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  1. Same lately dude, do you have a limit? Wasn't sure iff 100g was too much for commando
  2. Mainly meant do peeps just use them in the boil.
  3. Hey guys, Got a nylon hop sock that I'm using brand new for dry hopping... Would you guys clean and re-use? Anyone use them and do the hop flavour chunklets wash out OK? Eyyyy
  4. I believe you're thinking of de-malted grains, Mr 10
  5. Here is the article I was referring to about keeping the krausen gunk out of the wort.. http://howtobrew.com/book/section-4/is-my-beer-ruined/common-off-flavors I got my wires crossed on the flavour effect.. It refers to astringent, rather than soapy flavour.
  6. Hey guys, Reading up a bit on off flavour in beer.. Specifically 'soapy' flavours. Have come across a few articles stating that the 'soapy' or harsh-bitterness can be caused by krausen gunk (particularly the crud that would stick to the inside wall of the fermenter) getting absorbed back into your wort. So I'm wonder if this is something you guys try to avoid or if it's worth worrying about? Bit of back story... I've just begun dry hopping commando, when I previously used stainless hop balls. Being a bit of a natural meddler... I am kinda itching to 'assist' the hops sink into the wort. So I have been gently swirling my fermenter to help the hops break up and settle/sink. The potential issue is that I am washing the krausen goop off the fermenter and into the wort. Probably a few bad habits I should squash, but I really just wanna maximise the effect of the dry hop. Should I cut it out and stop messing with my brews? Do you guys have any experience with krausen residue imparting nasty flavour into the beer? What reckon?
  7. Hey cap, aye I agree.. A bit underwhelmed on first impression. Did you not like the flavour or they just didn't deliver much?
  8. Hey guys, Spotted the Wolf hops on the Kegland website a little while back. Used them in a basic Cooper's Pale Ale.. Short boil, 25g at 5 minutes, 25g at flame out + 50 dry hop. Opened my first beer from the batch, not getting a heap from the hops. Beer is only 2 weeks in the bottle so still pretty young. Interested to see how it develops. Has anyone used these hops before? What are your thoughts? https://www.kegland.com.au/styrian-wolf-100g-pellet-hop.html Cheers guys
  9. Nice mugs guys. I really like drinking out of the ceramic steins. Hefty and fancy haha. @Lark I definitely recommend having a look in your local op shops - there's usually a fair few interesting drinking vessels in those places.
  10. Thanks for all the replies and help guys, some very handy info/suggestions. @Beerlust & @Popo - nice tip checking the calibration for temp controller & hydrometer. I haven't done this - but now I will. @ChristinaS1 - I am using the Keg King yeast nutrient. I don't have the packet in front of me, and there is no details on the KK website as to what the nutrient comprises... but there could be a bit of a pattern with the nutrient use and the un-finished fermentation. I've only started using the nutrient lately - and I've only been having trouble lately. Could be coincidence for sure. Maybe I'll skip the nutrient in future. I'm definitely gunna give a different yeast a go as well. Thanks again for all the help guys
  11. Thanks for the reply Otto. Using a hydrometer to measure SG. Earlier temp raise is a good tip, I'll do that in the future Recipes are pales, IPAs, a stout and a brown ale; so a bit of a mixture. Thanks again mate.
  12. Thanks for the reply Greeny. A starter is a good option I've made only 1 starter ever, and from memory... It was my last beer to hit the target FG. Thanks again
  13. Thanks for the reply Cap. Estimated/target FG is calculated using Brewers Friend. The gravity discrepancies are a bit varied, but for example I had a pale ale finish at 1.020 when I expected it to get down to 1.012; and I had a stout finish at 1.030, expecting around 1.018. Spec grains are steeped in 65-70C water for 30 mins, then grains are removed and mini-wort is boiled for 30 mins. Usually around 200-400g spec grains depending on the recipe. I've got an IPA in the fermenter now, had 400g spec grains mashed with 300g oats and 1kg of pale malt (mashed at 65 for 1 hour, boiled for 30 minutes). I realise the oats will add some body (and gravity points), but it has been fermenting for 2 weeks, and is 1.025, expecting it to get to 1.016 (Brewer's Friend estimate). OG was 1.060. Thanks again mate.
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