg of LME from the local supermarket is notably cheaper than a can of unhopped extract. But it is certainly true that the OS lager robs me of some IBU real estate. But whether the 20g Moutere @ 40 mins in the later beer results in any noticeable improvement over the OS lager's bittering remains to be seen I guess. It's a lighter malt base this time so I expect the hop presence to be a little more prominent because of that anyway. But as for longevity.... we'll see! And yes, 50g of Riwaka went in dry. I think with my next PA effort I will try increasing late boil additions. Even using the OS lager I reckon I can still introduce up to 75g of medium AA% hops like Motueka or Taiheke @20 and then say 10 mins. That'd be around 40IBU.
  6. BlackSands

    Time to Start Milling My Own Grain

    I can't advise on mills but I can say LHBs's tend to set their mills at 'one size fits all' setting. I found this problematic when milling smaller grains individually - like wheat and rye. Gladfield wheat in particular was a nightmare!
  7. BlackSands


    Ahh...that does make a notable difference. However, when you say "room temperature" I am aware that's very likely a whole different temperature to what many of our Aussie mates consider room temperature!
  8. BlackSands

    2 stuck + pedio

    How's that going? When I was managing my LHBS I had a run of customers at one time with stuck fermentations... almost seemed like an epidemic! Meanwhile, my stuck stout, which I've since re-styled as a Sweet Stout is now in PET bottles. Interestingly, the sample tasted exceptionally good... very smooth and rounded which was quite surprising. We'll see how that one turns out in due course! As for the PA... it's come down a few more points over the last couple of days, but it certainly has slowed which is odd behaviour for M42... normally it's an absolute beast of a yeast and would ordinarily chomp it's way through a brew like this in about 4 days.
  9. BlackSands

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    I've tried a few faux craft beers from the meagswill breweries and have a similar opinion for all of them. None bore any resemblance to the style they were pretending to be. Do you ever NOT have a hot day in Brisbane?
  10. BlackSands

    Mosaic for bittering

    There's a few NZ hops that fall into this category, but it does vary from season to season. I've used Waimea in the past at 17.5% though the current crop is way down. Moutere is another which I think is currently sitting at around 17%AA. I've been using that one recently. Both are low cohumulone hops. Pacific Jade another to consider... that's if you can get any of them that is!? Mosaic was one hop I loved as a dry-hop addition. I brewed a great Brown IPA a wee while back dominated by mosaic. My best beer to date.
  11. BlackSands

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    Odd thing is it seemed to be only beer that was (comparitively speaking) grossly over-priced. Wines and spirits seemed about the same, if not a little cheaper.
  12. BlackSands


    Hop creep from just a modest 25-ish grams of dry-hops? I query this because I've dry-hopped plenty of brews with a lot more hops than that an not experienced gushing. And of course the are countless commercial examples of heavily hopped beers that don't gush. Why would one modestly dry-hopped beer gush and others of varying dry-hopped levels not gush?
  13. BlackSands

    Unprecedented hop fade!

    I just read a Brulosophy trial re: 49ºC hop stands: Hmmm... I wonder what the results would have been several weeks later? Either way, seems like lower temp hop stands don't make much difference anyway based on this one experiment.
  14. BlackSands

    Unprecedented hop fade!

    Only 25 was a late boil... the remaining 100g was post-boil so essentially the same as a hop tea. There's a number of volatile hop oils that contribute to flavour and aroma and they each have differing temperature at which they evaporate. The theory is that steeping/hop tea at a relatively low 49ºC -ish ensures minimal loss of these oils. I steeped my 100g of hops at around this temperature for 30 odd minutes before transferring the wort to my fermenter. Up until this batch my post boil hops had usually been added at a higher temp but is known to be below AA isomerisation, around 75 - 80ºC. I've never really had this problem before in PET's. Dry-hop aroma fade definitely regardless of whether it was PET or glass bottles but this dramatic fall off in this particular brew is hard to accont for. As mentioned the only thing I really did differently was the lower temp post-boil steep which, if that's something to do with this, then it seems it's had the opposite effect to what has been suggested. 🤨 And just to put this into a little more perspective, I think anyone tasting this beer for the first time as it is now would still consider it hoppy but as I had a taste just a week ago (refer Supernova NZPA in RDWHAHB, April 12) I know what it WAS like just one week ago!
  15. BlackSands

    Great Northern Super Crisp clone recipe

    I think EVERYWHERE... homebrew is the answer!