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  1. https://www.keg-king.com.au/wln4100-ultra-firm-10ml-white-labs.html.html?fbclid=IwAR2lPBdz4v78c7svfw7-f4aUDg0bAsDigGd6JwD37ZtEdp8K8uBDhGn9cqc Might this be worth giving a go? More base malt too?
  2. Thanks a lot Otto and Smashed Crab. I'll let you guys know what we decide on. Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. We'll see what it does during fermentation. @Smashed Crabs do you happen to have a link to the recipe? All we gave is a screen shot of the ingredients list, and can't find the original online..
  4. Hey guys, We made a clone of Shooter McGavin Breakfast IPA yesterday, and stuffed it up unfortunately. The recipe has a bunch of cereal (oats, rice bubbles, Nutrigrain & All-Bran), and we use a Robobrew - so I wanted to keep all that out of the Robobrew (and pump). So... The solution was to mash the grain in the Robobrew, but mash the cereal in a separate pot. Boiled each portion separately and then combined them in the fermenter. Bad move haha Cereal mash had: Rolled oats Flaked maize Weetbix Nutrigrain Rice bubbles All Bran I didn't think of it at the time, but have since realised that we also needed base malt in the cereal mash for the starch conversion enzymes. So now we have a batch of wort with a lot of unconverted starch It is done now, but I was just wondering if there is anyway to correct the error? Can we re-mash (and reboil) this wort now that it's all mixed together? Or are the saccharification enzymes destroyed during the boil? Batch lost? Thanks for any help guys
  5. Hey guys, Brewing an oatmeal stout with some toasted coconut in the fermenter, bit ashamed to admit I didn't do enough reading before getting into it... Stout has been in the fermenter 12 days and has reached stable FG of 1.018 (OG 1.066), so time to add the coconut... Bought some shredded coconut (250g) from the supermarket, toasted for about 5 minutes and dropped into fermenter in some large stainless hop balls. After this... I decided to research how long I should keep the coconut in the fermenter before bottling. Came across some advice to avoid coconut with preservatives.. Oops. Checked the packet and sure enough, preservative 220 (Sulphur Dioxide) and 223 (Sodium metabisulphite). Not familiar with Sulphur Dioxide, but apparently it's a common beer & wine preservative, than can have some pretty ordinary side effects (headaches, etc). I know Sodium Metabisulphite is a sanitiser (or steriliser), and has me a bit worried it might harm the yeast. I'm planning to bottle carb, so will need active yeast for when the time comes. So, a couple of questions.. Has anyone brewed using ingredients containing these preservatives? Any ill effects? And how long should I leave the coconut in before bottling? Thanks for any help, sorry for the long post. Ps, new forum works well on mobile phone
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. John I also have some tap-a-draft gear... Got it second hand and worked ok for a few bottles. But then the CO2 holder started to crack. Bit of a shame as they worked well when they worked. The mini kegs will be replacing the tap-a-draft stuff
  7. Hey guys, Thinking about getting some Kegland mini kegs, just after a few suggestions for a set up to get me started. I'd prefer to go mini kegs with smaller CO2 bottle (thinking SodaStream), as I don't really have the fridge space for corny kegs (or space for a dedicated keg fridge). I'm leaning towards a couple of 5L mini kegs, SodaStream bottles with a proper regulator (not a mini regulator) and picnic taps. I do hope to upgrade to a more serious keg system in the future (got a few mates on my back about it), but baby steps haha. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks for the help guys
  8. Hey guys, Where do you guys get your Co2 tanks refilled? Looking online and apparently BCF, Anaconda, Bunnings & BBQs Galore do refills. Any suggestions for best value refills? Anything else worth knowing? I think my mate has a 4kg bottle, how many 19L corny kegs would you expect that would carb & serve? Thanks guys
  9. Hey man, when you 'recondition', did you agitate the yeast to wake it up or just raise the conditioning temp and the yeast got started again on their own? I'm having a bit of trouble with bottle conditioning this winter too.
  10. Thanks a lot for the replies and info. As Worthog mentioned... Brigalow also sell Sodium Metabisulphite (though they call it Sodium Metabisulphate) - which suggest that the bottle wash powder could be something else. I've emailed Brigalow - will let you guys know if they know what it is haha
  11. Hey guys, I usually order most of my brew supplies online - ingredients, equipment and cleaning supplies. I've run out of sodium perc, and have picked up some Brigalow Home Brew Bottle Washing Powder, which is apparently 97.5% Alkaline Salts. I'm planning on using this until I restock the sodium perc. I'll wash with the Brigalow Powder, rinse & then sanitise with Star San. Just wondering... what is/are "Alkaline Salts"? Wikipedia says that sodium perc is an alkaline salt. Does anyone know if the Brigalow powder is, in fact sodium perc? Thanks for the help guys.
  12. Thanks Joolbag. I was pretty happy with the washed yeast in the end, hopefully there's enough viable cells to get going OK. Pitched it about 14 hours ago and now seeing a thin krausen formed over the top of the wort. Looking good so far I think, will post back if anything suspicious happens. Cheers guys
  13. Thanks for the replies guys. I've cold crashed the starter, photo below. I poured a little beer off the top of the starter, smells fine, still tastes a little tangy/sour - but I'm still gunna give it a go. I've come this far, and even if it turns out to be bad - I'll know for next time if these mild sour flavours are acceptable or not. Thanks again for the help and advice - wish me luck??
  14. Thanks a lot for the reply Lusty. I've made and fermented out the starter now (only had small jars so I'm quite sure the starter is too small - but I still wanted to give it a go). Wound up with about a 750ml starter. I'm cold crashing the starter now - will post a photo once the yeast has settled. At the moment, the starter smells OK (doesn't really smell like much at all, to be honest), and still tastes a little bit sour/tangy. I don't really have an educated palette, so I'm not too sure if I am tasting bitterness or yeast flavour that I am perceiving as slightly sour. At the moment in 50/50 on whether I should pitch it or not... I'll wait for the yeast to settle, sample the starter beer - and then decide. If I'm still 50/50... I think I'll just pitch it and see haha. My only real reservation is... if it is indeed infected, and does contaminate my next beer and equipment, how stubborn can these infections be? I have read that for plastic fermenters, once infected it can be difficult (or impossible) to clean well enough to eliminated the infection. I feel my washing and sanitation practices are pretty good. But I am worried that if the beer turns out to get an infection, I'll have to replace a lot of my gear too. Thanks for the help Lusty.
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