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  1. My process is much simpler - teaspoon of gelatine in cold water to allow it to bloom, maybe 15mins then I pour in some boiled water to fully dissolve and then in she goes! And that's it!
  2. I brew delicious UNREAL beer using an UNNATURAL process - i.e. cold crash and gelatine.
  3. Notty was my 'go to' yeast for a good long while, displacing US-05 which has been on a permanent ban in my 'brwery' for some years now. Notty is a quick starter, a vigorous fermenter, clean and drops like a ton of bricks when done. US-05 in contrast was often phenolic for me, slow to start and a lously flocculator. For me it was a disasterous yeast and cost me quite a number of wasted brews. But now it's all about Kveik Voss, which I've been using exclusively for the last 18 months... and I only ever bought one packet!
  4. After a 14km run on a warm sunny day what better way to offset the positive benefits of exercise than with a voss-fermented Nelson/Riwaka Pale Ale!
  5. @Stickers By way of an update - it's now around 24hrs into the fermentation which has slowed right down, SG=1.008. So, yup definitely looking like it'll be around 36hrs-ish when it will be done. If I was in any kind of hurry I could actually start the cold crash tomorrow...
  6. No way! MUCH quicker than that! I'd say around 36 hours. I usually leave it 3 days though and then cold crash.
  7. A reasonably quick partial brew day today... well, not a brew 'day' as such, more like a few hours! Picked up a Lion tin cheap so I'm brewing a 2nd version of my "Golden Lion": 1.7kg Lion Draught 1.2kg GF Ale Malt 200g GF Sour Grapes 10g Pacific Jade @10mins 25g Cascade @2mins 25g Amarillo @2mins 5g Gypsum Kveik Voss 20 litre batch. Fermenting this one at 38ºC. | OG=1.040 | IBU=33 | ABV=4.2%, | EBC=10 |
  8. Yup, I really am a bank robber and I have yet to be caught. Times are tough in these COVID times so... 'needs must'
  9. Yes, while I enjoy brewing my stove-top BIAB AG's I certainly have no problem using the Real Ale can as a simple K&K or partial. I'd forgotten how good it is as it's been quite a while since I last opened one up! All it needs is some tasty late hop additions are you're set.
  10. Well, what a pleasant surprise! This is my "emergency" brew... when my AG order went astray last month I threw down this quick kit beer as an interim stock replenisher. Real ale can, LME and 40g of Pacific Jade hops I happened to have on hand, and fermented with voss slurry. In the past I've always just used Pacific Jade as a bittering addition, being a fairly high alpha variety. But I have to say as a flavor hop it's actually surprisingly good! I'm definitely going to use it again as a flavour/aroma addition. This beer is quite hoppy for just a mere 40g of jade, which is quite low by pale ale standards but I might try a larger dose next time regardless!
  11. 2022 calander is now available in all the usual stores: https://calendarclub.com.au/products/new-zealand-scenic-2022-desk-easel-calendar-visionz
  12. Another voss-fermented batch in the can today. Cooking this 20 litres of (lite) NZPA wort at 38ºC: 2.6kg GF Ale Malt 400g GF Red Back Malt 200 GF Toffee Malt 10g Pacific Jade @30mins 25g Nelson Sauvin @15mins 25g Rwaka @10mins 25g NelsonSauvin @5mins 25g Riwaka @1mins 5g Gypsum Kveik Voss
  13. It's a spurious correlation I know, but it does seem to work! Hope you share your winnings!
  14. I've only once ever brewed a beer that was over 6%. I've been doing lower ABV (3.4% - 4%) for quite a while now - mostly for the purposes of reducing carb/calorie intake. However I'm starting to realise this is a flawed strategy. I just end up drinking more! So, I'm now wondering if it might actually make more sense to brew high ABV beers and just drink less? Or does it all still add up to the same thing... I might have to do that maths on that one!
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