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  1. Hey, I follow a brewing group on Facebook, and there is some advice that PBW and Sodium Percarbonate needs to be rinsed off with hotter water than what used for the clean. Seems sus to me... Is it true? Cheers
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, sorry for the delay. Pretty sure it was an overcarbed keg.. Connected another since and is pouring slow but fine. Thanks again for the advice guys ----EDIT---- Souod add.. I turned down the pressure after burping a few times. Pouring better now.
  3. Hey guys, No doubt this has been asked many times in the past.. Just wondering what everyone's most reliable fix is for foamy pours from kegs (probably over-carbed). My situation: I think I'm about 8-10 5L mini kegs into my kegging career, previously no issues with over carbed beer in kegs (bottles are another story, but that's another story). Hooked up a pre-chilled keg of average pale ale last night, let it settle for about 24 hours, and poured a few pints this evening. The pour is not all foam, probably 50/50. The beer doesn't seem over carbed - but I'm not sure what else could be responsible for the foamy pour. The beer does seem to pour faster than previous kegs. My set-up: - 5L mini kegs with picnic taps, stored completely in the fridge at around 3-4 degrees. - 4mm ID beer line, I think 1.5m long (from memory). I crunched the numbers when I first got set up, and I believe I got the line length correct for balance. - pouring at 10psi - kegs naturally carbed with 12 carb drops All my kegs up to this point have been pouring quite well... I generally pour quite slow, but this current keg is pouring with considerably more oomph than previous kegs. So... My plan is.. Gas off, burp jiggle and burp the keg, and reconnect gas (maybe down to 8psi), and wait a day. Is there anything else you guys would suggest/recommend? Thanks a lot for any help
  4. Awesome, thanks for the confirmation gentlemen
  5. Hey guys, Got some dry yeast in the mail today.. Warm day in Melbourne. BRY-97 & Nottingham, took out of the letterbox and my IR thermometer tells me the packets are 36°C I think they were sitting in the letterbox for about 3 hours. Do you guys reckon they're still OK? I'll still attempt to use them, and likely make a starter for the batches that they'll go into. But I bought them primarily as back-up yeast, so I guess I'm asking if you guys would recommend getting back-up back-up yeast - or if you think they'll be fine. Thanks guys
  6. Thanks guys. Any recommendations for thread sealant? Thread tape adequate?
  7. Hey Red, thanks for the reply. I certainly don't wanna break into it.. Just thought dismantling it might be the best way to clean it. Would you soak before use?
  8. Hey guys, Just looking for some tips on cleaning a brand new Kegland Gas Splitter/Manifold. Would you guys dismantle completely and soak in sodium perc before first use? There seems to be some sort of sealant on the threads, don't wanna break the seals if not necessary. Thanks for any help.
  9. Same lately dude, do you have a limit? Wasn't sure iff 100g was too much for commando
  10. Mainly meant do peeps just use them in the boil.
  11. Hey guys, Got a nylon hop sock that I'm using brand new for dry hopping... Would you guys clean and re-use? Anyone use them and do the hop flavour chunklets wash out OK? Eyyyy
  12. I believe you're thinking of de-malted grains, Mr 10
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