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  1. BlackSands

    Citra Pale Ale

    Partial mash beers brewed in Auckland, New Zealand. Featuring Coopers kits, Gladfield Malts and a wide selection of hops.
  2. BlackSands


    Back into the Citra PA this evening. It's less than a month in the bottle but already I can tell the dry-hop 'magic' is fading...
  3. BlackSands

    Coopers suggested temps

    My daughter (Brisbane) recently brewed the the OS lager + BE1 from the Coopers starter kit - her first ever brew. Her initial taste description a few days ago was: "It’s like a sweet/ sour taste" Conincidence? Probably not!
  4. BlackSands


    Gettin' back into the NZ Amber Ale tonight...
  5. BlackSands

    Induction Cooker

    The Chinese unit I own has several controls with incremental power adjustment. I haven't used it for controlling to any specific temperature, just used it for bringing things to a rapid boil. Doesn't take too long at max power to get my wort, which is already at 60-odd ºC post mash, up to a boil, then I just step the power down a few steps to maintain the boil for the duration.
  6. BlackSands

    Induction Cooker

    I use one. I'm typically mashing 2 - 2.5kg of grain and after sparge have maybe around 14 litres to boil. My 2200W induction unit handles that volume no problem at all.
  7. BlackSands

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    I wasn't originally planning to dry-hop, I hadn't with previous saisons. I googled the idea (saison/wakatu/dry hop) and stumbled across a couple of interesting and encouraging blogs by "PhDinBeer": https://phdinbeer.com/2015/01/03/recipe-x-wakatu-saison-batch-2014-27/ https://phdinbeer.com/2016/08/16/recipe-42-wakatu-saison-with-wlp644-trois-batch-2015-03/ Dry-hopped Wakatu Saison: "Aroma is strong, lime, peach, a little yeast….yeah, this is a great smelling beer. 5 out of 5 on the aroma." "I’m in love. Wakatu (waktu) is an amazing hop in the citrus family of hops. The aroma is great, the flavor is great and it goes well into a saison. I’ll definitely be making this one again." "So these are some cool hops. They aren’t as aggressive as some hops but overall they are pretty nice for a light fruity hop. I would definitely use them again in an upcoming beer (I already have). They are pretty delicate and probably should be out in front, anything too aggressive would easily overpower them. I think a basic saison would be a good pairing for these hops, or maybe a little sorachi ace. I’ve done a Dupont saison with these hops that turned out nicely. " I recall reading that article you shared previously. For me it get's off on the wrong foot with what I consider to be a rather cringe-worthy title followed by a "humerous" anecdote, the basis of both being made on the mispronunciation of "Wakatu" (i.e. "whack"). Perhaps it's unreasonable for me to expect beer bloggers to be familiar with Maori vowel sounds and diphongs! I also note this rather outdated article states: "Wakatu is now the most popular variety in New Zealand. It accounts for about 40% of all domestically grown hops." That situation has changed drastically in recent years - the harvest figures for both Nelson Sauvin and Motueka now lead by a significant margin. As for my Dry-hopped Wakatu Saison - only time will tell! My OG was spot-on and fermentation is now well under-way at 28ºC. Cheers,
  8. BlackSands


    Brew day beer. I'm not wasting any time with this one - getting into while it's young and fresh! Citra Pale Ale - a simple enough partial based on an OS Lager can, 2.15kg of Gladfield American Ale malt and a small dose of carapils and Gladfield sourgrapes. 100g of citra all up.
  9. BlackSands

    BREW DAY!! WATCHA' GOT, EH!? 2019

    Wakatu Saison (Dry Hopped) I'm building this partial-mash brew on a Mangrove Jacks Bavarian Wheat can. It's recently expired stock and hence discounted. I know from experience the LME will be perfectly fine. 1.7kg MJ Bavarian Wheat 2.15kg GF American Ale Malt 250g Carapils 100g GF Sourgrapes 250g Sugar 20g Wakatu @ 30mins 40g Wakatu (whirlpool/Steep) 50g Wakatu (Dry Hop) MJ M29 Saison Yeast 60 min mash @64ºC Expected IBU=27, EBC=7.5, ABV=5.5%
  10. BlackSands


    I purchased 100 used 750ml PET's 4 years ago for $1. Stilling using them...
  11. BlackSands


    It's a simple kit + extract brew based on the OS Dark Ale can and yet it's perhaps one of the nicest if not THE nicest beer I've ever brewed and it poured with a beautiful tight creamy head too. It's an early tasting of my brown IPA. Couldn't be simpler - the can plus 3kg LME with Kohatu, Motueka steep/whirlpool hops and a generous dose of Mosaic as a dry hop addition. Absolutely bloody delicious!
  12. BlackSands

    Red-X Malt & CaraRed

    That was a Crowded House song
  13. BlackSands

    Red-X Malt & CaraRed

    There was only one called Eddie though
  14. BlackSands

    Red-X Malt & CaraRed

    Totally unrelated to brewing but I'm just off for my twice-weekly coffee catchup with a former Split Enzer. I'll let him know you named a beer after his old band.