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  1. You may be surprised to learn, that it's not yet two weeks in the bottle. But I have generally found (with some variation) that kveik-fermented beers generally do seem to arrive at a drink-ready state somewhat sooner than beers fermented with more conventional strains. I did sample one batch at just 5 -days, it was definitely not ready, other times though I've sampled brews that do seem to have past their obvious 'green' stage at just a mere 8-10 days, and yet there's been others that seemed like they really needed longer before I'd considered them ready for consumption. I'm expecting that by the time this particular one has aged another week or two it will have mellowed out some - for better or worse!
  2. A quick click off the phone of what has turned out to be an unexpected surprise. I actually seriously considered tipping this one... something I haven't had to do for well over 5 years. This is the second of only two K&K brews I've done this year, in this case a Real Ale Can, LME and 100g of Citra. But something was seriously off with the fermentation! My 3-year-old Kveik Voss, quite out of character produced an extremely slow fermentation on this occasion. I'm used to 1.5 - 2 days, this time it was an extremely slow 6-days (@35ºC) which by kveik standards is unheard of! Tastings along the way produced quite a bitter bite to the beer and there was an overwhelming sickly-sweet aroma going on in the fermentation fridge. But in the end, I decided to bottle it up regardless and take my chances. I just handed a glass to my wife. One sip and she says: "Wow! What's this one?". Well it sure aint the beer it was intended to be, but whatever went wrong with this brew has ended quite well. That extra bitterness has added a certain character which I'm really liking...I've tended to steer away from higher IBU's but it's actually imparted quite a refreshing bite to this and I have to say, voss + citra seems to quite a good partnership also. So, I think this perhaps serves as a good example not being so quick and hasty to right off a brew that you may suspect has gone bad... because it may actually surprise you if you give it a chance!
  3. Had some doubts about this one... efficiency was way down for some reason. But I reckoned I'd still end up with beer either way, even if it wasn't quite the beer intended. And I was right! An over-carb'ed English Bitter using a generous dose of what is pretty much a legacy NZ hop, Dr Rudi:
  4. While moving house can often be a good opportunity to have a bit of a purge and get rid of some unwanted stuff/junk, we too still got things in boxes from our last move. That suggests to me that we probably don't actually need whatever it is that's in them, however... the wife does have trouble letting go of things!
  5. Wai-iti NZ Pilsner (20litre) 2.4kg GF Pilsner Malt 400g GF Vienna Malt 200g GF Wheat Malt 200g GF Sour Grapes 25g Sticklebract @35mins 20g Wai-iti @10mins 30g Wai-iti steep/dry hop 5g Gypsum Kveik Voss This one should land at around 4.0% ABV. Got a house move coming up in a couple of weeks so getting this one down with not much time to spare! But thanks to kveik it should be fermented out in a couple of days, then cold-crashed and fined and into bottles with a week to spare if all goes to plan! I need stocks ahead of time as it'll likely be a while before I get set up at the new abode, and then of course there's several weeks wait for a brew to be ready which would put us well past Xmas.
  6. I used to dry hop post-fermentation, but the hop fade was still a problem. You do get a much more pronounced aroma doing it that way - initially, but I found after just a few weeks in bottle it was all but gone, and ultimately just ended pretty much the same as late addition/hop-steeped beer. So, I don't bother anymore. AND, I think I have just encountered one significant downside to using a large amount of high-alpha hops throughout a high-temp kveik fermentation. The temperature is obviously high enough to extract more bitterness from the hops! Compounding the problem this fermentation, unlike other kveik fermentations is also going extremely slow. I suspect my 3-year old yeast might finally be due for retirement! As a result I now have a brew that is tasting super bitter!
  7. What I do what is essentially a combo steep/dry hop. Because I ferment with Kveik fermentation. In recent times I've been loading up a hop cannister with the requisite amount of hops - place that in the fermenter prior to adding the wort. Because I ferment with kveik the wort is usually at around 35 - 40ºC when I pour it in. This is essentially the "steeping" aspect. But as the cannister remains in the beer until done, which with Kveik can be just a few days, this is more a like a dry hop. One issue that always bothered me with hopier brews was that of "hop fade". It's just inevitable that over time, and it doesn't seem that long that overall hop presence, aroma in particular fades away. I'm don't think this method solves that problem but for me it's a just a simple and convenient way to get hops into the beer.
  8. Been quite a while since I did a kit brew, so... Real Ale can 1.5kg LME 100g Citra Kveik Voss Simple as!
  9. Perhaps a bit more "on topic"... a photo collection of my brews over the last few years...
  10. And, I seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment so put together another... best get them done 'before I die of some horrible disease'! (That's an Eddie Rayner quote by the way)
  11. Markedly different to the beaches near me!
  12. Yeah, the suburb I live in is surrounded by native bush like this. And 10-12 minutes walk down the road and I'm at the beach, with similar bush tracks linking to neighbouring bays. It is however extremely hilly round here so every walk/run ends up being a significant workout!
  13. I've had a number stuck ferments the most recent being earlier this year. Only two things have ever worked for me on these occasions: adding enzymes (amylase) and/or nutrient - nutrient being boiled dried (bread) yeast. The stuck brew I had earlier this year I just added the dead yeast nutrient and surprisingly fermentation kicked back into gear very quickly... maybe as little as an hour. On that occasion nutrient seemed to be extrememly benficial.
  14. I usually run this track, but on this occasion it was a liesurely stroll with the wife:
  15. Here's a few new video releases. I actually recorded these back in 2011 at Neil Finn's Roundheaed Studios here in Auckland, NZ but only now have I actually bothered to put them to video! These were produced and mixed by Eddie Rayner (Split Enz) etc and he of course contributed keyboards. Michael Barker, perhaps best know for his time with the John Butler Trio drummed for the Enz in their later reunion gigs in the mid to late 2000's. He was kind enough to jump onboard these sessions. Maybe not everyone's cup of tea, a couple deal with quite dark topics... but anyway... Dusty Road The Light & The Darkness Take Me Away
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